Thursday, February 16, 2012

Miss H is one month old

Harper you are ONE month old today! 
I can not believe how fast this first month has gone.  It seems just like yesterday your dad and I were walking into the hospital to meet you for the first time! We love you so much.  

This week we went to the doctor for your ONE month check up.  You weigh 9 pounds even, what a great little eater you are.  You are now 22 1/2 inches long....and in the 95% in height! (you must have gotten that from your father!) Your head size and weight are just right on the mark at the 50% marker!  Way to go sweet girl.  

Next to Chris' sock monkey from when he was a baby...just for size comparison!
You have already changed so much.  You love to be talked just sit and listen while trying your best to talk back.  I know soon you will be "cooing" back at us.  You are a great little sleeper.  You take good naps during the day, as well as sleeping great at night.  We normally get about 4 hours of sleep at a time at night.  Mommy thanks you for that! You love all your "toys"....the mama roo, bouncy chair, and tummy time mat.  You will sit and try like crazy to grab those silly toys hanging down!  Such a determined little thing you are. 

You know the second your dad or I speak to you...and turn your sweet little head our way!  I love that you can recognize our voices from across the room.  You are a very good stretcher!  I know this from your time in my stomach as well.  You just love to stretch out!  You don't get bothered by loud noises, which is nice since your dog tends to be a barker some days.  

You are the sweetest baby around. You will let everyone just pass you around and love on you.  You hardly ever fuss unless you are hungry or in need of a new diaper.  You couldn't be a better baby we are so grateful.  I love how laid back you are about everything!

You're a great little traveler.  You sit in your car seat without much of a fuss.  Although we haven't gone out all too much, you have been great when we did.

Now for all your FIRST this month!  
Your first visit to daddy's office to meet everyone.
Your first visit to mommy's school to meet mommy's students and coworkers.
Your first babysitter while mommy and daddy got a massage.
Your first "walk" around the neighborhood with your puppy dog Winston.
Your first play date with friends.

Mommy and daddy couldn't love you more.  Each day you make our lives so complete.  We love hugging and kissing on you and can't get enough.  I can't wait to see what fun things you began to do next month.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Love

This non Valentine lover has had to change her ways!  Yes, I never have enjoyed Valentine's day or the celebration of kill me.  I think it is silly that on ONE day a year you have to show your love.  Instead I would rather the love be shown YEAR ROUND!

Okay, but now that I am a mommy I have to turn over a new leaf for Miss H's sake.  Being as she is only 4 weeks and 1 day old we went with a simple Valentine for Daddy today!  Oh and of course her brother had to be in on it too!

The funny thing is that once I was done taking her pictures for our photo op....Someone else in our house came in and took the photo spot.  He curled right up as if he was just asking for his turn so of course we had to do it...too bad he is black and so is my background.  It's the thought right?

Hope you all have a great Valentine's day! 

Saturday, February 04, 2012

2 weeks

just a fun pic I  took...
Here are some fun pictures that we have taken over the week!  Life seems to be moving right along.  Miss H is growing like a weed.  At her 2 week check she was 7 pounds and 5 ounces!!  She had to be back at birth weight...and well she clearly passed that (6#14oz).

We seem to be finding a nice little routine in life.  She eats about every 3 hours during the day and then at night about every 4 hours.  The night time makes mommy and daddy super happy because we get some great sleep in.  She is such a great baby we couldn't be blessed more.  I love that when we talk to her she turns to find us....I can't wait till we get a true smile.  You know not a gas smile, but one she really means to put out there!  I know it will come with time...and well I am kind of sad she will be 3 weeks old on Monday.  I still look at her each day and can't believe a) that we created this precious little girl and b) that she is well a GIRL.  I was so sure by the end that she was a boy.....ha what a great surprise!  Okay so here are some pictures

getting ready to take a car ride

I love her little toes...
holding her daddy's hand
That sweet smile I was talking about....I am sure it was gas related! 
She always sleeps with her hands in the funniest positions.
Enjoying a little tummy time....or her hand, but hey we tried!
I love these sweet lips...

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Our first week...

