Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun little weekend

Well Chris and I had a fun little weekend! I stared my weekend by helping with the Special Olympics at UTA this weekend.  I loved getting to help be the ball girl at their tennis matches. Luckily I got to help with doubles.  It was so fun to watch them get over joyed with each ball that was hit.  We had a blast!  While I was there, Chris was doing a knock out job on our yard.  He and Winston spent the day making our yard look amazing.  We even got the call asking to show the house!!  YEAH YEAH!

Then that evening we got to enjoy a nice get together over at our old neighbor's house.  They used to live two blocks down....and boy does Winston miss them.  He still runs to their door when we take our walks.  I loved getting to see their new house.  We had a blast hanging out with them and all of my old school friends.

Today we woke up and finished tidying up the place.  Chris made a wonderful breakfast for us.  I love that my hubby enjoys cooking!  Then we just chilled until around 4.  We headed over to another party!  Yeah party weekend over here.  This one was a pool party at my old apartments.  I love that 2 of my friends still live over makes me happy to see the old place every now and again.  We had a blast at the pool!  First off we enjoy the company of our friends.  Second we enjoyed a little people watching of the other parties going on there.  I also crack up that the same old wrinkly ladies hang out at the pool all day and night just like when I lived there.   Ha!

Now we are home enjoying a night together.  Chris is of course cooking out for us! Again I love my hubby!!!  We tried to quiz Winston if the people like our house...but well he didn't say!  Something about not understanding dog talk?  Only 5 more days of school and then I will be back to blogging regularly!!  WHOO WHOO!!  Have a wonderful weekend all.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Changes...are happening

at our house that is!  Well should I begin, oh last Wednesday is when this GRAND CHANGE occurred.  Little did I know what an affect it would have on my life! Ha  Last Wednesday we had like 3 boxes on our front step.  I always love getting goodies...especially when I know nothing about them.   One of the boxes was full of some new cleaners for our house.  Chris' mom had sent us some samples a while back and we really enjoyed them.  She is so sweet because she let us get some more!!!  Yipee new cleaners and bubble bath for me!

The next box is when life changed at our house....this box was from Chris' family as well.  His dad sent us an amazing new TOY!  But first let's talk about me...they sent me a super cute tennis shirt and very glam pen!  I love them both and will use my tennis shirt a ton since we just won 3rd place at playoffs this weekend.  Oh sorry I got a little sidetracked..

What was that grand new toy that has TAKEN OVER MY HUSBAND!  I no longer can speak with the man he is so obsessed with it.  He comes home from work, greets the dog, throws a hello at me, changes clothes, and then is in the ZONE!  If I had only know that this is how I could get my peace and quite I would have done this many moons ago (kidding really, but he does get hooked).
We even go the super cute white one....I love the look! 
You guessed it folks the new IPAD!!  Holly cow do we LOVE, love, LOVE it! Chris is uber in love with it! However, I have gotten to use the IPAD I think um to Skype with my sister and brother in law who are in Jamaica (so jealous of them).  Then last night I stole it for just long enough to download a blog reader app so I can read my blogs when I do get my hands on the Ipad! HA, I am so not kidding about his addiction.  This weekend he carried it with him everywhere he went.  When he came to watch my tennis matches...he had it!  What a mess he is?

Thank you Steve for making my husband the happiest man on Earth!  We are now an official APPLE FAMILY over here, and well it is pretty stinking awesome! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This week I have been working on updating my passport.  You see I just renewed my passport in April of 2009.  I was so excited to just fill out a silly form and be done....NO NO NO!  Well after my research last night I was heartbroken.  Okay maybe not heartbroken, more annoyed than anything.

In case you are a newlywed who needs to ONLY change your LAST NAME....please read this!  If you just got your passport and it is less than 1 year old....RUN RUNNN RUNNNNNN to the post office now and renew that sucker.  Why?  Well if you don't do within a year of it being issued to you, you are SCREWED!

Go ahead look at my picture up top and just note...SCREWED!  Mine is 2 years old so now I am LUCKY enough to get to pay the RENEWAL fee for wanting to change my last name.  Here is how SCREWED I am :

  • renewal fee for passport $111.00
  • fee for a new picture (gosh knows my 2 year old one wont work) $10.00
  • fees for sending all of this certified mail.....RIDICULES
Please I beg you, even if you never plan on using that pass port in the next year....go get it fixed while it is FREE.  Just a little helpful hint to all you newlyweds.  Sadly I'll be handing my next pay check over to the passport agency! BLAH!

Friday, May 13, 2011

A simple letter

Dear Blogger, 

I understand that you may need to take breaks every once and awhile for updates and such.  However, this past "break" was horrific.  I have blog post that were scheduled and now MISSING!  GRRR  I have multiple dashboard post of the same post. GRRR  Finally, you just make me crazy sometimes.  Could you please try to make these "scheduled maintenances" work a little much smoother next time (if there must be a next time).  Could you keep them from erasing post, please! I don't think it is too much to ask.  Oh and on a positive note, THANKS so much for allowing me a place to post my thought and memories.  Now let's have a better week ahead Mr. Blogger.

Thank you,
Fellow Blogger

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Wheeeeew!  You know the next 4 weeks are busy utter chaos in my life.  School is wrapping up and it seems like I can't catch a break to even breath or ~blog~ Yikes!  I have so many things I am loving that I had to take a break!

Here are the few millions of things I am LOVING from last week and this week

Last week ROCKED thanks to my wonderful PRINCIPAL and our PTA
~Loving that last week was teacher appreciation

~Loving that I am at a new AMAZING school who actually APPRECIATES the teachers

~Loving that Monday was write your teacher a sweet note!

~Loving that TUESDAY the PTA provided us with breakfast and lunch! 

