Sunday, November 30, 2008

Minnesota and back...

Wow...all I can really say is wow. Chris and I had the most wonderful trip home to his parents. We headed out on Tuesday and arrived to a very chilly Minnesota at 29 degrees. As you can tell from the picture above I was bundled up just in the airport. Once we arrived we didn't stop moving for a minute. I mean we were busy the whole trip. We spent Tuesday night there in Minneapolis; then quickly Wednesday afternoon headed to Omaha, NE for the Thanksgiving festivities.

It was a great 5 hour drive that Riley (Chris' 4 year old sister) so nicely put the boys in one car and the girls in the other. Us girlies had a blast driving down. We arrived in time to meet up with the rest of the family. Of course we ate at the wonderful BIG FRED'S.....Chris loves Big Fred's. You can see a few family pics below. It was so nice to see all of them again, then off to the hotel.

Chris' Aunt and Uncle who hosted our Thanksgiving, along with his mom and sister

Chris and Riley....she really loves him. What a cute picture!

Chris, Whitney, and Timmy

Grandma Honey and us

Thanksgiving was amazing. Chris' aunt Nanette made the most wonderful meal, really. We enjoy our day over at the Bros' household. Lots of old pictures were looked through, plenty of wine drank, and enough food to feed us for the week. We got to see all of Chris' cousins, grandma, and friends. Apparently on Thanksgiving in Omaha everyone goes out, we joined many of his old friends. We had a great time at this piano bar with penny pitchers. However, the night ended quickly when we received a picture from his older sister. She and her kiddos flew in late that evening....Chris and Whitney couldn't wait to see their nieces.

Friday.....BLACK FRIDAY!!! Well in my family it is tradition to be up at 3 am and ready to shop. However, we flew (so no items really could go back with us) and Chris' family didn't really do the BLACK FRIDAY shopping. So this is probably the first time I have slept in on Friday. It was great. Then we got to spend some wonderful time with Chris' older sister and her girls. They don't head this way much being as they live in Maine. Late Friday night we headed back to Minnesota.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Saturday was great we spent the entire morning playing Wii. The Wii is such a great family fun toy. Chris, Riley, Steve, and I enjoyed trying all the games from Wii fit to Mario Cart. I personally really am loving the Wii fit. Thankfully for Christmas Chris' dad gave him a Wii, early. The rest of the afternoon we shopped and enjoyed our last day. To wrap up the trip we got the most amazing snow fall ever. I mean I love snow but these flakes were HUGE! It snowed all night Saturday and into Sundy morning. What better way to end a vacation?

Chris and I had a fabulous time and were sad to leave everyone. However, I now have to finish sub plans for this weeks big trip to Disney and Chris has to work. So back to the REAL boo. We hope to head back to Minnesota soon.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving


I hope you all enjoy the time with family and friends. Eat a little extra, you only have Thanksgiving once a year.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Okay so let me just lay it all out see my next couple of weeks are going to be crazy! So I just got home after a very fast trip to the big EC. In the big EC we had birthdays galore!! B is now a very happy ONE year old, and my mom...well she too is older! I am sure you all could tell this from past blogs. Here are some pics from the events.

B and I pre-party in his room. We were trying to stay out of the way.

Birthday Boy ready for the REAL Party!!

B loving the gifts....
Mom, we went all out on her cake!
Okay so from here it gets out of control. Tomorrow Chris and I head for the very,very cold Minnesota. We are going to have Thanksgiving with his family. I am very excited to have Thanksgiving with his family; it's the COLD that I am not excited about. I mean I did grow up in a "cold" town, so this is not too new. But MN cold is very different, I think! We will soon see.
This is what Little Bear will be sporting for the next week...when she is at Disney!! The prettiest princess ever!!

Okay we get home on Sunday, November 30th of to which I will quickly unpack, do laundry, and repack. REPACK! Yes, I will only be attending 3 days of school that week because then it is E'S BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!! E is a very luck girl this year she will be spending her Birthday Week at Disney World. So my sister asked if I would mind going. Yeah, mind seeing my sweet niece and nephew's face light up from Disney world...Heck NO! Who wouldn't want to see how happy she is on her 5th birthday. I am going to help with little B! B and I will party together, that way E gets the whole Disney experience with Mommy and Daddy. We plan to attend the events that fit between naps and such. This is going to be a very exciting week for all of us. After Disney I am back at school for 8 days. Then home to Amarillo for Christmas. It looks to be a very busy month, but I am very jazzed about it all. However, I do not think any of us are nearly as pumped as Little Bear is. My goal is to keep my computer close but the way it looks that may be hard. P.S. any good Disney hints, please send them my way. My sister has been very wonderful about researching it, but the more we know the better!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

MOTHER....Happy Birthday

You know as you grow older in life you can really appreciate things more. I am one who appreciates my mother more. Mom and I...well for those of you who really know me, we tend to butt heads. I blame this on the fact that we are very similar. Although we butt heads I still love her to death. TODAY is my mother's big day.

