Sunday, May 18, 2014

Family Music Night

Miss H loves her music class!! We are always so sad when the semester comes to an end.  The last class is held in the large ballroom at TCU.  Everyone who takes music comes to this class to sing and dance.  She has a ball dancing to the band and playing with the other kids.  We get to see friends from other classes that we normally don't see too.  Here are our pics from the fun!!

Miss H with her best friend LKM

dancing away

such sweetness

Our favorite teachers

Let's go Rangers

Chris' company takes everyone to the ball park once a year.  We love going because you get to sit in the all you can eat area, mingle with others, and see some baseball.  This year Miss H was super excited to watch the "white football" game.  She was so dang cute watching…she kept calling it a football.  One day we will get her on the right sport but for now its too cute.  Not only did she love watching the game she also enjoyed eating the peanuts, nachos, and more!  It was like heaven to her and her father!!
Here are a few cute pics from the event!  I can't wait to take her to a few more games.

sweet girl with her daddy!

her choices of food

when you don't have a bib use the free shirt you got! 

just checking out the game

enjoying the game with her bestie B

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to all

But a huge happy mother's day to my sweet momma!  Mom you mean the world to me and I am so thankful for all the things you have taught me.  I still to this day need my momma and you always come to the rescue! I am thankful you have taught me all the things needed to be as amazing as you.  Miss H and I are so blessed because of you.  We only wish you lived here always!! Happy Mother's day mom! We love you!

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Miss H and Baby G (part 2)

Wednesday we hit the zoo…of course! How could we not go to the zoo?  I mean G needs to see the animals too.  Plus the weather was amazing we even wore jeans and long sleeves.  CRAZY  we had to loan G a shirt since he lives in the hot zone…but I think he pulled it off great! They had a blast at the zoo.  H was running around saying look G look and pointing all the animals out.  We had a blast!

After the zoo we grabbed a quick bit and headed home.  Both of course asleep before we got out of the parking lot.  Sweet tired babies.  That night we just hung out and played.

Once all babies were in bed things were calm, until um 10.  Poor sweet H woke up sick to her tummy.  She and I spent the night cleaning up and hoping that G wouldn't get the tummy bug!  Thankfully my mom is amazing and was already planning on coming up Thursday.  That way if both babies did end up sick she could help me!  Of course they had played together all week so the odds were high.  Come 130 am H finally fell back asleep for most of the night without getting sick again.  Poor thing nothing is worse than the tummy bug!!

Thursday was our down day!! We did nothing but play at home.  I tried to keep the two apart but lets be honest that isn't happening.  Since H and I didn't get much sleep I did lay them down early for a nap.   She seemed okay and G was acting fine too, praise the Lord.  We played outside, colored, rode y-bikes, and just relaxed.  Mom arrived around dinner time!  I still worried G was going to get ill, but he didn't and I am so thankful.

Friday mom and I had big plans of searching for lights for their remodel.  We manage too look at a few but didn't find any we loved.  Then hit up Chick-fila for lunch so the kids could run free! Also swung by the museum because that was our Thursday plan. After that a few stops to look at trees!! Busy day and everyone stayed well.  Plus it was way easier running around with mom to help hold hands.  You always need a mine!

Saturday we woke up and took off for Mayfest!  I haven't been in a while and they have fun areas for the kids.  I thought it would be fun, mom and Chris did too.  We got there as it began thankfully because it was the hottest of our days.  The kids had a blast playing in the sand pic, face painting, coloring, and so much more.

After that we met up with Abby and family for lunch!  I kept telling G he would be so happy because his people were coming home.  He didn't get it but man when they walked in he was so happy!  The look on his face was priceless!!
This was right before they walked up! 

We had such a blast with him all week.  Miss H was very sad when they left…as was I!  Maybe soon we will keep them all and let Abby and Brian enjoy a break before the next baby arrives!

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Miss H and G's week of fun (part 1)

My sister and family headed out for a wonderful week long cruise!!  That means we got to keep my baby nephew G!!  I love that we could keep him and play all week together.  Miss H was so excited to have him come and stay at "her" house.  Since she had just spend 5 days at his a few weeks ago.  It is so wonderful having a cousin close in age.  These 2 are crazy for each other!!

He arrived Friday night with the family.  They all went straight to sleep as they had to be at the airport come 4 am! YIKES!!  Of course they were so sad to leave him here but lets be honest a 19th month old on a cruise…not too fun! Plus Little Bear and B are big enough to do fun things like swim with dolphins, zip line, mini golf, and such.  G would have slowed them down a lot!!  Plus Miss H and I begged to keep him!

Saturday morning when he woke up Chris went in to get him…he seemed a little shocked but didn't fuss so that was a plus.  We had plans to hit the annual crawfish party!  This time it was with 2 babies instead of 1!!  Welcome to life with 2 toddlers!  Pros they play together constantly…cons they are busy which means you are buys.  After naps we loaded up the babies and headed out for the party.  It's funny how our group of friends has gone from parting all day at the crawfish boil to now planning around naps, as we have all had babies! G and H loved it..they ran free played jinga and held crawfish!!  Fun for all!!

Sunday we hit up church and then just kind of chilled out!  The kiddos played outside and had fun in the water.  We also did our grocery shopping for the week, that was a fun adventure.  Of course by this point (only day 2) I was already just saying YES when the millions of people asked if they were twins…because let's be honest I am not going to explain for a solid week that they are cousins, blah blah blah….sometimes you just say yes and move on!

Monday we took off for a new adventure.  One that H and I had been wanting to do but never made time for it.  I took the babies to the local trampoline park for baby jump.  It was AMAZING…they get to jump for 2 hours with 4 and under only.  Best part was, no one else was there!  We had the whole place to ourselves.  Once they were worn out we hit the Chick-fila for a quick lunch.  I didn't want them passing out on me in the car without lunch.  After lunch of course they both sacked out the second they got in their seats.  Perfect for the drive home and the babysitter who was watching them that evening.  Normally H goes with me to kids tennis, but G has an earlier bed time so our sweet sitter came to help out.  They had fun with her.  Best part is Chris got to enjoy feeding, bathing, and getting 2 toddlers to bed! It was interesting as he said…ha!

Tuesday we had music class.  Miss H and I were sad of course because it was our last class for the semester.  H loves her music class and she does such a great job.  She pretty much sings all the songs and loves the instrument part.  Thankfully our teachers didn't mind letting G visit!  He LOVED it…I told my sister she has to find him a music class.  H danced and sang his little heart out! I loved watching the two dance together.  Really priceless memories!  After music we did lunch with our friends like always.  Then just spent the afternoon at home napping and playing outside.  These two could play outside for hours if you would let them.  Chris and I also ventured out for dinner that night….of course to a kid friendly spot :-)

to be cont…since I have a million pics!