Thursday, September 29, 2011

Heading out, maybe?

Well as I sit here at the airport I just realized I did not do a weekly update or pic! YIKES!  Guess that means mom will have to be in charge of the picture this week as I am headed out of here.  Okay well I would have been if it hadn't been for Houston getting some crazy storms.  Don't get me wrong I am glad someone in Texas is getting rain, but of all nights! no I have sat here at the good old airport since 630 (it is now 8:16), my flight was at 7:50.  No problem I am not being a pissy traveler as I brought tons of papers to grade.  Actually I think I am half done! WHOO WHOO, so I should be thankful I was FoRcEd to sit and grade those stinking papers (the only part I hate about being a teacher, grading).

Okay now off to maybe Amarillo??  If we can find a plane to get us there! HA, and I'll try to get that weekly up date done.  Not that y'all are sad by this I am sure :-) but for my record keeping and memories it needs to happen!  Hope you all have a wonderful Friday. I will be hanging with my momma, it couldn't be any better.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Wonderful start

to my Monday.  Look who is the best hubby in the world!
not the best pic...but you get the point! 
Yes, that would be my hubby, who made me a wonderful breakfast to start my Monday off right.  He is the best!  I love when he surprises me with breakfast...mmm!  Also this weekend we had a nice little day date to the Movie Tavern, my favorite move place ever.  We watched Money Ball!  I really recommend it.  Chris loves baseball and well the actor (Brad Pitt) is not too bad to look at either.  But the story is amazing. I can't believe the way baseball is played or how players are picked.  Grab a guy and head out to see it.

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Ours was pretty low key, just like I like it!  Let's see other than our date on Sunday after church I played tennis (which was a sad a 3rd set tie break, let's not talk about it..grrr), and oh won $25.00.  Yes, I won 25 bucks!!  Whoo whoo, our local teachers union, UEA, holds a weekly drawing of teachers.  They randomly pic members to win, you just have too look at their news letter and call in.  Well what do you know, my name was on the list this week.  That is how you know it will be a great week...oh and breakfast from your hubby, and a shorter week because I am headed home to visit my parents.  Thought mom and I could have some fun shopping in good old A town this weekend so we both took Friday off! Whoo whoo.  Oh and to top off my wonderful week (yes I know it is only Monday), our baby bedding should be in VERY soon!!!  Hope your week looks as amazing as mine!

Friday, September 23, 2011

What me change, Week 23

Pregnancy Highlights:

 Of course Winston and Bob wanted in this week!

How Far Along: 23 Weeks

Size of the baby: Baby R is now longer than 11 inches and weighs in just over a pound.  He/she is really growing up! 

Total Weight Gain/loss: My past weigh in was 8lbs, and last Friday I went for another check up....added another 4lbs.  YIKES!  I feel like it's a lot, and well others have voiced their opinion on it too (yes mom that is you and Claire).  However, the Dr. said it is going just as planned and not to worry.  

Maternity Clothes:  Now that fall is starting to arrive I am loving my leggings...they are so comfy and easy.  I can still be down on the ground with my kiddos at school and not feel huge.

Gender: SURPRISE!! We are not going to find out till Baby R arrives in January! 

Movement: Last Friday Baby R had it's first case of hiccups!  Good news it was even hard enough that Chris could feel them.  Bad news, Chris doesn't feel much because my placenta is on the front side still. (sorry if that is tmi)  I however, feel it all!

Sleep: Welcome back CrAzY DrEaMS!!  Ahhh, last night they were so crazy I felt like I never got a bit of sleep. 

What I miss: This past weekend I played tennis like normal.  However, I have finally come to the conclusion that I just can't chase down those short balls like I use to.  I hate not being able to get to the ball and make the shot.  Now I can make it to the ball, but don't bend low enough for it to matter!  The rest of my game seems to go pretty well, that is if I remember to bend my knees.  I have always had a problem remembering that, ha. 

Cravings: I have really been craving S'mores lately.  No, I have not given into this craving but doesn't it sound great?

Symptoms: Well this week Baby R seems to have stretched out in there...I swear one part is just under my right breast and then stretched all the way down to the lower area!  Thus causing some major discomfort.  I tried to talk Baby R into moving, but he/she seems to love this area lately.