Happy Birthday MOM!!! I appreciate all the things you have done for me, and the things to come.

  • You made it fair between Abby and I no matter what. (writing who's week it was for the front seat on the calendar)

  • I was raised in a house full of love

  • You drove me around to every tennis tournament in the area

  • You did all that you could to get me extra help in anything I needed

  • You were willing to fight my battles that I could not

  • You never really turned down anything I wanted to do

  • I always new you would help me no matter the problem

  • You made my sister drive me to school

  • Over the years we have not butted heads, as much

  • With teaching you were the first one there to help

  • You moved me into my classroom, even though you needed to work in yours

  • Any creative or new idea is passed to me with out a second thought

  • We can talk about our children; and understand what is wrong or how to fix it

  • Any time there is a project you are the first one there to help

  • You taught me that even though I am a "girl" I can fix and do anything

  • You show me that anything is possible

I could add to this list over a billion things, a mother's love is endless. I thank you for all that you have done for me. You have made me the woman I am and with out you I would be lost.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Perks of the JOB!

You see recently I have been talking with a friend, who is not so happy with life. Well maybe it is not life necessarily, but their job. They are currently struggling and wondering if it is worth the trouble of being unhappy. To me your job is a high factor for a happy life. I really do LOVE my job. Well I should say I love my job, most days! But I can say that I really enjoy what I do. I think as long as you enjoy what you do, then life will be a little easier. I mean yes, some days I have a very defiant child that does not want to do anything. However, the best part of my job is that tomorrow will ALWAYS be different. My friend, thinks that maybe they would like to take a stab at teaching. Well of course I (a person who loves her job) recommend this for all. Well I recommend it to people who enjoy working and being around kids.

A few PERKS of the JOB:

  • As stated above, everyday is different yet the same.

  • Innocence, since I teach the little ones they are still very Innocent

  • I see tremendous growth with what I do both educationally and socially.

  • No matter what, your students make you smile, laugh, and scream. Sometimes all on the same day.

  • I get to be the person who helps them see the future.

  • I can see as the "light" goes on when they learn a new skill or master one.

  • Paid holidays, with nice time off. Ex: A week off for Thanksgiving, 2 weeks for Christmas, most national holidays off too.

  • kids love to hug me and show me such love.

  • Summers off AND paid!!! (probably the best perk yet)

Now this of course is not all the perks, but enough for most people to see how wonderful it is. However, as with most jobs there is a down side. I of course really do feel as though the downside is out weighed by the Perks. However, as far as my friend is concerned.....Nothing is worse than not enjoying your job and feeling useless. I say if you are not happy with your job and place right now, you need to move on to something new. GOOD LUCK my friend, keep praying and you will find your way.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Year with Sweet Little Monkey B

Oh time flies! Well my sweet nephew BJG will be turning ONE on Friday. Man how it seems so fast. I remember this just like it was yesterday. So as always, I wanted to be there to help with little E while the birth was happening. This of course caused our family to be on HIGH ALERT for over 3 weeks. Why? Well my sister, she went to her 36 week check and well was already dilated. It was then that I the very busy AUNTIE had to go into overdrive. From here I had to make lesson plans, I mean I wanted to be ready to jump on a plane (plus I took off a week to stay and help). You see I had my ticket purchased well in advance, but after that Dr. visit I knew things could change fast. So each week I called and checked in. Keep in mind I had already informed my school that I could be gone at any point. The only thing I really needed was for Abby to hold off til her due date, because that would be when our school has Thanksgiving break (that way it didn't cut into my week of days off I took for after the birth). This would allow me more time after the baby came. Luckily all things went as planed and I left on my flight (that I originally booked), on Friday. My parents even made it down, we stayed the night in Houston and thankfully B came on Thanksgiving eve at 8 pm. It worked wonderfully...just as we needed it to.

So this Friday, mom and I will be heading down to the Big EC for his birthday. I can't believe it was a year ago. I have added a few pics from the year with this sweetie...Our next big adventure DISNEY!!

What a proud Auntie, and Big Sister!!

