Thursday, May 30, 2013

First trip to NE!

Miss H got to enjoy her first trip to the great state of Nebraska over Memorial weekend.  Chris' good buddy Z planned a guys golf weekend!  Chris grew up in Omaha and was excited to head back and meet up with all his high school buddies.  Miss H and I tagging along to hang out with Chris' mom, dad, sister, and brother who drove up from MN.  Z probably wasn't thrilled about that but we were happy to hang with the Roberts while they enjoyed their golf and guy time.  

We had a blast while we were there.  Miss H, Nana, Riley and I all spent Friday at the Omaha Zoo.  What is sad is we probably didn't even get to see 1/2 of the zoo in our time there.  The zoo is amazing I tell you.  Miss H loved every second of it and Riley did too.  We got to see so many cool animals and exhibits it was wonderful.  While we did the zoo the guys were golfing of course.

 Aunt Riley and Miss H ready for the zoo! 

 Ready for a fun train ride through the zoo! 
 She wanted a birdie to land on her stick so bad! 

This cute otter played peek a boo with Miss H for like 20 dang cute!

 After the zoo we all met up at Big Fred's for dinner.  Chris loves Big Fred's!  Dinner was a blast we got to enjoy Z's parents and a few of Chris' high school friends.  I love hearing all the crazy stories from the high school days. The guys all took off and went to a buddies house while Miss H and I headed back to the hotel for some zzz's.  We were tired from our time at the zoo.

Grandpa Steve loving on Miss H 

The guys!  
Loving on everyone at dinner 

 Uncle Z is so funny!!
The next day the guys were up and off to golf rather early.  Miss H, Nana, Riley and I just enjoyed a relaxed day of hanging out.  We did a little shopping too.  We also got to spend time with Chris' Aunt (his moms sister) and her family. I think we figured out that it had been about 5 years since Chris and I had been to Omaha.  Later that evening Z's family hosted a little cook out.  We had a blast just eating, talking, and enjoying the great weather.  

Thats right if you have to go home naked because you played in the at least need your bow on! 

 We all enjoyed a slide down the big slide in downtown!  

 Sweet girl enjoying her babies while we wait on the plane!   She is so dang funny!!
 She thinks she is so big! 
This was the perfect little trip for everyone.  Miss H and I got to hang with the girls and the boys got to golf.  Everyone was happy :-)   Hope your Memorial weekend was a good as ours!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First Month

I cannot believe that we have been in our house for a MONTH already!  Man time does go by quickly.  I would love to say it looks like a home that has been lived in for years, but we are far from that!  What I can say is that there are only 8 or so boxes still full of stuff.  Mostly hidden away in the guest bedroom, you know that random not sure where we are putting it stuff!

As far as decorating is going...Chris' mom and little sister came down about a week after our move in date. They helped unpack boxes like crazy.  Riley helped by playing with H so we could get stuff done.  I am sure it wasn't the most exciting trip down, but it was very helpful.  Then my mom helped me get Miss H's baby room all put together this past week.  As in we finally have hung something on our NEW WALLS!!

proof that we hung stuff..
I have been debating hanging stuff because, yes I'm crazy and didn't want to put holes in our new walls. But I just didn't want to mess it all up.  So I was very thankful to have mom her to help me sort things out and hang stuff.  I plan to move on to the living room next, YIKES.  I still feel like I am figuring out what we need and want.  I think it takes a bit to get the feel of your house before you can just be decorated.  My goal is to have things all finished up by July! We will see how that goes.  I know it is making Chris crazy that I haven't picked out more stuff.  But I just want to know I LOVE it not am settling with it.

Let's see this first month I feel like we have done a lot though:
We hosted our first party on Cinco de Mayo
We had our first major tornado/hail storm
We had both families come and stay
We met new wonderful neighbors

All in all I can say this... we LOVE our new home, love our new little neighborhood, love our new town, and love our new little chapter in life.  Miss H really loves it here.  She runs through the house to and from her playroom.  She also loves having a yard! Life in the country is wonderful!  I wouldn't change a thing.  Promise I'll post more pics as we get things squared away here.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A family full of COLOR!!

Nothing says family like a family FUN RUN full of COLOR!!  2 weekends ago (yes and I'm just blogging about it) my sweet family came to check out the new homestead!  I would love to say the trip was all about our new house but really it wasn't.  Instead it was all about the Color Me Rad run.

We had the best time "running" the race! Okay it really was a blast and I am so glad my sweet nephew B wanted to do this.  Mom enjoyed it too!  Besides the color run it was great spending time with my family.  I love that we have a house big enough for everyone to sleep at.  No more hotels for the family....we even cooked out and just enjoyed the yard.  Can't wait for more trips like this one!!

Here are a some pictures from our crazy run:

 Here are the "twins" before the race...poor H was a sleep in the car!
 Little Bear and I before the run! The crazier you look the better!!!
 Mom and I sporting the tutus Abby and Little Bear wore at another color run.
 The whole gang before the race. (not my best pic...yuck fat baby belly still)

We found the YELLOW!!

 B after the race...what a colorful mess!

 The color bombs going off by the dj!  Oh and did I mention that B loved it even more because he got picked to go up on stage and shoot the canon!!  His dreams came true right then and there!!!
 Shooting the goodies out into the crowd!
 Brian and B up on the stage! 
 B with the Color me Rad DJ!! He was so excited! 
 ....the AFTER!!! Baby G had so much fun he fell asleep!
 Another After picture just before we all went in to shower.  P.S. it takes about 2-3 showers to get all the color off!!