Thursday, November 20, 2014

Baby Tiger 25 Weeks!

I am 25 weeks!!
Pregnancy Highlights: 
Size of Baby: Tiger is the size of a turnip, 9 inches and about 1.7 lbs
Total weight gain/loss: well I have managed to gain about 20lbs via my last visit! (which means I have gained back the 18lbs I lost in the first 8 weeks…but less gain than with Miss H) My goal was to be less than when I had Miss H…thanks to Tiger hating food I am sticking to that 
Maternity clothes: Yes!! I even busted out my jeans that I never wore with Miss H because of our cold weather and trip to MN soon. 

Gender: Surprise!!! I really have no clue, Miss H wants a brother but we will see in Feb. 
Movement: Tiger is moving, but not as much as I remember with Miss H.  Also it likes to hang out very low where as H was living in my right rib cage.  I am a little thankful for that minus the need to potty more because of the low kicks.   
Sleep: I seem to sleep pretty great, minus the one or 2 potty breaks at night!
Cravings: I love lemon line chips!  Tiger did allow me to enjoy some ice cream this week which was nice. 
Food: Tiger is a food HATER!! I pretty much live off of sandwiches and chicken.  I am looking forward to Thanksgiving meal though with hopes that Tiger loves that. Otherwise I will be very sad because I love all things Thanksgiving.
Symptoms: This week my back has been hurting a bit more..I of course blame that on the extra large girls up top (thanks but no thanks Tiger).  Other than that bending over is getting rough, but feeling great. I really can't complain.

Favorite moment of the week: We pulled out Christmas and decorated this past weekend.  I love that Miss H was so excited and can't wait to have Tiger here next year to share that joy.  She kept saying and we will get Tiger a tree too and a stocking…act!  She loves you so much Tiger you have no idea!

Next week we are off to the wonderful warm MN for Thanksgiving it will be Tiger's first trip there!  I am thankful to be pregnant because it does help keep me a little warmer in those freezing cold temps.  I am also thankful that I am a month less along than when we went when I was prego with Miss H because my coat still zips up! It's the small things in life right?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pumpkins and Pancakes at the Zoo!!

BRRRR…of course it would become freezing cold the week we have Pumpkins and Pancakes at our zoo.  No worries though the weather did not keep us from having a blast.  I love our zoo for many reasons but this one is our favorite.  We love this event and are happy we stumbled upon it last year!  This event is for zoo members only which makes it so calm and fun.  Basically you get to go to the zoo from 8 am to 10 am and enjoy breakfast with the animals.

The zoo provides a nice warm pancake breakfast for everyone, while the animals get to enjoy pumpkin treats in their habitats.  Also each animal is let out at a certain times and zoo keeper are there to chat about the animals.  Miss H's favorite part of this event is actually not the elephants!!  They don't go crazy over the pumpkins like the lions and tigers do.  She loves to watch the lions get released into their area and find their pumpkins.  Last year it was 2 female lions and they played with their pumpkins like a ball before eating it.  This year it was the 3 year old male who came out.  He was pretty funny to watch going from pumpkin to pumpkin trying to eat them all at once (typical male right).

The tigers were even more excited than the lions…as one of them was a little unsure of the pumpkin and the other almost lost his in the water!  Thankfully they have cat like reflexes as he grabbed it with his paws just before it fell in.

Nothing makes your day better than fun at the zoo with family and friends.  The girls even took full advantage of the free carousel and train rides.  Mommy was just super excited I didn't have to help with the carousel ride…daddy got to enjoy it!   (Baby Tiger is not a fan..imagine that!! This carousel is even longer than most)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day tripping fun

happiness for all when we loaded up all 3 babies
Last week my sister told me that my nephew's school was going on a field trip to the Waco zoo.  Well of course my little zoo lover and I thought it would be fun to meet up.  My sister was a parent so she couldn't bring the two littles, but I told her that Miss H and I would meet up and take the littles.  I mean we can do the zoo at our pace and they could do it at theirs.

All plans were set and made for our DAY TRIP to good old Waco!!!  Plus I have heard great things about their zoo so we were really excited.  Miss H was super excited because of 2 things ZOO and COUSINS!! She loves them both so much.

