Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Amazing, just amazing

Just a small view of what today's radar looked like!
The weather today that is!  Why do you ask....well the weather created some amazing things today.  Actually it was so amazing that all the meteorologist used a term that is RARELY used unless needed...Today we had a PDS going on just east.  A PDS is a Particularly Dangerous Situation---in non weather terms that means CRAZY TORNADOS, HAIL, and RAIN!!!

See the PDS is when the storms happen to create a dangerous situation that could change at any moment.   The weather is so unstable that the forecasters feel there is an imminent threat to life....Tornados can be expected to not only appear, but be last longer than usual, be very intense, and appear more than once.  It is an OUTRAGEOUS event that rarely occurs.

Of course the people who have been experiencing the multiple tornado warnings, watches, and touch downs probably don't LOVE this as much as I do.  However, I just think that when something this rare happens everyone should enjoy a little of it.  I mean the radar is just amazing looking tonight.  Okay I am going to get off my weather soap box and let you all be!

Stay safe, enjoy the great weather, and take cover if you live around the PDS area! Here are JUST a few of the different tornados that this wonderful storm created....
Outside of Kemp and Gun Barrel City 
Hood county
Near Manbank 
Near Paluxy

Monday, April 25, 2011

Life as a newlywed...link up

Howdy bloggers!!  Okay I have a fun little idea??  Lately I have been blog surfing stalking and ran across some great newlywed bloggers.

Here's my proposal....a NEWLYWED LINK UP!!

How does it work?  Basically I want to hear from all you newlyweds.  Tell us about what you absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE about being a newlywed.  Then for fun tell us a few challenges you and the hubs are having during the newlywed BLISS!  Married women....DON'T TUNE THIS OUT We newlyweds can use your advice too!  Please fill our souls with some great words of wisdom.

My newlywed bliss moments:

  • *I love* knowing I am going home to my charming husband no matter what kind of day it was
  • *I love* having my hubby beside me for all the good and the bad in life
  • *I love* enjoying the snuggly moments that randomly occur
  • *I love* movie night....we love watching movies together
  • *I love* having someone to vent to when the day is no horrible, and not bothering a friend about it
  • *I love* making those "together" decisions on big and little things (we even picked out our own butter at the grocery store the other day, ha ha ha)
  • *I love* sharing the household jobs (even if he complains a little)
  • *I love* growing closer God with each other
  • *I love* sharing all our "first"
  • *I love* hearing my new name and beaming with happiness....even thought I occasionally have and identity crisis (the other day at school I referred to myself by my old last name, the kids were really confused)
  • *I love* showing off my hubby and how proud he makes me
  • *I love* my husband....enough said! ;-)
Here are a few challenges we have faced thus far: 
  • Learning to live together- although now it is 100 times better....we both had lived on our own for 5 years and were a little set in our own ways!  Now life is getting smoother, but it still has some bumps to work out. 
  • Communication- again another area we have vastly improved on, but can continue to grow in!  We use to talk "at" one another...you know I said what I wanted he "listened" and then did as he wanted.....now we both hear and understand each other pretty well for the most part.  Although I still think it is a male thing, this "listening" but not hearing problem I speak about! 
I think for being 10 months in to marriage we are ROCK'IN it!  Now it's your turn to share what you LOVE about your newlywed life....I can't wait to read all about it.  Don't forget married women, I am open to any wisdom you care to share! :-)  Don't forget to link up!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter fellow bloggers! 
(I had huge plans of getting a cute family picture done today...but you can see since there is no picture on this post that didn't work.)  I hope you all had a wonderful day with family and friends.  We had a wonderful service at church this morning.  I love the fact that the whole choir and orchestra were all there.  It is nice to have a change like that at church.  Then this afternoon Chris' sister Whitney came and hung out for a bit.  I loved having her here...catching up on everything.  We had a nice little Easter over here!  

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekend catch up....

