Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our trip to Minnesota

I am trying my best to catch up on all the post I missed since we have been out of town so much.   Thus our trip to Minnesota is first up on the list.  Miss H was super excited for many reasons....1)she got to see her Nana, Grandpa, aunt, and uncle 2)she got to add another state to her travels 3) new places to visit and see.

We had a blast while we were there.  The weather was AmAzInG nothing hotter than like 85!  Actually the day we went to the pool I thought it was too cold...ha ha!  Here is our trip in pictures:

aunt Riley enjoying Miss H

Nana and H loving life

nap time

first time to drink from a straw
I love this one...she is all gosh daddy thanks for the sweet kiss!

enjoying some pool time

I love this face

enjoying her hibachi dinner

Dinner with friends and family! 

Timmy and I enjoying brunch

the new nose wrinkle with her smile
Daddy and H before our early 7 am flight home

Monday, August 27, 2012

First day....

Today is the first day of school for TEACHERS and KIDS!  Today I am not going back to work...Last week I didn't have to work in my classroom while all my friends did.  People keep asking me if I am SAD?  Hum let me see.....

1) I get to enjoy this smiling face every single day.
her 6 month pic

2) I get to see Miss H learn new things every moment of every day. 
pulling up for the first time

3) I get to love and kiss on her any second I want.

Do I need to answer that question?  I am pretty sure you can see I am NOT sad about my missing the FIRST day of school.  I am sad all my friends are going back to work.  I mean who else will we do lunch with now?  I am sad to miss the social aspect of talking with my teacher friends and such, but we will see them at choir practice.

I'm pretty sure Chris isn't sad either as I have not ONCE hit a back to school sale.  You see office supplies are one of my favorite things along with Sharpies.  I have not once thought about going to a sale and buying any of them.  He couldn't be happier since every year has consisted of me asking him to come help get the right color or number of folders each year.

However, I am excited for all my friends to begin their school year.  I know it will be wonderful, as I have sat and listened to all the rosters as you prepare.  You guys will do an amazing job and touch many lives this year.  Good luck and let us know if you need any extra hands.  We are always willing to come help out!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Here he was just after his surgery! Poor guy!

FINALLY our 8 weeks of JAIL are over!!!  You don't know how happy WE all ARE!  I am sure Winston is the most excited but we are pretty happy too.   I mean the poor guy has been in his kennel for the past 8 weeks thanks to his knee surgery.  Not only has he been in there 24/7, but every time we go out of town he had to go the vet for his over night stay not 4P Doggie Dude Ranch (his favorite). Sweet boy has managed pretty good for a guy who was in jail.  But I don't think he realized that his sister was busy learning new tricks.  Now she likes to crawl over to him and "pet" him.  Although he is not too sure about that when she does.  I think more than anything he is shocked she makes it to him because before jail she was not moving around.
Now this is our happy boy!
Chris and I are thankful to have some freedom too, we now can leave him and not worry about if he needs to potty.  Plus I no longer have to carry him out to do his business and then carry him back in.  H is happy about that too because she would get upset when I had to take him out.  She wanted to come but mommy couldn't hold Winston and her....so she got to stay in the saucer.  Oh and the best thing is someone will get to go to 4P this weekend!!!  He will be so EXCITED when he realizes that.  Yes he is still on the no jumping on things list but at least he is out and about walking as he wishes.  Oh happy day in our house!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The sky is falling....

The sky is falling!  Okay so maybe the sky is not falling, but my world is slowing crashing.  Miss H has made 2 HUGE steps this week.  But first I have to share my favorite picture from her 6 month shoot!  I LoVe, lOvE, LoVe this one.  It turned out just how I pictured it in my head!

Okay back to the sky falling....No more than had we gotten back home from my sisters house and she was showing off.  Miss H can now officially go from laying on her tummy to sitting up all on her own.  I had not really seen her do this, as she did it in the pack and play at nap time prior to this.  However, when her daddy got home last night she was quick to show him.  I couldn't believe it.  It is amazing to see them learn these new skills!

Today came another big step.  She pulled up for the first time and kept her balance.  Holly cow, where did my baby go?  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her StAnDiNg beside me as we were just playing together on the floor.  Thus the big MOVE has happened here!  Tonight Chris and I moved her bed DOWN to the low setting.  Yes, to most this probably isn't a big deal but to me it is for various reasons.  

