Monday, March 29, 2010

Happiness, Cuteness, and Sadness all in my house!

This one is just because I am hardly ever in any with our pup!!!

Today Little Winston and I took an wonderful walk.  We headed out and ended up walking for about an hour to hour and half.  He loved it, as did I!  I am trying everything to get more working out and less sitting on my butt!! (minus time to blog and grade papers, HA)  Therefore you can imagine how happy this sweet cute little face was when we got home.  

He got even happier when Chris rolled in from work.   Monday are his late nights so Winston and I kind of do our thing till he gets home.  Winston LOVES Chris and goes crazy when he gets home.  After Chris took off his work clothes he began checking the mail.  Another thing I leave up to Chris in our house.  Okay technically it is not MY HOUSE, thus Chris' house...and now "our" house.  Therefore I don't feel as though checking the mail is really my place.  He was sifting through things reading out loud what all they were.  When he PAUSED!!!!  Got this little boy in a candy store look on his face; and opened up a piece of mail.  It was his STARBUCKS GOLD LEVEL REWARD CARD!!! You know this right here is ONE of the many reasons why I love Chris!

He loves a good deal, finding something really cheap, getting all the rewards, and such.  Therefore to have finally reach such a level at Starbucks is like a GOLD MEDAL to him.  I didn't realize until about 2 months ago that such a thing exsisted.  Chris' father always sends us some goodies, one being Starbucks gift cards.  Well somewhere along the line Chris realized that by registering them online and then using them added points.  So I would like all to know that I too am half owner of this GOLD card, due to the fact that he registers all my cards under his name.  Well from these wonderful gifts he has recieved another gift...THE GOLD CARD (are you all laughing yet...because I think this is crazy!  Although if SONIC had one you know I would be the first to sign up and win!)
With the card he now will get:
  • Free birthday drink
  • 2 continuous hours of free Wi Fi daily (thats big for him since he works out and about)
  • Free refills on brewed coffee and tea
  • Free flavored syrups
  • Free soy milk
  • Free tall beverages with ever pound of coffee purchased
  • Exclusive offers & coupons
  • Free drink ever 15 stars

This one here.....
She has never really LOVED our pup like we would hope!  I mean she did get ripped from her home, brought into a new one, and then put in it with a DOG!  However, after reading a lot of info....we found that for a cat to love a dog they must come around on their own time.  You are to give the cat a safe place and then let the cat come to the dog. Not the dog to the cat!  (which is how our house normally is).  Therefore, to give her time we have gated her so Winston can't run in and bark like a mad man!  At night once Winston is in his kennel she ROAMS FREE!!!  

Well here in the past 2 days, she has been very vocal.  Bob has always been a talker but man has she really stared to tell us!  She now will sit on the end of the bed and just MEOW!!!  She has decided she is not HAPPY with the way things are and wants us to know....But there is still that problem of the DOG!  I mean we move the gate and give her a chance to come roam and check it out but she just wont.  Yet she is pissed. meows, meows, and meows.  HELP!!!  Any ideas here on how to warm her up.  It's like in her head she has psyched her self up for him; but then when it comes time she freaks.  He is in no way mean to her, just a bunch of barking!  He mostly wants to play!  Therefore poor BOB, she sits each night and waits till 9 when she can roam free.  I love her and hate that this is how it is...I want to sit with her like we use to! It breaks both our hearts!!!

My guest book is in!!!

Alright I am sure you will remember back to my post where I spoke about my guest book! Ha, like you could remember, I can hardly remember what to do each day.  A little refresher for you.  Over spring break mom and I dug for rocks!  Yes, rocks....for my guest book at the actual wedding.   I want all my guest to write their names and memos on a rock.  I think it will be so neat to have the collection in a vase at our house!  I mean honestly for you married people; How often do you look at your guest book?  Exactly!  Do you even know where it is?

However, mom was very pressured that I would not have an actual guest book.  You know she has bent a lot with the whole destination thing...not being able to really plan and buy stuff for the actual wedding.  Therefore, she asked if we could possibly do a guest book at the Encore Celebration? (a.k.a. back home party)  I had not thought about having one there, so sure!  When we were at Paper Planet looking for some other ideas (fans for the ceremony) we found the perfect one.  I mean the idea for the perfect one.