Yesterday was crazy busy.  At school we took a little walk down the road to the park by the zoo.  There we had and egg hunt, graphing activity, lunch, and some play time.  The kids loved all of it!  Actually I couldn't believe how easy it was to get them to do their math activity....just add some eggs and away they go! Ha who knew.  After school I took 4 of my kids to see the movie Rio!  They were so giggly and excited about it all day.  We had a blast and the movie is very cute.  Why did I do this?  Remember back to the beginning of March when I posted about my school's art auction.  Well, each teacher is highly encouraged to donate a teacher treat. My teacher treat was...dinner and a movie!  The parents bid on these teacher prizes and the school gets tons of money.  Everyone wins.  

Today was pretty busy too.  First off I played an extra long tennis match.  My doubles partner and I played so good, but lost in the 3rd set tie breakers.  Boo to that!  However, we were down in the second set 1-4 and came back to win in a tie breaker.  All in all it was a very nice match...even in the crazy wind!  After tennis I RUSHED over to meet up with Janna (my blogging friend).  She also invited her friend Amy who lives close by.  All of us had a blast at lunch.  I loved getting to meet up with Janna in person and meet Amy.  How fun is that?
Janna, me (ignore my sweatiness), and Amy
Sadly, I had to leave a little early to RACE across town and hit up a soccer game.  Three of my sweet girls from class have been dying for me to come. However, their games have all been at 9 and well I have tennis....causing a bit of a scheduling nightmare.  Today they had a 2 o'clock game, so yippee that I got to catch the second half!  Those girls were playing their hearts out.  They have yet to win a game, but today they tied with the other team 0-0!  They were so excited to have kept the other team from scoring.  Oh and did I mention their team is all girls and they play against co-ed teams.  The team today was mostly boys...so even more exciting that they stopped them!  I loved watching the girls work so hard!  Actually I learned that I will be a horrible "soccer" mom, it is so stressful to watch....I was yelling like a crazy woman! Ha

After a long day of running around Chris and I went and got pedicures....yes, Chris is dying right now because I just told the world we get pedicures together.  Actually we love to get pedicures together.  We both get to sit back and relax!  Ahhhh my toes were in major need too.  Plus I got to use my new nail polish Janna sent in my package.  Finally home for the night.  We are just kicking it, watching some good old Red Box movies.  I am secretly watching the radar to see if the severe storms are going to make it to our house.  I hope so....I love sleeping during rain, lightening, and thunder!  (pst...I just heard thunder!) Happy Saturday to you all!! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I can see you

peaking out from behind that rainy cloud....Hello GOOD FRIDAY!!  Yeah yeah yeah, it is FRIDAY.  Surly Good Friday has to be the best ever, RIGHT?  Although I am crazy busy today I know it will still be great because it is FRIDAY! Today at school we have a spring bonnet parade, a field trip to the park,  then an ice cream party.  Oh and did I mention that I have to take goodies for birthday breakfast.  Then to end my day I am taking some of my kids to a movie!  YIKES!

The Oliver's
On another note, if you have not been by  The Oliver's  blog lately I really suggest you head over.  Their sweet baby boy Seton has made it past the ONE month marker.  They have also some wonderful family pictures posted. You can just see and feel the love they share!  Zane, the father, just put up a new post that really shows the daily struggles.  Please if you have time jump over there and send up an extra special thought too.  Thanks I know they are very grateful.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend.  We don't have much planned around here.  I have tennis of course, then I get to meet up with my blog swap friend JANNA!

I am so jazzed to be meeting her in person.  Yeah!  Sunday Chris and I will hit up the early service at church.  Then he plans to make us a nice little brunch at home.  Enjoy your Easter weekend!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Is is Wednesday already?  Wow I can't believe how the week has gone so quickly.  I hope since the first half of the week flew bye....the second half does too!  

What I'm loving this Wednesday are a few little things:

  • There are only 6 Mondays left in the school year!  Yikes that is just scary sounding to me, but happy all at the same time. 
  • Low key week!  I am loving that this week has been pretty low key.  
  • Our sweet pup got his hair cut!!  He is looking as cute as can be, although I think he is cute no matter how raggedy he gets.  But Chris and I both love that Winston thinks he is some speedy dog now with his new hair cut. 

