Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

See this cute little guy. We love him so stinking much! Of course he too must be apart of Halloween. Chris and I have been looking for a good costume for him. Well we have found the one! He is going to be the cutest little bumble bee ever. I thought since he was black that the yellow and black would look great on him.

Check out what a good little boy he is...we will have to work on the head piece a bit but he doesn't mind the body.

I love this little guy...he is such a good picture taker! Be on the look out for bumble bees.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Paradise or should I say Paradisus!

I am sure it will be amazing there. However, I will find out sooner rather than later. Why? Well mom and dad were talking things over last night; and they want to know the place is perfect before the "Big Day". I guess even though I am completely happy with the destination wedding thing...they need a little more reassuring! How can I reassure them other than take my dad up on his offer.

He wants mom and I to go down and check things out. You know just to verify that it is really the place I want to have my wedding. Of course a trip down prior is an amazing idea. Many couples have done it on the forums I have read. However, they normally go because they don't have proof that the resort is amazing. I do, via the travel agent who has been there and one of Chris' friends.

Long story short...Mom, Abby, and I are heading down very soon to check things out! I can't wait. My goal is to have things planed out for the most part. That way when we get there we can just confirm the details of it all. Paradise you are much closer than I could have ever thought, but I still wish it were tomorrow!!!

P.S. DO YOU HAVE YOUR PASSPORT? Go get it now!!! Chris and I really want everyone one to go on!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Grab your seats now.....

this is an actual view of where our ceremony will be

because I have done it! I have finally done it!!! I have picked the place for our DESTINATION WEDDING!!! (contrary to many of my friends beliefs, I am able to make a decision) Okay here is a little warning to all:


Okay now that we have that covered I will proceed to tell you about my fabulous wedding to be. After picking the location, Dominican Republic, then I was left to making a decision on a resort. Let me tell you...I have probably read every review on the major resorts in the DR. Oh and if I haven't read it, then my sister has! That being said my wonderful travel agent Jordan worked me through all the pros and cons to the top resorts. We had it narrowed down to three.

Yes that sounds simple, but really they were still different enough it made it hard to pick. I of course ran home to tell Chris about all three. Being as he is the snobby hotel person, I really wanted the resort to at least meet his standards. We looked over the list. Okay let me rephrase that....I LOOKED over them, and called Chris in to see a few pictures here and there. I gave him the specs for each location.

Well we both kind of fell in love with one of the three! However, the next step was to email the resorts and even see if they had my "date" open for the wedding. Here I am last Friday emailing away. I send out my wonderful email and just wait. I wait and wait and wait and wait. Again my travel agent was great here. She did reassure me that things move a little slower over there and it may take til Tues to get a response. As of Monday I still had nothing. I didn't stress out too much, only because Jordan (the travel agent) is still reassuring me that it is okay.

Finally on Tuesday I got 2 responses! I was so jazzed...then I opened them and well............NOPE June 26th is not open at either one. I wont lie I was a little bummed out! I mean I even told Chris last night that we should just think about other dates. Not that June 26 is special it just works well with school ending and Chris' work schedule too. Plus if we wait later there are more risk of hurricanes. A bit bummed out Jordan tells me not to worry she is sure something will turn up from the last resort. However, this resort emailed that the wedding coordinator is out til Oct 2nd. WHAT!!! I can't wait til then to pick. Jordan again is great in that she said I will call in the morning.

I of course began preparing myself to pick a new date. Then today while my kids are at specials I checked my phone. It was the BEST moment of my very LONG day! (we had testing, substitutes that didn't show..which means extra kids in our room, plus my sweet special friend was having a very rough day) I had an email from JORDAN, it read: Paradisus Punta Cana is open for June 26, 2010!! I was so excited I screamed! Good thing no one was really around my room at the time.

From there it was some simple paper work between Jordan, Paradisus, and myself. It is OFFICIAL people we are getting married on JUNE 26, 2010! Not only is it AMAZING that our date was open, but this is the place Chris and I really wanted to be married at. Funny how things do work out the way you want them to, well at least every once and a while.

I am sure you have heard me say this before but UPDATE YOUR PASSPORTS now!!! You can do this through your local post office branch. Just go to the USPS website and find one close to you. (I should get a kick back since I'm referring people, don't you think?)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Who could ask for better friends?

