Monday, May 31, 2010

My life is now this....

 Our house....what a mess!!

as of Thursday evening our house was taken over by....well  CONSTRUCTION ZONE!!  Yes, we are the lucky winners of sewer construction for the next MONTH (if all goes well that is)!!

Which is fine and all, but then again not so fine!!  Fine because Abby and the kids were here and B loved seeing all the machines.  Not so fine due to the fact that I now have no where to park!!!

Friday morning we were all up bright and early.  I had to take the day off from work for another doctors appointment.  However, I would like you to note we were not up early for that, but instead because the WORKERS were here!    Needless to say little B was LOVING the was very up close and personal too.  After stalking the workers for some time we headed out.  Abby and the kiddos were kind enough to take me to the doctor!!  Believe me it was probably the most "action" that waiting room had seen in a while...a 2 year old boy and 6 year old song writer, lots of action!  Then we followed up with some playing at Fil A as little B would say (Chick Fil A in non 2 year old talk).

A few pics of B loving life....

boys will be boys...and this one is ALL boy....
a rock, the bulldozer missed! 

After lunch we were off for some shopping for the wedding.  Abby and I had big plans of taking care of many wedding things this weekend.  We got the post cards (that I won from a blog) made and sent off.  Also the wording for my encore celebration ready to be printed.  Picked up Brian's wedding outfit.....and much more,

Did I mention that we also CAUGHT some bandits (What E calls bad people who steal)!!!  This was our most exciting event of the day!!  That's right

Well as stated above...B loved all the tractor, bulldozers, and excavators that were right outside of the house. Once little B woke up from his nap we took off to for dinner and such.  While we were leaving I said lets drive by the excavator (that is literally almost in our drive way), so we turned the corner to find......something a bit interesting.

It was now 6:15 pm but there was a dark (what I thought was black) GMC truck in front of our driveway.  There was a man and woman, both probably in their  40-50's.  The man was loading up the CITIES GREEN SEWER PIPES into their truck!!!  Both Abby and I realized that this is NOT RIGHT!!!  Abby states, I think they are stealing those pipes...E gets very excited to know we are calling the police.  Of course these "bandits" were in no we got their plate numbers and called 911.  While on the phone with them I continued to circle around "out of sight" of see that they loaded up 3 pipes.  Once the police had the info we headed to the Gap our original destination.  As we get on to the main road...guess who is in front of us....THE BANDITS.  I then call the police back to tell them that the truck was really HUNTER GREEN, not black like I originally thought.  Also informing them that the bandits were now headed down the major they should look there.

As we were shopping at the Gap, I received a phone call from the police.  The man wanted a few more details about the people we saw and such.  He also claimed that rarely ever does the description of the car and plate numbers match.  (we of course knew they would b/c they people were there forever in BROAD DAYLIGHT stealing)  I told the man that they were in no rush...making it easier for use to get that copied down.  He then told me they were in pursuit of the criminals and wanted to confirm their descriptions for arresting them.   E was so excited about the whole thing...B just kept saying police, police, police.  E was trying to figure out why they would want the pipes any ways...She came up with many different reasons.
A good lesson was learned by all.  You make a bad decision, then get caught, and have to pay.

Friday, May 28, 2010


my engagement ring with his band

Okay I guess we are really almost 100 percent ready for this BIG wedding day!  Chris' wedding band came in earlier last week. (I know I am bad for not blogging know 5 days of school left, packing up a classroom....a little busy to say the least)

Chris has been very picky about his ring.  I think it is kind of funny because he did such an out of this world job at picking mine out.  We looked at many rings together.  Plus he would look on his down time between appointments.  Still he wanted something simple, traditional, and sleek.  He finally FOUND the ONE!!! I really like it but most importantly he LOVES it.  Place a check next to RINGS please!!!

His is yellow gold with white gold on the inside...perfect as Chris would say.

Let's see this weekends task:

  • Print up Encore Party invites
  • Print up TO DO's for the welcome bags
  • Pack the welcome bag goodies into a suitcase
  • Begin packing my 2 weeks of beach gear
  • Send all my bridesmaids a helpful packing list
  • Up-date the wedding website 
Hummmm....I think that is about enough for one weekend!  Oh and did I mention clean up and move an entire classroom by next FRIDAY!!!  YIKES! 5 more days of school, 27 days till the wedding.  Can you freeze the clock for a moment for me? 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Time is winding down.....

All of our RSVP cards are due back to us this week.  I can not believe that it is only ONE MONTH until our wedding day!  Wow how time really did fly.  For the most part I believe we have received majority of our RSVP cards back.  However, there are still a few floating around.


