Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh heavens

Okay so just like any good mom, I am going to post about Miss H's huge blow out! Ha, well we have already discussed her blow outs at home.  This blow out was probably the first of many on the road ones. After finishing up birthday breakfast with Chris' family Miss H gave us a very huge present.  We heard her enjoying herself in the back seat.  Of to which Chris was laughing....It is pretty impressive the noise such a small little thing can make.

The problem: We were driving home from at least a 40 minute ride!  I can not stand to let her sit in a dirty diaper like that for 40 minutes.  The next problem, she gets fussy when its dirty.  Thus Chris and I made a deal to stop by a certain road if she had not fallen asleep. Thank the lord she was still awake.  Now keep in mind we did not REALIZE what we had on our hands.

We pull over, I go to get Miss H out of the car.  Chris went into the gas station...not thinking I was going to need him.  OH MAN was I wrong.  No more than I had gotten her out of her car seat did I realize what a HUGE BLOWOUT we had on our hands.  Poor sweet baby....she had on 3, THREE, layers and managed to blow right through them all.  She had on her onesie, leggins, and a skirt!

Here is a pic from brunch of what she had on:
Not the best facial expression but you can see the outfit.
 She has pink leggings under that skirt!
Thank the lord I had thrown in a not cute burp cloth...not sure why I did that day but man was I happy.  I lay her on the floorboard of the car and begin to try and well clean her up.  Problem is when it is that bad there is not ONE good way of getting that onesie off without poo going all the way up her as you try.  When Chris returned from the store, he found me a little stressed and well some nasty leggings and skirt on the ground outside the car door.  We managed to get the poor baby cleaned up!  However, her car seat was hit too!!

Therefore this mommy....who is does not like to wash poo out of clothes couldn't dare put another outfit on only to be pooed up from the car seat.  Miss H got to ride home in only her diaper!  Hey but she slept like a champ the whole rest of the way home!  Here's our sweet little naked baby!

All of her clothes are nicely wrapped in paper towels in the bag!
I'm a pro at getting out poop if you need help, ha.

Notice how the burp cloth is covering the "damaged" area....what a mess!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Visitors and Crawfish

After Miss H and I returned from A-town we got a wonderful visit from Chris' family.  His mom (Nana) and Riley (Aunt Ry) came to visit.  We loved having them here.  It is always so fun to have family visit, but I swear it goes way to fast.  We did some running around town and tons of playing.

They have not seen Miss H since she was born.  It was fun letting them see all her new tricks.  I know they enjoyed spending time with her.  While they were here Miss H also got to attend our annual crawfish boil.  Chris' good friend host the party every year and it is always fun.  She enjoyed her time there, took a nap and got passed around by many.  All in all it was a fun weekend full of family and friends.  We hope to head up to Minnesota soon to visit Nana and Aunt Ry sooner rather than later.  Thanks for visiting us, love you and miss you so much.

Here are the pics from their trip and the crawfish boil:

Happy birthday Nana

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trip to A-town!

As you know from my Easter post we headed down to my parents for the weekend.  The trip was a blast and Miss H had many first there.  Being as it was her first trip to BB and Papas she had a very busy schedule.  The trip started off great, I was a little nervous because it was Miss H's first time to fly.  Okay I wasn't as nervous as I was for our flight home.  I mean on the way there I had Chris to help me, but on the way home it was just us girls.  Anyways, we all did great.  I say we all because flying for the first time with a baby is a whole learning process.  Security is different, gate checking is different and well we made it through all of it without any fussing! I am sure the lady beside us on the plan was thankful Miss H didn't fuss.  She actually slept for most of the flight.

Once we were in A-town we got to enjoy just chilling out.  Miss H got to visit Papa up at work.  She loved it there....ha ha and she even walked away with a little souvenir!  

