Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

I was super jazzed for Halloween because last year it was kind of slow.  This year I told Chris I thought we would have more trick or treaters......WRONG WRONG WRONG!  I thought (maybe that's the problem) since more of the neighbors had little ones we would have more treaters.  Well saddened again this year, we only had 6 come to our very OpEn and rEaDy door.  Winston was disappointed as well!


Here is the little guy waiting for trick or treaters!

 Winston kept on wondering where all the kiddos were at!  I was telling him all day we would have visitors...poor guy and poor mommy, now we have tons of candy to eat!


Happy Birthday to the most AMAZING sister in the world. 
(Happy Halloween to the rest of you).  In our house Halloween was always know as Abby's birthday.  You people who have decorated your house...well you really decorated for Abby, didn't you know!

To my sister who has helped me become the person I am.  THANK YOU.  You are the best sister in the world.  I love that we are such great friends!  I love that when I need something you will always step in and help no matter what.  I hope you know how much you mean to me.  The past year you even gave so much more just to make sure my wedding experience was perfect.  You are so AMAZING!!! I am the luckies sister in the world. 

Chris, Bob Bob, Winston, and I wish you the happiest Birthday WEEK ever!  

Thursday, October 28, 2010

5 Question Friday!

Well normally I am unable to do 5 Question Friday because I have tennis on Thursday night.  Mama M puts the questions out on Thursday, which is wonderful.  This way you can write you post and then just link up on Friday morning!  Love the idea and honestly would love to do it more!  But as stated I have tennis on Thursday nights and am pooped by the time I get home!  However, this week we did tennis on Wednesday (which has screwed up my thinking all at school I kept trying to make it Friday).

YIPPEE anyways on to the Questions!!!  Feel free to copy, paste, answer, blog, and link up at Mama M's

1. If you could be a fly on any wall, which would you choose?
Wow, this is a very good questions.  Often I have wanted to be a fly on the wall in many different locations.  I would like to make note that I am picking 2 walls...sorry you will see why.  Recently I think if I could be a fly on the wall I would of my students in class (can't mention the name).  I would love to have more insight on what happens at that house to make the student act out in such ways.  If only I knew more information I could really help that poor baby out!  

Now for fun.....I would love to hang out on the wall at the airport.  I just love to watch the people, but how fun would it be to hear it all too.  I mean you could take in so many different lifestyles and personalities.  I don't know just a random place I guess?  I did ask Chris and he said The Oval Office!  

2. Do you budget your Christmas shopping or just get it done without budgeting?
In the past I have just bought the gifts and moved on.  However, this year I think it will be much different.  Now that Chris and I are married we have more people to cover and such.  I have tried to pin point our Christmas shopping ways, but Chris is not ready to think Christmas.  He better hurry up or I am shopping like normal...NO BUDGET!

3. What is the craziest fad diet you have ever done?
Well um I can honestly say I have NEVER done a diet really.  I mean I have tried to watch what I eat but not a diet of any time.  However, from my last post you know what crazy diet I have been on recently...that's really no diet!!! 

4. Is there a TV show that you have seen every episode/season of?
Oh just one TV show....YES YES YES!!!  I love am obsessed with CSI (the original).  I love CSI...I started watching it from the beginning when I was in college.  I can tell you that I have seen every episode (thanks to SPIKE who runs marathons often) and am proud of it!  Okay a couple of others that really dates me,  FULL HOUSE and SAVED BY THE BELL.  I loved those back in the day.  Actually there is the cutes little guy in another 2nd grade class that looks JUST like ZACK (and acts like him too)!! 

5. What one song always pulls at your heart?
I can't really pin point one (can you tell I hate picking JUST ONE).  Let's see I love RASCAL and they have few that can tug on me.  But any sweet song about a daughter and father really gets me, not sure why.  

Okay so after answering the 5 I have come to realize it is probably best I can't do this often.  I hate making decisions...or pick just one!  Plus you may not want to know these random things about me either!  HA Enjoy your FRIDAY, gosh knows it means the end to a very, very, very, very long week for me.  

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Death bed....or so it feels!


Okay I know you are so tired of hearing about my illness!  However, this bug has really kicked my rear!!  Yesterday I was trying to be a brave teacher and headed off to the troops just like normal.  No sooner had I made my way to work did I begin to feel the pain coming back.  I ended up having to leave before 10!  Thankfully the 3rd grade team has a compliance teacher (for non teachers...that is a classroom that has over 22 kids, they get an extra teacher to be legal).  She took over my kids till a sub showed.  I am so blessed to have such an amazing team at school.  They jumped in and just went with what they had left (which was not much).  I headed straight to the doc!  Lots of lecturing on how I was way to dehydrated, some new meds, and major rules on how much fluids I needed then out the door I went.  Headed home and slept for about 2 hours....then drank and drank and drank!  I promise you I am so sick of drinking that I could go crazy!