Here Emery is coming to the waiting room.....She was the one to tell us all that it was...."A BABY BROTHER"

Sweet boy....don't forget who really loves you! AUNTIE!!!
B's First Christmas
Here B and E are with my grand father
I love this smile...always so happy
Sweet Little Monkey....We love you so much! What a great Big Sister.

Look at this almost 1 year old!
Happy Birthday B, Love AUNTIE

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Well it is over, they have run the race. I can only imagine how hard that was. I just spoke with them and they are feeling good. I am sure they are going to be on a race "high" for a while. Well I looked them up and here is how well they did.

If you want a more offical view...not just my copy and past job. Go to this site and type in thier bib numbers. then click on live results.

12124 Brian Goerig M 30-34
Marathon Start: Gun 7:44:33 Chip 8:05:05
Splits: 5 Km 6.1 Mi 10 Mile 17 Mile 20 Mile 24 Mile Finish
Times:30:10 59:18 1:36:49 2:42:55 3:12:56 3:55:20 4:20:06
Pace: 9:43 9:44 9:41 9:35 9:39 9:49 9:56

12125 Abby Goerig F 30-34
Marathon Start: Gun 7:44:33 Chip 8:05:05
Splits:5 Km 6.1 Mi 10 Mile 17 Mile 20 Mile 24 Mile Finish
Times:30:09 59:17 1:36:49 2:42:54 3:12:55 3:55:15 4:20:05
Pace:9:43 9:44 9:41 9:35 9:39 9:49 9:56

Bri and Abby I am very proud of you...I can't wait till you head my way for the Cow Town!! That way I can really cheer you on rather than just watch the computer. WAY TO GO!!!


Okay GOOD LUCK ABBY AND BRIAN!!! Well as many of you know my sister and brother-in-law are running a marathon today. I wish them the best of luck. They have been working very hard for this weekends run. Even with the fact that B and E have been sick all week...They are still going to RUN their hearts out. I will be cheering you on from Fort Worth....listen close as you round the corner, I bet you can hear me. I LOVE YOU both!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Contereras Teachers ROCK!

I love my school. I mean I work with a great group of people and we have a wonderful time together no matter what. Fridays at our school=CHOIR PRACTICE!!! (Aka Happy Hour) As I stated before in an earlier blog, we normally head out to Chimy's, but this week Ida (our new 4th grade teacher) offered to have it at her place. WE LOVE CP at homes...they are just more relaxed. On a normal CP at Chimy's there is the "normal" group that comes, but when it is at a house we tend to gather more.

The TONY'S!!


Normally everyone just brings a side snacky items...but tonight we had a wonderful dinner. Ida and her wonderful husband prepared an amazing feast. We had craw fish, shrimp, it was the works. Everyone enjoyed the food. Ida's husband is a wonderful cook. It was an fabulous time. At CP our normal goal is to tell about our wonderful students and what craziness the week was. This CP got a little crazy as we also played Rock Band on their wee. Hoobler and Ida make an amazing Rock band. I not so much, I think my high school on the drums was well at 63%. Pretty lame I know. Well only one week of school then we are off for Thanksgiving. The only positive thing I can say about FWISD is that we get a week off for Thanksgiving, which is a week we all need! (the other things are all negative, since they are pretty much taking my job away. This is for a whole other blog).
Hoobler and his girls

Play it Hoobler.....

Road Rage!

Okay so I am sure most people have seen or experienced road rage. However, this past Thursday night I saw the true meaning of road rage. You know up until this evening I thought yelling at a car as they cut you off...well that was road rage. So an eye opening evening it was. I will set the scene for you. I, as normal, was on my way to tennis at 7 pm. I take 20 east (to Arlington) and exit off on Matlock. Well Matlock is now a very bad exit, because Arlington built a new "outdoor" mall there. So this exit tends to back up onto 20. Well I had been following these two cars for a while, and never noticed any crazy driving or such. So at the light I was little shocked to see the car in front of me (the Black small car) honking....blinking his lights...and flipping the car in front of him off (an Exterra).

Of course I am looking around at the other cars, to see if they too are watching this display. As I thought to my he really pissed him off, the light turns green. Therefor we all turn onto Matlock and I notice still this black car is yelling, he now has his window down. So the next red light, well the man in the black car (about 25-30 years old) is very pissed now. At this point I am just shocked that this is still going on. I notice the Exterra has a handicap logo on his license plate, so I think oh poor older person he didn't know. You know when you realize the person that turned out in front of you is old, you just let it go, I mean they mean well. Mr. Black car didn't care. So at this light still yelling....flipping off....and blinking his lights, he now opens his car door....YES! He stands up starts throwing his arms up and cursing like crazy at the Exterra. Then our light is green so he gets back in, and follows along.

