Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring weather and milestones

I normally am very excited about springs arrival.  I mean by this point I am always sick of the cold weather.  However, this year we really never had a "cold" winter...thus making spring kind of sneak up on me.  I don't know where the time went...oh wait maybe a certain baby has stolen some of it.

I am loving everything about spring.  I love seeing the trees and flowers bloom.  I especially love the tulips...since I don't see myself making it to the Dallas Arboretum thanks to my new little one!  I have to enjoy them at any place I can.  TCU I want to thank you for always planting tulips in your long flowerbed.  I love that you are so reliable.  I am making you my new arboretum since I don't want to make the truck over to Dallas.  This Tuesday night I had Chris meet me over there to snap a few of Miss H.  It was a little breezy and Miss H loved playing with her shirt, but we managed to get a few that were pretty cute.

Then of course I tried to get some with Easter Eggs!  Yes, I'm still on my mission of a cute Easter pic.  Thus far just okay pictures.  One thing is for child will be use to a camera in her face, heck I have the dog trained to pose for gosh sakes.

Miss H has hit some fun milestones this week:

Last night we were at dinner celebrating the night Chris and I first met!  When I looked over to check on her I realized she had finally found her THUMB.  She has been sucking on her hand and knuckle, but achieved the full on thumb suck.  I was so I want her to be a paci girl.  Why?  I can take that away, but I can't take her thumb away.  I will keep pushing the paci don't get me wrong.
Please note the paci sitting right there....she took it out! (sorry Iphone pic)

Miss H is really becoming a chatter.  This morning she was just talking up a storm.  I will have to say it is probably the cutest thing in the world.  I love hearing her little voice.  I tried to get a cute video of it, but every time she saw my phone she went silent.  So I had to sneak a video...not the best quality, but you can hear her little voice chatting back to her CrAzY mommy! We had a blast talking!

Oh and did I mention that the past 2 days Miss H has taken her nap in her CRIB!  Yes, I still have her sleeping in our room in the pack and play.  Yes, it kills my mother that I wont move her out.   However, I enjoy being able to see her breath and knowing that she is safe.  I do love the video monitor, but it can't satisfy my crazy SIDS paranoia I have right now.  All that will is being able to touch her tummy and feel her breathing.  I do think she like her crib though, both days she took a good 30-45 minute nap in it!  Oh and when will I move her in full time, um soon! HA, before she is 16 MOM!! Maybe in like 2 weeks, that our goal...okay thats my goal but we will see.  As for now she is by my side where I like her!
Oh and this was on our walk today!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Beautiful weekend

Wow we had the most beautiful weekend here which was nice after all the rain last week.  My old weekend life would have been to sleep in, play tennis, eat lunch with the team, and well probably grade some stinking papers for school.  Man how my weekends have changed!  I think they are almost more work than the week...ha ha

Let's see this weekend I got a little break because our tennis match was at 11, which really makes a difference in my life.  Thus I have time to actually get up feed Miss H and do a few things.  Normally our matches are at 9 and that is a challenge.  Thus I got up this Saturday around 8 and feed Miss H.  Then I had to get Chris a bottle ready because she would for sure want to eat while I was at tennis.  Last time I played I made it back before needing a bottle...I think that made Chris feel better.  Miss H is not really the pro at bottles yet, but she can do's just messy!

The weather was so beautiful for our match.  I even made a comment about enjoying the fact that we would get some sun.  Okay well....I got a sun burn! YIKES but I am not complaining I love the sun.  Claire my partner and I won our match and to make things even better our team won the whole thing! Then well this is where my normal weekend is not normal anymore!  Now, I call home to see what the baby status is.  Ha, before I would have leisurely gone to lunch and then done what ever.   I call Chris and well he too had some things he wanted to do, needless to say my lunch was a little rushed.  But hey I am just happy I got to go since Miss H was sleeping! (thank you baby girl)

Once home I took over baby duties as Chris mowed and cleaned up the yard.  I don't know about yall but we have these dang trees that drop brown worm looking things...they cover EVERYTHING and make my allergies go CrAzY!  After that we took a nice little family trip to Home Depot for flowers.  Time to spruce up the yard...and make it look sale-able! Can you see where the rest of our weekend was spent!

