Saturday, May 30, 2009


WOW, wrapping up school is TONS of work. You know I really think that setting up a classroom and taking down a classroom are the hardest part of the whole year. The daily teaching is a blast. This week has been super busy at school. We are down to our last couple of days, thank heavens.

Thursday was our FIELD DAY!!!! Field day Rocks. My kiddos have been chatting it up for about the last month now. When we had our impromptu Swine Cation, they were worried we may miss Field day. Thankfully it was not cancelled, just moved back a week. Having Field day the last week of May is a bit never know how HOT it will be. What a beautiful day for May 28th it was, I think the high was 84!

This years Field day went just as smooth as ever. Our PE teacher is AMAZING, Mrs. Gilbert....she has it planned down to the minute, it is crazy. We have many events, and since I am grade level chair (not by choice, I don't like being in charge really) we were the leaders of First grade. We walk as a grade level (like a parade line) from event to event to keep things in order.

Our events went as planned:
  • 50 yard dash
  • Sit on a Balloon
  • 3 Legged Race
  • Jump Rope Run
  • Sack Race
  • Water Balloon Toss
  • Shuttle Baton Race

Each kiddo gets to chose 3 events to participate in. Of course, a few events are partner ones so they may get an extra event here and there. My kids did AMAZING! I can't believe how well they all did in each event. We took a ribbon from almost each one (being the competitive person I am that totally ROCKS). It is funny, because a few of my "slowest workers" ended up being our fastest runners. All in all each kid walked away with a wonderful ribbon, some with many! The weather was beautiful....and it was just a super fun day at Contreras! Now lets make it through the next 4 days and I will be jazzed. (sorry no pics here guys...its just too hard to only get pics of kids "with photo releases" and not get any of the "non photo release" know we have to be careful these days)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Doggie Style

Chris and I enjoyed the wonderful weather this Memorial Day weekend. We got so many things done around the house. On Sunday we had big plans of taking our sweet little Winston to the Doggie park Fort Woof! Just as we stepped out the door what happens, RAIN!!! Yes, or plans for our sweet boy were ruined. It ended up raining all day off and on. Therefore, on Monday once we got home for the game we took him.

I mean after all the poor guy was in his kennel for the whole game. He needed a chance to run of all that energy. Off we went to Fort Woof! Winston LOVES going to the doggie park. As we turn the corner he tends to perk up. There was a cute little Schnauzer that he really loved playing with. She was about 4 months old....and Winston even followed her to the gate when she had to leave! He also enjoyed laying in the water area, of course! In the large dog area two of the dogs were just going crazy over the water hose. That was pretty entertaining! After about an hour or more little Winston was hot and ready to leave. I think he enjoyed his little Memorial Day outing.

The boys...taking a photo break for me!

Running free!

Playing with his new friends
Oh every dog has a dream....I couldn't decide if he was just chatting with the big dogs, or wanted to be over there playing with them!

the joys of Air Conditioning!!!

Have you ever seen a happier dog??

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Puppy School Part 2-Intermediate class

Since Winston did such an amazing job in the puppy class....he and I thought we should just keep it going. Therefore, we now are in the Intermediate class. Winston is so cute...he really loves going to class. Last week he got sick you know, so we went to our make up class on Saturday. He was making me laugh....
We arrived a little early, but he couldn't wait for it to start. He kept going to the door and sitting. He could hear our trainer Angela's voice on the other side. It was one of the cutest things ever. Well this class is a bit more challenging than puppy school was.
what a sweet boy
Chris and Winston waiting
turning when he would hear her voice...

In the puppy class we walked away knowing how to:
  • sit
  • lay
  • stay
  • come when called
  • lose leash walk
  • puppy push ups (go from sit to lay a couple of times)
  • leave it (walk past something and not go for it)
  • shake

In our Intermediate class we have learned so far:

  • stay, walk away, and come when called
  • stay...not move when a ball is bounced by him
  • stay....have toys dropped around him and LEAVE IT, not move
  • stay....have treats dropped around him and LEAVE it, not move
  • stay, we walk away ask him to lay...he does it. Then drop some toys...he has to leave it and not move
  • Heel up....where he sits to the right and then begins to walk as you do, not passing your body
  • Turns and speed (we just started this one!)

For the most part he seems to be doing pretty well. However, on Saturday he was having a problem staying! I am not sure if it was the joy of being back at class or what, but we have to fix that. It is kind of fun to be able to have him sit and drop stuff....him not move! Now we have just begun the walking with speed, where he knows when to go slow or fast by command. Also making turns on command. This week we will work more on these 2 things, plus much more! If you didn't notice...LEAVE IT is in almost every trick. On top of that we are going to begin our distance commands...where we can be across the room shout a command and he will listen. I hope we can walk away with our little boy heeling and leaving things as told from any distance.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Yankees, Yankees, Yankees!