I walked the wonderful worker through how I wanted it to look, and then they created it for me.  I picked this amazing hand made paper for our cover.  I love it it because it is the exact color that our wedding will be with a little something extra.  Then I had them put the hand made paper inside of the book for guest to sign on.  To top it off it was bound with this wonderful yellow ribbon!  I just LOVE IT!!!  THANKS MOM for pushing me to get a guest book.  Best part is, I designed and pick the whole thing out adding a little extra to the memory.

the ribbon binding...I love it

the inside where guest can sign and leave their thoughts...

If you are ever in need of ideas Paper Planet is where you should head.  It is kind of a design your own idea place that you can either make or have them make for you.  They have tons of pre-made ideas that you can look through for ideas.  I really love going much creativeness.  Chris better watch out or I could be spending a lot of our money in there!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Do!

I have not really posted much about or sweet little guy.  I guess things have been so busy lately with the wedding, spring break, and Chris in and out of town!  However the other night he was looking so cute I couldn't help but try out a few things with my camera.  I still have not gotten down to reading all the ins and out about it! But I am trying.  Here is our little guy looking rather FLUFFY!! (well over do for a hair cut)

And then this is the face that has won my heart over!  However, won his father's heart over way more than mine...he can talk his father into anything! 

Finally our sweet little guy did get his hair cut!  It was very nice to see him all trimmed up and clean.  He loves having shorter hair in the summer...he thinks he can run faster! Or so that is what his dad tells him.  

Thanks friends...


Thanks for all your votes!!!  I think it was a pretty easy one since almost everyone voted for B!  I loved all your input since I personally don't like to make decisions.  Also thanks to Jonathan our photographer...he formated the picture so it will look spectacular once enlarged.  Your the best BLOG FRIENDS EVER!!!  A MILLION THANKS!

Monday, March 22, 2010

I need some help...please help me pick!

Alright so if you don't know...I won an amazing offer from Bride on a Budget!  Now here is the tricky part....I have to pick which picture I want made into this AMAZING  (18x25) poster to be used at our Encore Celebration back home.  HINT HINT HINT!!! This is where you come....please comment on which picture you love best.  I hate to make decisions and well when planning a wedding I do it all day.  Therefore your opinion is very much appreciated.

Choice A- more formal Chris and I sitting on the steps.

Choice B- a little more casual Chris and I chilling in front of Rice welcome center

Choice C- a fun one....

I personally like A or B...because I can't imagine my nose on C as an 18x25 poster print.  However I am torn between A and B....please give me your choice!  Or if you have any other amazing suggestions I am more than happy to welcome them.  Thanks in advance! 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The fun is over

as I sit here sad about going back to work! BOO!! Well I did pretty good on my TO DO LIST, majority of the items got checked off. After mom and I had a very productive 1st half of the week, I took off for Norman. I had such a blast in Norman visiting my sweet babies. Okay well they are not babies any more! When I left Norman, Jack was just in Pre-K, Sissy and Will were in elementary school, and Sami was in Middle school. NOW Jack is the only one left in elementary school, Sissy and Will are both in middle school, Sami is driving and looking at Colleges! Where does the time go???

helping with the Flat Miley cause

How sweet is he??

Flat Miley loved her stay...

The kids have really grown up well. I mean to see how sweet and loving they are to one another is just amazing. I remember the days I was settling fights over silly things between Abby and Will. Not now, now Will is making sure Abby looks her best and keeping his eye on any boys that may cause trouble...he is her little protector. It is so cute to see how much he cares for her. Sam is so grown up I can't even believe that little guy was only 10 when I first started babysitting him. I remember the nights we would sit and do homework together...not now his is so stinking smart! Oh and my sweet baby Jack...he has really turned into a little man. He is reading like crazy, loves his big brother Will to death, and just hysterical to talk with. Jen and Troy Daddy have an amazing little family. I am and always have been very thankful to have been apart of their family. I loved every minute of my too short visit with the kiddos. Even the snow couldn't ruin our fun! We had a blast. I can't wait until the wedding when Jack helps B down the isle as my handsome ring bearers. Only 97 more days!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

2 Wonderful Years!

All I can say is wow! I can not believe how fast time goes. I mean I can, but it still crazy. Exactly two years ago I was having my first date with Mr. Wonderful. Thankfully I had some amazing friends that forced me to join them at happy hour. As Chris and I sat and talked, slowly our friends began to leave the table. Next thing you know we were by ourselves chatting it up! I had been hopping for that moment for some time (ask my friends...I'm sure they were tired of hearing about it).