Planting flowers with a 2 month old is a little challenging to say the least! She was a pretty good trouper though...we just brought her bouncy seat out and she enjoyed the fresh air.  Then when she did get a little fussy daddy stepped in to help out!

My little fam...all helping out!
Really could she not look more like her father! Geezz!!
This one is to show her cute little egg my mom got her!
Today since the weather is still beautiful I tried to snap some shots of her out enjoying it.  I also tried to get a cute little Easter picture...key words TRIED!  She was not really into it, but we will try again later.  Here are a few of the "good ones" that I captured!

She was chatting it up on this one! 

Always with that tongue out!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Me vs. Jeans

Remember my post a couple of days ago...about the little challenges in life!  Well let me just tell you one more that I have BEAT!!  Jeans, yes....jeans.

After I had Miss H I kept my maternity jeans out for a while.  I did it for 2 reason 1) I was still pretty fat!! 2) they didn't hurt my incision from the c-section.  Then after about the first month I could not stand those jeans any more.  For 2 reasons 1) They made me feel as if I would never get skinny again 2) they would not stay up...I was constantly pulling them up as they fell.

Off to Old Navy I went...for their cheap $19.99 jeans.  Normally I can't stand their jeans but to only wear them for a bit I could stand them.  So I picked up 2 pairs, to have Chris pick the cutest later.  I have been living in those jeans for the past 3 1/2 weeks.  No they are not my favorite, but they stay up and I feel like a real person.  Only down fall is...I have to wash them so freaking often because well they are my only pair of jeans! HA

Thus this past Saturday, I had forgotten to wash my jeans the night before.  I tried them on...but they were just to baggy from being wore for 2 days.  I reached in the closet and pulled out my NORMAL pre-baby jeans.  With a deep breath and eyes closed I put them on.  Yes, they made it up the legs and now for the buttoning........TA DA!!!  They FIT, yes they really FIT!  Whoo Whoo, I did a little happy dance and ran to show Chris.  Exactly 2 months and I am back in my normal jeans....I know it is not as good as my sister's friends, but I am pretty dang pleased with my rate of skinniness (I may have just made that word up) after having Miss H.

Take that maternity jeans and Old Navy between jeans----Off to the garage you peeps go!  I'm back in my pre-Miss H jeans and I no longer wish to see you.  Now if only I could fit in my old shirts.  I don't see that happening for many months, as well my girls up top seem to have stayed in the Triple D zone for now. (GRRR I still can't imagine paying money for them, and people do!)  People keep telling me they will get smaller as my milk I don't have faith in that being as I feel like I have more than enough milk going on over here.  Okay now I'm in the TMI zone! Sorry

Monday, March 19, 2012

Miss H is TWO months old!

Harper you are TWO months old! 

The past month you have really changed.  I can't imagine what new things you will learn this month.  

This week we went to the doctor for your TWO month check up.  You weigh 11 pounds even, what a great little eater you are.  You are now 24inches long....and in the 95% in height! (you must have gotten that from your father!) Your head size and weight are just right on the mark at the 50% marker!  Way to go sweet girl.  You have gained 2 pounds and grown 2 inches since last month.  Dr. Mercer said you are growing perfectly...and that you have a beautiful head.  Yes, I was worried about the "flat" head issue that some babies get.  I know I am a crazy mommy, but I want you to have nice looking head.  Tummy time is going well over here!  Here are a few things you are really loving this month:

Smiling: Man do you have the cutest little smile in the world.  You have become a pro at smiling when we talk to you.  I love to see your little face light up.  Now you have begun to smile at strangers, probably the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Talking: Not only do you smile, but you have really began to "talk" more.  You love to talk back when we chat with you.  Your favorite place to talk is on your changing table.  You just coo away! I love it, plus it makes changing your diaper so easy.  

Eye contact: You have become very good at following us where ever we go.  If mommy or daddy moves when talking to turn your sweet little head to follow us.  Your eye contact is amazing. 