Today Chris and I began the week of YANKEES games here. Chris LOVES the Yankees....I think they are pretty good. Plus I just enjoy going to baseball games. That being said, today we were able to enjoy the game in style. Thanks to Hunter (Whitney's boyfriend). His family has a box just behind home plate. We had the most amazing time! Again thank you Hunter you are so wonderful to share with us. It was great if you wanted to be out in the heat you could....or if you wanted to enjoy it in the AC you could too. Julie, Kyle and I chose the AC...while Chris went back and forth. Non the less it was a great game and the YANKEES kicked some Ranger butt!

Thankfully Chris will be able to enjoy all the Yankee games this week. Tomorrow he will be heading out with the boys. They will do some tail gating, eat tons, and watch a great game(I hope). Winston and I will be enjoying ourselves at puppy class. Then to finish out the Yankees vs. Rangers series, Chris and I will head to the game on Wednesday night. I love Wednesday night games....WHY? DOLLAR DOG NIGHT!!! Nothing goes better with baseball than a ballpark dog! I hope the Yankees can pull off all three games that would really make Chris happy.

Here are some pics from today's game:

a little dark, but Chris enjoying the game!

Julie and I, in the AC loving life!

The guy in the gray Colt McCoy (he plays for Texas) He was in the box next to us!

Great view!

The whole gang!

We even got to be part of a proposal! She said YES!!

Whitney and Chris, what cute siblings!

Hunter and Whitney

Julie and I

what a cutie...

Julie and Kyle

All of us!

The random guys who were collecting all the cups after the game. I just don't know why they need all those cups? So RANDOM!

What will happen next?

Currently I am on my 4th year in FWISD, as well as at Contreras Elm! I love my school....for many reasons. I love the faculty, the kids, the distance from home, and the environment. I work with so many amazing teachers and mentors. I can remember back to the day I got hired.

I was hired 2 days before school started, it was major stress. Thanks to a great family and good friends we pulled off what should look like a classroom! From that day on I have had the opportunity to grow so much. My school has wonderful resources and allows each teacher the opportunity to use these. Why am I looking back??

Sadly my time at Contreras may be over....or may not! Right now my life should be joyful; ready to plan the summer! However, that is not the case this year. Due to the fact that FWIS has gone to Dual Language in schools that are majority Hispanic....I could be surplussd! (Surplused means move from my school to one that I am needed at. You get no say in what or where, you just go) How is this possible? How can a teacher with 4 years at a school be surplus? Well the problem is, I am being replaced by Spanish speaking teachers. Currently the Dual Language is through 1st grade, and will move to 2nd grade next year.

What this means is:

Any child who speaks Spanish at home (or meets the standards made by FWISD) will be taught in Spanish. They receive all lessons in Spanish EXCEPT math. Math is the only thing from Pre-k to 1st that is taught in ENGLISH to the Spanish speaking kids. (yes you can re-read that!)

Therefore, since I am 1 of 3 (English) First grade teachers I am at risk. The reason I am at risk is that at our school we currently only have 2 ENGLISH Kindergarten that means when they push up to next year we only need 2 ENGLISH 1st grade teachers. Why can't I move up a grade?

First off I can only teach Pre K thru 4th grade! (thank heavens) My school is a wonderful school remember as I stated earlier. That means: NO ONE LEAVES!!! When people love their school, environment, and kiddos they don't leave. The only way really I will get an upper grade position is if an ENGLISH teacher leaves or retires. (more than likely not happening her) I mean we do have a few teachers that are leaving, but they are all SPANISH teachers! SEE THE PROBLEM!

This leaves me here...waiting, waiting, waiting! I am normally a very patience person, but it is growing thin. We currently only have 9 days...9 days of school left and still I know nothing! I hope that some how, some way my wonderful principal can find a place for me at Contreras. If not I am left up to FWISD's placement.

Don't get me wrong....I have, since oh, January been looking for a new position. The problem is most districts are not hiring, or have froze their hiring! Also if you do sign on to a new district. That district then faces budget issues....the new hires are the first to go! At this point in my life I think it is best to wait it out with least there I know I have a job! Let's hope some wonderful miracle allows me to stay at my "home," Contreras!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Margarita Maddness!

The long awaited machine has arrived!!! Oh did I forget to tell you that I ordered the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction machine! Yes, and the best part it was buy one GET ONE FREE.

Here it is.....

Yesterday Chris and I hosted the first, of many Margarita parties! I really felt that since we only have 2 weeks of school left this could help boast all our spirits. The party was say the least. We had such a wonderful turn out. Best of all the Margarita Machine was OUTSTANDING! I pretty much had that machine running from oh 5 pm till 11, it never let me down. Everyone enjoyed the margaritas (or so they said to be nice!)....and a few even enjoyed trying it out too. The party was rocking all the way til the end! Thank you to everyone for was the best "pick me up" party ever! Now lets pound out the last 9 days of school!

Here we go, let's PARTY!!
Winston ready to go too!!!
The Gracia's! How cute are they?

Making up the beverages....

what a cute cook!

Jeremy rocks!!

