Saturday, January 31, 2009

God has given him such strength,

What a day for Uncle Louie...he has really shown everyone what strength he has. I believe his strength is due to all the prayers and thoughts. Last night he had a surgery to help repair some things they were unable to do on the initial surgery. He was strong and made it through. Then this afternoon he had to go back to the operating room. There were a few areas that concerned the doctors. Luckily things went as well as they could and his out with his family now. Louis has had the most wonderful doctors. Thank you to Dr. Ware and Dr. Duke. God has shown us and the Buzek family the strength that prayer has on people. He has provided Louise Buzek with amazing doctors that have wonderful skills. Tonight Aunt Ruthie got to speak with the doctors. Please click here to read the wonderful words they had for her. Unfortunately he must go back in tomorrow for another surgery...

Thank you again to everyone who is praying for him and Greg. My sister had a wonderful idea of having a prayer marathon. A marathon is 26.2 miles for the next 26 days we will be holding a prayer marathon for Louise and Greg. I will be praying 5 minutes for Louie and 5 minutes for Greg everyday. It is hard to run an actually marathon, but it will be amazing to run a prayer marathon. I like most, normally have the general prayer list so this will provide me extra time to spend with the Lord. Please join us in this marathon!!

The never ending ride...

Blue and Winston

Well today we took Winston back for his 2nd puppy shot. Man oh man what a trip. As you may remember when we brought Winston home he didn't really like the car. We blamed it on the de-wormer they gave him moments before we left. We had our game plan made last night. We were going to put his kennel in the car and have him ride in it. He really loves his kennel, most people seem amazed by this. The down fall to the story is that we have to drive from Fort Worth to Preston & 635....this is about a 40 minute drive.

As we left we ran by the dry cleaners...then we were on the road. No more than had we made it off 35 in Fort Worth and on to 121 did it begin. CAR SICK!!! He was sick the whole trip. We had planned for everything, except this. Luckily I put a towel under his kennel in the car, to keep it from sliding around. This came in handy when we had to remove the blanket to put a fresh on in because it was soak with puppy vomit. Once we made it to our stop he was totally jazzed to be out of the car. We took him in and got his shot....not even a peep came from him. (I think it still the happiness of being out of the car) We did a little shopping, you know ever where we go we must get him a new toy (spoiled little guy). Then off again. After a quick trip to CVS to pick up a couple of extra blankets. We headed to meet my friend Wiggs.

Wiggs has a sweet black lab, Blue. While we grabbed a bite to eat Winston got a moment to relax and let his stomach settle at her house. After lunch we let Blue and Winston have a little play time. Blue is so wonderful with him. She just took him on like he was her own. Winston gave her kisses and everything. Here a few pics from their play date! We can't wait to see Blue and Wiggs again. I guess by the ride home Winston had nothing left in him. He slept the whole way it was great. I just hope he out grows this...we have to go back on the 21st!

Winston on Blue...she is such a good sport

Look how well Blue smiles...oh Winston we have a lot of work ahead.

Wiggs, Blue, Winston, and I

Friday, January 30, 2009

Uncle Louie Updated

Well after today, it was necessary for Louis to have another surgery. He is currently not doing as well as they would hope. He really needs your support. His family has set up a blog, so they can up date it as soon as they know facts. It is an easier way to read about his progress and leave the family comments on your thoughts and prayers. Click here to head to Louis' site.
Thank you for all your prayers again...please keep them close tonight!

Thursday, January 29, 2009 you need all of yours?

Louis Buzek with his grandson

How often do we take having all of our blood for granted? Uncle Louie (Brian's Uncle) could really use your help. He could use your EXTRA blood. I know a few of you probably donate blood to blood drives around the area. When you donate you have no clue who is receiving that blood, but that you are helping someone in need...Now is your chance to donate and know exactly who it is helping.