~Loving that Wednesday was bring your teacher a TREAT day

~Loving that Thursday we got an HOUR lunch thanks to the great PTA moms
 who stepped in to watch our kiddos!

~Loving that FRIDAY our kids washed our car at recess...and they loved it too.

This week I'm loving: 

~This sweet puppy who has spent a lot of time snuggling up with me...he has been a bit under the weather!

~That we (the teachers) have ZUMBA after school on no matter how tired I am I have no reason to workout! (It's in the school gym for gosh shakes.)
~Life in general, minus the end of year chaos aaschool, it is pretty awesome right now!
~My sweet husband who really picked up after me last week when I wasn't feeling well.  He ran like 3 errands for me at all hours!  What a sweetie I have!!

~Oh and did I mention I am LOVING that it is thundering as I type this post! Ah what a wonderful sound 

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

yeah yeah yeah....I don't have any "human" children, but....Chris always does a good job with our pet children.  Look what I was surprised with!

Aren't Bob and Winston so sweet!  
Chris is the best pet dad around!  He always has Winston or Bob surprise me with treats...and TULIPS!!

Now to the REAL MOMS!  Without either of our moms we wouldn't be complete!  Love y'all both! 
 Mother's Day to my sweet mom.

Also Happy Mother's Day to my mother-in-law, Chris' mom!  

Monday, May 02, 2011


Melissa with 2 of their kids, Spencer and Sydney....Holding dad's running shoes ready to run! 
Let me begin this by reflecting a bit..... GO BACK 9 months ago!  Last July I was busy getting things ready for my back home Encore Celebration for our wedding.  Then I received a very sad phone sweet cousin Melissa had unexpectedly lost her husband.  Her husband Steve was cutting a tree limb that had fallen, when his ladder was struck....Melissa had just begun blogging before Steve passed away.  Now her blogs make my heart melt and eyes tear up every time I read.  However, I have learned so much from her by reading each post.  Here you can see her first post after Steve had passed.  Now you have the important back ground info so I can move on to the RUN!!!

Both Steve's family and ours all joined forces this weekend to REMEMBER him; and celebrate his love for  life and well RUNNING! Back in, oh gosh August just after Steve passed we wondered how we could honor Steve's life.  Melissa told us that he had run the OKC Memorial Marathon and planned to do it again.  No more than a month later had the family formed 7 RELAY TEAMS!  Each team was formed and dedicated to Steve's life.  Melissa and her 3 sweet children got to name each team after things Steve enjoyed.  Once the teams were formed all that was left was to RUN, RUN, RUN!

Friday we arrived in Oklahoma City to begin our weekend of fun.  Saturday morning all the team captains joined up for packet pick up.  My sister and Melissa spent countless hours putting this MASSIVE marathon relay together....I was in pure amazement really.  Here we are as we picked up our packets, t-shirts, and a few other goodies.

learning the route and buses
a pic to prove I was there...ha since I was the photo gal

walking to get all of our shirts
Abby, Brian, and Melissa organizing T-shirt pick up
and the SHIRTS....all 25 of them
I thought this pic said it all with Melissa under the words...
Melissa holding her Team Steve sign as we left
Later that evening we ALL joined together for dinner.  When I say all I mean RUNNERS and SPECTATORS.  The amount of LOVE in the room was wonderful as all 60 family members and friends joined for dinner.  Yes, there were 60 of us there to celebrate Steve.  As we had dinner runners and teams receive the final instructions on how Sunday morning would work.  Then I kind of forced everyone to take a group picture...I can be a bit bossy!
Our gang...Little B, Brian, mom, and Aunt Mary
Ems and Sydney (Melissa and Steve's middle daughter)

Can you see the strategy going on here?

Nieces and nephews of Steve 

I'm not the only camera crazy in the group...ha
Sweet Sam, Melissa and Steve's youngest daughter
Steve's side of the family and friends

Sam and Uncle Michael
Abby and Sam
Abby and Aunt Alice
All 60 family and friends joined together!

Sunday's weather was determined for each RUNNER and CHEERLEADER to be miserable.  Freezing cold at 42 degrees with rain the entire time.  Actually our 5th leg runners (the final leg) got to enjoy three different phases of pea sized hail coming down.  Isn't that joyful?  Regardless we had a WONDERFUL time running the race.  Melissa, Sydney, Spencer, and I all ran the 2nd leg of the race.  We had as good of a time as any "non" runners could have. Sydney amazed me in the fact that she truly ran the whole 3 miles!  She was determined to show her daddy she could do it!  As it thundered we knew it was Steve cheering us on.  They were the best running partners ever, I couldn't have imagined a better pair.  Melissa and her team also ran with Steve's running shoe.  Each runner passed it off as they switch legs...then at the end HE was able to cross the finish line along with his family.  The day may have been very COLD, RAINY, and at times unbearable but we did it together and celebrate Steve's passion and love! 
Trash bags on ready for the rain! 

Steve's family and friends with Melissa and the kids...holding his shoes!
Abby and I geared up and ready to go! 
Abby's running pose..ha What else do you do at 6 AM?
See how cute our shirts were....
Spencer (Melissa and Steve's oldest)...falling as he put his pants on with his trash bag on! 
Finally Spencer gets smart and gears up for the cold! 
Trash bag and rain gear shot! 
And they are off....
The sea of people running! 
The area where we had to play "FROGGER" to make it across!
The gang waiting on the shuttle to the first hand off! 
Sydney, Melissa, and Spencer...a great race family pic!  Doing it all for DAD!
Steve's mom and dad cheering us on at the first hand off!  They were so brave to be out in the weather like that! 
The first RUNNERS coming in for the hand off...GO TEAM STEVE!  Now time for me to run, yikes!