  • That I (smatter than the hubs) took one for the team and visited the Dr. to make my crazy allergies GO AWAY!  After a swift shot in the bum and a little happy zpack I can breath and live my life again!!  Oh happy day!!!  (Chris wised up finally today)

  • Friday I am taking some of my sweet kiddos to dinner and a movie!  They are so excited about it that I get quizzed every morning about it.  I love the pure joy and excitement they have.

  • Also I am loving this guy...you know the one who I have been married to for 10 months.  Wow how the time has flown bye.  

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun times

(sorry not the best but it was taken through glass with my iphone)
Silly picture for the day....Winston who snuck behind the couch table.  He just went back there and sat and barked until Chris and I turned to see him.  It was like he was showing off that he could squeeze back there...stinker pants! 

What did your weekend bring you all?  Ours was pretty low key, which was just fine with me.  On Saturday I was up early hitting the courts.  Of course everyone on the team did great.....we are currently in FIRST place!  In Charlie's words, WINNING!! The weather was so wonderful that we couldn't dream of not being out and about.  Chris played some good old golf while I was at tennis.  He was really happy to use his new clubs.  

After our outdoor sports for the day, my good friend Wiggs came to hang out.  The Main Street Art Festival was going on this weekend.  Actually it was a rather busy weekend here in town.  You could pick many things to do....Art Festival, Air Show, Zoo Run, and so much more!  We all headed down to the Art Festival.  Of course, Wiggs and I really enjoyed all the people watching.  Chris and his friend mostly enjoyed the FOOD!  I promise I have not eaten that much JuNk in FoReVeR, but it was all delicious.  I loved getting to see all the "local" artist out showing off their work.  I think it is fun that our town really tries to show off all the local talent with events like this.  Plus who doesn't enjoy a nice 80 degree day with NO wind, good friends, great people watching, and yummy food!

After a long day out and about on Saturday...we kept it pretty low key on Sunday.  First off of course church.  The service was wonderful.  There was a funny note where the church has small white crosses people could place in their yards.  The idea is to have the white side out now....then on Easter you are to turn it around...and it says "He has risen".  Where is the funny part you ask?  Well a member had placed it in their yard and the neighbor came to ask, "Did your dog die?"  Of course their dog had not died, but it did create interest which is a good thing.  The reason I tell you this is random factoid???

That afternoon we did more house hunting.  While we were out and about it was so neat to see all our church's little white crosses sitting in yards.  I don't think Chris and I realized how many church members lived in the area we plan to move too.  Oh and of course every time we saw a cross we made a dog joke!  As far as the houses, well we found 2 we could love!  However, as with most things one must wait.  We have to wait for some people to "love" our house!  HURRY PEOPLE, YOU NEED OUR HOUSE!!  Once there is a love, then we can find our true love.

As for Mondays, well hope yours was uneventful  I feel like Mondays that are very routine tend to make the week start off right.  Mine, well it was pretty routine...our big issue today was too much CHIT CHAT!  But what can you expect with 90 degree weather, gusty winds,  and a full moon.  (I remember leaving Amarillo for a town with NO HIGH WINDS, thus my world has recently been only HIGH WINDS) To top off my Monday I got a sweet phone call from my blog swap bff Janna!  Glad to hear things are going as well as can be over in your area!  Have a SUPER (please read in a high pitched voice, for you Janna) TUESDAY blogging friends!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Seven Facts Award

One of my new blog friends Janna, also my blogs swap buddy, gave me an award.  I have never done this type of thing before so I am kind of excited!  Here are the rules:  You post 7 facts about yourself and then you pass on the fun to 7 of your favorite bloggers! 

Here are the RANDOM SEVEN that I came up with. Enjoy!

1. I am the biggest NERD in the world....yes I can say that!  I absolutely love SHARPIES, STICKY NOTES, and OFFICE SUPPLIES!  You could let me lose in any office store and I would be so happy.  Now I would be even more OVERJOYED if I could by everything I wanted there.  One of the best perks of teaching...I can go there and "reasons" with myself on why I HAVE TO HAVE sharpies, stickies, and so much more.  