The wonderful thing about this is it doesn't matter where you are you can still help Uncle Louie. Even though I don't live in Houston my donation will reach him from Fort Worth. Here is the information you will need to make sure Uncle Louie receives your donation. Head down to the local blood center to donated. While you are there you will need to inform them that you are donating in Louis Buzek's name. Then simply give them the information below:

Louis Buzek
STICU- Memorial Hermann Pavilion
Hermann Memorial Hospital, Houston, TX

Once you give the blood center this information they can then pass it along. I know asking for prayers is a lot...and now BLOOD!!! However, it is a small needle and it will be over before you know it. If you are unable to give your sweet, precious blood then just keep praying. Anything you can do will help. If you leave close to El Campo they will be holding a blood drive in Louie's name. You can visit here to get more information. Thank you for all your thoughts, it means the world to the Buzek Family. Not only does the Buzek family need prayers, Greg also does. You may wonder who Greg is, he was the man with Uncle Louie at the time of the accident. He is not taking this well either. He has been at the hospital since Louie has, help pray that he will be at peace with this. That accidents happen and no one person can take all the burden. Again I thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

Prayers Needed

It is not often that I ask for something like this. However, today it is needed. I would like to ask each person to send out a special prayer for my brother-in-laws (Brian's) Uncle. Last night he was in a sever hunting accident. He was shot in the stomach with a deer rifle, it was amazing that he made it to the hospital. Since El Campo is a drive (hour plus some) from Houston he had to be Care flighted into Houston. When Brian arrived to see him prior to the flight, he knew he had lost to much blood. Luckily God blessed Uncle Louie and allowed him to make it to the hospital and begin surgery. He has been in recover since about 4 am but is still very critical. If you would like to read more about Uncle Louie's injuries and progress please go here. Any extra prayers will help. Uncle Louie is a wonderful man, husband, and father.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yesterday started this crazy mess in Fort Worth. As I drove to school, other schools around the area were closing. It was really random if you ask me that all these schools closed with just some rain and 40 degree weather. Throughout the day it continued to rain and parents were poring into our school to get their children. This was due to the fact that the northern area schools were closing early due to ice. Lucky me (please read with loads of sarcasm)....I had 20 out of 22 students all day. My other colleges had any where from 12-7 children missing in their class rooms. However, we continued on with our NORMAL school day. As school ended our principal wanted everyone out asap because the temp was dropping. I headed to the store, and then to Chris'. I mean if we are going to have a "snow day" we may as well be together...true!

Things were fine til oh say 8:30ish. Then it began...sleet! It sleeted for a good 2 hours on top of the rain we had all day. At this point Chris was declaring that for sure I wouldn't have school, I thought no...we always go no matter what. (I added a few pics of him and Winston (it is his first rain/sleet) as it began last night.) On with our night as normal we went...then the 10 o'clock news declared FWISD closed Wednesday! I was really bummed out, everyone else was just having a 2 hour delay. I hate missing school because then we have to make it up at spring break! BLAH! Needless to say I went to bed very sad....

It may look like snow...but no sleet


SAD still I think not....after waking up today I realized it was best that we miss school. It is what now 8:30 and still only 19 outside, yeah I don't think the roads will be any better by 10 for most of those schools. Now it is just on to enjoy our "snow day" I say "snow"....because it is really and ICE day, not a single snow flake fell only ice! As for Winston, he loves it out there he thinks it is a big ice cube and licks everything. My fear is that his tongue will get stuck! Also it is very funny to watch him try to take off fast on the ice...its like a little man running in place then darts off. We will chill inside for the rest of the day....oh and maybe grade some papers. I hope everyone around this area enjoys their ICE day too!!

We love ICE DAYS!!

Winston running on the sleet....

Licking the sleet...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to ALL!!!

Well today was a busy day on Chris' phone. We had to call many people for birthday wishes. Happy Birthday Aunt Whitney...I hope you got to enjoy your very cold birthday. Heck you may even get classes canceled tomorrow just for you (or that ice storm ), never the less enjoy it! Also it is Madison's birthday (Chris' niece). We spoke to her on the phone tonight....she got to go skiing for her big day(the picture above taken on the top of the peak today!). They live in Maine and apparently they too are getting this big storm. Then we have Chris' friend Mikey....yes today is also his birthday. To all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

BLAH BLAH BLAH to Sunday nights!

You are probably thinking, Sunday night...what's the big problem? Is it the fact that my weekend is over? That I have duty at school on Monday morning (means I have to be there early)? NO...NO...NO...

