Friday, August 16, 2013

Miss H is Nineteen months old!

Harper you are NINETEEN months old!

This month you weigh around  22 pounds.  You are now 30 inches long. You are wearing a size 3 diaper.  You are wearing all your 12-18 month clothes! 

Monthly stats:

FOOD: Still eating like a champ.  However, you don't eat as much in one sitting as you were.  But you still can take food down.  You are really loving grapes this month!

Sippy Cup: Still loving water, which is great.  However, this month you did get a little spoiled because we were out of town.  You have learned to like apple juice!  You got to have this on the airplane and some in Disneyland.  Oh and you are trying to sneak drinks from mommy's sweet tea more and no missy!  But all in all you drink water just fine and it will stay that way!

Still love ice and would love to have it all the time.  You are going to be just like your mommy and appreciate Sonic ice I can already tell.

Smiling: Oh man this month you have learned to be SHY.  You now do this little shy smile to the side and head down when people talk to you.  It is so funny!  You sure know how to turn the charm on, man daddy is in for it.

Talking:  I guess while we were with family on our vacation it really became clear to are not a TEXAN in any way!  Your sweet little accent on words is very Italian like.  It is so funny I am not sure where you are getting this from either.  You now can not only talk like a crazy person, but make 2-3 word sentences.  You still sign and talk which helps daddy out ;-) Also if we just aren't getting what you are saying you sign it.  Momma, more, and paci all kind of sound the same...You call your paci a mamma, which is odd because we call it paci but the brand is mamma, it's like you know this so how.  But all your other words are pretty clear.  You learned juice this month since you got to enjoy it as a vacation perk.  You also try to say please its cute to hear.  

Sign language:  You still can sign back to us wait, dog, ball, water, milk, more, eat, all done, please, baby, banana, thank you, cat, hot, cheese, bread, play, gentle, elephant, bird, paci (you made your own sign for this one), music, cracker, bread, apple, help train, truck, bus, flower, bubble, airplane, monkey, bug (you made up!), horse, donkey, frog, bunny, work, and music.  You are such a creative kiddo! Mommy kind of has slacked off on signs since you are talking so much.  Plus we were out of town a lot this month.  

Obsessions: Baby Bell! We now go to the zoo about once a week, unless it is over 100 every day.  We head out early while it is still cooler and see sweet baby Bell.  Plus they only let her be out in the morning.  You love animals right now.  You talk about them constantly and I love it.  We really enjoy our trips to the zoo! 

WINSTON and BOB: We were out of town some this month so Winston really missed you.  He was even laying beside you yesterday as you took your nap.  He is the best big brother ever.  You just adore him.

Sleep: Ha, ha, ha vacation of course is not the best for sleep. You still sleep great but end up sleeping with mommy and daddy more when we are out of town.  You are still a 2 napper.  Today I tried the 1 nap thing and it got me nothing but a fussy baby!  We will keep life as it is for now.  You will be sleeping like a champ in a few more days of being at home.  I love that you can be flexible in your sleep.  You slept on the plane, in your stroller at Disney, and in my arms at various places.  It makes mommy happy you can sleep like that. 

Your hands: You are a pro at the spoon for the most part.  I can now give you your yo-baby yogurt in the morning and not expect it to be EVERYWHERE.  You may drip a little on your bib but really that is all.  Applesauce is the same way.  You still will use your fingers because its easier, but enjoy mastering your spoon and fork.  Your little hands can pretty much do anything now too! It's amazing to me the things you can do some days. 

Mouth:  Tooth count- 12 with 4 new ones ON THE WAY!! Can you say TEETHING!! Poor sweet girl started to get 2 on top, on our trip and is now also getting the bottom 2.  Only one has pushed through so we are in for the long haul.  The drool oh the drool...bibs are back as a staple until these stinking things get in.  I also blame that on some of our sleep issues! GRR teeth!  

Your legs: Let's put it this way NOTHING stops you now! You are a pro at all things that have to do with your legs running, hopping, kicking, galloping, anything really.

Bath time: Okay so while on vacation you bathed in the big tub..and did fine.  However now at home you are still in your baby tub.  I am sure you would do fine in the big tub but we have such a good routine I would hate to mess that up.  In the big tub washing hair it just more of a the little tub you just lean back and I can do it easy!  Daddy wants you to move on...we will see.

Giggles:  I love that you now giggle at the right time.  When something is funny or someone acts silly you giggle.  You are such a funny girl! You will even just giggle at your self while you are playing.  

Dislikes: Mommy to LEAVE!!  Yes, for some reason we are going through separation issues AGAIN this month!  I love that you want me around, but you wont ever go to daddy without crying.  This cannot last long!

I feel like the terrible 2's are already here...You can throw a massive fit these days.  You kick, you scream, you throw your paci go all out!  When you don't get your way is why most fits begin...however vacation detox as caused some too.  Then some times its just if you are frustrated with something.    

Highlights of the month

Now wears a bow in her more bow have hair!!
BB came to visit, we did a garage sale, and went to IKEA
Grandpa Steve, Nana, and Riley came to visit we went to a Rangers game with them
You met your second cousin Brooke O'Neil
You visited the splash park for the FIRST time
You went to San Diego for the FIRST TIME
You saw the ocean and played on the beach for the FIRST TIME
You danced your little heart out at cousin Brooks wedding
You went to Disneyland for the FIRST time, not a fan of the characters :-)
You rode your FIRST roller coaster (Buzz Light Year)
You visited the San Diego Zoo...LOVED every second of it! Especially the elephants

Favorite toys this month are the same as last month:
baby items...stroller, carrier, and such

Going to the Zoo

Visiting Disneyland and San Diego

This past month you have become a little are no longer a baby. You can now speak exactly what you want and I love that.  I love that you are independent, but yet willing to ask for help.  I love that your personality is growing daily.  Everyday you make me so proud to be your mom.  I can't imagine life without you.   We love you to the moon and back!

Your SECOND Year!

Your FIRST year!