2.  I dream of being the most organized person in the world.  Okay....that may be a stretch! However, I would love to be more organized....yet don't want to spend all the time doing it.  I also would like a personal assistant to just do all my paper work at school...thus helping me be more organized.  I am probably the best pile organizer you could find around!  I may have piles, but know just where EVERYTHING is at! HA

3.  I would love to be a cute 30 something dresser!! You know trendy and such. Yet I lack the ability to do so in many areas.  One I dislike shopping.  Two I have not style.  Three...I want a PERSONAL SHOPPER!! **HINT HINT HINT***

4.  I am not like the others in my family (all though the hubby may think differently here) I try to get rid of things as I don't need them.  I am always willing to pass something along to Goodwill if it is no longer needed.

5.  I HEART the beach....I would spend every second of every day there if possible.  Sine we live so far away, I dream of vacationing there constantly.  I would love to have a beach house to visit whenever I would like.

6.  When we (Chris and I) chose to start a family...I will be lucky enough to stay home.  I feel so blessed to have this option.  My heart breaks for moms that want this but can't!

7.  This one is for my husband....I can NOT say NO!!  I am such a GIVER that it sometimes causes drama in my life.  I have the hardest time telling people NO.  Although to the hubs it seems like I don't do this enough...I have gotten a "little" better in the past 10 months of marriage.  What can I say I just want to help the WORLD!  Ha

That was a fun...hope you enjoyed some of the little facts! Have a happy weekend.

Oh and now for the lucky 7! 
My 7 Bloggers
Well I hate to pick people and not see them play along!  So let's just say if you have READ my POST, you are TAGGED!  Copy the facts, blog away, and then let me know in my comments.  Happy blogging friends!  I can't wait to read more about you all!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Catching up, oh and some crawfish.

Okay since I have been so busy the past 2 weeks...I am doing a little blog catch up! We were just lucky enough to have been blessed with family last week (wait was that last week....well you get my drift).  Chris' mom , Teri, and little sister Riley came down here to spend their spring break.  Yeah they wanted to live the freezing temps of good'ol Minnesota for some warmer weather!!  Plus we loved having them here.

First they spent some time with Whitney helping her out.  She was moving to a new place!!  Nothing like phoning your family for some moving help....ha ha we just did that at our house with my family.  Then Riley and Teri moved on over to stay with us.  Oh and did I mention that Lily (the pup) got to come too!  Winston was in heaven with Lily here!  Now this is where I get the WORST BLOGGER AWARD ever!!!  We were so busy that I hardly took any pictures!!  AHHHHH so unlike me!!  Okay on with the fun stuff!

Riley and Teri were such troopers here!  While we were gone to Cali they ran the house!  Little did we realize a huge storm would hit.  This storm apparently was pretty bad as it took part of our fence down! Poor Teri and Riley got to spend the better part of their trip fixing our fence for starters.  They were such hard workers...some spring break right?  Not only did they fix the fence but they helped finish up the yard and flowers!  The house looks amazing outside, oh and inside they also touched up things for us.   You know you can fix things, but it really takes and outsider to hit those areas you need just that special something! THANK YOU TERI AND RILEY!!

Their help was just out of the world.  I don't know how we will ever repay them for all the time spent here.  We loved being able to spend the week with you all!  I wish you lived closer to y'all!  Don't worry the next house will have a guest house so you can stay as long as you wish...that goes to EVERYONE! HA HA....okay so that is my dream anyways!  I mean really a little guest house for any family who wants to visit or just a break from their own house.  How PeRfEcT would that be?  Come back and see us VERY soon gals we love you!!!