1) My baby is officially growing up.  This is bitter sweet for me as I do want her to meet the important mile stones, but I don't want her to grow up.  Next thing you know she will be leaving me for college! TEAR

2) I am 5 foot 1.5 inches tall!!!  This momma is going to have to get a step stool to reach her baby now. I mean yes she call sit up, but what about when I want to lay her down with out dropping her 10 feet to her mattress.  You know when they fall asleep and you try to gently lay them down.....NEVER happening here again!

Okay so the next major step for this little girl is to officially full on crawl.  Gosh the way our week is going it will happen tomorrow.  Again bitter sweet!  Guess I need to get off here and start baby proofing our house, YIKES!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Miss H is 7 months old!

Harper you are SEVEN months old!  

This month you weigh around 15 lbs (this is not a dr. month!)  You are now about 26 inches long! You are a growing girl and we couldn't be happier.   You still wear size 2 diapers.  Some of your 3-6 month clothes are too short, but you fit nicely in the 6-12 months.   Mommy has enjoyed your on track size, it makes shopping ahead so easy.

Between the past 2 months you have become a little traveler.  You have now been on 6 flights between family vacations and seeing grand parents.  You also have mastered a road trip to your Queen Tia's to see your new cousin be born.  Your flexibility is amazing.  You never seem to bothered by all our coming and going.  Mommy and daddy are very lucky that you are so easy going and always happy. I think you enjoy seeing new places and being with family!  There have been very few days you fuss a lot.  On those rare days I normally blame that on the idea of teething popping through!  

Monthly stats:

Nursing: You are still nursing every 4 to 5 hours.  The distracted eating this month has become crazy!  I blame this on the fact that we have been traveling so much.  I mean it is hard to enjoy a meal when your  around new people and places!!   

Eating Solids: MMMM you love your food!  You eat cereal every morning now when you get up.  You have also begun having a variety at lunch and dinner.  Thus far you have enjoyed squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, avocado, banana, and apples!  The only one you kind of make a face on is apples!! You love them all which makes meal time great.

Sippy Cup: You have really become a fan of the sippy at meal time. You also got to use a straw this month.  While visiting Nana and Grandpa Steve-o you found a straw to be very fun.  You have not managed to suck the water all the way up every time, but you at least have the idea.  

Smiling: Your smile changed up a little this month.  Now you make this silly little nose squish as you smile.  It is probably the cutest thing ever, but I do miss your old smile.  You still are a smiley one.

Talking: Still a little chatty girl!  You have kind of begun mixing it up though.  Some days you yell some days you talk.  However, if you want someones attention then you will sit and yell until they look at you, and then smile all big! 

Awareness:  MOMMY DON'T LEAVE ME!   That is the phase we have officially hit.  Last month you were aware when I walked out, but now you immediately start SCREAMING!  This means we have to start going to Mother's day out some.  You need to realize mommy will come back and you can have fun without me!  I know it is a phase but still I don't want it to be painful on either of us.  
On the go now ALWAYS!!
Observer: My little observer.  You love to sit and watch as others around you do things.  First you watch then if possible you do it too.  You watch your cousins and then try so hard to do what they do. I love to see you process things through.   

WINSTON and BOB: You still love your pets so much.  You just talk and talk to them.  However, this month you have gotten to love on 2 other pets.  You met Lily while we visited Nana and Grandpa Steve-o.  Also you got to love on Bailey while we were at Queen Tia's house.  No matter the dog you love them all.  

Sleep: Guess who sleeps through the night!!! Yes, you sweet girl you are officially sleeping through the night without any feedings.  You are doing so good even with all of our traveling we have done this month.  Mommy loves sleeping all night too.

Your hands:  You are a pro with these now!  I can't believe the things you can get your hands on these days.  We have to be careful not to set anything too close as you will grab it in a split second.  You are also really chewing on your fingers lately, I think teeth are coming soon.  I love that you can handle your toys with such ease.  You have become such a great little player putting toys in and out too.  Plus your hair pulling has settled down some which I am thankful for.  

eating everything in site
Mouth: NO TEETH! However I feel as though any day we will see one the way you have been chewing and drooling.  Your drool factor has upped by like 100%.  You have started this new little thing with your mouth, it is cute.  You open and close your mouth like you are talking.  I think you like to hear the nose your tongue makes as you open and close.  It is pretty funny to watch.  