Let me tell you about my Sunday nights lately. First you need to know a little about my place. I live in a pretty nice little apartment. I have now lived here for gosh 2 years. They are tucked back in a neighborhood area; with a nice little pond that makes it feel very private. I really have not had much trouble with my place, other than the snake last October. The neighbors have always been very nice. Well as time has passed they have begun to upgrade our places. I have a few of the upgrades, but the most recent one is wood floors. This is not the case for my place, I still have the cheap carpet but that is no problem. Honestly...I HAD no problem with any neighbors until, oh about 4 months ago. The people who lived above me moved out and some new boys moved in. Therefore the nice carpeted floors that they had were replaced with WOOD (fake I'm sure) floors.

Now as the people above me move about I hear every thing they do. I know from the second they walk in the door where they are headed. It is madness how much of a difference wood floors make, honestly. Well 2 younger men have moved in upstairs and they both have girlfriends. Any given evening there is a total of 4 peps up there "stomping" around or so that is how it sounds down here. You know that it is bad when Bob (my sweet cat) notices. She will be sitting her beside me and look up with this horrible face....kind of like saying, "what the heck are you all doing up there" because they are so loud. Okay the funny thing is my problem is not the STOMPING is worse.

Now let me bring you to SUNDAY NIGHTS....I have begun to see a pattern in Sunday nights upstairs (over the last 2 months). I have come to realize (because they park beside me too) one room mate is home and the other is not on this evening of the week. Of course the roommate that is home is the one who lives in the room above my mine (or the master room). It would have been to easy for him to have lived above my guest room!!! On this particular night, he and his girlfriend partake in extra curricular activities. I believe in a room with carpet I would never be subjected to such noises...I know this because there was a married couple prior to these guys! Not once did I hear a sound (or maybe there love life was lame??? who knows). Now you may be thinking, oh that is just part of "apartment" life, but this is not right.

I can hear ever single sound that is made during this action. From the headboard hitting the wall, to the creaking sound the bed makes, and even moans. Let me tell you what, I am not sure how that young lady is able to walk out of there in the morning! I am not sure if its the fact that they are home alone and can get as "wild" as they want....or the floors. The amount of noise made from the room up above makes me cringe at the fact that I have to lay and "try to sleep". It is so awful that I feel as though I am literally sitting in the room with them! I sit there in bed and just think to myself, hurry up and be done already! So it is with great sadness that I either have to turn the TV up so loud (I can't sleep). Or try and beat them to sleep, which is a challenge since I have 2 shows I love to watch on Sunday nights. I would be very happy to have anyone over oh say from 9:30pm till 11:30 pm to listen to the madness upstairs, only then will you truly understand what goes on. Or I guess if you are looking for any tips or ticks I am sure they could show you a thing or two... I can only hope the act gets lame for them...or they break up!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Writing 101!!

Okay I know, most of my recent post have been about little Winston. Therefore I wanted to do a non-Winston post. TEACHERS TEACHERS TEACHERS listen up!!! (non-teachers may not enjoy this blog so much, sorry...)

This weekend my school hosted a great speaker for a writing workshop. Yes, normally I hate going to workshops on Saturdays...blah blah blah. However this one, a voluntary one that we were "encouraged" to attend, was wonderful. I feel as though I didn't waste my Saturday or lose wonderful "sleeping in" sleep. Our writing coach had been to this training and begged our principal to invite the guest speaker. After some negotiating with another elementary school, to help with his cost, she called him up. Who was it? Bill MacDonald! Mr. MacDonald also referred to as the Writing Doctor was amazing. We started our workshop off with about 15-20 4th graders attending. He spoke to the students and we got to see superb "modeling"! The students were so into the presentation...they even got to win prizes. ($20.00Wal-Mart gift cards) The whole purpose of his training is to help your students who are at a 3 on the writing taks move to a 4 (perfect score). As a lower grade teacher (1st grade) I thought wow, is this really going to help me...

YES! Many of his strategies were to help the 4th grade teachers in the next month or so move the kids up to a 4. However, the afternoon proved to be valuable to all grade levels. He referenced as much to K and 1 teachers, as he did the 4 and 5 grade. The whole day flew by with out even a second look at the time...and many amazing ideas were given to us. These are a few of the important ones....(as a lower grade teacher that I will do to help my upper grade friends)

  • penmanship...the state looks at penmanship!!!