Sleep: You sleep pretty good for a 2 month old!!  Your now laying in your pack 'n play all on its own. (yes, the doctor wanted you in your room by this point...but in time you will get there!) You take at least 3-5 naps through out the day.  We are starting to narrow down a little routine and try to have those naps in the pack 'n play...not the bouncy or swing or mommy's arms. Although my favorite naps are the ones we take snuggled up together.   Most nights you sleep about 5 1/2 hours for the first stretch.  Then you need a little snack and back to sleep.  You normally only wake up 2 times at night!  Your mommy is happy you are a good sleeper.

Your hands!!  Oh man do you love your hands these days.  It is so funny to see you move them about.  Your new favorite thing is to suck on your hands.  You try to find your little fingers..but when all else fails you just suck on the back of your hand.  You look cute doing it...

You had a few first this month: 
  • You attended your first NBA basketball game! GO MAVS...and didn't even fuss once with all the loud noises going on.  You were a brave little fan. 
  • You went to your first birthday party: Happy Birthday Edward, thanks for letting us celebrate with you. 
  • You began to coo and talk it up for real.  Not just the occasional you do it with a purpose. 
  • Daddy watched you all on his own for the first time.  You were such a good little girl for him. 
  • You have finally begun sleeping "flat" on your back in the pack 'n more newborn napper for you!  Next step is moving to your bedroom (this makes mommy sad).
  • You finally grasped your toys all on your own!  You are not sure what to do once you have it in your hand, but at least you can get it. 
Your as big as your  daddy's sock monkey! Yippee!!
You are such a wonderful baby, hardly ever fussing. We are so blessed to be your parents.  You just love to be out and about just like your mommy! We have the best time shopping and running around town together.  I love having a little helper with me. Daddy loves to come home and chat with you too.  He even will make some stops by the house between appointments...just to get some Harper time ☺  

We love you to the moon and back! We don't even know what life was like before you came along.  You couldn't be a sweeter baby for mommy and daddy.  We love you.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Walmart Challenge!

Miss H ready to go!
You know life always has to some kind of challenge, right?  Well being a mommy is new to me so there are many new challenges.  As a teacher you face the normal challenges each day.  1) Entertaining the kids so they will learn your lesson 2) Making each child see their potential 3) Eating lunch in less than 30 minutes and going to the bathroom...this is a big challenge 4) Having fun as you learn.   Now of course most of these can translate into mommy-hood as well.  However, I have found my newest challenge this past week.

Miss H and I have kind of found a good routine.  We are still working on setting up a nap routine, but I think that comes with her age too.  I mean heck a one month old needs a lot of sleep.  Needless to say since we are doing so good on a routine I have begun to venture out more and more.  Plus she is a bit older and eating about ever 3 hours now.  Thus I have almost 2 hours to do stuff.  As a bf (breast feeding) mommy you realize that time is important.  I mean heck who's time isn't important....but now more than ever.  I have become very familiar with great bf locations needless to say.  I prefer to feed her in a nice little nursing room or nice bathroom, but that is not always available.  Thus you take the bullet and just feed where you are. Okay so the one place I REFUSE to feed is at Walmart!  I don't know something about it just doesn't set well with me.  I don't even want to feed her in the car in the parking lot.

Todays CHALLENGE was Walmart vs. Miss H!  I love a good challenge....and am very competitive but that is a side note.  I rarely ever go to Wally world but thought I would try it out today.  We don't live very close to one which is really why I don't go more...I mean Target (my favorite spot) is just minutes away.  Miss H and I woke up today, I fed her then got her dressed and ready.  Then on to myself...cleaned up, dressed, and ready to go.  By the time we were out the door Miss H had about 1 hour and 55 minutes before she would want to eat again.  START your TIMER NOW!!!

Let the challenge begin....we arrived at Wally world with exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes to do all our shopping.  Thankfully she was asleep in her car seat allowing me to really get down to business.  Normally I am a stroller shopper, meaning I use the stroller and place all our items in our great basket.  (We have the baby jogger city has an awesome basket!)  However, today I needed about 5 larger items and knew the stroller would not do.