Your legs:  Your a mover, but we knew that from the start.  You now are "crawling" or as I like to call it inch worming around.  You can get in the official crawl position but have found inch worming is much easier for you.  You can also sit and pull up on your knees while playing.  Your legs are so strong and I am sad you will probably be pulling to a stand soon.  

TOES: You still love those toes!  You love to suck them and use them to get toys.

Bath time: You are getting so big.  You still love your bath and I love that.  You get all excited when it is bath time.  You have take baths in various spots this month but no matter what have loved them all.  I am pretty sure you could sit in the real tub, but our real tub is very tall and deep.  Mommy's back would not be pleased with this so we stick to our baby tub!

Rolling over: You have learned that if you can't inch worm it to the thing you want you can roll.  You love to roll around now.  If you fall over while sitting you just roll your self over and keep on playing! 

Giggles: I love your sweet giggles.  I love that you are happy and giggle everyday.  You make your self laugh which is even funnier to me.  

Sitting up: You are a pro now! You sit up so good that I no longer worry about you falling and hurting your head.  You pretty much spend your whole day sitting up playing.  You can even lean down and pick up a toy and manage to sit back up.  Your skills are pretty impressive, just when I think you won't make it back to a sit you do!     

Things you are almost doing:

Pulling up, you love to pull up to your knees.  I am thankful you are only that brave.
"Real" crawling, you can inch worm like crazy.  You know the position but haven't figured it out just yet.   

You had a few FIRST this month! 

You visited a new state this month, Minnesota.  
You took your first trip to Nana and Grandpa Steve-o's house.
You meet your new cousin, Baby Graham.
You drank from a straw.
You sat in your first high chair at a public place.
You used your stroller with the seat, not your car seat!
You visited the Mall of America!

Your favorite toys are still Sophie, Olivia, and your tub toys.  However, you are now really into toys that sing and move.  I am sure this next month you will have some new favorites!
always talking these days
The past 7 months have gone so quick.  You continue to amaze me every day.  You are the sweetest baby around.  I don't know many 7 month olds that could travel for almost a month straight and still be so happy.  You are very flexible which makes our traveling so wonderful!   Daddy and I can't believe how big you are.  Every month is our new favorite stage of your life! We feel so blessed to have you as our daughter.   We love you all the way to the moon and back!

And for the monthly comparison....

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baby Noodle has arrived!

Well as you know from my last post we have been very busy!  Chris, Miss H, and I all spent last weekend in good old Minnesota with his family.  We had a blast....however, my sweet sister almost caused a couple of heart attacks.  I was nervous about going to MN because she was very close to having her baby (even though her due date was not till Aug 20).  She has been very ready now and I just knew it would be my luck to get all the way to MN and miss it.  How could I miss such a wonderful event?  Plus who would help with my sweet niece and nephew while she was having the baby...yes baby noodle is number 3!  Good news.....mom headed down on Saturday to be there in case something did happen.  Then we arrived home Monday morning and Abby had a dr apt that day at 11.

She of course was dilated more, but thankfully the doctor wanted her to come back by on Wednesday.  Thus the great debate....drive down on Monday after our early morning flight or wait till Tuesday morning?  Well, Miss H provided the answer to that question once we got home Monday morning at 10 am.  She was a fussy bussy....I think those dang teeth are soon going to emerge!  It was not my sweet baby, she pretty much fused all day and wanted to be held.  Of course I had to do that how could I put her in the car and drive 4.5 hours.  Thus we would head out Tuesday am bright and early.  Miss H gets up around 6 for a feeding and then will normally sleep about 2 more hours....so we got up ate and then I threw her in the car.  She was a trooper sleeping 4 of the 4.5 hours there.  The last 1/2 hour she played in her carseat and was thrilled when we arrived at lunch to see her cousins!

Thankfully we headed down on Tuesday....even though Chris was sad we were leaving for an undetermined amount of time.  Because on Wednesday Abby and Brian went to the dr.  Mom, the kids, and I all stayed here (her dr is 1.5 hours away in Houston...yikes) because Abby just knew they would be coming home.  Around 12 we got the phone call....