I debated to back track and blog about our first week home, and well here goes. (mostly because I don't want to relive our week)  Miss H and I got to enjoy the hospital until Wednesday.  We really didn't want to leave either...but they kind of kicked us out!  HA!  We arrived home on Wednesday around 4ish. Thankfully my sweet mom retired from teaching in December allowing her to stay with us.  This was so helpful since I had the c-section know no lifting more than the baby, no driving, no this and that.  I will never be able to thank my mom enough for all her help over my 2 weeks of No, No, No's.  Okay that's a side note....

The week at home started off very ROCKY!  Unfortunately Miss H headed to the doctor on Thursday due to the fact that she was looking a bit jaundice like.  Sadly they said her level was much to high...thus my first HARD night as a mom!  Home health sent over a "light box" that sweet H had to spend 24 hours in.  Again so thankful my mom was here because this broke my heart.  Not only did she have to spend 24 hours in this awful box, but I had to feed her formula too because my milk still had not come in (sorry for the tmi).  She was only allowed to be out of the lights for a maximum of 30 minutes every 2-3 hours.  The way to get rid of jaundice is to have soiled diapers and use the lights.  Well, if she is not getting milk she can't go potty as much as needed, thus the formula! GRRR!!  This night proved to be a challenge for everyone in our house.  She had to be watched 24/7 so we all took shifts.  Mom was the first shift 8pm-3am, I was told to sleep.  However, how can you sleep when your baby is in this horrid box of lights.  I tried to sleep beside her on the enjoyed tennis on tv.  Then at 3am-9am Chris took still told to sleep!  I tried to do so while daddy watched over our little girl.  From 9-3 mom and I pretty much both "watched" her.  The day couldn't end fast enough!  We finally made it to 3 pm when it was time to head back to the doctor.  Poor Miss H had to have her heel pricked again, to check her levels.  Thankfully her level went from a 19 to a 7!  The LIGHT BOX could leave our house for good!  WHOO WHOO....although it was major heartache for this new mommy we made it through.  The best part was now her level would never go back up!  That brings me to the next challenge we faced.
my poor baby in the awful box...
the box ready to get the heck out of our house

Feeding! Well, since she got to eat formula from a bottle for a day she was living the easy life.  I mean come on how hard is it go get the formula out of a bottle...not very it pretty much just drips out!  Well nursing is not that easy... I mean she has to do some work before reaping the "milk".  Miss H wanted to take the easy road, she was not so excited about nursing like before the formula.  With much help from my mom and tricking our sweet baby she finally realized that this was her only choice.  That night we were up pretty much all night on the hour.  Miss H felt as though she needed to eat every hour, not idea but I knew it would help my milk come in.  I was willing to spend the night up feeding and holding my baby after all I wasn't able to hold her the whole day before.  Needless to say by Saturday we had MILK! WHOO WHOO, I felt much better as a mom believe me.  Prior to this moment I was feeling like a failure as a mom.  I mean heck if I had had milk she wouldn't have had to do that silly box.  Okay at least that is how I felt, I know jaundice is not the worse thing that happens but it was rough.

Poop-explosion! Ha well Miss H has made her mark after passing the test to be released from the "light box".  Heading home she left us a nice little present...well maybe not so little.  Lets just say that she ended up needing a sponge bath by the time we got home.  She had such a grand explosion that it was all the way in her hair.  How in the heck does something so small manage that!  HA HA HA, needless to say we managed through the FIRST of many that will probably follow.

After the all the drama it was nice to enjoy a weekend of friends visiting Miss H.  Plus we have the most amazing friends....they all brought us food to eat.  When you don't get much sleep that makes your life very nice not having to cook!  Since mom was here Chris continued to work.  However, he did make more stops at home than he normally would :-) I guess he missed his little girl!  We went ahead and planned a little outing to Chris' work too.  Miss H enjoyed meeting everyone up there...okay so she slept the whole time but still.  Now were are just finding a routine around our house.

headed to daddy's work
visiting daddy at work
Now here are just a lot of cute pics that I had to add from our week at home, enjoy: 

Her first play date...she really enjoyed it! 

I love this one...

Meeting her great uncle and great aunt!