That leads to the next challenge...wish I would have taken a picture!!! Miss H has to sit in the basket part of the shopping cart, leaving little room to place items in your cart.  She ends up having things all around her!  It is amazing how creative you can get when loading it all up.  I was moving right along on our list when with about 25 minutes left Miss H started to wake up.  Oh no, this can lead to 2 things.... The need to EAT or be held.  She doesn't mind her seat but can get tired of being in there.

What does any mom do....kick it into HIGH gear zooming through all the isles!  Yes, I probably looked like a crazy woman zooming in and out and placing things in our cart.  However, I was NOT going to be stuck needing to bf Miss H here.  Thankfully I had only 5 things left to grab..  Then we were off to check out.  Since I was zooming around it kind of put her back to sleep...AHHH thank heavens that bought me some more time.  Good thing since of course the check out lines were long.  However, I will say for a Wednesday mid morning of spring break they were not too crazy busy.

Finally it was our turn to check out! I look at my phone, 15 minutes left.  Our checker was super friendly...but not the fastest.  Plus reloading all your items back into the cart once they are bagged is a whole other challenge.  You really have to have some mad skills I tell ya!  However, I got it all loaded up and paid...and to the car with exactly 5 minutes till Miss H would begin to fuss for food. WHEEEW!!  We loaded up the car and made it home before she realized she was ready to eat.
 I won the challenge!!

You know its the silly little challenges you have to enjoy.  Chris asked what we did today...of course I told him we beat Walmart! Ha ha ha  Hope you won a challenge this week!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lessons to be learned

Miss H 7 weeks old
As a new parent there are millions of lessons to learn, like one wouldn't expect that.  However, there are somethings you don't realize you have to learn.  I mean you know silly things that matter you would have never dreamed about.  The past 2 weeks I have been searching the area for a nice REASONABLE place that does monograming.  Yeah our cleaners does it...but it cost per letter and by size.  There are a few other shops that also do it...again charged per letter and size.  I mean I knew I would need this prior to the baby.  Thus I began quizzing my moms at school.  However, non really knew a good spot.  Little did I know that something like this would be a lesson need as a parent!  I mean heck Miss H has to have cute monogrammed clothes and such, or what kind of mommy am I?

Thank heavens Chris' super sweet secretary gave us a cute little blanket (its the perfect car seat size) that was monogramed with Miss H's initials and birth date!  Thus I made Chris ask her if she did it or where it was done!  I mean I had quizzed all the people I knew and looked on line.  I had even begun to search Etsy!  Thankfully she had it done here in F.W. at little boutique.  

What does any crazy new mommy do....go scope the place out of course!  Miss H and I loaded up last Wednesday and headed out.  Our mission....a place to get here cute white bloomers monogramed!  As we pull up to the Adorable Boutique  I realize WE ARE IN LUCK!  They had some really cute little onesies and shirts in the window that proved it would be the place we needed.  Once we got in there I realized it was my new HEAVEN!!!  YES, I had finally found my new favorite place to get Miss H goodies!!  

Needless to say Chris is very sad that Bertha his secretary showed me the way to Adorable Boutique.  I have enjoyed all my visits there (yes, we have gone twice already).  The owner, Chris (not to be confused with my hubby!) is so sweet.  She can pretty much make anything.  While I was there the first time I had them monogram Miss H's bloomers and make her a few bows (colors we didn't have yet).  Everything there is so reasonable.  I mean the other 2 baby boutiques in town charge 4 to 14 for bowes....which is out of control.  Also, Miss H didn't have a bow holder, of course they made her a super cute one.  Everything you can think of they can do....

Not only did we get her bloomers and bowes, but I also wanted a few Easter onesies done.  I had found a few ideas that I liked.  Miss Chris said if I brought in a picture she could more than likely do what I wanted.  Oh my goodness!!!  Did they ever do the most amazing job.  Not only are they super cute but way cheaper than what I would have bought them for on line!  I am so in LOVE with Adorable Boutique.  I am already thinking of what kind of cute shirt I will want them to make her next!  If you live in our area I really recommend you heading over and checking it out.    Here are Miss H's Easter onesies and them!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

New outfit please, mom!