Today was a new day...I was actually able to eat food for the first time in 4 days!!  (FYI this has been a great diet, but painful too).  I did head back to work...I just can't leave my kids.  Although I now have 5 kids out with the same issues!!  Please bug leave our classroom NOW!!  Oh and did I even mention my poor tennis team.  They have been amazing too.  I have been scheduled for 3 matches.  One got rained out (thank the LORD), the other I had to opt out on....Thanks Mel for playing for me! Well needless to say "MOM" (our team captain) is going crazy; but good news I think I will be able to play that match tomorrow night!  YIPPEE!!  You know I am sick if I can't even play tennis, come on.

A little side note: I have to be better by FRIDAY!  I am going with a my sisters good friend Kara to see RYAN STAR!  I have never been, but am excited to get to go.  You can read about how Kara won tickets here.

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Bright ending to my weekend!!

Well as I am sure you could tell from my earlier post!  The stomach bug has hit my classroom.  I had tried my best to stay out of it...but it knocked me down for a couple of days.  I didn't feel well most of the week.  However on Saturday I really got the beating!!  Stomach cramping all day long!  I am thankful to have a FP doc in the family that I could call on!  I spend the whole day and all of today in bed.  I am so thankful though!!  CHRIS has been AMAZING!!  He has taken such good care of me, I couldn't have asked for a better hubby.  He "forced" me to drink fluids, not something I was thrilled about.  He went out in the crazy storms to get me crackers, soup, and meds.  Really he is the BEST!   He even ran some school errands for me....and tried to get me to blog!  I just didn't have that in me (you know I am sick for sure then).
On to the bright part....I received an email yesterday that said I was a WINNER!!!  Yes, I won another blog giveaway!  This time I won a gift card for CNS from Miss Arkansas Brides' Blog!!  She hosted this wonderful give away!  I am super excited too...I need to get some really cute picture frames for our wedding pictures.  Thanks Shanna!!  This was a nice ending to my weekend of I need to try and do some school work too!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Game 6 Rangers vs. Yankees!!

Okay so yes, Chris and I love the YANKEES!!  Well Chris' family have been Yankee fans for forever.  He has drawn me over to the Yankees side too.  Dilemma....Yankees vs. Rangers!  Why is this a Dilemma?  Well we live in Rangers Land, and yet they are playing the Yankees.  Chris was lucky to receive tickets to Game 6.  He was super JAZZED and I was pretty pumped too. We had amazing seats, right on the 3rd base line.   On Friday we headed out to the game.  I was the brave on in the family!  Brave in the fact that I wore my YANKEES shirt to support the boys!  Chris, well lets just say ummm not so brave.  He declared he would have to fight off all the Rangers fans on my behalf anyways.   We left early for the game, because we knew traffic would be pretty crazy.  We also got to enjoy all the buzz around the stadium.  Needless to say you all know how the game ended.  The sweet Yankees couldn't pull it off!!!  But man was it CrAzY when the RANGERS WON!!!  The entire stadium was shaking because so many people were jumping up and down.  Confetti was fly....EVERYWHERE!!   The RANGERS were OVERJOYED to say the least, and the fans as well.  It was a great experience even if our team didn't pull it off!  We are also kind of small Ranger fans too!  Plus it is fun that they have finally made it this far.  Way to go RANGERS!!  Here are so of the many pictures we took...sorry they may be a little Yankee heavy!!


DSC_0217.JPG'n my Yankees gear!!

Just before the game...




Later on we met up with Chris' sister Whitney and Hunter.  We joined them for the end of the game in Hunters families box.  It was fun to enjoy the game with them.  We always love seeing his sister...really we live so close we should see her more.




I have never seen so many people in the stadium before.  It was crazy there!!!


The moment after my boy JETER struck out!!  The party began....Look at the joy and excitement!



I am a bit sad because the picture of Chris and I didn't turn out very good at all.  But here he is with Whitney!




I have a thousand pictures of the excitement...but these are just the ones I like the most!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It has hit...

you know that time in the year all teachers hate the most!  No not grades, not parent conferences, not programs.....FLU SEASON!!  It has begun in my class!!  There were 2 out Monday and Tuesday, YIKES!! Who will be next?  WATCH OUT it is here.....thankfully I always get a shot, so I wont get the full on flu! AHHHHH

Monday, October 18, 2010

New ways....and pumpkins?