I have to give credit to my sister; she gave me the best advice ever when sending out my wedding invites.  She told me to put a small number on the back corner of my RSVP card.  Then when I addressed my invites I placed that same number next to the address for that invite.  WHAT A LIFE SAVER!!!!  I thought at the time that it was a good idea for organization and such.  However, now I have REALIZED it is the most GENIUS idea ever.

Why do this?
  1. I have been able to fill in BLANK CARDS!!!
  2. I can stalk the people that still need to send in their RSVP card
I am very thankful I did follow my sisters advise, because we have now received 3 RSVP cards that are not labeled.  Meaning the people marked that they DW (destination wedding) the RSVP for the wedding is not as IMPORTANT...we know who is going.  However we are having our Encore Celebration (aka back home party) the RSVP for the wedding is not as IMPORTANT...we know who is going.  However we are having our Encore Celebration (aka back home party) that I MUST have a head count for!  Off I go to see who's cards we are still out I may be Stalking you next!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting to know you (or me)....

I saw this from a blog I follow and thought I would jump on and get to know some of the peeps I follow too.  The decided I would link up too.  You can read all the blogs from MannLand5 and her link ups.

1. Do you have a fetish?

No not me!!
2. Do you sing in the shower?
Sometimes in the morning. Mostly though I just enjoy listening to the radio as I shower.  You know I get to catch up on some daily gossip!!
3. Who was your first crush?
Oh way back we must go....5th grade at Gene Howe Elementary!  Clay Fish was his name.  He was very cute and we both were on safety patrol.  We had such a great time together.  Then his family moved away breaking my little heart (I am sure)!
4. What do you think is the best manly trait a guy could have?
I think the best manly trait a guy could have is knowing when they need help.  I think it is great that men can "fix" all things....but it is also nice if they know when to ask for a hand. 
5. Do you sleep naked?
Oh heavens NO NO NO!!! I could never!
6. What do you do when (you think) no one is looking?
Hum....lets see I guess that depends on the day.  Some times it is as simple as bit my nails, or maybe pick a wedgie!
7. What's the first thing you do when you go online?
Oh Chris will die at this one....check on my blog and wedding website.  Then I go to blogger to see what's new in the blog world.  I love to keep up with others, it is so much fun. 
8. Summer is.....?
Only 9 days away for me.....yes! Summer this year is even more exciting than normal because it means I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!  I get to enjoy a special moment with all of our close friends and family! Then on to some much needed R&R.  Also it is a START to a NEW CHAPTER in my LIFE!!! I love the summer!!!!!
Now you know a little more about me...go add your link and tell us about you!!  How much fun is this??

She wants to what?

Thursday I was pretty happy since I had such a wonderful interview.  I mean at least I gave it my all.  That day at school we had FIELD DAY which was a BLAST!!  My kiddos were so excited.  They all did such an amazing job at there events.  I love watching the joy on their face when they win a ribbon.  Everyone showed amazing sportsmanship too!  I think this is my first year that no one cried because they didn't get a ribbon! Yippeeeee my sportsmanship chat worked!!

After field day I headed out with a few other teachers to cool off and catch up.  We had fun chit chatting!  Then from there I headed to my normal, TENNIS!  While we were all eating I happened to check my email.  I think I was searching for something about this weekends match.  I noticed that I had another email from the principal of the school I interviewed with.  She was so kind and said that the teachers really enjoyed meeting me.  However, since she was unable to meet with me could she come to my classroom on Friday and observe!

STRESS!!!!! I am now at a 10 out of 10 on STRESS!!!!

She wants to come watch me teach, the day after field day!  Not to mention a week full of testing!!!!  Oh my oh my, was I freaking out.  I immediately responded with YES, please come any time!  I mean heck come on by if that will help me get a new job.  She then replied back stating that they would be there  about 9:30 a.m.

NO SLEEPING was had on Thursday night.  I mean I tried and tried and tried to sleep but couldn't.  I was so nervous about the observation.  I know it seems silly to be nervous, we have people observing all the time.  I mean at least once a week someone is in my room checking things out! Finally at 5 a.m. I couldn't take it anymore!  I just got up, got ready, and headed to school.  I mean heck I could at least tidy up my room a bit rather than sit here and not sleep.

9:15 a.m rolled around and we were steady going...reading and such.  Then the principal from the other school rolled in.  She also brought the math coach with her!  They sat at my teacher table and just watched as we continued on with our lesson.  The end of the lesson was a group vocabulary activity that the kids just love.  My kids love working in groups and creating things.  Once the kids were busy and on task I simply chatting for a second with the principal.  She was very kind, and asked if she could call me after school.  Of course, call me any time!!!

The rest of the day I wondered if that would be a good call or not.  Of course everyone was telling me I was crazy and it would be fine.  However, you know how it is to get your hopes up and then be crushed.  I didn't want to do that.  After school I had to run home and get ready for tennis.  We had our first playoff match  starting at 7.  Of course every time my phone rang my heart stopped.  Then when it was someone I knew I was like...ahhhh.

