Wednesday, February 20, 2013

12 month old plus paint

equals a pretty big MESS!!  However, it was well worth it.  So for those of you who don't know know me...I shall explain myself.

I DISLIKE Valentine's day...yes you read that correctly!  I think it is just silly that a person should have to SHOW their love on a SPECIFIC day.  Instead I would like my hubby to show me all the time and any time.  You know just because he was thinking of me extra that day or so on.  Thus we DO NOT celebrate the heart day in this house.

Well that was until we brought a sweet little girl into the world.  I mean I still don't really celebrate the day but I don't want her to miss out on some of the fun I guess.  I mean right now it is pretty easy because she is small.  Instead of giving her a little gift for Valentine's day Miss H and I spent the day playing at the museum.  Then daddy came home and we had a family dinner together, which was nice because Chris has been super busy these past few weeks.

However, back to the mess....I did think I would have Miss H make Chris a little something for her 2nd Valentine's day.  Thank you pintrest...for all your billions of ideas.  I finally used one of my millions of pins.  She made him a little canvas with her sweet little fingers, toes, and much more.  Here is the mess:
 I taped out all the areas I wanted to stay white...and show up.
 Got this little cutie stripped down to nothing! 
 And let the fun begin...I had to kind of show her what to do being as it was her first art project.  But she picked up pretty quick.  Needless to say she was a hot mess.

 I believe this picture says it best...paint from head to toe...oh and using her toes too!

 Taking a moment to check out her creative work.  
 Now letting it dry...I also added her little hand print since she can't sign her name yet! I will post a final pic later...guess I forgot to take that due to the fact that we had to hit the TUB ASAP!

House update...ready for brick

She loves walking around outside of the house
Let's see when we last left off they had pretty much framed, roofed, and done electric.  It's amazing how much can get done in such little time!  This past week a lot more action went on.  Miss H and I managed 2 trips out to check on things.  We have been a little busy this week getting ready for our trip to Colorado!

The water well is in full action.  They actually put it in the week prior or drilled for it.  Then they have to allow it to set and run it.  Thus this past weekend they let it run to get all the yuck out!  Thankful we have a builder who understands well water, propane, and septic tanks.  This city girl will have to learn a lot I am afraid!!
 Once the house is built the well moves into our garage area...isn't it pretty ;-) 
the ditch bringing the water into our house
Needless to say Miss H and I headed out on January 13th to take some pics of all the progress.  Winston will be super jazzed because his door is almost ready to go.  I know he has missed life with a doggy door, heck I have missed life with a doggy door!  It will be interesting to see if Miss H remembers what a doggy door is?? Let's hope not since she will easily fit through it.

The sheetrock has arrived or was arriving that day.  They were working hard to unload it all and place it in the rooms.  The tubs and shower were all being tested by the plumber...thus we have WATER hooked up to the house.  Plumbing is in and ready to go, after the inspection that is.  Now my tub isn't installed yet but I am happy about that.  This way it's not sitting in the way getting banged on and collecting crap in it.  I can't wait to use my million dollar (that's what I call it) bath tub...ahhh the relaxation I can see it now.

sheetrock being dropped off
all the sheetrock ready to go in the middle of our living room

All fireplaces are in and I believe the chime maybe finished too...if I recall correctly! The house is prepped for brick.  Oh and the stone has arrived...we will have both stone and brick on the house.  The brick should go up tomorrow if it doesn't rain! Ha..its suppose to be bad weather all day so we will see about that.

close up of our stone
the fireplace on the patio

Today the house was spray foamed (if that is a word??) with insulation.  Next step sheetrock.  Also today we met with the cabinet guy Tracy and picked all our cabinets.  I am so excited! Not only is it fun picking things out but we go to the model home and do this.  The model is so similar to our home it is like being in ours...I love going there!  I managed to get all the cabinets I wanted in the kitchen, mudroom, laundry room, and bathroom.  I love being able to customize all our rooms for each need.

What our front door will look like...can't wait to see it on our house!
Miss H and I plan to make a trip out pending to check it all out before we leave town.  Crazy to think our house will be bricked and sheet-rocked when we return.  Chris will have to keep us up to dated as it changes.  Now if only I could manage to get him out there to take pictures...too bad he is slammed at work.  I am jazzed he is busy at work, but it hurts my photo chances :-) I mean a girl has to have her priorities straight here.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Miss H is 13 months old

Harper you are THIRTEEN months old!


This month you weigh 17.12 lbs  You are now 29 inches long! You are wearing a size 3 diaper.  You are tall enough for 12 month cloths...but still so skinny! We are trying to wear 12 month but your 9-12 month still fit too. You are still in the 10% for weight...but no one would know by the way you eat.

Monthly stats:

Nursing: NOPE!!  You are officially no longer nursing.  You did pretty good with winging since mommy went out of town.  But you still asked when I got home for milk.  Mommy was sad to see this go, but has learned to snuggle with you in new ways.  We still have our bonding time.      

Eating Solids: Miss EATER!!! You can eat, eat, and eat.  You eat more than any child I have ever seen.  You love food and that is good since you are such a skinny little one.  You really are not too picky when it comes to food. 

Sippy Cup: My little water lover.  You really love your cup but only with water.  We still are trying to learn to like milk, no hope thus far.  Maybe one day....

Smiling: You smile all the time. Your smile lights up the room!! I love it.

your new silly smile
Talking:  You say momma, dada, uh-oh, and hi. I think I like your Hi the best because of the cute voice you use!   You also make new noises that are soon going to lead to new words.  You love to sing too!