Warning---this blog may talk a lot about poop----you were warned! I'm also sad I didn't get a picture of any of this mess! 

Okay I swear Miss H is totally against me on clothes this week.  Its like she knows what outfit she wants to wear....okay so she isn't yet at the picking out her clothes phase.  But this week she sure is doing a good job of USING all of her clothes!! 

Tuesday Miss H work up a little stuffy.  This poor baby has mom that cannot stand boogers in noses AT ALL. Yes, I am a freak like that, but I cannot stand boogers or dirty ears!  My brother-in-law can confirm this as it makes him crazy that I am crazy about it.  I digress here....Needless to say I began to clean her little nose with the sucker...she doesn't much mind.  Well, I sucked and sucked but there was not much there.  The congestion was more in her throat area....thus OUTFIT change #1.  After she ate, all that mucus caused her to immediately spit everything up! No problem we needed to get out of our jammies anyways. RIGHT?

Next outfit of choice a nice little onesie and pants.  You know we really had no big plans so why not be comfy? I mean who wants to get all dolled up to just play around the house!  About oh an hour later we were playing on the floor when OUTFIT change #2 was needed!  Why this time?  POOP-PLOSION enough said.  Miss H seemed to have really done a number here.  Okay great now I had 2 outfits on the washer with spray 'n wash ready to go.  

This time she got a new little onesie and another pair of pants.  Keep in mind we really only have 3 pairs of paints...because well most outfits have pants or bloomers with them.  Who needs more than 3 little sweat pants for a baby?  One pair stays in the diaper bag for that UH OH on the go?  Thank goodness we have not needed it yet!!     Off we go to have a snack and nap time.  Well, she got all full from her snack to only get choked up AGAIN from her mucus drainage....she SpIt EvErYtHiNg back up.  Of course she didn't wait till I had her on my shoulder to burp...instead the second she sat up all over her clothes.  OUTFIT change #3  

We have officially gone through all of our "pants" so good thing it was a nice day and we had the windows open!  She got to hang out in just a cute onesie!!  Yes, she was just chilling in nothing but a onesie....again I am not a fan of this but around the house it's okay, Right?  So on Monday we had THREE outfit changes!  This leads me to TUESDAY!

TUESDAY- began with a BANG, literally!!! Yep straight out she had a poop-xplosion!  Normally once she wakes up I do a change before feeding her, because I know she like to well poop after eating.  If I didn't do that initial change we would have poop outs every morning. But I was PROACTIVE and still she managed to get it everywhere.  I am amazed by her abilities some times.  OUTFIT change #1 Again we needed to move out of our jammies.  

Well, since we used all our "stand by" outfits yesterday...she had to put on a real outfit.  You know something we would wear out and about!  Not just lounging clothes.  I put on a simple outfit that I wouldn't be sad if pooped on.  No worries, because soon it was!  Yep she managed to blow out again.  Now we needed to move on to a new outfit!  OUTFIT change #2 I swear she is out to pick out the outfit she wants to wear and this is her way of doing so! HA HA

No worries um 2 p.m. we had 2 more outfit changes due to pooping!  Yep you read that right!  So we now had enough outfits that it was WORTH doing the load of laundry!  Good news was that her stuffy nose didn't cause any of our outfit changes.  We seemed to have figured out how to stop that with some little nose drops and the humidifier.  Whoo whoo!  This has been our week in a nutshell.  One change after another over here!  I am so thankful that SPRAY 'N WASH is my new best friend!  Thus far it has managed to remove all explosions we have had.  Plus Miss H has managed to enjoy almost all of her clothes in just a 2 day period.  Who else can say they have achieved this?

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Mayberry Road Trip

Sorry us girlies have been MIA but we headed to Mayberry.  What you don't know where Mayberry is...oh that is my sisters little town she lives in.  It's a fun little town outside of Houston, we refer to it as Mayberry because it has all your small town charm.  Anyway, Miss H, mom, Winston, and I all took off last week for Mayberry.

