Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How's my luck?

Okay I have been doing so well on the wedding giveaways...I thought I would push my luck one more time! I found another super give-away at "I Do" Budget Weddings. This week the give-away are 6 oz champagne toasting flutes that will be personalized.  The company that will be giving the flutes is PictureIt Creations.  They have some really cute personalized gifts for anyone.  I love the personalized frames that they have.  I think that it would be nice to have one with our wedding picture in it! You know just another way to have a memory of such a special day! Okay for you non, wedding minded people (unlike me), they have some great ideas for other personalized gifts.  Swing by both and check them out!

Monday, April 26, 2010

2 Months!!

until Chris and I say "I DO!"  I can't believe that time has gone so fast!!!  Not to much left to do really, just a few odds and ends here and there.  I am so excited!!!  Chris has just recently gotten excited too.  

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bobby's 6th Annual Crawfish boil

That's right folks this weekend was the 6th Annual Crawfish Boil!  Unfortunately I had a late tennis match on Saturday, so I had to miss the first hour or so of the boil.  However, side note here, we won our match!!! Now we just need to see if we did it well enough to go to playoffs.  Back to the boil....

Bobby's party is always a blast.  The people there are so much fun to be around.  This year my good friends Kyle and Julie joined in on the fun too.  The crawfish were being taken down quickly, as well as, the beer and ritas.  We had such a great time! I really feel like pictures will tell a much better story.  I mean I think Chris would like me to be proud at the fact that he was "The BEER PONG CHAMP"....however, I have a hard time loving that!  Plus I hate the aftermath of beer pong, dealing with a very "overly" friendly Chris.  Well sure I can't complain to much, at least he is the most loving drunk boy I know. Quote of the night heard many times, "I am going to marry this girl....I love her so much"  All in all it was fun and Chris made it to his bed safe and sound, HA...thus allowing me some free blogging time!
Kyle and Chris
the feeding zone!!!
Casey and Bobby "checking it out" 
Julie and I 
Chris...remember the "CHAMP" with his cuz Casey
the losers.....Ryan and his brother Kyle! (they are all trouble can't you tell)
very proud to see they had 1 cup left and well the brother's had hit none...
enjoying the boil
Baylor boys having fun: Casey, Chris, and Dylan

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Oh my I am coming in from a long day.  I just happen to have a moment to check up on some blogs.  I see that Girl with a Ring has posted the winner...and what do I notice MY NAME!!! WHAT, NO WAY!!!
I yell at Chris, who is in no state to run (that will be the next post), he is super jazzed too.  Thank you so much Girl with a Ring for an awesome giveaway!!!  I can not wait to make our post ROCK!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Show us your life....How you met your Husband?

I couldn't resist this one!  I read Kelly's blog every day but tonight I thought I would join in.

Let's see I was a young first year teacher back in 2005.  I had just begun my first teaching job with teaching background.  There were these two very nice men in suits at our school one day.  My friend Hoover and I (both 1st year teachers) just happened into the lounge where the men were.  Those men....Financial Advisors!  Wait wait sister and brother in law had been wanting me to set up some retirement.

Here was my chance.  Both Hoover and I sat down and listened to what Chris had to say about saving money and 403B's (that is teacher retirement).  Chris was very good at his job...aka he made ME a non-money person understand all that "money talk", making him WONDERFUL at his job.  Both Hoover and I set up our accounts and that was that.  From there Chris would come and go at our school, always looking so dang handsome in his suit.  I would see him and try to have a reason to meet with him.  About 2 years come an go with our little run ins....and finally I wanted to know more.

I find out that one of the teachers at my school acutaly lives down the street from him!!!  WHAT!!!  I begin working with them to see how they can randomly hook me up with him.  Roberts, one of our K teachers, begins meeting with Chris a lot more.  Each time she is talking about me more and more!!! (She is the best)  Then it just so happens my room is next door to hers...hummm  Finally my assistant principal has heard enough!  She needs to work out a 403B issue and calls Chris in to do it.  While she has him she too talks about me and tries to feel out if he is taken or not.  Luckily that Friday!!! My assistant principal, Rowe,and  Wilson all headed out for some after school socializing....