Around 4:30 I received THE CALL!  Again she was very nice.  She told me thanks for letting her come today and watch our class in action.  I told her really she is welcome anytime.  From there she proceeded to speak about how the teachers really enjoyed meeting me.  She knew that I was a very dedicated teacher from the looks of today.  Then asked me if I would like to join their team! YES of course I would (much jumping up and down and trying to act collected).  I could not believe it, I have a new job at a new school.  The new school is really wonderful and the teachers there seem very close.  That makes it even more fun to join such a positive team.  Next year I will no longer be a leopard but now a BEE!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


that is all I can say about the last week of school!  As you know my stress began last Friday when I was told that I no longer had a job at my school.  Of course I was not too shocked since I was the next one...

However, I really didn't want to spend time searching out a new school; while finishing up the last  3 weeks, oh and plan the final touches on my wedding.  Monday was the beginning of a busy week.  First off at school our poor kiddos had 3 days of Stanford 10 testing (a state test for the lower grades).  Testing means that our schedule changes, which mean that one of my friends has a rough week!  After testing all day on Monday, I set out on my new goal! FINDING A NEW JOB!!!!!

I took off to a school that I knew had about 2 openings.  I thought  I would just wait to chat with the principal or even vice principal.  After waiting for about and hour or so I finally met the vice principal.  He was very kind.  He gave me about 10 minutes and then told me he would pass the information along.  I was pretty happy with that.  I mean for the past 2 weeks I have been emailing schools with opening.  However no one has responded positively.  Thus ending my day on a semi positive note!

Tuesday brought another day of testing and searching for a job.  I hit up another school that I knew had one possibly two openings. However, the principal there really could have cared less to meet with me.  He did take my resume and told me he would let me know (yeah right).    No worries, I gave it a try.  I mean the worse any of these principals can do is tell me NO!  Moving on with life on Wednesday it was our last day of testing (THANK GOODNESS).  My kids did pretty well and were happy as can be to be done testing.  That afternoon at planning, I checked my email to email from the principal of the school I visited on Monday!  She said that she had looked over my resume and spoke to a few people.  Next she asked me to come by after school for an interview!  I was so excited!!!  I mean after sending out my resume to at least 20 schools and hearing nothing back!  She wanted to meet with me...YES YES YES YES YES (picture much jumping and screaming).  Oh wait...she wants to meet today!  Now the nervousness is setting in!!!

Come 4:00 pm I was over at the school ready for my interview.  I was very nervous to say the least. I mean I have not had an interview in like 5 years (when I got this teaching job).  Not only was I nervous but when I entered in to the room there were many people.  They had 2 teachers from each of the following grade levels: Kinder, First, and Second.  Then also it was the Literacy coach, the school counselor, and the vice principal. Now I was really nervous!!!  Then interview went pretty well, or so I felt.  All in all it was pretty good.  Now to just wait!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

WIGG-A-D-WACK is the BEST!!!

I had a little wedding project I wanted to work on this weekend!  I needed a good friend that wouldn't mind giving up some of their day!  Who do I call??  Wiggs, she is my trusty go to gal! She was so wonderful and kind to come over and help Chris and I out.  Wiggs your the best friend a gal could have; and to think it all began at the good'ol Pi Phi house 10 years ago!  Chris and I just love you to death.  Thank you!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Changes....not one I really wanted this year!

For those of you who have followed me for a while or those of you that just know how crazy my life you can follow this!!!  Well it has come...the CHANGE I 100% didn't want this year.  I mean heck a girl can only take on so many changes in a year.  First of all I got engaged (a change I LOVE LOVE LOVE), next I moved (a change you hate at the moment but love in the long run), and now..................MY JOB!!!

Yes, it is true all the years that my school has been "saving me" have come to an end.  Why?  Well to put it bluntly, I ONLY speak ENGLISH!!  That's right, they have no need for me at my school next year, even after 5 years there!  FWISD is taking on "duel language" and putting Spanish classrooms in all Hispanic schools, so I am out of luck.  I have known the last 3 years that it was only a matter of time until I would be SURPLUSED (teacher word for transferred).  Looks like even if I am not ready, I WILL be moving.  The question is where??? As of today I have no idea, but I have a few leads for some schools that have openings.  Hopefully one of those will pan out and I wont be sitting here August 24th still wondering.

If you hear of any good schools (in the dfw area) who need a teacher let me know!!!  I am VERY open at this point; not like I have a choice right?  Now I am off to pack up boxes (I HATE MOVING) and place my whole classroom in storage!  I mean heck my whole apartment is in there already, what's a bit more.  I mean its not like I should be putting FINAL touches on a wedding or anything.  It is only 43 days away, why not squeeze in job hunting too!  HA, all I can do is laugh!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Contreras Wedding Shower!!

