Saturday, March 12, 2016

HELLO....yes its me!

One of the many things I really miss is my sweet blog...I am sure you who use to read my blog have long moved on.  However, I have missed it and well also have some small guilt that poor Baby C's life has not been as documented as his sisters was.  Man I had so much free time back then!  Anyways that being said I am going to try once again (I think I tired a few time here and there) to jump back on this wonderful world of blogging.

I do plan to go back and write up some blogs for poor C about his monthly updates and such if not for him but just for me.  I mean he isn't totally shafted I have kept his monthly calendar like I did with H were I wrote something about each day.  You know the major milestones and all that good stuff.
Harper with Hadley, Henry, and Emma

So let's just jump into life here! Well in our normal life it is BUSY as in we go none stop around here. Miss H is into babies like no other child I know (okay my sweet niece was too actually they are very similar in many ways).  This past week we took her to the American Girl store for a long over due birthday trip.  Since she got the bitty baby twins at Christmas (a boy Henry and a girl Emma) I told her for her birthday we could go get sweet Henry some clothes.  I mean let's be honestly we have enough girl clothes to make it weeks here.  Poor sweet Henry has the ONE outfit....but don't worry she dresses him in his sisters stuff too.  Not only was she getting Henry some goodies but she also had other items she wanted.  She took her birthday money from Queen Tia and crew as well as some other money she got to buy all her new goodies.  Of course we had to have a big chat about how although we LOVE everything in the store we really only needed a few items.  Her and daddy went through a whole scenario at home before leaving I just sat back and laughed.  This mommy knows you can go through 1000 scenarios and she still is going to want it all.  However she also knows we have kinda a list and she is pretty good to sticking to that.  The must haves were Henry clothes, brush, and high chair.  She has been dying for the high chair since she saw it in the magazine many months ago.  Of course do we need another high chair (we have 3) NO, but this one is made for the bitty babies so she just needs it.  I will give her that our bitty babies don't fit so well in the other high chair options.  Plus it was her money to spend as she wished.

Sweet baby C was just along for the ride as his sister took over the AG store.  She was ooohhhing and ahhhing over everything...what was he doing?  Running all over the place but mostly pushing the stroller everywhere.  He would also take the babies down from the display and move them to another one.  He probably had just as much fun as she did because he was just doing his own thing.  Sister was too busy shopping to boss him around.  One day he will get his bossy time for her I just know it!

Since we were at the AG store we also got to see Chris' sister and boyfriend.  We also enjoy getting to spend time with them.  Poor Hunter had no idea a store for just dolls existed like this. He was cracking me up as he looked around and took it all in.  Once H made up her mind on what items she was going to buy we were out of there.  She was very good about selecting the things she really needed and not giving us too much fussing about wanting other stuff.  I was pleasantly surprised by it all.  She ended up with the high chair (no brainer there), Henry a golf outfit, the bitty baby brush set, 2 new bottles, and a new outfit for the girls.  All in all she used her money wisely and I couldn't have been more proud of her.  Even Chris was shocked at how great the adventure turned out.  See we parents set our standards low and get all excited when it works out...both of us had visions of screaming and kicking when we told her she had to pick less items....thankfully we had a list.
Chris helping pick out Emma's hairdo

Emma getting all fancy

Miss H signing her baby out from the salon
Miss H with all her goodies ready to go!

From there we hit up the mall and got the kiddos some new shoes.  Sweet baby C wears moccs mostly but will need some summer shoes for our family vacation to the beach.  He got some pretty adorable little boat shoes Aunt Whitney helped picked them out. After that we enjoyed dinner with Whitney and Hunter and the kiddos were entertained by the ice skating.  If you ask me it was a win win for all....

dreaming of skating
After that fun adventure we had a pretty normal week here.  Monday we chilled like normal got caught up on house stuff always fun.  Tuesday and Wednesday Miss H has school so Baby C and I chill.  I actually try to run as many errands as possible because lets be honest running errands with ONE kid is way easier.  Thursday we just well gosh what did we do (that was only yesterday and I can't remember yikes) nothing to crazy or I would recall.  Then today we hit up story time like normal.  This Friday is one of our favorites because it is the puppy dogs and we love to watch them read stories.  Their sweet owners dress them up for each story and create tricks that go along.  Not only that but Ms. Sandy and Mr. Bill go to our church. Ms. Sandy rocks sweet baby C in the nursery too so we really enjoy them and are thankful for them.  Today's story was about bugs it was pretty cute.  After story time we spent some time over out our sweet friends playing.  Pretty crazy Friday if you ask me.

We rushed home to make dinner to find Chris already home with a fire going and dinner started.  What a nice treat that was.  I finished up some of the shirts I needed to get shipped out and the three of them played.  Miss H talked daddy into a dance party again her new favorite thing with him.  C ran around enjoying the flashing the flashlight around.  They had a blast and I got all my stuff done so it was the perfect night.  Hope to be back more often (at least once a week that's my goal) to keep those memories and crazy moments going.