Sunday, July 22, 2012

Roberts Rock Family Vacay 2012

Roberts Rock Family Vacay 2012

Since Chris and I got married we have managed to have an annual family vacation with his side of the family.  Last year we took a family cruise...that was fun!  This year we settled with a more laid back chill vacation.  Chris' older sister lives up in Maine so we got to enjoy a vacation in her hometown.  They got to enjoy a nice stay-cation!  It was win win for everyone.  

Our vacation began with a weekend in Boston.  We had a blast there exploring the area.  I don't think I could ever really live somewhere that you use public transportation so much....especially with a baby!  However, I will say Miss H loved the city life....never getting in her carseat buckled for the car, instead just riding in the stroller.  We however did TONS of walking.  We even took a very nice little walking tour of Boston.  There was a lot for us all to learn or understand better....Miss H, she well slept! Some Boston pics

Grandpa Stevo getting some love from Miss H when we arrived in Boston.
Miss H got a little goodie in her pack n play at our sweet.
enjoying some play time at the BayBack Hotel

Headed out to look around...

this was the pretties church by our hotel

yikes....poor guy

Ready for our walking tour!

Nanna and Aunt Riley in front of Paul Revere's grave

This was our really good tour guide in front of the natural spring that was in Boston.

Miss H putting in a little cash at the cute night drop box

First bath in big tub...still needs a little help not to fall!

I love this...Chris and his little sister holding hands walking along

Visiting Washington's statue...and really nice park

Miss H wanted a pic too!

Riley trying to chat with the squirrel...they are overly friendly there!

With the very nice park ranger

enjoying the cool temps at the hotel 

Love these and sister love at its best

who needs lobster when you have toes...

Family pic to prove I was there after dinner on the cute bridge

After our stay in Boston we loaded up the rental (yes all 7 of us and a stroller) and headed out for a mini road trip.  The drive was beautiful.  We drove over many cool bridges and the area is so green!  It is very different than our dead looking Texas landscape.  Oh and did I mention Miss H got to cross 3 state lines on this road trip!   

Once we got to Maine we stayed in this very nice lake house.  The place was wonderful and fit everyone so well.  We pretty much did NOTHING the whole time we were there.  It was wonderful and relaxing.  The kids okay we all enjoyed swimming, kayaking, and boating the whole week.  I don't know how every year our vacations get better and better but they do. 

This was Miss H's first time to meet her Maine cousins and uncle.  I am pretty sure she loves them to death. Actually I am pretty sure she is sad to be back home with just mom and dad.  I mean always having someone (Nanna, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle or cousin) to carry her or play with her.  She was in HEAVEN! I know she is missing them like crazy now. 

We also got to enjoy the small town life of Bridgton and Naples.  We went to a little carnival one night and dinner out a couple of others.  All in all this vacation was perfect!  There are tons of crazy memories that we can all enjoy for forever....  Now are you ready for the PICTURES...I only took 580, ha!

All loaded up and ready to ROLL!

one of the cute bridges

Welcome to MAINE!!!

Miss H enjoying her nightly favorite spot too.

The view from our house, beautiful morning sun rise

Chris, his dad, and Miss H all enjoying the morning by the lake

In Texas our lakes are not so crystal clear, amazing!

Nice lazy days

Miss H helping Nanna

The girls loving the lake

Miss H's first time in a lake....she is happy behind Larry the Octopus

see she is happy!

Grandpa Steve-o and Nanna also go her a pool...she loves loves loves that thing!

I couldn't resist a photo session!

the sunset

Chris trying to was hilarious!

family dinner at the Lobster pound

an attempt of a sunset shot...not so great!

Carnival night...

Shawnee Peak, Miss H's first time to a ski resort!

Family pic time....with our Roberts Rock shirts on!

Cousin Maddie loving on Miss H!

Cousin Maddie, Miss H, Aunt Riley, and Cousin Emily all enjoying the ski lift!

Nanna and Grandpa Steve-o

Chris and his sister Mellisa

the girls...cute pic

the girls...-silly pic

Chris' Brother Timmy and Brother in law Shawn

The adults...
 While waiting for dinner the girls went outside and well began their own fun.  They became walkers (also know as zombies to most)....they had a blast playing around!  It was hilarious to see them out the window playing around.

the desert I had to fight favorite s'mors

family pic with everyone! Whoo Whoo
Our first family trip!
Melissa and her sweet family! 

The lake house from the front

Miss H and daddy enjoying our last night in Boston before we headed home

Aunt Riley teaching Miss H how to color!
Miss H at 5:30 am...when we had to leave for our flight.  Such a trooper!