Did I know at that moment Chris would be the one I would live a long happy life with???? I had a feeling that our relationship would definitally be different! I am so blessed to have found such the perfect guy for me. We do wonders for each other! In less than 100 days we will become man and wife! I can't wait for the next adventure.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WOW, what fun we had today!

Let's just say when we left the house at 9:45 am we had no idea we would be out till 10:00 pm. Mom and I had the most productive day ever. I mean really we probably could have squeezed in a few more things, but I am just not sure where!!

We began our day hitting up smaller shops over here by the house. Our goal was to find super cute clothes for the wedding, cute goodies for the wedding, and well have fun. I can say we met them all. We found the cutest candle holder at one of the florist. Plus we got some great tips on a wonderful cake lady. Also some hints on flora arrangements for wedding parties. Then we ran into this little store I have been dying to go into, but never had the time. "Spoiled Pink"....SO STINKING CUTE! I found my dress rehearsal dinner outfit for sure there. Plus I got some other great out fits too. Not only that but the help was wonderful and if you look just right you can get some very reasonable buys. They also carry a lot of local artist jewelry and goodies, which can be fun too. I was super jazzed about my cute outfit.

(p.s. didn't I mention Miley went along with us every where too!!)

From there mom and I headed over to Los Vaqueros (where my back home party will be in August) for lunch. Mom had not seen the room yet so I wanted her to get a good look. You know it is easier to decorate something you have seen, right? She liked it, which is wonderful! We had a nice lunch then took off. Our next 2 stops were over on the other side of town. The hardest part was getting over there and not hitting the ZOO traffic. I know you people think I am CRAZY!! However, ZOO traffic during spring break is madness, but then today is 1/2 price day too. Therefor those of you familiar with the area will be amazed to know the traffic when all the way back to I35 and the downtown exit! MADNESS!!!

We finally found ourselves over at Paper Plant. Here you can build your own invitations and much more. It really is a neat store and if you know how to work things you can come out ahead by making your own stuff. I wanted to show mom these fans they make there. Not only can is it a fan but it is also a program for the wedding. I tried to explain it but she didn't understand so off we went. Once we go there we just had a blast. We made a mock fan to have as an idea...and mom talked me into making the cutest guest book. I know I said I didn't want a guest book for the wedding, however mom was very stressed out by this. Therefor she talked me into this handmade one for the back home encore party! It is going to be super cute, I'll post a pic when I get it next week!!!

(funny since Chris proposed in Scottsdale, Arizona!)

From there we were off to the random ROCK place I pass by all the time, Whiz-Q Stone. Why do we need ROCKS?? Well as stated above, instead of having a guest book for the wedding I am using rocks. Okay you now really think I am crazy right? No no no...I have been wanting this since the beginning. Instead of a book your guest will write their name and a message on a river rock. Then we can place all the rocks in our wonderful glass vase from Crate'n Barrel (that my sister got us for Christmas). I just love the fact that it is also a decorative item, as well as our wedding memories. A twist on the guest book and messages that's all!! Mom and I found some really neat rocks....oh and don't kid your self. We just climbed right up the mound of rocks and started digging around for the right size and shape. After picking out my 55 plus rocks we had to weigh them. All in all my 24 pounds of rock cost $2.48. Pretty cheap guest book if you ask me!! How will I get the rocks to the Dominican Republic? Simple I will spread them out among all our suitcases. I have been a little stressed about finding the perfect rocks (I know something silly to worry about), but now I am so happy.

mom on top of the pile...

note to self...don't wear nice shoes to dig for will get very dirty...