Luckily I did get some pics of the group at Bobby's annual crawfish boil.  This is his 7the year of CRAWFISH fun!!!  I a non crawfish lover really enjoy the event for social reason.  The others, well they actually like eating those little creepy crawlers! YIKES  Here are some of the pics from the grand event...and the only ones that I got of Riley and Teri. (yes I am still kicking my own butt on this one)
MMMM....doesn't this excite you?  
The live music!  
What a cute little family pick, Chris with his mom and sister! 
I love this picture of Riley...to be young. 
 Oh yeah, I was there...and yes I am sporting my tennis gear, just after a match! Ignore the look please!
All the goods ready to be devoured.  
Like brother....like sister!  She followed his every move on how to eat the crawfish!  
Say cheese...enjoy that little thing you just spent much time peeling open!  
 Oh and what a pose this is....with crawfish in mouth!  She is such a little ham!!  

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Okay this is long over due I am back on the WILW bandwagon!!!  I know I have missed out on the past few, but here goes for this WEDNESDAY!!

I am loving SPRING STORMS!!  (in case you didn't read my earlier blog, ha)

I am loving that this is actually a very routine normal week...no hurry or rush just NORMAL!

I am loving that we FINALLY have our house back on the market

I am loving that we have been house hunting...so fun!

I am loving my sweet pup who desperately needs a hair cut again....thank heavens he is booked at the spa on Friday!

I am loving of course the man of my dreams...mister wonderful...my other half!

Monday, April 11, 2011

My favorite season has officially arrived!

SpRiNg!!!  I could sit here and list off at least a million reasons why I love spring!  However, I figure you would rather I scale it back a bit.  Hum, where does one start on something they love so much!  Okay like all good teachers I will give some positives, a con or two, and finish on a positive! (at least that's what you do with a parent, ha) 

My first string of LIKES for SPRING: Of course I would begin with TULIPS!  I love tulips and I love seeing them bloom.  I can't wait to move out of the city....I will plant many tulips at our next home. 
Evenings that seem to last forever.  I love that the time changes and you can well enjoy your evenings at home.  I can work at school and still feel productive at home because it is still LIGHT out!  I also don't mind that it is a bit dark when I head off to school...again I feel so productive like an over achiever heading out to work so early! HA  Warmer weather really gets my heart pumping.  I love that when I go to tennis I can get a nice little tan.  

My cons of SPRING: POLLEN!

NEED I SAY MORE!!  Okay I am a huge allergy person and these darn trees are not helping me one bit.  I especially hate the trees with the little brown stringy things (see above picture) that pile up on the car, in our yard, and well our house (thanks to Winston going out the doggie door).  Also I dislike SPRING FEVER at school...something about the warmer weather makes the kiddos go CrAzY!  Thankfully it is normally just a week or two of craziness.

FINALLY the best of all best things I LOVE most about spring is SEVER WEATHER!!  I know it is a randomly odd thing to love but I love WEATHER!!! 

This requires a little background info. I chose college based upon weather.  What?  Yes, I was a full on meteorology major for a good 2 years of college.  I loved everything about weather, except one two things.  A certain PROFESSOR to start with, that was pure EVIL!  I can't really speak of his name or watch his stupid storm chasing show on tv with out that EVIL feeling again!  (UGH to Dr. Joshua Wurman) I dislike this person so much that this weekend we spotted the tornado truck close to our house and I didn't even care to stop!  That is SO not like me.  

Okay off that soap box...the other reason is that well it is not really a PEOPLE person job.  I realized that I am a very social person....meteorologist don't have many people to socialize with really.  Thank heavens I was a meteorology major for 2 years though because I learned so much about something I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and found a great friend! It was an amazing 2 years of radar reading, tornado chasingand a great friendship.  But I have to say my social butterfly tendencies are much happier as a teacher ;-)

Last night we FINALLY arrived into spring, as it was our FIRST batch of sever weather!  I couldn't have been more excited to see the radar light up with reds and yellows. I got overjoyed to see we were under a sever weather warning.  I loved seeing the hook echo form on the screen!  AH, it was pure bliss for me last night.  Oh and did I mention I was lucky enough to marry a man who enjoys sever weather as well.  Who would have guessed, not many people enjoy such things.  I slept like a baby as the thunder cracked around our house!  Sorry to the rest of you non storm lovers, but I am hoping for a very ACTIVE seasons.  Oh and sorry to my dear friend Katie who has a love hate relationship with sever weather....being as she is my best good friend who stuck it out and really did become that wonderful meteorologist!  I'm sure you can understand that she loves the great storms...but hates to be up at all hours covering it for all the people watching!   Love you Katie, sorry you had a late night last night.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just a little something about me...