My team and I 

My wonderful First Grade Team hosted a wedding shower for me today!  They are so sweet....I knew they were working hard on it for the past 2 weeks.  I only know this because I would randomly be the only one in the copy room at planning, it was like they all disappeared!  If you know me I am not much for sitting around and letting others do it was killing me that I couldn't help out in some way.  I mean I hate to not help if I can.  However, they were wonderful!

They took my whole destination wedding theme and transformed our school library!  It really was too much...I mean I never expected such an amazing shower.  Well I knew it would be good because my team does things 100% always.   They even had pool lounge chairs brought in for Chris and I to sit and relax in.  I know I keep saying this but is was too CUTE!!  Oh and the food, man the food was wonderful.  The girls even made me some cute little flower coconut shells to wear with a "grass" skirt!  I know Chris and I were very thankful for everything that they did for us; and I believe the whole faculty enjoyed the shower.  Thank you isn't enough but THANKS FIRST GRADE. YOU ROCK!!!  We got many lovely gifts.  Chris couldn't believe all the goodies we brought home. Once we got home and were walking the dog he kept commenting on how super that shower was.

Here are a few of the many pictures:

Did I mention that I LOVED the cake, too!!!
The girls getting all the food ready to go...what a spread.
Chris and I chill'n
We had a great system; I read the cards, he opened the gift!
Cutting the CAKE! I hated to cut it because it is was so cute.
and here we are after it...back to my normal clothes! 

Sunday, May 09, 2010

To Do List (a few more checked off)

For some of you, you know my weekend started a little earlier than normal.  I had a small procedure that had to be done on Thursday, therefore causing me to take off 2 days of work.  I had originally wanted to wait till school was over for this; but some changes arose and it had to be done much sooner!  Thankfully my mom was coming to town for Mother's Day weekend!  She was able to come a bit sooner and be with me on Thursday too...which was very, very, very much a blessing.  I mean sure Chris could have taken care of me; but some things can't be replaced!  I loved having my mom.  You know like when you were a kid and you had a fever...she would always feel your head with her palm, then give you a kiss on the forehead!  Those kind of things are not replaceable!!!

After my 2 1/2 days of mandatory rest!!! Mom, Chris, and I set out to accomplish a few easy wedding task.  The first task that we completed was CHRIS' WEDDING RING!!!  That's right folks we have finally bought his ring (only 47 days till the wedding).  He has gone back and forth on so many it was hard; but I really believe he loves the one we picked.  After picking out a ring, mom and I set off for some MOB shopping!!  We needed to get mom a dress for the wedding and a few for the weeks events.  You know mom and I we kind of dislike shopping, but together we can accomplish much more.  We found the perfect MOB wedding dress, it is very beautiful.  Also we got her a few dresses for dinner and some other odds and ends.  Of course I had to pick up some things too!!  You know I don't know what my excuse will be for shopping after the wedding....right now it is so easy to tell Chris, "oh this is for the wedding week."  Once we did our shopping we all took a much needed we got pedicures!  I of course had to treat mom to something sweet for Mother's Day!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and spoiled their moms a little too!  Back to work tomorrow....yikes only 19 more days till summer.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I am very lucky this year because mom came to hang out with me on Mother's Day!!!  I thought and thought about how to post this Mother's Day blog....and well I think really there is only one thing to do!

Mom you are amazing.  You are the reason I am the very strong willed and sucesseful person I am.  I am thankful for your love.  I know I am just like you, thus creating some problems (hard headed..ha ha ha). However, that also means I am going to be the most amazing woman because of you.

I love you!!! I am so happy I got to spend Mother's Day with you too.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Happy Mondays...

The view of how Mr. FedEx placed sweet!

are Mondays that have wonderful goodies at your door.  I mean I thought we would get wedding goodies every once and awhile.  Little did I know that it would be every other day!! We (okay me mostly) love coming home to find presents on our door step. Today was super fun....there were 2 large boxes.  The sweetest part was that our FedEx man is super nice.  He placed the boxes between our wooden door and glass door.  He did not want them to get soaked by the pop up thunderstorm we had.  Really isn't that nice!!  Of course I had to sit and stare at the two boxes till Chris got home (any nice fiancé would do this, right?)

Once Chris got home I jumped right on opening it up...I couldn't imagine what it could be so large, but skinny.  Then I was OVERJOYED!!!  I know you all may think it is silly to be so excited; but I have really been wanting this.  It was our new R front door mat!!!
of course Winston had to be a part too...

Chris was super jazzed too....yes its the little things that make us happy over here.  We have been so blessed to receive such wonderful gifts.  Really each of you are too kind to us!!  Thank you so much for everything!!! I know saying it (aka blogging about it) really doesn't show how thankful we are...but Thank you!!!