Finally, once we finished there we actually were on our way to Southlake!! Our goal all day was to head over to a store there; I actually thought we would have been there around 1. HA, it was now 5:30ish and we were just heading over. RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC...well we made it to North Richland Hills and stopped to do some shopping. I mean 183/820 is a mess at 5:30 so it was a super idea. After shopping the area we continued on to Southlake. We managed to make it there about 7, not too bad! We hit up our intended store....I was very happy I had found my super cute clothes earlier since they really didn't have anything amazing. However, I did find some rocking red shoes. All in all mom and I accomplished a TON of things today. I now have 7 super cute dresses for the wedding week (and honeymoon week), 3 pairs of wonderful shoes (and the just married flip flops), as well as a few accessories. I am very happy with this! Oh shopping task SWIM SUITS!!! YIKES, I just don't feel ready, but really need to get on it! (if you see any amazingly wonderful ones please share, since I will be on the beach for 2 weeks!!)

Monday, March 15, 2010

I can do this....

even though many people do not believe that I am capable of such things! (I will get to the the great accomplishment in a moment)

Today I had big plans of getting many things on my list done! I stared off on the other side of town which proved to be very beneficial since it is SPRING BREAK! Why does that matter you may ask? Well we live by BOTH the Fort Worth Zoo and Fort Worth Science Museum thus equaling MAJOR TRAFFIC. The police are posted at all the concerns making sure traffic doesn't back up too much. However, it is still pretty slow moving. I think the reason things are so crazy this year is because the museum is newly remodeled and much better than before. Anyhow, with all the crazies out I thought I had accomplished enough for the day and headed home.

Well not only did I accomplish some tasks on my TO DO LIST (3 to be exact)...but I also COOKED DINNER! (yes you read this correctly, go ahead and reread it if you need) No, I am not a fan of cooking, nor do I ever want to really cook. Chris enjoys cooking so I kind of let him do it all. Well needless to say I went out on a limb here today and made dinner. Chris works late on Mondays so that gave me plenty of time. He had been asking for lasagna the past couple of days. Therefore I being the wonderful, amazing, super, awesome, spectacular fiance I made him lasagna.

Please keep in mind the prior statement....I DO NOT COOK! I should have added; I have never in my life made lasagna, nor am I a big fan. I mean my mom and sister love it and make it often. However, the only part I can remember of the whole thing is cooking the big noodles. Therefore, GOOGLE here I come!! I did a quick little look up; reviewed about 50 different styles and just picked one with super reviews. I spent the better half of the evening making my lasagna from scratch! That is right people I made everything; no I didn't cheat with a jar of ready made sauce! Chris was over joyed when he came home. That made it worth all the work I put in (especially since we had yet to eat it to see if it sucked). Chris took some pictures with the camera, however for some reason they didn't work???

I don't think the IPhone pic does it justic!

Just before we ate I did tell Chris if it sucked he didn't have to pretend to like it! You know I want him to be willing to eat it, but not if it totally sucks. GREAT NEWS!! It didn't suck, and Chris actually like it. I personally thought it was a little spicy, but know how to tweak it for next year. Please feel free to share your lasagna recipe with me...I am ready for the next one.


(I probably wont be doing a lot of this...blogging)

Today is officially the first day of SPRING BREAK! I am so freaking jazzed...well mostly because the last 4 weeks of 26 kids has worn me out! Yes, I am very thankful because this last week I had 3 kiddos withdraw...leaving me at 23. However, a break is much needed here in my life! Not only do I need a break, but I have many wedding things to get started or completed this week too. What all do I hope to accomplish? (notice how I said HOPE!) Let's see:

  1. Bob to the vet...she has a funny spot on her back
  2. Winston's hair cut on Tuesday
  3. Addressing all 150 wedding invitations
  4. Stuffing all 150 wedding invitations
  5. Finalizing the items needed for the welcome bags
  6. Order the items I don't have yet for the welcome bags
  7. Confirm that all bridesmaids have placed their orders for dresses
  8. Pick out the shorts/pants for my 2 sweet ring bearers
  9. Arranging address for the Encore celebration back home
  10. Picking out cute little invites for the Encore party
  11. Shopping with mom for her outfit
  12. Shopping for swimsuits/beach gear
  13. Shopping for at least 3 or 4 super cute outfits for showers/rehearsal dinner/anything wedding related
  14. Helping Chris finalize the grooms men's outfits on Wednesday
  15. Double checking all details
  16. Redoing my center groups for school
  17. Properly filing some work samples from the kiddos
  18. Cleaning out a closet
  19. Getting the car washed (majorly needs it)
  20. Taking a trip to Norman, OK (doing this one no matter what)
Okay after listing it out it looks to be a very busy spring break week. I mean heck I may not even get to sleep in like I kind of wanted to! Okay so I have now made each of you accountable of keeping me on track! When you start to see thousands of random blogs...well you may want to speak up. However, I know I will derail at some point...who doesn't? Regardless I will do my best to complete the list above (we will revisit this on next Sunday to see.) Everyone else who is lucky enough to have a spring break...ENJOY IT!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flat Miley day 2

Flat Miley had many adventures today!!! She began her day waking up in bed with sweet Bob! She loved sleeping in there and I know Bob loved having company. Then she headed outside to help Chris. Great weather + Chris= YARD WORK! His endeavor today was to remove a stump. I personally have no issues with said stump. However, apparently Chris has many issues with it. Unannounced to me he hates this stump because he can't just mow straight. Therefore today he was going to REMOVE try to remove the stump. Miley really felt like she could lend a hand. Then she like any girl realized this was an outlandish request!

Therefore she was done with Chris!! Her next task was to travel to Plano, Tx for a bridal show. My wonderful bridesmaid Julie, Miley, and I headed out.

Our goal was not so much checking out the bridal show but rather picking up part of my invitations!!! (YEAH YEAH YEAH) Sonja and her husband Jeff were so wonderful...they even had time for a picture! My invitations are going to be ROCKING!!! I can't wait till everyone gets them. After a bit of looking around we headed home!

(sorry IPhone cameras allowed in the show!)

Once we got home Miley was a bit tired I she chilled what Chris and I did some Tivo catch up! Then of course she (Miley) reminded me that we needed to update Little Bear on our days activities! Here we are all three of us (Winston, Miley and I) blogging away! Winston loves to help me blog and now Miley too! Fun was had by all today.

P.S---I promise not to blog about EVERY day (about every other) with Flat Miley, however there is a sweet 6 year old that misses her dearly!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Chris and I had a very special delivery today when we got home!! I have been waiting for this surprise for 2 days now!!! What did we have? Flat Miley (aka Flat Stanley), Little Bear's school project for the next 2 weeks. I am so excited to be apart of such a fun little project.

(Quick summary for those who don't know what Flat mail a paper doll to different locations, those people take pictures and write letter...they mail it back and you can read all the adventures your doll went on!)

Little Bear put in a lot of hard work to make Flat Miley ready to go. When I opened the package I was so shocked to see Flat Miley had a suitcase! Inside her suitcase were 2 extra outfits, accessories, and shoes of course. (For all the details on Little Bear getting Flat Miley ready to go click HERE!) Flat Miley wasted no time before her FIRST big adventure....

Miley in front of her suitecase!

Her 3 outfits, shoes, and much more! 

She jumped right outside and began helping Chris. The weather here was so amazing that yard work was fun! She helped him plant some new bushes in the back yard. Oh and did I mention that Flat Miley is an AMAZING baby sitter! That's right folks. I was watching one of the sweetest little girls ever, little M. Her mom and I play tennis together...and I love watching her because she is so good! Well Flat Miley sat with her for a while too. Little M loved Flat Miley she laughed at her for a bit.

Little M holding Flat Miley!!

Needless to say this is just a start to Flat Miley's many outings she will have for the next two weeks. Oh and I should probably worn you know, this is probably in no way the last post about it either. You know Little Bear loves to see what's going on while Miley is here. Little Bear she is in super hands...and do you care if she sleeps with BOB tonight? She loves you and misses you!!!


I was crazy excited yesterday after I received the information that I WON!! Okay I never win a thing...but yet something for the wedding!! I like many of you browse around a few blogs, some I just check occasionally; others well I pretty much STALK them! I have found this great wedding one (Bride on a Budget) that I have been stalking for about 2 months now. I love all the different things she blogs about. Oh and she has many giveaways! The fun party for me up until this point; is to just see all the super ideas out there. I have found many new wonderful sites because of her giveaways.