You see Chris had to be out of town for work all week.  Originally Miss H and I were going to join him....he went to Atlantis! However, his company took their sweet time announcing the winners and well he got a week notice of the trip.  Yes, he WON the trip isn't that AwEsOmE!!!  Needless to say flights were a little pricy for me with a week notice so instead we went to Abby's.  Not really the Atlantis, but Little Bear and Monkey loved having us.   Down fall to the trip was that well we had to take the DOG with us since Chris was gone too.  Normally people would not mind such a thing however, our dog gets um CAR SICK!  Yes, so what does one do.....CALL IN YOUR MOM!!

As a daughter don't you always call your mom when you have a problem or need help.  Well, I do and thankfully she is retired now and can come to my begging call! HA HA HA, no really I love that she can come and be with us when we want her.  Mom's are the best, even if they make you a little crazy sometimes, they are still your go to person.  Mom headed down on Sunday so we could leave on Monday.  Now, traveling with a 5 week old and a car sick dog that has to get drugged takes a little longer than normal.  We made it there in about um 5 hours....should take 4.  Miss H had to stop and eat and Winston needed a few potty breaks.

While there in Mayberry we didn't do much of anything.  Miss H got to enjoy her cousins Little Bear and Monkey.  They loved having her.  Monkey was in her face (literally) the whole time.  He loves her and loved to keep a poop count each day.  Little Bear had school so she was a bit bitter about not getting to play with Miss H all day, but did enjoy her after school.   They are so good with her which is WONDERFUL since my sister is expecting NUMBER 3 in August!!!  They are calling their soon to be baby Noodle.  I am so excited that Miss H will have a cousin close in age to her.  I mean Little Bear is 8, and Monkey is 4 which isn't bad but one that is only a few months behind can't hurt right?

So I am an awful mom, and left the camera at home.  Mostly so if Chris wanted to take it on his trip he could.  Also I knew my sister had one we could use!  Well, we really didn't "use" it much.  I guess life with 3 kiddos running around kept us pretty busy.  Here are pics I took with my Iphone, hey at least I got some proof of the trip.

Chunky cheeks is ready to head out... 
Cousin B, Monkey, loving on sweet H

This is how he spent most of his week...IN HER FACE! favorite part of Mayberry minus the family

Little Bear finally home from school...ready to play

Miss H loving the pack 'n' play bed....she slept well "flat" as my mom would say.
Our pack 'n' play has a new born is more like sleeping in a snuggled position.

Miss H enjoying some play time with Baby Jesus by her side.  All the babies (dolls that is)
had to come out for some play time.  Baby Jesus is Monkeys baby!

She took a little nap while Monkey and I played Candy Land.  He won like normal.

Oh and the boys....they had fun too!  Winston loves being a country dog

Little Bear helping Miss H out

Enjoying some play time....with her Tia shirt on

So sweet I love both of these pics

Headed up to the hospital to check on Baby Noodle...My sister is expecting! 

Mom and Miss H taking naps together.  Miss H loving the circa 2003 swing!
We took some with Abby's camera while we were there, but I don't have them yet....I'll up load them later!

On Sunday mom, Winston, Miss H, and I all loaded up to head home.  We thought we would leave around 10...well once everyone was in the car it was about 10:10.  Not bad I thought.  Then I stopped for gas on the way out of town only to hear.....what is know as the explosion (Miss H pooping) in the back seat.  Not even out of town and we were already taking a potty break...less than 3 minutes from my sisters, really?  Welcome to life with a 6 week old!  All cleaned up and out of town by now much for our 10:00 am departure.  Then Miss H had to eat 2 times on the way home (see we traveled in the late evening on the way...better idea).  Thus our 4 hour drive took us um 6, but we made it.  Thanks to mom and her wonderful help we made it.  I will never travel with child and dog on my own!  When Miss H needs to eat Winston needs to potty...thus it takes 2 people to manage that.

Mom has left us again, BOOOO!  I am sure my father would like her to stick around a little longer this time.  Now we are back home kicking as normal, well almost normal.  I say almost because um our house, yeah we put it back on the market.  I guess you could just say I like things to be "busy".  I mean who doesn't like to keep their house spotless when they have a newborn at home! HA HA HA!!