Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Randall High We Honor You....

In our heart for ever true! Fighting Raiders, Randall's pride..... This past weekend I had my high school 10 year class reunion. First of all I can not believe that it has already been TEN YEARS! Where does the time go? Poor Chris if it wasn't bad enough that he had to attend my FAMILY reunion; he also got to attend this one. Now I would gladly repay him and attend his High School reunion, but they picked Labor Day weekend (we go to Scottsdale at that time....DARN!)

So although we had just come home from Colorado...it was a quick 4 day stay in Fort Worth and then off to the Big A! The fun part about it was Abby was also having her 15 year reunion so the whole gang was in town. Chris and I flew in Friday evening in time to join mom, dad, and Abby's kiddos. We all went to dinner, while Abby and Brian enjoyed their 1st event of the weekend. (they had 3) My class had chosen 2 events a lunch on Saturday (with kiddos); and then a dinner Saturday night (no kiddos).

Saturday Chris and I headed out to Lake Tanglewood for the lunch. I really had no idea who all was going to the reunion. As we checked in at the gate I got a sneak peek looking over the list of who was already checked in. Once we arrived it was such a blast... everyone looked so great and they all had kids! You know it is fun to catch up with everyone. Many people were busy chasing babies and such so we didn't get to chat with everyone. No worries though at dinner we did. Dinner was nice because everyone just got to relax and chat. There were no kids to chase and such. I think we had an amazing turn out for the reunion. Laura, Brandy, and Bobby did a wonderful job putting it all together. I loved getting to see everyone and learn about their lives now. We even had fun looking through the year book and seeing who met those goals for their lives. I can't wait for our next get together....and maybe in can be in the DFW area since 1/2 our class is here. Loved seeing you all Randall Raiders of '99.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fun Family Father's Day

Sunday morning Chris and I took dad out to eat breakfast for Father's Day....It was a nice little place there in Estes Park. When we got home we woke Brian and Abby to see if they wanted to go golfing...Brian was not to pumped but Abby did join in. Off we went to GOLF GOLF GOLF! Abby and Dad took a cart; while Chris and I took the other. We had such a great time cheering the guys on. Abby and I rarely get to partake in Dad's favorite sport so we did today.

The view was amazing...the course was surrounded by mountains.

Abby and I the pro drivers and club girls!

Dad and Chris enjoying the day!

After golf we met up with the rest of the family and loaded up the car....off to the Mountain! Thankfully Abby and Brian borrowed a wonderful suburban from a friend in El Campo. (they have a ranch in Denver they keep it at.....and rarely use it) We all fit in the car great, even if I was sitting on a box the whole time.

as stated...loaded up, me on a box, made a great seat though!

Elk....they tend to hang around this one intersection and the golf course!

We had a blast riding up the mountain (Rocky Mountain National Park) to the very top. There was tons of snow still around! The sights were just beautiful too. Once we got to the top mom, dad, and Little Monkey hung out in the visitors center. Abby, Brian, Chris, Little Bear, and I made the trek by foot to the top. It was FREEZING and WINDY....I think it was like 40 degrees and the wind is a steady 40 mph up there. Minus the wind and cold the view made it worth while...

Where we were....

At the bottom next to the visitors center

After we climbed to the top....what a hike!

I mentioned the wind right?

As we trekked back down Little Bear joined up with mom and dad. They were doing a Jr. Ranger program so she got to learn about "lighting safety". Then she became a JR. RANGER!!!

On the way back down we stopped in front of some waterfalls...they were just amazing. It is crazy that all that snow is still there. We stopped around some other neat sights too. Then headed back to the Y for more family fun.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


We had turned the corner (in my car Abby, Brian, Chris and kiddos) when I noticed people in our drive way. OMG what now! There was a car full of people (about 6) and then a red truck with a man. I went ahead and pulled in....after all we rented this place!
Chris opened his door to get out and the man walked up...."Are you the Murdrock's?"