Polly, Julie, me, and Alison

I really have the most amazing friends ever. I mean really. This Friday night they got together and threw Chris and I and amazing engagement party! They were so cute and sweet. Here you see the 3 best friends a girl could ever have. Alison was pretty cute last week when she called to ask if they could use the house on Friday night. I told her it was fine, but never was given any details. Then come Tuesday I randomly received a cute Evite for the party. They had thought of everything. At 7 they rolled in and began decorating.

The most amazing thing is that they made me personalized most favorite thing in the entire world. I mean do these girls know me or what. Aren't they the cutest Sharpies you have ever seen. Oh and they are in PINK so I can use them to work on wedding stuff. Soon Kyle had out the margarita machine and was cranking them out. They were super....I should know!
They had even gone out and picked up some wedding decorations. Look how wonderful everything looks. All I knew was to be at the house around 6:30...and not to do a thing. The next thing I know the house is decorated and full of food and friends.

Here you can see my cute personalized Sharpie from a distance too. Look how fun, wedding decorations.

Alison you look pretty cute here. Thank you to everyone. Chris and I had an amazing time really. I am pretty sure that everyone else did too! I mean take a look at everyone, don't they look pretty happy?

Oh look it is the happy little couple.... Also you have the whole A. D. Contreras gang, plus Winston. These are the best teachers anyone could ever have. I have an amazing support group. I love them all.

Chris chilling with his guys. I am sure they were telling him how his life will only get crazier from here. Below is an okay pic of me pre the game! Game what game?
Next up the girls had prepared a fun little game. I say fun, they were not the ones stuck drinking. They had made up a list of questions. Chris and I had to sit back to back, but not touching. Then when a question was asked we had to raise the shoe of the person who it was about. The object was to show that we know each other. I can definitely tell you we know each other pretty stinking well. I mean I know we took at least 8 if not more shots of what ever drink there was. It was fun, there were some great questions. I think everyone enjoyed listening and seeing the truth behind them all.

Here I am just giving Chris a little pep talk pregame. I mean come on how hard can this be...we really do know each other pretty well.

I will have you note, I think Chris may have needed a little help with this question. Do you see him sneaking a peak of which shoe I am holding up. Also our sweet puppy hanging out between us. He was there to keep us from cheating!

Well we got that one wrong, note not holding up the same shoe. That was fine by me because I had an 8:30 am tennis match the next morning. The less drinking the better!!!

While Chris and I were busy playing our game...the new proud parents dropped by. Jessica, Dylan, and baby Tatum thanks for coming by. Thankfully our rowdiness didn't wake her up. I can honestly tell you I have no idea about this picture below. I am sure it was something really funny...I think Julie may have even started it. So here you have Hoobler, Parker, and Rowe acting like complete dorks. That's the best that I can take from it!
Speaking of Dorks...look at what a dork I am. Yes, I am doing the pageant wave that's right.
Parker, Alison, and I showing off how cute we are. Okay we are not any where near as cute as the next picture.
Alison and guys are so wonderful. I know I said this a million times last night and probably in this post. THANKS FRIENDS! THANKS for everything. You make Chris and I's engagement 100 times better. We love being able to celebrate with true friends.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


As you can see I have been so very busy. You may ask, "How can you see that?" Well by the fact that I have not written a blog in like 2 plus weeks. Can you believe that? I think it is just wrong. I believe that I should have time to blog at least once a week and on a good week twice if needed. You know some weeks are just not blog worthy, but here recently I have had a billion things to blog about. Where to begin???

Once Chris and I returned to Fort Worth, we quickly took a road trip. We headed down to my sister's to pick up our sweet puppy. He loved staying with them; and they are amazing for taking him. I can't believe we went a month without him!!! Well he is back in our lives again. I can't say he is "loving life" but he is doing good. I mean heck you go to the land of a doggy door and enormous back yard to run in....then home to a kennel for most of the day and no land to run on. Yeah probably not to jazzed! However, I can say he loves being able to jump on the couch again.