Okay so I am in search of a blogging program that will work with my Mac!  If you have any great ideas let me know.  I mean yes I can just use blogger but really....the picture upload makes me CRAZY!  I would like one that is user-friendly and easy to up load pics.

Speaking of pictures! I have some of our latest class project at school.  I will have to give my mom all props here!  She sent me the idea from her school and I have love, love, loved it every since.  Here is the quick version.  I send a manilla pumpkin cut out home with each kid.  They then must do what ever they can to disguise it.  When the pumpkins return they CAN NOT look like pumpkins!

Our class pumpkin patch! 

a clown, football with a field

 a "cat", spiderman
 lion, halloween truck
 a mouse, secret agent
 another clown, of course a Shrek
 a horse
 a pizza guy (some are a bit of a stretch!)
  a cat ballerina, a puppy dog
a puppy with a leash,  and a lion mask!

The fun is that the kiddos get to really be creative! They were all (except 2) very creative and took such great PRIDE in showing them off.  Love it!  My mom also does a turkey, but the pumpkin is my favorite!  (ps...the wall hangers are also an idea mom and I share! They are simple to make and the kids can hang their own work!)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wonderful weekend

Chris and I had the most wonderful weekend.  We really enjoyed every second of it.  We began our weekend on the right track, if I don't say so myself.  Friday after school we met up and headed out for SPIN class!!  Yes, good old spin class.  Nothing like getting a major butt kicking to start off your weekend or end your crappy week.  After class we headed over to a local bar and watched part of the Yankees vs. Texas game.

Then Saturday the weather was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.  I had an 8:30 match, which went very well!  Our team won so that is always nice too.  Around 1 Chris and I headed over to the local North Texas Nebraskan's bar.  They have a watch party for all the Husker games at Flips in Keller.  We had a nice time there, minus the fact that the Huskers didn't do so well.  Plus we all HATE that Texas won!!! YUCK!!  After the game Chris and I did some shopping.  As you are aware I have been debating computers for a bit.  So well....we did it!  We bought a new computer!!

We are now the proud owners of the new MacBook Pro!!!  I am overjoyed with happiness.  I had full intentions of going in to the Apple store and just ask about all the functions and such.  However, we had the sweetest girl helping us.  She explained all the functions that I would want to use for blogging and such.  Chris was like heck lets just do it...I couldn't believe it!  But he has heard me hum and ha about this for a bit.  Not only did we buy it, but it was our Apple girls first computer sale.  That makes it even more fun for all parties involved.

Here we are making the transaction!!
Isn't it cute?

After buying our new Mac, we went home and picked up our pup!  Then took off for some family fun.  Of course Winston had to wear his Sooner gear since we were playing!

We went to the museum area to let Winston run around a while.  The area is wonderful and huge so he can run free.  Chris and I passed the football around while Winston played.  Then we went over to Montgomery Plaza and grabbed some yogurt.  They have the best selection and cheapest price.  Plus Winston can go and enjoy the area with us.  There were 2 dogs there dressed in "UT" gear!  He did his job and ran them off pretty quick.  We enjoyed walking around and munching on our yogurt.  The weather was super too!  What a wonderful day the 3 of us had.  I hope you all had super weather and great family time too!!  

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Yes, it has arrived!!! Birthday-palooza….it begins with me, which I quickly went past.  I tired not to even stop and celebrate but with my family that was hard.  Needless to say I begin the BiRtHdAy MaDnEsS! 

October: Next up is Timmy my new brother in law!  His October 16th!    Emily and Chris Wedding (Dominican Republic) 0164The following day is my brother in law Brian’s birthday, on October 17th.   Fort Worth Oct 2010 273Then we have off about a week and a half before my sister’s birthday.  She is a “SPOOKY” baby, October 31st.  Holly cow this is just OCTOBER! 

Fort Worth Oct 2010 292

Moving in to November, the 1st would have been my grandpa’s birthday.  Chris will be joining me in the BIG 3-0 LAND on November 9th!! 

Emily and Chris Wedding (Dominican Republic) 0081

Emily and Chris Wedding (Dominican Republic) 0297

Then we hit up sweet B’s 3rd birthday on November 21st.  He can tell you all about it, a TRAIN party!!  How perfect for him.

Fort Worth Oct 2010 302

Not but a few days after B is my wonderful mom. 

Emily and Chris Wedding (Dominican Republic) 0372

December: we have Little Bear!  I can not believe she will be 7!! Wow how time flies.

Fort Worth Oct 2010 198

After Little Bear is the FATHER of the BRIDE’s big day. 

Emily and Chris Wedding (Dominican Republic) 0205

Then it is one of my new sister in laws, Melissa’s birthday. 