Now at this next light, which is one of Arlington's many red-light cameras....the action went down. The light was red as well pulled up, so the man in the black car opens his door again. He proceeds to walk up to the Exterra. Here he begins knocking on the window. Now our light is green...but we can't go, because there is no driver in the car. So the Exterra driver rolls his window down. At first the man just yells and throws his arms around a lot. So now I am think, this is not looking good...what should a person do in this situation. I mean if you drive off then its like you are okay with what is I couldn't because I was behind the empty cars.

At this point, I think okay maybe he will just yell it out and go back to his car! Well NO!!! The man now reaches into the car and begins pushing on the older man in the Exterra. He is pushing and shoving him. This is now when it has gone too far. I mean who does this to a handicap person, so I called the police. By the time our light turned green again they had already arrived. Now I am not sure what happened to the man in the black car, but I am glad he didn't have a gun or anything like that. I think if he had this would have been much worse. I told dis-batch all that I had seen, and she relayed it to the police. So I just hope that man learns this is NOT OKAY! Now I have a new found meaning of ROAD RAGE! As I told my tennis ladies, I was still in disbelief that someone would really take things that far.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I can't believe I missed this...

Every morning I do the same thing. I hear the alarm at 5:45 a.m. hit the snooze 2 times, some days 3. By 6:15 a.m. I am awake and hitting the radio button. Yes, at 6:15 each morning I tune into my favorite morning show- Kidd Kraddick! Well as normal when I tune, in about that time, they are starting the Love letters to Kelly. So like always I listen, think many people are pretty dumb; but at least I get a good laugh. Not it was SHOCK and SADNESS!!!!

So you see Kelly got a letter from this woman, who professed her love for Kidd. Well of course as I listen I think "crazy woman, he has a wife and child!" Then to my complete SHOCK, Kelly says 'well Kidd are you ready to start dating?' So I think to my self okay is she messing with this person. Then Kidd proceeds on..."I don't think yet", but is flattered or what ever. That part is a little fuzzy because I was still in shock at his answer! So from here I have had to do much research as to WHAT IS GOING ON!!!

Well after speaking with a friend, who was also shocked it is TRUE!!! He and his wife are divorced after 18 years of being married. I sit and wonder how did I miss this, I listen each week day. Well come to find out this information was told in August, back when I got to school much earlier. So possibly I missed this HUGE news.

This SHOCK is huge to me, I guess because I felt like Kidd was a pretty great guy. I mean every time he spoke of his family it was always so loving. Also he seemed to be very good about remember family first in life. I mean I just can't believe after 18 years of marriage they would call it quites. I am sure it is hard being married to someone on radio. They do share every life moment with thousands of people, but you would think his wife and child would have been use to this. I guess I am just such a strong believer in sticking it out that I can't believe they have moved in different ways. It is sad to see a couple who you "knew" (or knew from listening to for over 5 years) split up. I have been very bummed out by this all day. I hate divorces, and here recently I have seen many of my friends head down this path.

Well I have added a little of the post for you to read, from Kidd's site:

..... so when listeners ask questions and make commentary about our lives, we have to put up with it - and most days we’re equipped to deal with it - and other days, whether it’s good or bad - you just don’t know what to do. Today Kidd announced that he and Carol are no longer married - just writing it makes my stomach hurt........I’m glad that Kidd waited until Caroline was gone to school before he announced his divorce - divorce sucks for everyone - but especially for the kids - no matter how old they are........

you can read all of the blog at:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Birthday fun and too much food!

Well I can say that I have made it through Birthday Weekend...

Here you will see the very happy birthday boy, a year older! Well the reason he is so happy is because we have just eaten our way through the weekend. Now in "my" family we have what we like to call Birthday Week. You see since Chris and I are still newly dating I had to start him off small. So I told him that he could have "Birthday Weekend". Also this worked out wonderfully since his birthday was on a Sunday. I simply informed Chris that for Birthday weekend he could pick what and where we went and ate.

Well for those of you who know my boyfriend, he really enjoys food. I am not sure where he puts all the food eats but, he does love to eat. Now I will tell you this he goes with the 5 small meals are better than 3 big ones. Since he loves food you can only imagine the madness!