It was then that I began to receive many phone calls...Rowe was all like you have to get here, Chris is here!!! Come now.  I thought about it and in seconds was dressed and out the door.  I made Rowe meet me at the door so I wouldn't look too stupid (It was my first time at this place).  She was so sweet and did.  Then my ast. principal headed over to Chris' table and began chatting it up....little did I know that she brought him back to our table.  She pretty much forced him to sit by my! HA and well from there Chris and I began to chat...little by little people began to leave our table, in the end leaving us ALONE.  We talked for a couple of hours and even made plans to meet up again.

Although I have know Chris from 2005, and trusted him with my was not until March of 2008 that we really began to know each other.  I would have never been where I am now if it were not for my AMAZING FRIENDS!!! I love them so much, and soon in 64 days I will be a Mrs....

Our First

set of our Kate Spade Union Street Dinnerware....I am so excited that I can hardly stand myself. I love out Kate Spade plates! Don't get me wrong I LOVE all our gifts, but this was our first china piece! Here you can see Chris opening it up. (I was not looking cute enough for pics of opening, so I had him do it!)
Doesn't he look super excited?  Well I am so that is the best part.  I think the UPS and FED EX men are getting tired of stopping at our house.  This week we have had at least ONE package at our door each day.  On Tuesday it was very fun, because we had 3! Thank you to everyone who has sent goodies our way.  We sit each night and talk about how we will use them!  (I am FIRM believer that we can not use them till AFTER the wedding...Chris doesn't love that answer) Therefore this weekend he has plans to hide them all in the guest room; that way he wont want to use them! HA what a mess he is!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

more fun prizes!!!

Okay so I have stumbled upon a new super cute site! Girl with a ring! I have just begun following her and then saw she is giving away some great things. This month it is post cards!!! I know to most people you think ah post cards; but I have a super cute idea. My idea for this (even if I don't win but hope I do!!) is to use it for the wedding. I hope to will have my photographer take one HUGE group picture of everyone that goes to the wedding. Since it is all the way in the Dominican Republic and all!!! I plan to then send this picture to all the guest who attended; you know kind of as a HUGE thank you. What better way to send it than on a post card!!! Well I will keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best! In the mean time I will keep stalking my blogs and enjoying all the good reads. Go check out Girl with a Ring!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

Happy Birthday Armenta!! 
It seems like every weekend I have more things to do....whether it be for school, tennis, or the wedding!  This weekend was busy from the get go.  Friday night was a good school friends surprise birthday party.  Her sweet daughter spent over a month planning it out just so.  She was SHOCKED to say the least when she walked in.  After her party my best good friends and I went to dinner too...

Me, Alison, and Julie

Saturday morning was spent playing tennis in the am.  Our matches had to be moved to accommodate indoor courts thanks to the rain.  After tennis I hung out with my favorite tennis people...we had brunch per usual then did some quick shopping.  Oh and let me tell you we are crazy shoppers together.  I think it is probably a good thing we don't do that more.  We should stick to tennis and food...that is what we do best! After tennis I was hosting a Mary Kay party.  One of my sweet parents at school does Mary Kay and well she knows me.  I mean heck she looks at me everyday and probably wonders why I don't do something with my self.  I am not a make up case you didn't know.  However I wanted to get better you know, be better to my self as far as taking care of my skin and such.

My favorite people came to the party, two of my bridesmaids and one of my best friends.  We had a blast...eating Rosa's party platter and looking beautiful.  I think we all really enjoy the party, we will meet again in 2 weeks to do more make up goodies.   I can't wait...I want to look amazing on my wedding day.  I bought some great skin care to help!  The rest of the night was just chill'n and relaxing.