We all reply, "YES"....He then proceeds to explain to us how there seems to be a mix up! His people had sent up the WRONG conformation info and we were in the wrong house....I of course look at the man and declare we have to be at a dinner at 5. It was like 4:15 at this point, then ask if those people can't just use our place....He then proceeds to tell us that since we were not there he did go in to the house. He noticed that we are pretty much settled in. I declared yes an with little babies it is hard not to be settled in. Then he claims that he saw our conformation info and we were in the right place via what we were sent.

I again tell him I am sorry for the mix up and my Dad and mom are following us. He is welcome to talk to them but we have to get ready for dinner. We all unload the car and go into OUR house! (The people in the other car....well NOT SO HAPPY looking) At this point the rental man leads the family away from our house. I guess he just realized we were not going to offer up moving, so he needed to figure it out. Mom and dad arrive home to hear the whole MESS! We change close and laugh a lot about this. Then load up and head out.

Click here to see the house we SHOULD have been in: THE TWIN SISTERS
Click here to see the house we WERE in: The Zimmerman's
We arrived at the Y in time to mingle with the other Mudroch's then head down for our chuck wagon dinner. The dinner was okay....it was bar b q and hot dogs. We all sat together at a long picnic table with all the other Mudroch's around. After dinner we went back to the cabin. There we all celebrated George's (my dad's step dad....aka step grandpa) 90th birthday. We got to hear funny stories and see many OLD pictures. We had a great time. We also took MANY pictures....of our family, the grand kids, the great grand kids....blah blah blah you know how family reunions can be. Many of the families even wore matching shirts. We did too...Abby had made them they were so cute! The matching shirts helped you realize who went to which family member and how. When we arrived home there was a note on our door.

our family dinner

Chris, Little Bear and I

Chris and I

The whole gang....

Dad with his Brother Joe and wife Sally

Abby and I doing PARTY PIC's on Little Monkey

Party Pics....you need to train them young for College life!

Sweet little guy running around with his balloon tied to him!

We all worried it was going to say "YOU HAVE TO MOVE". However, luckily it said things are good the other family will just move over once you leave on Monday. See....people can work things out even if there is a mistake. For the rest of the trip we enjoyed our VERY NICE house!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Shopping, Golf, and a little family time

Well on Saturday the boys (Chris, Brian, and Dad) took off pretty early to play some golf! Us girls, well we of course slept in a little and then took off to town square for some shopping. The town is just wonderful...it is so cute and friendly. They have about 4 or 5 blocks of shops to pick from. Everything from t-shirts to homemade ice cream and fudge. Believe me that homemade fudge looked great (too bad I don't like it). Mom of course found her favorite shop right a way....it was a cute little place that makes fun animal figures from recycled parts! Little Bear, Little Monkey, and I kind of did our own things going in and out of all the shops. We found some penny presses to make souvenir pennies....Little Bear loves that. I bought a cute shirt and hat; and got both mom and Little Bear a bag of rocks. Yes, rocks they love to find neat rocks. Little bear has a whole tree she places all her fun rocks around and names them all....Rocko of course!

Getting ready to head out...I love this pic!

Little Monkey making sure we are taking snacks with us...

Randomly in Estes Park, Co there is a whole Huskers store...Chris was in heaven!

The guys finished up golf and met us in town. However mom, the kids, and I took off for the Y. They were having a rock climbing wall at the Y so we wanted to try and catch that. Luckily we made it in time for Little Bear to try it out. (sorry those pics are on Abby's camera...I'll try and get them) She had never climbed a rock wall before and was a bit nervous but did wonderful. She made it half way up the wall, I think for a first timer and 5 year old that was amazing. Thankfully Sydney was nice enough to let Little Bear going in front of her because she had already had a turn. Other wise she may not have had time to climb it. Thanks Syd your the best!

The rest of the gang made it in time to see Little Bear scaling the wall. We were all so proud of her. Then we went back up and socialized with all the Mudroch's for a bit. However, had to leave in order to go home change and be back in time for dinner and the party....

Chris and Little Bear making paper airplanes...and hats!

As we pulled into our wonderful house there was a surprise waiting for us.....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Settling in....