Best moment this week: Saturday Chris and I went Baby R shopping!  We finally have picked out Baby R's bedding.  We had a wonderful day shopping and thinking about our little cutie.  Also today we realized that our way of life really is about to change.  As I had my 6 month dental appointment and needed to schedule the next one.  I remembered....oh wait I can do it at any time or day because I will be at home still with the baby.  But then when I was telling Chris he would have to watch the baby while I went to my apt.  He stated he too will have to be at the dentist (yes our monthly check is around the same time).  Thus we decided we would book the same time and pass of the baby! Oh how life changes!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

New look

Oh did I mention that MR. SHAGGY....aka Winston got his hair cut finally!  Yes, the poor pup now looks like our normal puppy again.  He is back to our sweet boy.  He also believes he can run a million times faster with less hair, it is really funny.
Such a sweet little face!
Doing High Fives with his dad! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend fun...

Okay so this weekend I had big plans....of which I kind of had to talk a certain someone into!  However, all in all it worked out great! Friday night we had an AMAZING RAIN storm!  I can't say I have really seen a rain storm since oh gosh May. That being said it was vey welcomed.  Then Saturday started off great with a cooler day for tennis.  Only down fall was the wonderful humidity the rain storm left behind.  However, it was a nice cloudy day for tennis.  Oh and the fact that we won and kick some butt didn't hurt either.

That afternoon Chris and I spent the day at a local bar watching college football.  Thus where I declared the need for a new store idea, cute maternity college gear.  Yes, a few things are out there but nothing really cute.  Also I am not really a fan of the "Future Sooner" across my triple D breast with and arrow pointing down to my who ha! I think I could really help out all pregnant women who love college football!     Needless to say I just wore one of Chris' shirts (yes I had to be a Nebraska fan for the afternoon) to keep in the spirit.  Then that evening we enjoyed the OU game with some friends around the corner.  Chris and I enjoy spending time with them.  They have the 2 cutest little ones ever too.  Actually it was a little funny because Winston got major jealous when Chris held their 4 month old son.  He could have cared less when I held him....looks like we will have a small daddy issue to fix once Baby R gets here.

Now to the part where I had to convince Chris....Sunday we took a trek across DFW to a true baby furniture store.  Over here by the house we have the baby super stores, small boutiques, but no real "baby furniture" stores.  I really wanted to visit this one so we could look at other crib options and see our bedding in real life.  My sister found this great bedding in Houston and sent me a pick.  Since then I have been staling it online, but yet to see it in person.  Off we went across the world to Frisco!!!  We actually had a nice drive over, Chris studied for a test he has tomorrow and I jammed out!  I was so thankful to see the bedding in person.  I think Chris liked it too, or so he says anyways.  We also found a few options for cribs and dressers.  There is really not much time left for us to make theses decisions as most furniture takes 10-12 weeks to get in! YIKES!! But at least we now know what style we like.  Oh and we have officially picked out Baby R's Bedding! WHOOO WHOOO!

What a wonderful little weekend full of football and baby stuff! Ha, hope yours was great too.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Funny notes from Room 211

We are officially in our 4th week of school now and man are we busy.  I wanted to share a pretty funny moment with you all or at least I found it funny! Ha (this post may be a bit long....sorry got to set up the story...what Chris loves the most! HA)

I have this sweet, wonderful, darling little guy this year who has caused a few million fits the past year in first grade.  Any ways long story short (ha ha ha) I ASKED to have him in my room this year!  Yes, I know I am a bit crazy and some days I wonder why, but something about him tugged on my heart.  Plus I love helping students see that they can succeed regardless of the other issues they face. So sweet S is mine this year!  I had many great ideas prior to getting him in class.  But for those of you who know kids, ideas are great, but seeing it in action is different.  My main goal the first few weeks of school were for  him to realize 3 things.

  1. He is required to do his work no matter what HE WANTS to do.
  2. He will learn social skills and interact appropriately with his classmates
  3. He is no different than anyone else in our room.
Thus far we have done pretty good on all 3!  That was until oh last THURSDAY.  Around 10 after reading I asked him to illustrate 4 details from our reading story.  (he hates to write, but loves to illustrate) I didn't think he would fuss since ILLUSTRATING is favorite thing.  However, he did not want to have any part in this.  

Me: Please illustrate 4 details from our story.  When you are done I will help you write the sentences to match that point in the story. 
S: No I would rather do illustrations of grasshoppers, but thank you.
Me: When you complete your story illustration I would be glad for you to do a free illustration of your choice.
S: GRRRR (when he is not please he growls at me, yes growls!)
Me: GRRR do it quickly so you have time for your "free illustration" 

I leave to help some others students and check back 5 minutes later.  He has drawn a triangle and a stick person.  Please keep in mind this guy can really illustrate!  I mean some days I wonder how he does it.  