On Sunday, MY AMAZING FIANCÉ, had planned our whole day.  He booked us a nice relaxing couples massage.  I have been wanting one for some time now.  I swear it was wonderful...I felt so relaxed and ready to fight the world after it.  Then we enjoy a nice afternoon shopping extravaganza to our favorite store, TARGET.  To top it off we hit dinner and a movie at the 7th Street Movie Tavern (my favorite movie place every).  We saw "Death at a Funeral" and laughed out butts is a must see!  Although it was another busy was a fabulous one.  I love spending time with friends; and really loved Chris' and I's Sunday.  Now I can tackle this crazy week all relaxed and stress free.  Chris' your the best ever, I really am lucky to have you. I love you more than anything!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I wondered every time.....

I hit that stinking button if it was worth my time!!!  Okay what the heck am I talking about, well AT&T Mark the Spot!  For those of you who are AT&T peeps and have an IPhone I really recommend it.  Prior to yesterdays incident I probably would have told you no.  I mean you know how some of the apps on the IPhone are jokes.  I too believed that this app was pretty much a joke, until... 

I am completly FED UP with AT&T and the fact that EVERY single time I place a call it is DROPPED with in minutes of beginning it.  I mean what should be a quick, "Hey I am going to go do this and then I'll see you back at the house" conversation ends up worse.  It goes more like this:

me: "Hey Chris, I am......


me: "going to run to the store....."


me: anyways then I will meet you at home."
Chris: "I hate your stupided blank blank blank AT&T phone."
me: "I know but I love you see you soon."

Please note that my 2 minute coversation is now, oh 30 to 45 minutes long!  Well yesterday I was done with it, I hated AT&T more than before.  Mostly because I had a very important message I needed to covey to Chris and couldn't.  Then I have to resort to texting....oh and driving, NOT A GOOD THING! Plus Chris hates texts. 

I (very annoyed and pissed) picked up my wonderful, amazing, lovely IPhone and dialed 611 (AT&T).  I listen to they dumb anamated system and finally make it to a REAL person!   I begin with I HATE YOUR COMPANY!!! Then the man starts with well let me see what I can do for you.  Really, well I can tell you what you can do; but I don't think it would come out nicely.  Needless to say we were chatting for about 30 minutes when DROPPED CALL!! Yes, while talking with the tech my phone dropped, IMAGINE THAT!  Oh and guess what AT&T well they apparently don't call you back when this happens.  Reguardless I had to be at tennis....

After tennis I tried again!  This time I reached a nice lady!!!  She was very over the top on the happy, joy, joy customer service!!!  However, AT&T claims it is mostly an IPHONE issue (to take it off 3G and I will be fine) she was still very helpful.  Her first remark was well I see you have had many dropped calls....I ask how do you know this?  She then informs me that it was marked each time.  I (overjoyed) say, "Wow, I didn't really believe that worked! HA!!!  Needless to say she sent my phone some updates, marked our call, and then gave me a very nice credit to my bill!  LONG STORY SHORT!!! If you have an Iphone, down load the app and use it...because it really does work!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our winning piece is here!!!!

Well I am pretty sure your tired of hearing out the fact that I WON a prize from Bride on a Budget!!  However, today Mr. Brown (UPS) brought my winning piece.  I was so excited to open it up and take a look!  Chris walk in just in time to catch me opening it! Here it is!!!  Now I just have to get it all framed up!
Yippee!! Love it! I can't wait for it to sit on our table at our Encore Celebration! 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Wonderful Couples Shower!!!

On Saturday our very sweet friends Dylan and Jessica hosted a couples shower for us.  This was Chris and I's first wedding event!  Chris felt a little nervous at first; you know he is realizing that soon he will be married!!! The shower was so perfect. Jessica went way above and beyond.  She had everything decorated in our wedding colors.  We loved every second of the night.  We got to hang out with our great friends, had amazing weather, super food, and many laughs.  Thank you Dylan and Jessica for a fantastic shower!!!  You guys are the best.  Thank you to all our friends and family who spent the night with us.  We really could not have better people in our lives...