Okay so FINALLY I feel like I am back to a normal life.  Well that is as normal as it gets for spring.  I am pretty sure my weekends will consist of the normal things like....tennis, yard work, grading papers, and looking for a house!  Yes, we are finally back to a normal life around here.  It seems the past few weekends we have been no stop going!  Heres to a very NORMAL week ahead!!!!

Oh and just for fun some little get to know you facts.  I found these over on another blog and though it would be fun to play along.

the question...

1. do you watch/read the news? I typically watch the news at night...but mostly get all my good info from the Hubs!  He keeps up more with the worldly news and such!  Oh and what ever fun info I can learn from Kidd and crew on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning! 

2. how would you describe your "look"? Well hum...I am pretty much a JEANS/TSHIRT gal.  I would love to be the most "trendy" person around but hate shopping so that makes it hard.  However, I am always open to someone shopping with me and forcing me to be SUPER CUTE! (hint hint to all my dearest friends) 
3. did you play sports in high school or college? Of course....I played TENNIS all through jr. high and high school!  I took the college days off and began again after...Tennis is the only sport (minus golf) you can pretty much play your whole life time! 

4. would you rather give up lipstick/gloss or high heels? lipstick/gloss- I like the idea of it, but never really wear it...thus it would be easy to give up! HA

5. what's your favorite show to watch on tv? I have a lot: CSI, Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant,  House, Private Practice, oh and did I mention...CSI! I love all the silly ABC family movies too, yes I am weird like that!
6. would you rather bake or cook? Bake probably, although I really don’t do either. I think I am better at baking if I HAVE to do one.
7. shorts or skirts? shorts –although lately I have become a fan of sundresses...so would that count?

8. what's your favorite scary movie? None & None! I DISLIKE SCARY movies and wont even pretend to watch one!  AHHHH

Saturday, April 09, 2011


NO I am not lost, kidnapped, stranded, or any other random place!  Life is just BuSy!!! Wheewww I am finally sitting down for a moment to get my BLOGGIN FIX!!  Why have I been so busy?

Let's see, Chris has done an amazing job at work!  Thus his great performance arrives his great reward!  Well this award was given out this past week in San Diego....so of course I HAD to go!  I mean what kind of wife would I be sending him out there alone (did you read that with sarcasm??) I was excited to be able to sneak away and enjoy this trip with Chris.  I could not be more proud of him.  There were many things I learned on this business trip.  Most of which that I love personally love the perks of his job (aka getting that trip) also the people there were so great.  However, the biggest thing I learned was that Chris' company does an AMAZING job of showing their employes great appreciation for hard work.  Not only do they appreciate the employees but the families that support them through it all.  It was so fun to see all the HAPPY workers...and I don't mean happy because they just headed to San Diego.  Truly it seems everyone who works for his company loves their job so much.  I think the key to a happy work environment is appreciation and enthusiastic workers...of which they have accomplished!

Okay so with 3 days in SD, so what did we do!! WALKED all over the places...we stayed in the Seaport Village area.  This place was great because there were tons of cute shops close by....as well as the Gaslamp district!  We also toured the Midway aircraft carrier, which was fun to see up close.  The rest of the time was spent at work dinners and mingling with others!  Here are some of the pics....such a wonderful place there in SD! Oh and just think....I narrowed these pics down, ha.

 Just acting a little silly....

 a look of our hotel...and the bay area

 the view from our room
 just hanging with friends

 some of the flowers I loved them all...and a little bee
the crew that keeps the Midway floating 

 the HUGE statue by the Midway

 Chris on the Midway flight deck...

 Padres opening day

 love the palm tree lined roads
 and...my sweet hubby showing me some LOVE!!! He is such a mess!