Reality of the DAY TRIP today was, 40 degrees with blowing wind is not ideal for 2 2 year olds and an almost 3 month old.  We ditched Abby at the zoo with B's field trip and took off for our own fun.  We hit up the children's area at the museum.  The 'babies" (Miss H and G) had the best time!  I was shocked at how much fun they had together there.  We literally were there from 10:30am-2:15pm.  Best part of it was not once did any one fuss they had such fun.  They got to play music, race boats and ducks, run free, shop, drive cars, and so much more.  Sweet baby M just hung out and enjoyed the view too.  Of course all the people around me thought it was odd that I had twins, a 3 month old, and ready to pop again!  Ha ha got to love how people just stare and make random comments.  One even said wow 3 under 3 with another on the way that is brave!!  I just laugh and go on….people are so funny.

After the zoo we met back up with Abby and B to enjoy a nice lunch!  We had the best time on our day trip to the middle land.  I can promise we will be meeting up in Waco way more since it was such and easy drive with fun along the way.
headed out bright and early for our day of fun!

Sweet baby M just enjoying the sights

Both were a little unsure of this big guy…but H did finally pet him

seriously the best baby around

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall Mini session

I love our photographer…not because she does amazing work, not because she is great with littles, not because she doesn't question my 4 outfit changes in 15 sessions. but because she loves mini sessions!  I know this may seem odd but I am all about minis and not full on sessions.  There are 2 reasons behind this 1) Chris would kill me if I asked him to take pictures more than 2 times a year (christmas and spring) 2) I really just want session of Miss H and minis are perfect! 

Needless to say this min session is really for halloween costumes but I also do sneak in a few other outfits :-) Thanks to Ashley for letting me be that crazy mom.  If you live in our area I can't suggest her services enough! I can't wait to see our newborn session….eeekkkk

Here are a few of my favs from our session…always so hard to pick!  Seriously I can't get enough of these especially the last 2! My heart melts!!

I love her "owl" face

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Happy Birthday Chris

 Happiest of birthdays to the best father and husband around!  I can't believe all that we have accomplished in our past 4 years of marriage!  I love how our daughter adores you and looks up to you.  She is always so excited to be with her daddy!  She loves you so much it makes my heart happy. We love you to the moon and back and hope you have the best birthday around!


Friday, November 07, 2014

Baby Tiger 25 weeks

Poor sweet Tiger you have gotten no love on the blog!  Well, I plan to go back and do a few Tiger up dates here and there.  When I was prego with Miss H it was much easier to do weekly up dates.  Now between feeling blah, chasing a 2 year old, and just life in general I seem to forget to take pics or blog about Tiger.  I will do my best to be better from her on out!   I mean I would love for Tiger to read about how life before birth was just the same as Miss H can!

I am 24 weeks!!
Pregnancy Highlights: 
Size of Baby: Tiger is 8.5 inches long and almost 1.5 lbs
Total weight gain/loss: well I have managed to gain about 20lbs via my last visit! (which means I have gained back the 18lbs I lost in the first 8 weeks…but less gain than with Miss H)
Maternity clothes: Yes, all but leggings they seem to fit nicely below Tiger.  I love cooler weather because that means leggings are all I am in! 

Gender: Surprise!!! I really have no clue, Miss H wants a brother but we will see in Feb. 
Movement: Here in the last week Tiger has really started moving more regularly which makes me happy.  Miss H loves to feel him/her kick she smiles so big when it happens.  
Sleep: I seem to sleep pretty great, minus the one or 2 potty breaks at night!
Cravings: ha ha ha I wish!!
Food: Tiger is a food HATER!! I pretty much live off of sandwiches and chicken.  
Symptoms: Other than Tiger hating food and my wonderful meds that keep me eating nothing much.  My boobs of course are way out of control, worse than with Miss H.  Seriously I wake up every morning and think some girls pay for boobs like this, what are they thinking?  Also my belly button has this funny look to it…I hope it doesn't pop out!!! AHH 

Favorite moment of the week: Miss H came in to our room the other night and just laid her sweet head on my tummy.  I asked her what she was doing she said I just want Tiger to kick me a little!  She can't not wait for him/her to arrive!! 

October in a nutshell

Happy Fall all!!  I can finally say that because the past week we never made it above 80 whoo whoo that is big in our "fall" category.  Yes next week I am sure we will be hot again but man am I loving this fall weather.  The past few weeks have been crazy packed with all our Fall Halloween activities.  I can't believe its already November….where has our year gone!  Crud soon we will be adding another kid into this crazy life!  TIME SLOW DOWN!!!

The past month of October proved to be another crazy busy one for us.  I think we only had 1 weekend with nothing planned.  We started the week off with my best friend from elementary school visiting.  We so wish we lived closer but she is back home in A-town.  We are always over joyed to have and the boys visit.  It was a great time short and packed full of fun.  Of course the highlight was the zoo trip with the kiddos.