S: I am done!
Me: Did you do 4 details from the story?
S: Well the story was just about camping.  I drew the tent and Henry.
Me: Okay but that illustration is not superior to what you are able to do.
Me: GRRR do it right the first time and you'll get done sooner!

About 10 minutes later I notice he is VERY into his illustration.  That is when I ask him to show it to me. Well of course he was into it....he had chosen to "free illustrate" without permission.  Thus a huge no no he knows he has to finish his class work first.
Me: S can I please see both of your papers?
S: Okay... (walking with head down because he knows he is busted)
Me: RIIIIPPPPP (tearing up the "free" illustration....yes I am the mean teacher that throws out bad work and ask you to do better.  I am a stickler to doing your best and wont take anything less)
S: (screaming voice) WHY DID YOU DO THAT? (picture the rest of the class finally clueing into the huge mess S has just become.  Many faces with mouths wide open and in shock, but thankful it was not their paper being thrown away! HA)
Me: Why do you think I did that?
S: Because I didn't finish my work first. (he knows he is wrong and is trying to play me...stinker)
Me: take a moment to cool off and then we will chat about how to fix this problem. 

Thus the rest of the day we all went about our business and S had a nice day!  I know hard to believe but he really did.  After I dismiss my children at 3 I walk back into my room to find a picture on my teacher table.  Of course I don't remember asking the kids to turn anything in on my desk (thanks to the prego hormones that make you forget EVERYTHING).  I turn the picture over to find this: 
Keep in mind we are grasshopper people! 
I notice that this picture had to of been a LOVE letter from sweet S!  He is so stinking smart....and actually took his feelings to paper.  Yes, he is completely put out with me, but at least he expressed them on this paper rather than a huge crying fit (he did this during his free illustration time after math).  I did place the picture on the wall and showed S how much I appreciated his sweet picture he left me.  He then asked if he could put another one beside that was a little nicer (yes those were his words).  I can't explain how funny but proud I was of S for this.  You may see it as me hacking off a kid and him getting back at me.  However, I see it as a child who has struggled with self control learning how to express himself when life doesn't go his way.  S has grown so much in the past 4 weeks I can't wait to see him at the end of the year. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Watch me change, Week 22!

Pregnancy Highlights:
My stomach may soon catch up with my "girls" up top! HA

He was still a bit under the weather here...but of course he wanted his picture taken too!
How Far Along: 22 Weeks

Size of the baby: Well this week the "measurement" system changes a bit!  It is currently the length of a spaghetti squash (11 inches), and weighing in at a WHOLE pound!  

Total Weight Gain/loss: Like normal...I don't weigh between doctor visits because well we don't have a scale.  I go to the Dr. this Friday...dun dun dunnn!  But pre that I was only 8-9 lbs total! I worry this time I may have added on a lot...I feel "bigger"  

Maternity Clothes:  Yes, but I am finding them really comfy these days.  If only the weather would cool off and stay that way.

Gender: SURPRISE!! We are not going to find out till Baby R arrives in January! 

Movement: Do you know that song from Madagascar....I like to move it.....Well I am pretty sure this child inside me already has the song down.  All he/she does is MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!  I have noticed that during a tennis match he/she really gets after it....who can blame the poor thing because I am bouncing around so much! 

Sleep: Sleeping pretty good these days.  However, this week the CrAzY dreams have come back.  Boy have there been some interesting ones too. 

What I miss: Well just tonight I heard the bar tender open a bottle of champagne!  If I were to drink and cost per glass were no issues....that is what I would order all the time! I kind of missed it tonight! 

Cravings: Hum, lately I have been enjoying ice cram and chocolate pudding! I know crazy, but its pretty good for a "snack".  Again not the healthy choice, but what can you do?  

Symptoms: My sweet child prefers to take residency right under my right breast...thus causing me to have pressure there all day!  I don't mind he/she hanging out for a moment but a spot a little more centered would be great! I can't imagine that is the most comfortable spot.  Maybe it likes to be squished, who knows. 

Best moment this week: Of course that will be FRIDAY when we get to hear it's little heart beat.  But I guess if I had to pic on this would be one of my kids at school who said, I love hugging your baby!  She is my hugger, little did I know they were not for me but Baby R.  Too sweet! I also love that now when they dram an illustration of me....I have a baby bump!  How cute is that?  One boy offered to give me a "spa" aka a massage too.  Love those little guys.   