Emily and Chris Wedding (Dominican Republic) 0157

Finally the end of the month we have Chris’ father Steve!

Emily and Chris Wedding (Dominican Republic) 0165

Wheewwww I am worn out just typing all that.  Can you tell that my next 2 1/2 months is going to be crazy.  I didn’t even mention that Chris and I have to start figuring out Christmas gifts for family members and so much more!  Do y’all have any crazy birthday madness?  I have kind of already predetermined, WHEN (and no TIME SOON) Chris and I start working on a baby we will MAKE sure it’s not in the crazy BIRTHDAY season.  That is if we get a say in things, ha.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Okay so life is full of dilemmas, but recently I have been posed with a new dilemma!!!  As you have noticed lately my blogging well has been very RARE!  That is not by choice I PROMISE.  I actually have had many BlOgG-a-BlE moments.  Thus the dilemma…………….my COMPUTER!!!  Okay so it is on the fritz, last leg, or death bed as one would say!

Here I sit in a sad place as I am now faced with what to buy next! I have recently (okay for 3 weeks now) been searching for the BEST computer!

Here is what I am wondering?  Please help me out!!!  I mostly use my computer for: internet, blogging, and uploading my many millions (as Chris would state) of pictures.  I thus have begun to wonder if PC or MAC is the best choice?

PC seems to be an average 2 to 3 year lifespan for me….which can add up.  MAC starts off more costly, but may last longer? 

What type of computer do you use?  Do you lOvE it?  Have you had it longer than 2 years??  PLEASE HELP ME OUT! If you do have a MAC do your blog straight from blogger?  Do you have any problems blogging on the Mac?  Since I have a PC I use windows live writer (a bit more user friendly when adding pics and such)to blog from. Thanks in advance…I can’t stand this NON-blogging life I am living in currently!  Also I need to work on wedding photo books to save all our wonderful memories!   AH AH AH!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The sky is falling….

Okay, so maybe the sky is not falling here!  But my world has changed a bit!  I have entered a new decade!!  YIKES and I am not happy at all.  This past week I turned 30! AHH AHH AHH I have been dreading this day for a while now.

However, my wonderful family came to town and helped me deny celebrate the big 3-0.  We had a very busy weekend around town.  We got to enjoy the Arboretum, Lily B. Walkathon & family night, pumpkin patch, and miniature train!  BUSY BUSY BUSY to say the least! It was an AMAZING 30th even if I didn’t want to celebrate the big day!  Thanks to my people for making it special.  Love you all more than life.

Check out our weekend recap in pics!

It all began with a birthday dinner… Fort Worth Oct 2010 030

My favorite kind of cake, ice cream cake! MmmmFort Worth Oct 2010 035

Now the arboretum Fort Worth Oct 2010 043 Fort Worth Oct 2010 045Fort Worth Oct 2010 047  Fort Worth Oct 2010 060

C and B having a blast with the pumpkins.  They pretty much moved every pumpkin in the place!  Fort Worth Oct 2010 120

Oh the boys and their mommies!  So cute, really!! Fort Worth Oct 2010 144

B “holding” C’s new little sister H!  She is precious. Fort Worth Oct 2010 159

Enjoying some fun at Lily B for family night.  Next dinner with E and Brian!  E gave me a birthday gift she has been working on since the wedding this summer.  It’s the heart in a gift that means the most!  Fort Worth Oct 2010 160 Fort Worth Oct 2010 167Fort Worth Oct 2010 172

A personalized bouncy ball!  Who could want anything else? I LOVE LOVE LOVE it Little Bear, THANKS!

Off to the pumpkin patch…for annual pictures!Fort Worth Oct 2010 195 Fort Worth Oct 2010 198 Fort Worth Oct 2010 204 Fort Worth Oct 2010 206 Fort Worth Oct 2010 210 Fort Worth Oct 2010 219 Fort Worth Oct 2010 220

I love this one, daddy love! DSC_0173 DSC_0079-1 DSC_0101  Doesn’t she look precious here.Fort Worth Oct 2010 225 Fort Worth Oct 2010 227 Fort Worth Oct 2010 232Nothing like a train conductor and popcorn! As cute as can be!!! Fort Worth Oct 2010 238 Fort Worth Oct 2010 268 I love these 2 pictures, happy and then yelling!

Fort Worth Oct 2010 273 Fort Worth Oct 2010 278The boys and then the girls! Fort Worth Oct 2010 294 Now this is how you “load” up a cart!!

Fort Worth Oct 2010 317 Fort Worth Oct 2010 321Time for the train ride!

Fort Worth Oct 2010 324Fort Worth Oct 2010 323Who is the happiest boy here?  Little B!!