Then on Easter Chris and my Dad enjoyed a nice cooler round of golf.  I think Chris may have wished he packed never fails that Easter in A-town it is either cold or snows.  Thankfully this trip it was just cold.  While the boys were golfing mom, Miss H, and I had a girls breakfast.  It was nice to just enjoy eating out with mom....we went to Crackle Barrel, so we also got to do some shopping there.  Later that afternoon the boys arrived home and we began our Easter lunch.  They had a good time golfing and Chris even won some cash from the gang.  I am sure dad's golfing group is glad he only brings Chris out every once and a while.  The day ended up so nice that we had to enjoy some pictures outside while dad grilled.
Chris left us to head home for work, but Miss H and I got to stay the rest of the week.  It was good getting to visit mom at home.  I mean she has been down here so much helping me since Miss H was born.  Mom and I got busy working on my grandparents estate stuff.  We are still trying to get everything figured out.  That is the sad thing about when your loved ones pass....then your left to figure out where everything goes and how to make it equal for all.  Plus mom and dad bought grandma and grandpa's home (I refer to it as the summer home)....which I love! I couldn't imagine anyone else living there....but it needs some major up dating.  Mom, Miss H, and I worked on cleaning up and wrapping up some projects around the "summer" home.

Our time home went way to fast and before you know it we had to head home.  I know Chris missed us while we were away...but I know he also enjoyed some time to himself.  Heading home our flight was not 100% full so we got to take Miss H's car seat on the plane.  That was wonderful because she just slept like a champ.  Security was a little more tricky just because I was short 2 hands...but we managed fine.  All in all it was a fabulous trip home.  Now I can't wait for mom and I's next adventure.  We are headed down to Austin next weekend for The Countryliving fair! This is the first time they have held it in Austin, it looks to be great!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Miss H is THREE months old!

Harper you are THREE months old!   

Sitting with daddy's sock monkey! 
This month is not a Dr. visit month so your status are an estimate! You weigh about 11.5 pounds.  You are now about 24 1/2 inches long! You have gained 1/2 pounds and grown 1/2 inches since last month. We are still working hard to keep that head looking beautiful and round.  

Here are a few things you are really loving this month:

Smiling: You are still such a great smiler.  You have now begun to smile at other people too.   Mommy and daddy are not the only faces you can smile at.  Not only that but just today I think I heard a little giggle come out of you...can't mark that down as a 1st until it is proven more than once! 

You were talking so much while I took these it was hard to get a smile!
Talking:Oh my heavens do you talk.  You now will carry on conversations with all your toys.  You have also learned this new high pitched yell type talk. You do that if you think no one is listening to you.  You are going to be a very social butterfly.  Not only do you talk it up, but you have realized (or so I think) how to yell when you are mad.  You normally give out two very loud noises before you get angry.  It is kind of like you are giving me a warning before you are mad.  I like my war cries as I call them...because then I know it's time to get ya moving.  

You were looking at my I tried to get your attention!
Alert:  You are very alert these days.  You have become so good at recognizing your name.  Also you know when mommy or daddy is talking.  You quickly turn your head to find us.  You are spending more time awake taking in the world around you each day. You can now make it in the car from place to place without immediately falling asleep.  Sometimes that is a good thing and other times not so much!  

Sleep: You sleep pretty good for a 3 month old!!  Most nights you sleep about 5 1/2 hours for the first stretch.  Then you need a little snack and back to sleep.  You normally only wake up 2 times at night!  Your mommy is happy you are a good sleeper.     We have got a nice little night time routine going so bed time is pretty good.  We are still working on a nap routine, but thus far you are taking about 3 naps, an early morning, afternoon, and then early evening.  Somedays though you try to cat nap it, which makes mommy a little crazy!  NO you are not in your room yet, but I feel like this will be the month (I say that every month..ha ha)

loving those hands still

Your hands:  You are still so in love with your hands.  Not only are you a pro at getting them in your mouth this month.  You have really become a pro at getting toys in your mouth.  Your hand eye coordination is amazing.  You love to put your blanket and toy right up there to suck on.  Anything you can grab heads straight for the mouth.  Oh and oh man can you hold on to mommy's hair!  

see mom I can grab my legs
Your legs:  You LOVE to STAND on your little legs.  You really like to be held up so you can stand and talk.  I love to watch you stand up like a big girl...your so strong. Also this past week you have really found your legs with your hands.  Now when I change your diaper you grab them and hold on to them.  You have begun picking them up to grab while playing on the floor too.   Kicking is still a big thing with you. You have been a kicker since the start (that is why I thought you might be a boy).  Now you not only kick but have different styles.  You kick one way when excited and another way when you are about to be very mad.  It's cute your little kicking signals!