Monday, September 12, 2011

Our poor sad pup

Well, I had great plans of blogging away this weekend.  Then like normal LIFE happened!  It all began last Wednesday night.  Chris came home to a sweet pup who was not feeling so good.  He had a very, very, very upset tummy.  He continued this trend all the way through Thursday.  Poor guy was so sad and helpless.  I hate that he felt so bad and we could do nothing but "watch" him.  Then when the tummy issues stared to clear know what was next as the problem area!  Yeah he spent most of the day in and out of the doggy door trying to potty....but just had nothing in him.  I mean after a day of no food and only water how can you blame the guy for feeling so bad!

Friday Chris and I were amazed to see that our sweet Winston was starting to reappear!  He had a nice calm day Friday, ate just a little and kept up with the water.  Thank the lord he kept drinking water...nothing is worse than trying to FORCE water down a dog!  Just as we thought we were in the clear, Saturday morning around 5:30 am he got sick again. Of course this was after we felt it was okay for him to move back to our bed for the night!  Thanks Winston our sheets and duvet needed washed again!  Well, I guess we thought he was doing good.....and he had to remind us he was not 100 % still.  He only got sick the once thank goodness, but still wasn't his perky self.  Luckily on Sunday he was feeling GREAT!  We know he was feeling good because it was probably the first day in oh 4 days he asked to go on a WALK!  He lays by the leash and whines.....such a smarty pants.  The bad news is he missed all of our "COOL" weather when he was sick.  He would have loved those days to walk.

Chris and I are so thankful our pup is back to himself.  I just hate that we can't really do anything and that he can't tell you what is wrong.  I am sure he ate something out back that just upset his tummy!  I guess this is our first "trial" before we are dealing with a sick baby.  One things for sure...we got to snuggle up a lot with that cute face!  I'm sure he enjoyed being spoiled too!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Labor day of pampering....

How cute is this baby?  Borrowed form goggle images
Normally I spend this holiday next to the pool at the Four Seasons in Scottsdale, AZ however this year I sat out and let the boys go.  I thought the boys (aka Chris, Steve, and Z) would appreciate one last peaceful golf weekend before the baby and I crashed their party! (Get ready for next year guys!) Aren't I a nice wife...friend...and daughter-in-law! (patting my own back)  Okay, okay so the truth is I didn't want to spend my maternity leave days that are much needed once Baby R arrives.  The choices you make as a soon to be mommy :-)

Anyway, since I was not sitting next to the pool like normal I still enjoyed some pampering!  On Saturday I enjoyed a nice little outing with my girlies for a pedicure.  Much needed I promise!  Then on Sunday Baby R and I got spoiled with a wonderful mommy to be massage.  Ahhhh my back has never thanked me so much,  I feel so relaxed and ready to go.  Although not my normal Labor day weekend, it was still pretty amazing.  Yes, I missed my hubby but I am certain he had a blast golfing.  

Now let's go out and enjoy this short work week.  Oh and a note to self...I think every mommy to be deserves a massage per trimester if not more! Just a little side note for you men out there.  Hope your weekend was wonderful and relaxing. 

Monday, September 05, 2011

The Question??

Ahhh, Labor Day weekend will always be one of my favorite holidays.  Two years ago today I headed down to Scottsdale, Az with my sweet boyfriend Chris.  We went on this trip annually....he plays golf and well I sit next to the pool enjoying life.  We get to spend wonderful time with his father and best friend Z. This trip is wonderful because it is nothing but R&R!

Our day was going splendid as could be.  I was a little bummed because there was a small rain cloud over the pool, yet I sat out there and enjoyed it.  Chris, Z, and Steve enjoyed the cool rain while golfing.  We had a wonderful lunch by the pool once the clouds parted.  Never does it rain on Labor day weekend was just crazy! But it was very short lived so I was okay with it....After lunch Chris had booked us a couple massage! was a perfect day all in all.
Isn't the view great! The whole gang just before sunset! 
Finally it was dinner time, but first we stopped by the hotel bar for a little happy hour.  They have the best view of Camel Back.  It is really breath taking how beautiful it looks with the sun setting.  We headed up and enjoyed the view.  Of course I wanted to take some normal! I finally talked Chris into going down and snapping a few pics in my favorite areas! It was wonderful and breathtaking...Until Chris asked me to sit down and he would take my picture!  I moved over to the spot where he wanted me to sit down....and next thing I know he is NOT taking my picture, but down on one knee!  I was in complete shock to say the least!  He gave me the most wonderful surprise ever.  The words he said were so sweet and true, followed up with Will you Marry Me!!!  I was a big huge MESS to say the least, and of course I said YES!!!  (Z will tell you he actually heard me squeal! ) This moment was pure PERFECTION! Chris you amaze me.
My awful...cry face!!!  I just couldn't believe it! 