Here are some of the pics from the grand event!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

They are all sent out.....

our invitations that is!  I am so happy to say that we have officially sent off all the wedding invitations!
Here they are....the rsvp, invite, and reception card!

a close up of our Encore celebration 
our RSVP cards....
and the invite...however the picture is not 100%!

The new fun part of my life has been stalking the mailman.  Yesterday I saw him walking down the street....and just asked if we had any goodies!  He claims many aqua envelopes!!!  YES!! That is right, our RSVP cards are starting to roll in!!!  We actually got our first one on Friday night and about 10 on Saturday.
opening the 1st RSVP
It is now starting to feel real to me.  I mean you know planning is fun, but seeing the cards come back with messages and such is real.  Then I had my final dress fitting!!!   Mom, Abby, Brian and the kids were there.  I loved that they got to see me in my dress.  I love it more and more every time I put it on!  I secretly didn't want to take it off this last time!!!  I think Chris may have a hard time getting me out of it on our wedding night...I love it so much.  This is all becoming a reality and I am loving every second of it.  Chris is even starting to see that the day is near!  Only 76 more days!!!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Okay folks I am in need of some good ideas here!  I know you can help me out...because you helped so much on the pictures!  I have been searching, searching, and searching the internet for good "FIRST DANCE SONGS."  I have found a few that I like, Chris doesn't and so on.  Any ideas here would be amazing! I can honestly not spend another day looking over song titles, lyrics, and listening....I am going CRAZY HERE!

Please send me your song, a song your friend use, ANYTHING!!!!  Thanks for all the help!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

More wedding goodies!

Oh happy day, oh happy dayyyy!  I got more wedding goodies at the door!  What was it?  Well it was not exactly stuff for the actual wedding, but for me.  I went on line and finally after much "talk" bought some beach wear.  I got it in!

In this box we have 3 different swim suits, some cute linen pants, linen shorts, a lounging around get up, and some yoga pants.  After trying everything on, I love 2 out of 3 suites.  I love the pants and shorts, however the white is way to see through for a new color! Well yoga pants how can you go wrong there?  All of which I got on-line at Victoria Secret.  I need to keep looking for about 2 or 3 more suits, but other than that I am ready to ROCK IT on the beach! 

On top of my on-line buys I also hit up some local shops here.  Thanks to some great friends and a wonderful fiancé who helped me shop, because I HATE TO! I am now up to about 6 super cute dresses, three pair of shoes, accessories, and more!  I think for 2 weeks on the beach that should work.  I also found a cute dress for our couples shower that Chris' good friends are hosting this weekend.  I still need to find a really beautiful dress for our Encore Celebration back home!  All in all.....for someone who hates to shop I am doing pretty good.  Normally I am a last minute shopper! Not this time ROCK ON !!!

Monday, April 05, 2010


yesterday Chris, Winston and I spent most of the later afternoon working in the yard.  Does that face below describe how happy that makes all three of us!!

Chris loves yard work; thus Winston loves yard work.  Now that SPRING is here Chris the "BOYS" will spend every Saturday (possibly Sunday too) out working in the yard.  Since last summer Chris has really been working hard on improving the look outside.  Secretly I think he would love to be a landscaper!!  Last year he and his friends built a wonderful pergola in the back yard.  Since then he has been busting his rear to get the grass growing back there.  The back yard is very shady causing the house to stay cool in summer, but the grass, well not such a good thing! Needless to say it is a work in progress.

However, I did do some planting.  I began planting flowers around.  My first step was to plant all our pots...the big pot is not 100% complete yet.  We also planted a few flower around the trees and bushes, but like I stated is all a work in progress!  Sadly I think we will finally have it all looking amazing and then sale the darn house (boo to all that hard work, but more space is nice!).

Here is a little look at what we have done thus far....