  • the student should write a sentence as long as their age... i.e if they are 6 then their sentence should have 6 words in it

  • the student should have as many details as their age....similar to the first point, each story for a 6 year old should have 6 details

  • blah blah blah....needs to become BLING!!!

  • quick games to help get bling...don't let kids write the same things, make them find new ideas for the same thing. Such as going to the beach....well have an amazing or unique thing happen at the beach

  • quick list....where students must answer a question with the first thing that pops into their head. ex: I say a food, yell McDonald's. Help the students come up with new ideas or unique ones for hamburger...such as Kincaid's (a non-chain or such)

  • think time...give them the topic think it over for a day...then write about it (this way you get better details and endings)

I really did enjoy the day...he passes out tons of door prizes and some freebies which makes it even more worth while. If for some reason your school needs writing help, look him up! I have attached his blog and his store website...I won tons of posters (and 20 bucks) that will be wonderful in my room.



Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Look who is getting all the mail lately!! That's right WINSTON ROBERTS. You see tonight as Winston and I were out going potty (him not me), the sweet mail man dropped off our mail. Once we had gone back in there was a knock at the door. What could it be? Yes, another package for Mr. Winston. I am telling you this boy has so much love going around. Today the goodies were from Grandma and Grandpa Roberts...oh and Aunt Riley (Chris' mom, dad, and little sister)
Oh my goodness....look at all the fun stuff!!!

I couldn't even get them out of the package....he was off!

And off he goes...these balls freak'n rock! Not only does Winston love it but mom and dad do too.

I love this action shot...picture this oh every time we open his kennel....speed racer!

Monday, January 19, 2009

1000 and counting!!

THANK YOU to all who come by and read the blog.  I am very excited today as I have hit 1000 visits, this afternoon at 11:46 am.  For most of you who don't know my obsessiveness...well I am obsessed with my blog sitemeter.  I love to see how many people stop in for the week.  I know I am pretty lame, but I really do love it.  I  am grateful to all who stop and check it out.  THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE!!!  

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Uncle Brian it would have never been possible without you. Thank you for buying me all the goodies that Aunt Abby and my cousins sent to me. You are the best. I love you more than you could ever know.....


I love my Auntie Abby and Cousins

Look who got a package today!! I will have to say this is not Winston's first package, but he was here for this one. His first gift was sent from Chris' was the bag they used for there little Lizzy. She has since passed so he wanted Winston to carry on with it.

Now on to today's package....It was from Auntie Abby and his Cousins E and B. So here you see him sniffing it out.
Once he got a good sniff we took it in to open it up. I nor Winston had any idea what was in it. All I knew was it was something pertaining to his name. Look at all the goodies he got, he was shocked (and I too!). Really he didn't know what to play with first. He got the most wonderful sweater ever....note the large W on it. I love it and the best thing is he doesn't mind it either.

Here he is sporting his sweet new sweater. I think it is the cutest thing ever. Chris even loves it too. It fits him so perfect and well if you know Chris it fits his style too. He will be sporting his new look tonight at our friends party. I am sure everyone will adore it too!!!

Once freed from the sweater it was off to the toys. He really loves them all, but this was the best pic I got. He enjoys the dumbbell one the most. Again a huge THANK YOU....Winston loves them, I want him to love the turtle of course.

Week 1 down and no "major" problems!!

Today is our 1 week celebration with the new addition. Let me tell you what, Mr. Winston has rocked our world (as a teacher friend says, we are not training him he is training us). He has done this in both positive and negative ways. One should always start with the negative then end with the here goes!