Friday was a long day for most of us. We were so thankful when we arrived to the house to unload everything. The house dad got us was amazing. He had rented it over 4 months ago...it was a 3 bedroom and 3 1/2 bath, plenty of space for all 8 of us. (you can see pics of the inside if you click here) I was so excited that Brian, Abby, and I took off running to get "our" rooms....they went down stairs and I went up. It worked out amazingly. Chris and I had the upstairs room with twin beds, mom and dad were in the master on the main level, and Abby and the kiddos got the whole lower level. They had a bedroom, a full bath, and a living area. Little Bear and Little Monkey got to set up camp in the living area which was perfect for keep them away from the noise!

The view from our house...wonderful isn't it!

Dad found this place on the Internet and of course booked it right away...He had printed up some of the pic to take home and show mom. Once we all had put our bags and such away we were reading over all the good amenities. Dad had remembered it had a fire pit outside....off he and Abby went to find it. I pulled out the computer to check something....thus realizing NO INTERNET! Abby and Dad came in very disappointed, no fire pit. I added the no Internet, then I asked dad for the print out. He handed it over....

As I read the paper I listed off all the things our house was to have.....sounded okay, except the fire pit and Internet. I then began to look at the pictures...they were DIFFERENT! I asked dad if he was sure he printed the pics of our house, Yes he was. Interesting....it was not the same. Thus bringing out mom's paperwork! Mom double checked our conformation that had been mailed to us. Yes, we were at the address they stated on our conformation. Yes we had the name of the house on our paper. Thus leaving me to think they just put different pic on their website. Then I began to read the description of the house... 4 Bedrooms one on upper lever with twin beds (check we had that), a master bedroom with attached bath (check we had it), 3rd bedroom on main level with queen bed (wait....our 3rd bedroom is down stairs???), and 4th bedroom down stairs. DO YOU THINK THERE IS A PROBLEM???

Well since we had a conformation from the rental person we knew we were at the place they wanted us at. Maybe they didn't have the house we wanted available, but this house was much nicer so it was fine. We were all baffled by this, but went to bed just laughing that they upgraded us and we didn't know it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Touch down in Colorado

Heading to Colorado...

Chris and I caught the 7 am flight to Colorado on Friday morning to meet up with my sister, Brian, and the kiddos. Thankfully Abby and Brian went up the day before so they could pick us up from the airport. We arrived in Colorado around 9:30 and were ready to start the family fun.

Chris enjoying a mid morning snack.

Our limo service has arrived!

As soon as we were picked up we had thought about hitting up the zoo. However, my parents were closer to Colorado than we thought. Instead we headed to Golden, Colorado. Why there you ask? Golden, Co is the headquarters for Coors!!! Off we were on our free tour of the Coors plant. We had a blast and got to see many neat things. Little Bear and I really enjoyed watching them box all the cans up and run through the conveyor belts. It was pretty cool....Brian and Chris of course really like the "free" samples at the end. Everyone 21 and older gets a bracelet with the numbers 1, 2, 3. As you finish the tour you come out in the tasting lounge! This is where you may taste 3 of the Coors beers. For you non drinkers, they provide 4 or so sodas and such. We had a fabulous time there. Just in time for the end of our tour mom and dad arrived in Golden too.

Here we are ready to go!

Little Bear and I!

Chris and Little Bear checking it all out.

Every one listening to the tour and checking it out.

Little Bear loved to push the button and listen to the tour guide.

Chris in front of the canning and boxing section.

Little Bear enjoying the "testing" of Dr. Pepper and Pink Lemon aid

Ohhh...finally an ICE COLD BEER!

Here's to COORS, the beer here Chris and Brian claim is much better!

Chris and Little Monkey enjoying a snack.

The whole family...how cute!

We took a nice walk down to the middle of town. Golden is a really cute small town that you should stop through if you ever get a chance. We grabbed a quick bit to eat and then off to Estes Park, Co we headed! The drive was about an hour and very pretty with all the mountains. Many of the mountains still are covered in snow, and the weather was AMAZING! We arrived to our beautiful house around 5ish to unpack and just chill. Once we unpacked it was a quick visit to the Y to see the family who had arrived today as well. Then back home....and quickly to bed. We were all very tired from a long day of traveling.

BB and Pa Pa are hear!!!

What a cute Little Monkey he is.

Abby and Brian