Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Birthday NANA!!

It has been some time since we saw Chris' family! Well since H's 2nd birthday and even then we didn't get to see them all…thankfully Chris was able to find some cheap flights on Spirit (a post on that later). Now that H is a ticketed passenger we have too be a little more selective on our travels.  Anyway we planned our trip to fall over a few special events.  Chris' moms birthday, his little sister Riley got baptized, and a pre Easter celebration.

We had a very quick trip there (arrived thurs am at 8 and left Sat evening at 8pm) but made the most of every second.  Since we had such an early fight it meant getting up super early in our house.  We were up at 2 am and left the house by 3 am for our 6 am flight!! YIKES!!!!  H did as good as can be expected for such an early morning!  She slept on the plane, thank heavens!!  Once we arrived we just took it easy and hung out with the family at the house.  H loved seeing all the snow on the ground! She was like snow mommy snow, it was funny.   We ate up at the club to make lunch and dinner easy and laid back.  It was a perfect day for such an early one!

Friday was Chris' mom's birthday!  We spent the day at Mall of America letting Miss H and Riley ride rides…so nice to have an indoor theme park close by!  Especially because it was freezing cold outside. After riding the rides we also did a little shopping they have some great stores to pick from, plus no sales tax :-)  That evening we did dinner at the  Japanese restaurant Chris loves.  Miss H loved it because they sang Happy Birthday to Nana and put the crazy head on her!   It was a wonderful little family day.

Birthday hugs and ice cream with Nana

We also decorated Easter Eggs!!
It was Miss H's first time, what a blast! 

Saturday was busy with the Easter egg hunt and brunch up at the club.  Miss H was in heaven with everything.  There was a petting zoo there too…guess who loves animals!!  They had a camel, miniature horse, kangaroo, chicks, bunnies, and more!  Miss H pretty much lived in the animal area!!!  She also got her face painted for the first time. I was very impressed she didn't mess with it too much.  They had a great bunny who sat on a stage the whole party.  This was super for us because then Miss H could watch and see that it was okay to be close for  a picture.  We finally got one too!! Oh and did I mention the dj that was pumping the room of kiddos up!!  He was actually pretty funny for a kids dj, I can't imagine doing that every day.  Then the party concluded with the egg hunt.  This was Miss H's first hunt; she did pretty good considering she wanted to open each one before moving to the next.

Miss H's craft she made!

my favorite pic! 

Uncle Timmy holding the kangaroo! 

Aunt RiRi and her friend with Miss H and the bunny

all the kids at the Easter party

Straight after the Easter festivities we headed to the church for Riley's baptism.  Thankfully Miss H passed out in the car.  I was worried she would be super tire but not give in…and she did.  She slept through the whole baptism it was perfect.  Chris and I are so blessed to know we got to be a part of Riley's special day.  We are very proud of her choice to do this.  

Riley's two best friends came to support her too! 

Sadly after the baptism we had to pack up and head home.  Our quick trip was so much fun and we always hate to leave.  Miss H was sad to leave the Roberts clan too!  She woke up Sunday morning asking for them all!  Not to worry we will all be vacationing together again soon in Cape Cod!! Can't Wait!!

Miss H loves the play area at the airport!