Sign language:  You still can sign back to us dog, ball, water, milk, more, eat, all done, please, baby, banana, thank you, cat, hot, cheese, bread, and play,,,.  Your new signs are gentle, elephant, bird, paci (you made your own sign for this one), and music. You are such a good little communicator which makes our life way easier.

Awareness:  You have really started to notice things and how they work more and more each day.  Recenlty you have been obsessed with lights and fans. You love to see things work...

Observer:  You still love to watch others.  You really would love for them to all WAVE back to you!  You are so funny to see your little brain working away up there. 

WINSTON and BOB: Oh the love that grows and grows.  You and Winston will be the best of friends I can just tell.  You love to sit and hug on him.  Sometimes he probably wishes you didn't but he takes it anyways.  Bob bob and you are so funny.  You love to give her treats and watch her.  She will be sad when yall are no longer room mates in the new house :-)  

Sleep: You are a champ at this.  Actually you have been great at napping any where lately especially with our traveling.  You still need 2 naps which is fine with mommy.  I will be sad when that morning nap leaves us.  I also think you will sleep in a little longer once we get our bigger house and you don't hear daddy in the morning.  But then I will be sad that we don't get to snuggle from 6 am till 8.   

Your hands: You are becoming a pro at music.  You just love it.  You also are trying to use a spoon and fork while eating.  You haven't figured them out yet but you are trying.  

Mouth:  Tooth count- 5 1/2....still however I can see some white spots forming.  I know soon we will see a few more. 

Your legs:  Walking, dancing, and "jumping" you can do...but now you are trying to run! Man are you getting fast these days.  Those cute little legs sure can go.  I love watching you "run" around the house. What a cutie you are!!

Bath time:  I love bath time...I love that we get to sit and relax together.  Plus that is where we learn all about your animals and the sounds they make.  Thanks to bath time you now can make a lama sound and elephant sound.  We love our animal bath toys! Oh and yes you are still in your little tub.

Giggles:  You laugh a lot these days.  Sometime at mommy and daddy for being silly and other times just because.  You laugh at Winston too when he is rolling around and acting crazy.  Your giggle makes my heart smile.      

Dislikes: You dislike it when you don't get your way...let the little fits begin! However you can normally pull it together pretty quickly.  You dislike it when its time to change dirty diapers, you would rather play. Still dislike milk..grrr! 

You had a few FIRST this month! 

Your first hospital stay!!
Your first time away from mommy and daddy
Your first over night baby sitter..thank you BB!!

Favorite toys this month are pretty much the same:

This little shape carry it around all over the house. 
Your car that Queen Tia and Co gave you for Christmas....we can't keep you out of it!

Your new love taking walks in it
13 months are now a toddler! I am not taking this change so well as I still see you as my sweet baby.  However, we are very excited to see what this next year has to offer.  I love to watch you learn and grow everyday.  You continue to show daddy and I what love is all about. We are very blessed to have you as our daughter.  Love you to the moon and back!

Next month will begin a new monthly comparison from 12 months on...

Your FIRST year!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Viva Las Vegas

Last week Chris and I took our FIRST BABY FREE vacation.  I was so torn for this trip.  Let's be honesty I was very sad to leave my sweet baby girl...but the fact that we had just been home from the hospital didn't help much.  I mean I knew she was in amazing hands but I didn't want her to be upset and not feeling good.  Chris and I had this trip planed for some time now....and backing out was not really possible because it was a vacation package.  Thus the dilemmas!!

Needless to say my wonderful mom came to watch our sweet baby girl!  Again I love my mom and am so thankful for all that she does for me.  The original plan was to have my mom drive up get Miss H and head to my sisters for the 5 days we were gone.  However, the who RSV thing messed most things up.  I didn't want to risk getting baby G sick with RSV since she could be contagious form 10-21 days!!  Long story short mom and H stayed here and had fun, or so they say!

We planned this trip because Chris' sweet intern Brady was turning 21 and invited us to join them in Vegas.  We thought it sounded like a blast so why not, and man was it FUN.  It was odd to just be us, but it was nice too.  I mean I got to enjoy sleeping in and eating meals without cutting up and feeding someone else first.  We stayed at the Aria it was beautiful. Our room was amazing and the bed, oh that bed was so comfy!  We really enjoyed every second of it. One thing we learned pretty quick was I SUCK at GAMBLING!!  Chris is way better at gambling than me.  He was the big winner and me the big loser.  OH well maybe next time.  Plus I enjoyed playing my little penny slots and losing all my money :-)

If you follow me on instagram you pretty much saw our whole trip...but for the rest of ya here it is in pictures!
 Our wonderful was a smart room all controlled by a remote, it rocked!

Every hotel was decorated for Chinese New Year 

These were the sweets our hotel put out every day...they looked amazing!  

 In front of our hotel.
 Brady finally 21 hitting up the tables.

The Blue Man group was interesting. 
 Enjoying a night downtown

Hum...someone snuck a pic of me just chilling in bed! I loved that bed. 

 The flamingos at Pink Flamingo...the hotel my grandparents ONLY stayed in Vegas.  They went there all the time...The place where I got to enjoy MY 21st birthday thanks go my grandparents..memories!

 Brady and Lauren...just messing around taking some pics while we waited on his family.

 On last view out before we headed home...and me oh so ready to see my sweet baby girl!!

I am so thankful mom sent us pictures the whole time or I wouldn't have made it.  Life is odd without your baby, but man it was a nice break too.  I think Chris and I both agree this is needed every year...just a little get away for us that is!