Of course we headed back up to Z and Steve, who knew the whole time!!! Many pictures were taken and then it was off to dinner.  The only down fall to this PERFECT moment was I didn't have my phone!!!  Who could I call? I tried my parents, NO ANSWER!!!  How could my parents of ALL people in the world not be at HOME or answering their CELL phones on such a special night! AH, then I tired my sister and brother in law....again NO ANSWER!!!  WHAT!!!  Of course I don't really have any of my friends phone numbers memorized...I mean we have cell phones for that right?  So my list was done, and NONE OF MY PEOPLE who I really WANTED to share with were HOME!!

Off to dinner I was just beaming with this amazing glow....I couldn't stop saying "Is this for real?" I'm telling you complete shock still.  I mean I had never even imagined Chris would do this.  We arrive at dinner, where Chris ask for our table.  They move us right into our seating area.  I again am STARING at MY NEW RING...TUNNEL VISION I tell you.  The lady points to our table and ask if it will be alright.  When I look up I immediatly start CRYING like a small child!  There at this wonderful table sat MY PEOPLE!!!  You know the ones that WOULD NOT answer their phones.  My mom, dad, sister, and brother in law!  I looked at them with such shock.....Chris had planned it all.  He is an amazing man I tell you.  He really knows what matters most to me....all of MY PEOPLE!  He knew that I would want my family there when the big moment arrived and man did he plan.  Apparently I was the only person in the world who had no idea about any of this.  He had this planed so far in advance I can't believe that no one slipped, crazy but AMAZING!  (you can click here and here to read about the day with more detail...and  for pictures galore click here!)

Does my face tell you how SHOCKED I was to look up and see them!
Abby, Brian, mom, and dad! Wow!!
After taking a moment to and abby brought us goodies! 
The whole family! What an amazing dinner! 
That night was just the beginning of many amazing memories we have made in the past 2 years.  I can't believe it was only 2 years I sit and type this it feels like yesterday...but I am reminded that our next big adventure is soon too arrive as well, sweet Baby R (who is kicking me like crazy right now).

Christopher you made my world on September 5, 2009 by asking me to become your wife.  I know that the past 2 years have been an adventure, but I could not see myself taking these adventures with any other man.  You are my world!  Thank you for allowing me to become your wife, and soon to be the mother of our sweet baby.  I love you all the way to the moon and back! 

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Boomer Sooner

One of my favorite seasons has arrived....COLLEGE FOOTBALL!  I was a little bummed to start the season on my own (Chris is out of town), but I always have my trusty pup to cheer with me.  In our house hold we cheer on 3 teams....

I am a SOONER through and through...and have my decor all over our house (that is when it is not on the market to be sold! HA)  Winston has his gear ready to go as well.
Isn't he the cutest sooner you have ever seen!
We (Winston and I)  love the Sooners and we love that they beat Nebraska last year! Oh wait, that leads me into Chris' favorite teams.  He grew up with the Big Red...aka Nebraska.  Thus the fact that the OU Nebraska game was such a big deal over here.  He cheers them on like a crazy person....yet no decor is in our house!  Then he is a Baylor of course he love the Bears!

Yes, we have our own flags...see how cute mine is!
This weekend started off great with the Bears kicking some Horn Frog butt!  Way to go Baylor you made my hubby proud.  Then of course we had the we will just leave it at they played a game this weekend!  Now my Sooners are kicking off!  Boomer Sooner!!!  I hope we end our kick off weekend with a WIN!

However, I am a little sad that the Big 12 has become such a mess.  I mean each conference has such great rivals.  Now that the Aggies have left, the Sooners are about to jump ship too!  Thanks a lot TEXAS nasty, gross, T-sipers for ending our nice little football conference.  It is all due to the fact that Texas wants more cash!  Needless to say I hope where ever my Sooners end up they kick butt.  I also would love to leave TEXAS behind.  We don't need their greediness joining us in our new conference.  Okay, okay I am getting off my soap box now! BOOMER SOONER and hope your kick off weekend was wonderful with tons of dips and chips, friends, and good old football!