After picking Winston up life kept on going. I have been busy trying to figure out my life in the "WEDDING WORLD". This is a very unfamiliar place for me, yet one I have dreamed of for a very long time. I mean honestly I myself have been to very few weddings. Lets see my sisters, 2 college friends, and well Chris' friend Chad. THAT IS IT!!! Can you see why this world is unfamiliar to me, now?

I, as well as my wonderful sister, have spent many hours these past two weeks on the Internet researching wonderful destinations. We have looked into destination wedding planners, locations, and much more. I mean really the Internet is wonderful, but can also overwhelm you more....which is kinda what has happened to me here. Therefore, I moved on to a travel agent!! This is by far my BEST move yet. I have a wonderful TA named Jordan. I love her so much. I mean lets face it...I have had this ring for almost 2 going on 3 weeks and have not made on decision. I go meet with Jordan and I already have a location made! She really has helped me narrow down the beach choices. I don't have an official RESORT, but I have a location. Pack your bags friends and family we are heading to the Dominican Republic! When?? Preferably June 26, 2010...but that will be worked out for sure this week.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Over the top and then

....was dinner! I knew we were heading off to dinner at Maestros for a 7:30 reservation. However, I really wanted to run to the house and get my phone. I mean how can I share the most amazing news of my life when I don't have that. You see here in Scottsdale I simply don't keep my phone on me....there is NORMALLY no reason to. I was a little sad, but who can be with this AMAZING RING on my finger and AMAZING FIANCEE!!

Finally we arrive at Maestros. We pull in to valet to park and walk in. Chris walks up and says "Roberts for 8" I quickly correct him and say no 7:30 honey. He goes "oh yes 7:30" Off we go following the hostess to our table. I am in complete AHH of my ring that I am just walking not really paying attention. Then she says, "Will this be okay?" I look up to see...

MY FAMILY!! MOM DAD ABBY and BRIAN!!! Yes they are sitting there at our table. They are there in Scottsdale with me. I can't believe what I am seeing.....first the ring and now my family! Oh my gosh. Of course I start crying again, I am such a mess! This could not have been any better. CHRIS ROBERTS YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I can't believe you asked my family to come all this way. You really knew what I wanted most, to share this with my people.

the whole group

my face as I see my family!!!

I am still in shock, can you tell?

This was the amazing shrimp cocktail we ordered!

GIFTS, we are already getting gifts and it has been less than an hour from the proposal!

Abby and Brian, I can't believe it they are here with me.

Mom and dad too!! WOW WOW WOW

Z, Steve, and Chris. What a night!

1 of our amazing desserts. Look how pretty it is.

The next day Chris and the guys, including my dad, had an early tee time. I was so pumped from the night before I only slept an hour at most. The following pictures are from the days after the proposal events with my family and all.

Our "first" day engaged!

This rainbow was just for me...and there are 2!

Z making fun of me to dad and Brian!! I am just so happy

Mom and dad after golf back at the Four Seasons

The whole group replaying the day of golf and relaxing.

OUR SPOT, where he asked me to marry him!

Chris and I replaying the event for picture reasons!!!

Again, at our spot taking pictures with the ring on my hand.

and a close up!

I love this man with all my heart. Yeah we are getting married.

Monday, September 07, 2009

PICTURE OVER LOAD...are you ready??

Okay have to read the prior post before enjoying the pictures!! Come on just do it...Thanks
The view I will see for the whole weekend...ahhh
Z we love your shorts! Nice

Chris and Z best friends (also know as BEST MAN)

The way the boys looked on Saturday after golf...all passed out.

Happy hour on Saturday night. I love the view here!
Chris and his dad aren't they so cute?

Just chilling...enjoying life.

The view from our seats. It isn't it beautiful? I love this place!!

The whole group (pre the big question, note no ring)

Here is one of the pictures we took on the way....I love taking pictures here.

OH MY GOSH!! Chris snapped this just after I said yes, I am such a mess. Please don't judge the fact that I am an "ugly" crier! But look at my AMAZING WONDERFUL ring.

Steve, Chris, and I right after. I am still freaking out.

All of us back together, NOW ENGAGED!!!

Chris and Z after the proposal on our way to dinner. They both were so cute and happy.
I know I was probably the happiest ever!!!