Pooler and the Rowe's
Amanda and Alison

(Thanks for letting me use your camera Alison, your rock)


Contreras Girls are AMAZING!

Enjoying the good times with Anita!

The Franklins

Polly, Julie, me, and Alison

Kyle and I making the Ritas...Kyle you are amazing!

That's what Firemen are for!!!
Oh my boys...poor Winston was so tired!
This is when the fun really took off!!!

we were laughing all night long...Need I say more!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Puppy Flu, REALLY?

Alright, for those of you who do follow my blog and care about my Little pup. Well as stated earlier, he went to the vet yesterday. The already scheduled appointment for shots. Thankfully his sweet father was able to take him into the vet appointment at 7 am! Chris explained all the symptoms to the nurse. She claimed that they would check things out and let us know. (The nice thing about Petsmart is we have their pet plan. Therefore, we get things at a discounted rate or no rate at all.)

Around 11 we had not heard back from them so I called up there. They wanted to do a blood test to rule out the big things like Parvo and some gastro...something. I agreed that it would be fine to do that. I hate being the worrying mother! They ran the test, all came back clear. Right now they believe he must have eaten something (which I don't know how really we are around him too much), or that he picked up the "puppy flu". Yes, people apparently pets can get the flu too! After his shots he was ready to come home and eat! I mean heavens he had not really had anything for a day and a half. Thankfully Chris' brother is here, so Winston has a friend for the day. Plus he is getting some good attention I am sure he needs. It gives Chris and I a break from worry if he is feeling better too. As of last night he was much perkier and even playing around. I am so happy it was nothing serious! Thanks for all the warm thoughts....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Poor Winston

Tuesday night=Intermediate Puppy Class!!!  Well, so much for that tonight.  I worked really hard at making sure Chris could attended with me tonight.  See he works most nights till 8, so when I signed Winston up for the 2nd class he claimed I would be on mine own.  That is completely fine with us... plus it gives me a chance to bond more with Winston (since I don't live with him)!  Any ways, tonight though we were learning a new trick (not really a trick, but what we call it) where 2 people were needed!  I had asked Chris to pencil us in and he did.  

Well this morning when Chris woke up at 3 with Winston, needing to potty, he realized that he was not feeling up to par!  Winston normally sleeps fine through the it was was shocking.  However, as the day progressed Winston's tummy still was not feeling great.  He really did not eat a thing.  I the good mom that I am questioned if we should even go to class. Since I had pretty much begged Chris to come....WE WERE GOING!!!!  6:50 and out the door we all go!  

Well we made it to the light before Petsmart when Winston got SICK!!!  He hardly ever gets sick on our drive to is longer than 15 minutes when we normally have problems.  NOT TONIGHT!  Okay so now I am like man what do we do.  Chris plows on, we are going to class.  We walk in, Winston perks up a little but not a lot.  Class begins we get given our first task and off we go.  Well our first task was to go to an asile and work on the stay and come!  We make it to our aisle, when poor Winston has to potty and can not wait.  

It is then that I call it quits!!!  I told Angela the trainer and she agreed we should come back for a make up class!  While at Petsmart we did try to see the vet but his office hours were over, not a problem we already had a "shot" appointment for tomorrow at 7 am.  Now it looks like we will probably not get shots...but maybe some answers to our poor guys sickness!  We loaded Winston up, who got sick again in the car and sped home!  Poor guy I just don't know what has happened.  I am currently trying not to think it is parvo or something worse!!!  I pray he just ate something.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wonderful weekend

Aunt Riley loves Winston so much!
Winston with his grandpa! Such love there....

Chris and I had a wonderful weekend with his whole family. It is rare that we get to spend a weekend with any of the Roberts, being as they live up in MN! However, this weekend was a special treat. As posted earlier we were lucky to enjoy all of this plus Whitney's graduation from SMU.

Today everyone came over to the house, it was very nice. We got to enjoy the lovely weather and just hang out. There really is nothing better than enjoy the day with your family. Riley was so excited yesterday when she came over because she caught many snails. Over night Chris and I "took care" of them for her. When she arrived today they were all as busy as could be. She spent most of her day out in the yard enjoying the snails.

Here she has lined them up....

...then we found her shoe box! A much better snail home.

what a happy face

Winston got to enjoy the day too....He loves having everyone around. He, like Riley, spent most of his day out in the front yard too. He really enjoys being outside. It was a beautiful 72 degree day here so what better day to play outside. It is rare that our weather will be this nice in mid May!!!

Have you ever seen a happier dog?

Sadly Chris and I had to tell everyone goodbye around 4 today. As they were taking off for the airport I was busy convincing a sweet little 4 year old that snails could not go on airplanes. She was very adamant about taking her snails home. However, decided I could take of them for her; till she came back this summer. (oh gosh I hope we can find more snails before her next trip here) Goodbye Roberts Family, come back real soon!
Whitney and grandma
Aunt Whitney and Winston
Oh what cute boys....