Things you are almost doing:

Crunch time: You love to try and lift your head up and "sit up".  It is like you know the motion on how to sit up but just can't get there.  No when you are tired of laying down you do this little crunch motion to try and sit your self up.  With some help you can sit up pretty are not ready just yet for the bumbo, but by next month for sure you will be a pro!
doing those try and get those legs
sitting up on her own in the chair...I had to take it fast!
Rolling over:  Man can you make those little legs go.  You can get those cute little legs up and over to the side in no time..if you could just get that arm out of the way.  I really believe you will be rolling over to your tummy very soon.  Some days I can't believe you didn't make it over with the way you kick those legs over
Loving life as you can see!  
You had a few FIRST this month! 
  • You had your FIRST EASTER!
  • You took your first AIRPLANE ride!  You were such a great little traveler.
  • You went to your BB and Papa's (Amarillo) for the first time.  They normally come visit us, but you got to enjoy a trip there. 
  • Your first MAJOR car poop-tasterfe! Let's just say you rode home in your diaper because it was such a mess!  You really made mommy and daddy work on that one.
  • Your first visit since you were born from your Nanna and Aunt Riley!  
  • Your first crawfish slept for most of it! 
  • Your first tennis lesson...okay so mommy played and you watched! You will be sporting a tennis skirt in no time sweetie. 

Your favorite toy is one by Lamaze:  
You love this toy because it is easy to grab. Plus it makes tons of crinkly noises when you play with it.  We even took this toy with us to Amarillo because you love it so much.  Your also loving your blankees.  You love to hold them and pull them up to your face.  You always travel with your blankee, it keeps you company in your car seat. 
I can't get past how fast you are growing up.  I just want to stop and freeze time, but know every month you will amaze us.  Everyone comments on what a great baby you are.  It is true we are the luckiest parents around.  You amaze me each day at the amount of love and life you bring to daddy and I.  We just can't stop kissing and loving on you.   We are thankful that we have been blessed with a sweetie like you.  We love you to the moon and back! 

And for the monthly comparison....
2 months
3 months

Monday, April 09, 2012


This past week Miss H had an unexpected first!  Her first time to need shelter from TORNADOS!  As a weather loving mother I was split with feelings.  I love, love, love sever weather season, thanks to my years of meteorology school.  However, when it was just me it was fine to love tornados, hail, and more.  Now that Miss H is here I have to be a little more serious I guess.  

Don't worry Miss H and I had just gotten home from taking pictures in a field of bluebonnets with our friends Gracie and Elizabeth.  No more than had we gotten back to Gracie's did all the crazy weather hit out of no where.  Thankfully the storms were just below us but the sirens did go off.  Miss H and Elizabeth (she is a month younger than H) both slept right through all the mess.

Now the sadness is that it did hit my friends neighborhood. She watches sweet babies and it was nap time when it hit.  Thankfully she and her husband were able to get them all in the closet just before the tornado came plowing through.  I can't imagine how scary that would be...I am so glad they were safe.  Houses, yards, and such can be fixed but babies can't be!  It took them about 2 1/2 days to get power again, but I think they have "recovered" as much as you can from the events.

You know it is crazy because we often have tornado watches and warnings, but rarely do they actually touch down in our area.  Not today, 2 major ones touched down and changed the lives of many.  Good news is no one was killed and many were warned!  We are so blessed it missed our neighborhood!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter!

Easter weekend has brought many FIRST for Miss H!   She enjoyed her first time on an airplane and her first visit to my parents.  She did pretty good and slept for most of the flight, thankfully.
Waiting on our flight
Ready for take off!
Then she got to go visit her Papa for the first time up at work.  She was thrillled...okay so she slept some of the time!

Of course she needed a Kia HamStar!
Today was pretty low key around our place.  The boys (dad and Chris) golfed in the morning while the girls (mom, Miss H, and I) enjoyed breakfast and naps! Once everyone was back and it warmed up a bit we did some egg hunting.  Okay so not to much hunting went on as we are only 2 1/2 months old, but she got to play with her eggs.
Her first dyed eggs! 

Family pic on Easter! 

I love this shows her spit bubbles she has begun to make! 
loves looking at those eggs
BB and Miss H acting silly!

BB and Papa with Miss H

Finally a nice lunch to top it off!  Miss H and I will get to enjoy good old A town till Thursday.  We are excited to have an extended trip to stay with my parents.  Hope your Easter weekend was as wonderful as our.