LOAD UP and COME ON we are going to have this baby today!  The whole house erupted with screams....my sweet niece and nephew could not wait.  Miss H cried because it was so loud....and she was not too sure what was up.  Mom and I then had the luxury of loading up the kids, our selves, my sisters hospital bag (because she refused to take them because she knew she was coming home), Miss H's stuff.....oh and arranging it so that we could fit my dad in the car when he arrived!  It was craziness here I tell you.  But we arrived at the hospital at around 2:30 to find Abby in the room moving right along.  When she arrived there she was at a 5 already!!  I wouldn't know what that was like because well you know I apparently don't dilate, ha ha ha.  No worries all of the families were there ready for the baby by 6:15.  We joked because we didn't know if our dad would make it before baby noodle was born, but he did! (he was in Vegas and caught the first flight to Houston)

6:41 p.m was welcomed with a sweet baby boy....Baby Noodle was no longer a question!  He was a beautiful strong little guy.  I am so excited to have a new little nephew and a cousin close in age for Miss H to love on.  He is so stinking cute and little (you forget how small they are).  My sister did an amazing job and all went as perfect as could be.  I couldn't imagine a "real" birth since mine was a c-setion! I don't think I would have been good at it and am thankful I didn't have to try.

Here he is cute as can be Mr. G! 

Now they are the cutest family of 5!

Miss H and Mr. G! They will cause such trouble, I can already tell! 

Of course I have a billion pictures from his birth. Plus since we will be here for another week you know I will take millions more.  You should note there will be another very long picture overloaded blog to come next week! :-) What a sweet blessing for my sisters beautiful family!  We just can't get enough of this little guy!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Breaking News!!

Okay if you live in the DFW area and are at home watching the news most days...you have learned that our news stations are crazy.  Most days they will have some random BREAKING NEWS that they break to as if it is a major event.  I would say that um 90% of the time it is not that BREAKING, but they feel it is.  Thus in our house Chris and I have began a silly little thing where if anything fun, random, or interesting happens to us we call the other...and begin the conversation with "BREAKING NEWS". That being said last Friday I called Chris and this is how it went.

me: Hey honey how are you?
Chris: Fine and tired (he had just gotten home from a work trip)
me: So if this was a normal Friday (one where we both were in town) what would you be doing now?
Chris: be at home with you and H.
me: no really wouldn't you be at happy hour (trying to not feel bad about what just happened)
Chris: probably not, why? (wondering what I am getting at)
Chris: laughing...oh what could it be?
me: MISS H just CRAWLED!!!! AHHH and I hate that we weren't at home for you to see it.  But I got it on video, on mom's phone because I have no more space on mine.
Chris: NO WAY, really? Send me the video!

Yes, folks last Friday after the sale was over Mom, Janice, Miss H, and I were all just chilling at the house.  Miss H was playing on a blanket, actually she had been playing nicely for about 2 hours there.  We were sitting around her just chatting about the days events.  When she leaned forward and well went for it.  Now keep in mind crawling is a stretch at this point.  However, I believe the word crawling means moving forward to get from one spot to the next.  In this case Miss H has for sure done it!  She has gone from point A to point B...it may not be on all fours but she did it.  Chris was not impressed at first, but now sees that yes she is a moving!  He also asked that I not let her play on the floor again till we got home on Sunday!  He didn't want to miss her getting good at it. No worries she is still using her head, lol.

I can honestly say I have never seen a baby use her head in such a way as our sweet girl did!  Now ignore all our chatting in the back ground...but here is the FIRST CRAWL from my sweet baby! Oh how sad I am as she gets older and that I have to baby proof for real now!

Here is another video I took while we were at my parents!  The bed proved to be a nice spot to crawl around on.  I am just worried she is going to get a little rug burn on her noes and forehead! Sweet girl!