  • Poor Chris...his work now revolves in 3 hour settings (he can't stay in his kennel longer than that)
  • Our day is counted by the minutes...even seconds for the next potty break
  • POTTY TRAINING, YIKES. (we still need a lot of work here)
  • the unknown, not sure what he will do next
  • racing the clock...I feel we are always racing to do something and be back in time to let him out


  • His sweet little face
  • The kisses on the toes, face, oh any where
  • The joy he brings us
  • His playful manor
  • The cuddling up in our laps
  • Wonderful sleeper (sleeps great at night, with no whining)

So there you have it...I think Chris and I are starting to get the hang of this puppy thing. Thus fare I do not believe we have screwed him up too bad, but only time will tell. We really are struggling on potty training, so please send us your hints. It seems no matter how often we go out, he goes inside as soon as we come back. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE! Now that he is 7 weeks old I hope that we can improve on this. Really that is our only beef with the little guy. He is wonderful, I wouldn't trade him for a thing.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our little pant leg grabber

Well since I did the post last night with out a picture I thought I would add a few more! As if I don't have enough on here yet. It's like Chris told Winston, get use to that flash she does it all the time. So I LOVE taking pictures, I think in my next life I will be a photographer. Heck maybe when I retire I'll do it (I talk like I may be able to retire...). Winston has been so great the last couple of days. He has been staying nicely in his kennel and is so excited to see you when you get home. Chris even said he slept great through the night last night...which is super! The past couple of returns home to let him out he has even been asleep, I think he is okay with things. Other than that we are still working on the constant nipping at things such as our fingers, pant legs, know anything that moves! I just pray it is a phase, that goes by fast. Thanks to all that have sent along such great tips, we love to hear them and use them.

Winston with Aunt Whitney. She headed over to see him, how sweet of her!Chris with Winston...he wants him to love his bed! Notice the computer, yes I am blogging.

What a sweet little guy he is.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Thank you to all who help us with the name.  Chris and I really like them all...we even took turns calling him by each name.  One hour he was puppy, the next Winston, and so on.  However, we too last night came to the conclusion that we loved WINSTON best.  Thankfully, the results ended that way as well.  

Our next goal is for him to realize that Winston is his name.  Thus far he hears a lot of No...Oh no...NO NO NO!  I am sure (at least I hope) the No's will die down a bit soon.  He really is a great puppy.  Last night as Chris and I put him to bed and he just laid quietly in his kennel next to us we felt blessed.  He does great at sleeping thus far and I hope this continues.  However, I am worried about tonight since he has been in his "home" (what we are calling his kennel) off and on all day as Chris went to and from appointments.  Well I need to let the little guy out to potty, then I am off to tennis.  One last note, if anyone has great tips on biting and chewing (he loves to attack our pant legs...I am sure it is because he is so little, but still annoying) we would love to hear it.  Thanks again!

P.S sorry no cute pic, I used the apple and it doesn't have any pictures on it yet.  

Sunday, January 11, 2009

We made it through our first night...

My cute boys!!

Well we have done it...we made it through the night! Let's do a quick recap of the evening. "Puppy" (yes we are still calling him this tell the votes are tallied tomorrow....SO VOTE!!) spent the evening playing like crazy. He loves to play, then we also went and saw a puppy friend up the street. I know my sister would be appalled that we took him around other puppies, due to parvo! But we know the friends very well, and their dogs are both very well kept. Puppy was not sure what to think of the big dog (a lab mix), but he liked their little Yorkie (she is a month older than Puppy). After play time it was home to take our FIRST BATH...Remember the car ride home yesterday, dewormer everywhere. He needed a bath, and he didn't LOVE it but didn't hate it either. After his bath we let him eat a little more. Then it was outside for the last time before bed time. As Chris took him out I prepared the bed. A nice cozy home if I don't say so my self. We put down a towel, his blankey (Chris bought it when he was out and we were at home.), and the warming bottle. It was ready to go so we kissed him goodnight and put him in his kennel (located in the kitchen). Then off to bed we (Chris and I) went.

Just after his first bath...He loves to lay on matter where!

....after 40 minutes of listening to the little guy I couldn't take, I had to go in there. So I didn't want to bother sleeping daddy (Chris snoring it up!) with pillow and blanket in hand I went to the kitchen. Yes, I thought about moving him to the room but Chris and I had not really talked it over so I just made camp in the kitchen. He was so sad, but as soon as I laid down he calmed down too. He stuck his little paw out of the kennel and I rubbed it. Sound a sleep we both were when oh at 4 AM Chris comes running into the kitchen. I guess puppy had yelped a little, and Chris said he needs to go out. Chris grabbed him and out they went. Puppy did a good potty, and back in the boys came. Then Chris is like let's move him in to the room. I held puppy and Chris brought in the kennel. He placed it right next to the bed so I could still reach him if he cried. 4 AM till 7 AM not a peep came from that kennel, it was AMAZING!! Chris even got up around 6 and showered....Puppy and I never knew! So we did it the first night was over...
Look at my new scarf...