After Amber and the boys visited we then jumped on the Mommy birthday week :-)  Yes in our house you get the week to celebrate and pick food. Lol  Well since Tiger pretty much hates all things food STILL so my dinner choices weren't too fun for the family.  No worries we did hit Road house my fav for bread and potatoes.  Best things were my mom came down for our annual shopping fun.  I love that our jr. league puts on a little Christmas shopping weekend.  I love it and mom and I have gone the past 2 years so I convinced her to come again :-)

Just before our shopping fun we had our anatomy check sono for Baby Tiger (20 week check).  I was happy mom was here for this adventure.  I don't the last time she was there for a newer up to date sono….Baby Tiger checked out to look perfect.  Everyone got pictures even Miss H.  I love my dr they make such a big deal out of her being a big sister.  She always gets her own pictures to hold and love on!!  :-)  Then mom, Miss H, and I took off to shop and enjoy the day!

The weekend was even more fun when Queen Tia and crew loaded up and joined us! Miss H loves her cousins and we can't get enough of new baby M.  It's a good start for her to love on a little since she will have one here soon.  Of course our big fun was the train in town all ways happiness for all ages.
 The love from these 2 is so amazing…they truly adore each other.  I am so thankful Miss H has a cousin so close in age to her.  Also that she got to show daddy Baby M for the first time!

Once the crew left it was time for us to begin our packing again!  Yep we were headed out of town for Chris' best friends wedding!  Both Chris and Miss H were part of the wedding.  The wedding was in Las Cruces, NM.  We had a blast.  Chris' family was there which made it even more fun!  Plus all of his high school buddies that he doesn't see often since we live in Texas and most are in Nebraska still!  Needless to say Miss H made it down the isle as a flower girl perfectly and Kelly and Z looked amazing! The wedding was picture perfect so happy we could celebrate with them.

 At the airport ready for our weekend of fun! 

 Ha it wasn't until we arrived to NM that I realized we all wore a similar blue! 
 She can find a baby anywhere to love on…this one is one of Chris' high school friends son, he was adorable.  
Aunt Riri making Miss H all pretty! 

The bride and groom

with the boy she walked down the isle with 

Once we where home it was our free weekend.  I really can't even remember what we did! Ha I think it involved sleeping and football watching. No worries I am sure it was fun, lol

Happy Halloween week!  This is also a fun week for my SISTER!!  Happy Birthday Queen Tia, yes she is a halloween baby!  Needless to say this week was all things fall festival and halloween related.  For our music class all the kiddos got to wear their costumes!  I love seeing everyone all dressed up. We attend 3 little festivals through out the week then of course had our Friday night of trick or treating fun.  Our neighborhood had a great system this year, I am thankful for good neighbors.  They loaded a trailer for all the babies and we drove around on a hay ride…with the adults at the end of the driveway passing out candy.  It makes trick or treating way easier for our country neighborhood since ever house is on an acer!  Last year I think we made it to about 6 before the little was too tired from all the walking lol!

 I adore this picture so much for many reasons!!!  One this is our sweet neighbor who we love. Two these girls will be best friends for ever which makes my heart so happy!  They really adore each other and play very well together for 2 year olds :-) Can't you just feel the friendship in this picture?

 I forgot to mention we moved H's bed to a semi-toddler bed arrangement.  Since Baby Tiger will be taking over the nursery we are working on Miss H moving out.  We need to move the play room aka toys up stairs and then she will have her Big Sister room!!  Step one sleeping in a "non" crib bed lol, ghetto style.
 Ha ha our family picture from one of the festivals! I took a picture of the picture so it's not the best quality

 Our zoo hosted a pumpkin decorating contest.  You decorated a pumpkin and then they picked some to be displayed during Boo at the Zoo!  My sweet baby's pumpkin got picked to be on display.  She did every bit of the decorating her self (minus hot glue and cutting).  She was very excited to see her pumpkin when we went to Boo at the Zoo!  This was her elephant Sarah!

The final weekend of the month Chris got to be super dad!  I am tournament director for Arlington Tennis Association and well we host 2 tournaments a year.  This year it fell on Halloween weekend, blah making Sat morning very early for me!  Thankful that Chris took Miss H for the whole weekend because I couldn't do it without him.  Plus its good for her to get some major daddy time since she is in serious mommy neediness right now! Not sure why but she hates for me to leave, must be another fun phase of 2!  Happy October to you all!!