Did I mention OUR WORLD is OVER? 
No more sitting still and playing nicely.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

New title

Okay so as you know I am no longer teaching...instead I have become a stay at home mommy!  Well, I think that is not 100% accurate!!  Why? We are NEVER at home!!  Instead I think I am going to give myself a new title ON-THE-GO mommy!  That's right we are on the go all the time.  Actually as I sit here and type this post I am laughing because at the end of this month Miss H will have done 6 flights (plus a small road trip soon too)!  I am so thankful I have a sweet husband that doesn't mind letting Miss H and I travel around.  Most of the time it is with him, but sometimes it is not! Also I have learned it is too bad a lap child can't earn frequently flyer miles...we would be racking them up if so, ha.

Let's see since we got back home from our awesome trip to Boston and Maine we were home um about 8 days! In the week were home Miss H had her 6 month check up, I had a dr apt as well, and we held baby boot camp.

Just chilling one morning!
Baby boot camp...yeah well that is what I called it, ha.  Basically I began the task of having Miss H sleep through the night without her 3 am nursing.  The first night was a little rough, but the second night was great.  I like to think that it went well because she....began solid foods!!  Let me tell you she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES them! Since we are on the go so much this month I started her out with just breakfast and dinner.  She loves cereal, sweet potatoes, and peas thus far.

First solids
Miss  H also began using the sippy cup.  She is not 100% sure but will give it a go here and there.  She also got to use her highchair finally! Since we were out of town it took a few days to get that put together! But here she is loving it, thanks Queen Tia and co!

Miss H is also now officially a sitter with NO WORRIES!  Yes, she has been siting without support for almost 2 1/2 months, but she would still get off balance every now and then.  Now I can pretty much leave here sitting up and not worry to terribly much about her falling over.  Falling forward is another thing, she wants to go so bad that she will push her self forward and then realize sitting was way more fun!  It is kind of funny.

Sitting with daddy acting silly!
she loves to read her "who loves baby book" it has all her family in it!
Also since she is now 6 months old I have begun teaching her sign language!  She is very good about knowing what the signs are....of course she won't begin to sign them back for about a month. Right now we are doing the basics milk, eat, more, water, dog, cat, sleep, all done, mommy, and daddy.  As she becomes more aware of those I will start some fun ones like ball, book, specific foods, dirty, play, and much more!! My sweet niece and nephew were pros at signing and I hope Miss H is too!  It is funny to show her the sign for eat and she begins to smack her lips while waiting!

Oh and a new favorite trick!  SUCKING the right big toe at any chance she gets! How cute is that?

Waiting on our flight to see Bb and Papa!
Back to our ON THE GO life!  Last Tuesday we headed to my parents.  Miss H and I had our 2 flight just the 2 of us.  It was wonderful as normal, I am going to be sad when she stops sleeping on the plane.  She does such a great job, nurses and falls right to sleep.  I think it is because the plane noise is like her sound machine noise she sleeps with.  We had a blast with my parents all though we were there with a mission.  My mom has just retired from teaching as well.  However, she taught for 19 years, unlike my 6.  Due to her teaching for so long she has acquired many teaching items....and well needed to sale them all.  Miss H and I went to help.

just chilling at Bb and Papa's

Miss H and I feeding my mom's turtles.

playing at the sale, loving life

mmmm sweet potatoes

showing off her skills by playing with two toys at once
We spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday setting up the remainder of her items to be sold.  Then Friday through Sunday were spent at the sale!  Mom did pretty good on getting things out the door, however, she still had some left.  But all in all I think was pretty pleased with the turn out.  It was so fun spending the day with mom and her good friend Janice, we had tons of laughs and Miss H gave us a good show too (that post to come tomorrow and it is a big one)!!

Back at the airport ready to head home and see daddy
So late Sunday night Miss H and I arrived back home to see Chris.  Thankfully he didn't miss us too much as he too was out of town from Wednesday till Friday!  Let me tell you what Miss H was thrilled to see daddy when she got home.  She had the biggest smile on her face it was so cute, and she just screamed like crazy!
The happiness when we got home to see daddy!
Whew just writing this post makes me tired!  Although we have no time to sit and relax as we have 2 more trips planned.  We are about to head out to Chris' parents and my sweet sister is ready to have baby noodle any day now.  Actually tomorrow she visits the dr to see if that day may be sooner rather than later!  She really still has 3 weeks but her doctor seems to think that won't happen! YIKES!!  As for us, it is time to REPACK the bags and hit the door!