The rest of the day puppy has been so fun. We played and played, then Chris and I headed out for about and hour and a half. Puppy had to go into kennel again. He was not so excited about it but we heard you need to do it for small times everyday and he will get better. Since Chris and I both have to work we needed to prepare him now. Out we went....we did a quick lunch, Target trip, and then of course Petsmart. We bought sweet puppy a few more toys, puppy treats (since he is pottying so good outside), and a comb. Then we realized our time was up and home we went. I stood by the bedroom window just to see if he was still crying, but I couldn't hear him. Sure enough as we opened the front door.....crying it was. Chris ran in to save him and take him to potty of course. He was so happy to see us. Then we thought since it was such a nice day we would take a walk. No puppy didn't walk, he was carried but it was still nice to walk with him. After our wonderful walk it was playtime in the front yard. He loves his new toys. I have added a few pictures of the oh thousands I have taken. Please everyone pray tonight goes as wonderful as last night did. If you have not voted on a name, you have till 6pm tomorrow....HURRY UP HE NEEDS A NAME!!!!

Let's PLAY!!!

Oh my new chunk it chula....I love it and daddy does too!
So tired from playing.....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's a Boy

Okay as a few may know Chris has been wanting a dog. He really wanted a puppy and I wanted a dog. Before Christmas he found this really cute one on petfinder, but she was gone in a jiffy. Since then he and I have really talked about it and been checking into more puppies/dogs. We had found a really cute one on line and saw they were going to be at a pet shop in Dallas. Therefore, last Saturday we loaded up and headed over. We really were not sure what to expect, it was a 1 to 1 1/2 year old male Yorkie Pug mix. We arrive at the store to find about 5 other people there too. I was a little worried, because I only thought she had this one Yorkie. Then in walks the rescue lady Dena with this other puppies. Chris and I were a little puzzled and it was mad house in there. These older ladies were fighting over the dogs...and the lady had to stop them and say she had a list. Chris and I just sat back and watched the craziness go down. Then I asked her about the Yorkie, well his foster mom had gotten sick so he didn't come. We were a bit bummed out, I mean we drove all that way. But she assured us that we could see him next Saturday (today). I told her I would email her to remind (it was crazy in there) her and we left.

When we got home I emailed away and Chris looked for more Yorkies. The Yorkies are hard to come by...that is ones that like cats and kids. Then Dana emailed back with great news that the dog would be there. We were happy and thought well we will check it out again. On Thursday I just happened to notice she now had puppies. There were 4, 2 male and 2 female. Oh gosh so I recontact her telling her that Chris really wanted a puppy and could we look at them both...With a waiting list started she was kind enough to put our names on it. That is the key we found out from the 1st time going to see the dog. YOU MUST get your name on the list...if you don't your out of luck.

Off we headed today to see what was in store for us. Would we love the 1 year old or a puppy (Yorkie, Papillon mix). As Chris and I drove over we chatted about it and thought we will see who catches our heart. Walking into the store I realize this is much different than last time.....there are over 20 people crammed in the store. I couldn't believe it....I was in shock. The Chris walked in (he was parking the car) and was in shock as well. That's when we were so thankful we had been her the week prior. Dana shows up with the dogs, 2 from last week that were not picked, the 4 Yorkie puppies, and the 1 year old. The craziness people start grabbing at the puppies and yanking the out of the little high school girls. I felt so bad for them, so that is when Dana said, "No wait I have a list...." and she began calling off names. The fist name was called, NO ONE stepped up! The second name, a man who wanted a girl puppy. The third name an older lady who too wanted a girl. Then Emily was called.....She said would you like to look at the puppies or Dudley. I claim both and the high school girls hand us the 2 boy puppies. We look them both over one pulled our hearts more than the other. So we hand him back to the girls, where Dana yells the last name.... Now the hard part, the puppy or the 1 year old! We talk and hold the puppy, and well the puppy wins. There was another nice couple that just wanted the 1 year old too, so they went home with him. We got our new baby!!! As all the dogs were then spoken for the people begin to leave. Apparently the list was over 120 people, thank goodness we were there the week prior.