Now not only do I enjoy her site I LOVE IT!! I WON one of her giveaways on Friday!!! Click here to read all about it! For all my friends and family you will get to see this grand prize at our ENCORE party back home!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Marriage Mentoring Session 2

Last night Chris and I had our second session with our marriage mentors. They really are a fun couple and we had a great time. We have not been to mentoring for 3 weeks...because we were waiting on the results from our "test". If you remember that we had to answer the 200 plus questions....

Well anyhow on the way over Chris remembered that we got the results back this week. He said man I hope we don't have to go over all the questions tonight. I told him I thought they were just a reference for what we should work on. Well needless to say we didn't do to terribly bad on the test. We actually scored 100 on three of the areas, meaning we both chose the correct answers! Well the way things work is for the next couple of sessions we just review over a few of the areas we need to work on things.

We had a good time last night. I of course was the the one that answered some of the question "incorrectly". Mostly because I am very literal and truthful. One of the questions was on organization...and if I felt my future spouse appreciated my organization. I of course was truthful and didn't think he like how I organized (or lack there of). I mean Chris is very particular on things...and his organization is not mine. Needless to say I had to explain myself and why I picked disagree. It was funny to see what I would disagree on and what he would. I really am enjoying the sessions.

I think Chris and I are going to really grow from this. I mean in the past 3 weeks we had already worked on 4 of the "issues" that were talked about last night. Progress we are making...and having a good time while doing it! I am excited about next week because we are going to take a quiz to figure out which "love language" we speak!!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Axa Awards Banquet 2010

This year Chris' company awards had a bit of a change in location. Normally it has been held in the DFW area, however this year we got a little road trip to San Antonio. The change was nice and allowed us a chance to carpool with some friends. We had a nice ride down chit chatting and such. The guys talked business, while I quizzed Jessica on a few wedding things. Her and Dylan had a destination wedding almost 2 years ago. We arrived in San Antonio around 430 with enough time to get ready for the big event.

Dylan and Jessica

Chris and Greg

Chris, Bobby, and Dylan looking good

Ryan and Chris

The awards banquet was very nice. I enjoy watching all the winner receive their awards. His company has some pretty funny characters in it...After the banquet everyone got to enjoy the Riverwalk. While Chris and I were out walking around this man dropped to one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. How sweet!! Thanks to AXA we got to enjoy a nice little weekend getaway!

Friday, March 05, 2010


Wow, I can not believe that Chris and I have been engaged for 7 months!!  Let's do a quick recap of all the amazing things that we (when I say we mostly I mean me, my family, and or my friends) have accoplished.  I would love to sit here and blog that it has been all sunshine, rainbows, and butterflies.  However the reality of it is that there have been a few struggles here and there; but for the most part I think it has gone very well.  Nothing is an adventure without a few bumps in the road, right?

Well first of all I did the major freak out that all newly engaged girls do!!!  I looked at my ring a billion times...oh wait I still do that!  Then of course I endulged in many BRIDES magazines; thanks to my mom and sister.  I shared my AWE-INSPIRING proposal story will many friends, family memebers, and blog friends.  Then after about the first month I began to do the seriouse stuff, you know the "planning".

I looked at my "knot" planner today and realized I had accoplished many of the to-dos that were necessary as well as the ones that are still ahead.  Here is a small (lol) list of things that I have completed in these very short 7 months:

  • Picked out our wedding party
  • Visited the wedding site (Mom, Abby, and I headed to the DR in fun fun)
  • Planned the wedding ceremony (from flowers to cake and more)
  • Picked the colors of our wedding: yellow and aqua (the ocean made that easy)
  • Took our engadgment pictures (thanks to Jonathan they were BEAUTIFUL)
  • Compiled the many names and addresses needed
  • Mailed our Save the Dates
  • Arranged Jordan to be our travle agent (that makes me happy not to be booking flights and such)
  • Set up our wedding website to help keep people up-to-date on arrangements (
  • After many dresses...finally found MY WEDDING DRESS!!!
  • Picked out Chris' suit for the wedding (very handsom)
  • Registerd for all the fun goodies
  • Asked our pastor to join us (Thanks Mark you rock!)
  • Planned out the ceremony style
  • Found a location for our back home ENCORE celebration in Fort Worth
  • Picked out the bridesmaids dresses (see post from earlier this week)
  • Purchased thank you gifts for the wedding reception
  • Purchased bridesmaids gifts
  • Purchased gifts for the flower girls and ring bearers
  • Began purchasing items for the Welcome Bags (mostly complete minus 3 items)
  • Purchased the Welcome Bags
  • Invitations...picked out the perfect ones (thanks to Sonja at JWD Paperie)
  • Began to look at rings for CHRIS!!
  • Began purchasing "beach" clothes for the wedding week and honeymoon
  • Booked the videographer for the wedding day
  • Chris booked our honeymoon ( Sandals Royal Bohemian Resort, Nassau, Bahamas )
  • Began pre-marriage mentoring
Okay WOW!!! I am sure I didn't cover all the things I have done.  I mean heck I am trying to keep up with it all, but you know it is really hard.  However, there still are a few things on the TO DO LIST! However I am pretty happy with all that is completed or at least in progress.  Yes it kind of seems like I will never cover it all!  I just can not believe that our wedding is coming so quickly.  I mean it is crazy...I still feel like Chris just proposed to me yesterday.  From today we only have 112 days left...heck I better stop blogging and get to work!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Vote for Tatum!!!

Okay I normally don't ask much of my readers...however, I am asking you now to VOTE for TATUM!!

Jessica and Dylan have the sweetest little girl, Tatum. They are Chris's good friends from college; and also our  great neighbors. Well her 6 month photo was chosen for a contest. If her picture wins then the proud mommy and daddy will get an 16x20 print (you know how much those cost$$$$). If you get a chance please click on the link HERE and vote for her! Scroll down and you will see the cutie, in the BIGHT pink!!!

The polls close on SATURDAY, so GO NOW it takes just a second. THANKS BLOG FAMILY YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I will tell you all this, like you don't know! I hate making decisions! I mean I HATE HATE HATE doing it. Therefore one can imagine how much I hate doing it for the wedding. I mean there are some things that I know I want and just jump on it it. However, there are also those other things that I don't want to be the main decision maker on. Case and point! WEDDING INVITATIONS!!!

Decision Numuro Uno: YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! Everyone get excited I have officially picked it and ordered them! Rock on my friends. I am very thankful I found Sonja at the bridal show last weekend. She had an invitation that met everything I wanted. You know different, cute (not cheesy), and one of a kind! Sonja and her husband own an invitation company in Flower Mound, JWD Paperie. She has been amazing...I mean every step of the way. I feel 100 percent better about the whole invitation problem I have had for about 2 months now. I can't wait till they are finished and mailed out. I just hope everyone who receives one LOVES them as much as I do!!

Decision Numro Dose: Okay so I can say this... I love yellow and am super excited about that being one of my wedding colors (the other aqua....matches the ocean). However, my poor bridesmaids are not so excited about it! Okay they honestly they have all been very kind about not voicing that option too much! Therefore since I am torturing them with a yellow bridesmaids dress I wanted to give them some options. I emailed out 4 dresses last week. Everyone voted on the top 2, and from there we had a run off. Finally on Thursday we had a winner....and I booked an appointment for 3 of my sweet girls this past Sunday. Erin, Whitney, and Julie all came and tried on the winning dress. I was excited to have them doing this for me! They all like aspects of the dress making it a great choice for all. So 3 dresses are ordered with 2 to go (they both live out of town).

(the yellow looks better in person of coures!)

I will have to say wedding wise this weekend has been very productive! Two of my major remaining decisions are in progress, thus making me one happy bride! Now if I could just get that fiance of mine to make a move on the men's wear!! They will be wearing a light sandish tan (like that word there) linen pant with a white long sleeve linen shirt, sleeves rolled 3/4 of the way up. He however is not sure where he wants to get the pants and such from....maybe I get him to plan that out soon! Then I would be an OVER JOYED bride! Rock on only 117 more days!!