Where do I begin...Well on Fridays we almost always do happy hour together. It is very nice, we can end our crazy weeks together. Since I am the one at school who sends out the "Choir Practice" notice. (We call happy hour, Choir Practice, since school emails are watched. Just a creative way to inform all of the event.) So I normally try to make it at the same location, unless someone at school suggest otherwise. That being said, we started the weekend off at Chimy's. This is the normal Friday night hang out. It's pretty fun, a nice little bar in Fort Worth off 7th and Foch. They have a pretty good patio, great margaritas, beer, and tacos. Why do I mention the tacos...well that was round one of FOOD!! So as normal, Chris indulged in 2 tacos for his Friday night meal. Now moving right along on the food.... Well Saturday, hum lets see. Yes Chris headed to his normal Saturday morning diner. He went of to Montgomery Street...I well I slept. Then I had to head off to tennis. Thank goodness I had tennis because that took me out of 1 meal for the day. He headed off to SMU. His sister Whit goes to SMU and it was homecoming weekend, so they had a blast. Gosh only knows what all wonderful food he had there. Then we met back up for dinner. Well Saturday night dinner was at the Japanese place. He really loves to eat here, I not so much. BUT BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!! So off we went. Thankfully Saturday was over, and I only was involved in one meal.

So Sunday, man Sunday was the largest food day since it was his actual birthday. Well Sunday morning we had the new cinnamon rolls from McDonald's. They are very wonderful, if you (like my sister) live some where lacking in Cinnabon and such. Then off to church, target and home again. I can't believe we made it in and out of Target with out him eating the pizza hut bread sticks. You see he normally picks some up on our walk out. Not today, because he was holding all his hunger for dinner. Then a nice relaxing birthday at home watching football and movies. Now for dinner! His sister Whit came over from Dallas and joined us. We went to Ruth's Chris!!! Talk about tons of food. Well for those of you who know me, STEAK, not may favorite. However again need I mention, BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! I will say I have learned that the steakhouses can make some great garlic mash potatoes. Chris and his sister enjoyed lobster tail stuffed with crab and a fillet. Where as I enjoyed a salad and mash potatoes. Then to top off the weekend we had some wonderful cheesecake.

Now as you can see, that is why I feel 20 lbs fatter! It was a great little weekend of food, but so close to Thanksgiving! I am off now to play my Monday night tennis, maybe I will work off 1 of my many meals!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

That's the Face I LOVE!!!

"Mommy, mommy...look that is the face I love.  That one right there." as little E often states about Chris.  You know she is right... It is a face to love.  We all love you so much. I for better reason than just the cute smile you make.

I adore many things about you:  

We love the smile you make, no matter what kind of day it is.  

You actually went out on more than 5 dates, and I thank Carol for this.

Every Sunday you have my favorite ads out and waiting for me, no matter what.  

I love that you adore my sweet E and B as much as I do.  

You take her to Main Event just because she loves the prizes and you love the games.  

You put up with my communication center, even though it makes you crazy sometimes

You don't mind that I play tennis 3 nights a week.  

I really really am thankful you "enjoy" cooking....since I don't do this well! 

You love my gourmet meal, even though it is simple.

You enjoy playing tennis with me, all though I wont let you win.

You are willing to accept Bob and Tucker, along with me.

You pack lunch for me...and even bring it if I forget.

You make me laugh everyday.

You keep me informed, since you watch the news and I really don't.

You amaze me each and every day by your kindness and love.

You love my family as much as I do.

You would do anything for your family, no matter what.

Chris I have enjoyed spending the last 8 months with you.  You keep our relationship in check....since we are now month to month

Chrissy you make each day brighter, I couldn't imagine life with out you. Happy Birthday my sweet boyfriend.  I just wanted you to know a few of the many things I love about you.  I could go on...however I will save the small amount of readers I have from that.  You treat me amazingly, and for that I am the luckiest person around. 

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Just a little something

Okay so I have just recently began this blog thing. I thought I would try my hand at it, and well here goes. I am sure it is nothing to write home about, however, I am going to take a stab. You see my first "real" post was not even on my own site. It was on my sister's...She is a very seasoned 'blogger'. I have spent many days learning about my sweet niece and nephew because of her blog. So she had placed the sweetest post on her site for me on my birthday. Therefore, I had to hi-jack her page and post one for her. Thus the beginning of my blogs...

After placing her blog I realized this is really not such a hard task. I am a pro facebooker and myspacer...but my sister she doesn't get those things really. Well I often thought that was funny because she can blog, but not work her facebook. So I thought I would take a step out of my norm and try blogging.

The only fear I have is that I am not interesting enough for a blog. You see since I have no husband or family of my own, I wonder what will I blog about. I guess this is the reason I have yet to jump right into this blogging nation. So from here it can only get better....or worse! I hope for better.