Chris cleaning the area for puppy!

From here Chris and I filled out his papers. (HE NEEDS A NAME SO BAD) Dana gave him one of his shots (we will have to go back for his last two and microchip) and some dewormer. Apparently their mothers milk may have worms in it, so they have to have som dewormer once they have been taken off the milk. Then we were off. Did I mention he peed on me when we were doing all this mess. Well I guess that's love. Chris and I still in puppy shock head home....okay well to Petsmart. In the car "puppy" (that is what we call him now) sat so nicely in my lap. Then we got stuck in traffic, there was a wreck in the HOV lane on more than had we passed the wreck did puppy puke. Wormer all over lap, my coat, my jeans, and a little on the car seat. Well that didn't stop us, Petsmart here we come. We picked up our items and headed home.

Since we have been home puppy has been doing great. Chris' house is pretty good for a puppy, no carpet in the main areas. We did roll up his big rug in the living room to keep it safe from puppy. However, I take him out about every 30 to 45 minutes to potty. He has gone potty outside every time, thus far. He is great...plays so much, eats his food, and then sleeps like an angel. We will see how tonight goes, I hope he loves his new crate!! Since his is only 6 weeks old they said it is a little early to have him potty trained but I want any help possible with this. To me the sooner were are potty trained the BETTER

Friday, January 09, 2009


Our world will never be the same.....Chris' father is so wonderful and gave Chris (US) a Wii for Christmas. Well we actually got it at Thanksgiving, he couldn't wait for us to enjoy it. Thank you STEVE-O!!! Chris and I have really enjoyed playing the Wii, however we really wanted Wii Fit. We got to play it at Thanksgiving and LOVED IT... Well as you may know Wii Fit, not an easy thing to find. We have been looking since Thanksgiving, no luck. Last Saturday Chris and I were returning something to Best Buy. This is when I so nicely quizzed the little girl about Wii Fit, she was very nice. She said I would really check with us on Sunday, as in tomorrow. Well that is just what I did. You see I consider my self a pro BLACK FRIDAY shopper and it was a good thing.

I arrived at Best Buy at 9:45 to find 8 cars full of people. I of course began to plot my attack. I waited till 9:50...and headed for the door. Once I got out of the car, everyone was out. Here we are all waiting for the doors to open at 10. The door opens and I grab the Best Buy man "I NEED THE WII FIT!" He said okay, follow me.....everyone is still behind us. I am 1st in line and this nice college age girl goes I need one too; then the Best Buy workers start numbering the other people. They open the case, only 8 Wii Fits are there. The man hands me mine and I run from the people. Wii Fit in hand, Chris and I leave ready to enjoy!

Let's just say 7 1/2 hours later we had enjoyed our first (yes still Sunday) day of Wii Fit. We played every game, unlocked games, and had debates about Wii Rules (this will be a separate blog) . This Wii is going to take over our lives I am afraid. Since Sunday, Chris and I have had to establish some Wii Sportsmanship rules, but it is going great. Here are a few pictures of Chris and I enjoying our Wii time together.
Chris Rocks at the soccer headbutting game, I am horrible.
the concentration...
Don't you just love the funny messages it gives you! This one is after it asked me how Chris was looking, I just laughed.
I love the Ski Jump. I currently (as of tonight 1-9-09) have First Place with a jump of 355!!
I am a Ski Jump PRO, 4 STARS!
However, Super Hula is my favorite. I can kick come major hula butt...800 plus spins!

Great Party, bad ending

Polly, Julie, and I....Sooners all the way!!

Yes, it has taken me the WHOLE day to recover from last nights events. If possible I may have even stayed in bed, but my 21 precious faces awaited. The evening started off great. Everyone came and we had the most amazing time. Even if my Sooners didn't win or look good, we still had a blast. I guess if one has to lose at least I got to enjoy wonderful friends, great food, and plenty of drinks (to help the loss go down better). Here are some pics from the event. Please note most of our faces are sad...but that's the way the cookie crumbles. Maybe next year Sooners!
Garcia and her sweet girl (Tech fans at heart)

just a small part of all the food