Saturday, December 31, 2011

Watch me grow, 37 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
 This week I thought this picture was way better!

Baby R at 37 weeks!
How Far Along: 37 Weeks

Size of the baby: Well we have an estimate on Baby R's size this week since we had our LAST sono!  Baby R is 6 lbs and 14 oz!  Actually I think we could just stop there and meet this little person.  

Total Weight Gain/loss: Well that pound I gained last week is no longer I lost weight!  I am down a pound, whoo whoo 34 total 

Maternity Clothes:  Just enjoying it while I can...and hoping that soon I'll be back to normal.  

Gender: SURPRISE!! We are not going to find out till Baby R arrives in January! 

Movement: Oh the movement wont stop..which is a good thing I guess!  However, you will never believe what BABY R has done to me!  Today I was getting ready like normal and blow drying my hair.  When all of a SUDDEN Baby R KICKED the crap out of me and POP!  No not my water, but my belly button!  YIKES it has now popped out some, I am completely devastated as this is the only thing I didn't want to happen!  Guess Baby R needed that extra inch or so! Sadness in my world though :-(

Sleep: Been sleeping more, even Chris made a comment on it.  I blame that on the fact that I can take afternoon naps since we are out of school this week.  I love those naps.

What I miss: Sitting normally, I feel like I am unable to cross legs or sit like a lady.  How can it be so hard to move your legs? Well, it is!

Cravings: I have had a few ice cream cones this week, yikes! 

Symptoms: Swelling....Goodbye ankles and hello sausage fingers!  Poor fingers I hope one day they are normal again, I miss my wedding ring like CRAZY!

Best moment this week: Seeing Baby R on Wednesday! It had been a while since Chris and I got to actually see the baby, so that was wonderful.  Also just having our weekly check up knowing things are still on track makes me feel at ease as well.  Can't wait to see Baby R in person! 

Tell us what you think

Just for fun I added a little poll to the side bar!  Let us know what you think Baby R will be.  Since we are down to the final days I thought it would be fun.  Everyone has a different idea as to what Baby R will be based on wise tells and give us your input!  Who knows we may find out sooner rather than later :-)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas fun

This year Chris and I spent Christmas just the two of us!  Since I am restricted on traveling we couldn't go anywhere.  Thus we had our first and last Christmas as just us 2.  Next year we will have a little one running around, how fun.  Anyway, when your on your own for Christmas it is very chill.

Chris woke me up to some yummy breakfast!  Then it was off to gift opening!  Our gifts were very simple as we had already done most of them early when we were with family!  However, Chris did give me a wonderful gift this year.  He gave me (and the baby) autostart on my car.  Since we don't have a garage to park in he thought being able to warm the car up from the front door would rock.  Let me tell you what, it does ROCK!  I gave Chris some new golf shirts, but really we did a pretty mellow Christmas since we have a little one arriving soon.

Later that afternoon one of our friends joined us for Christmas lunch.  We had a good time watching some sports and eating our way into a slumber! HA HA   Here are a few pics from our day!

My boys ready to enjoy Christmas!

my new bracelet from my mom and dad, love it

Winston with some of his new toys....

Donna, Chris, and I sitting down for our Christmas lunch!
Winston worn out from all the fun today! 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Watch me grow, Week 36

Pregnancy Highlights:

 Another week gone by!

How Far Along: 36 Weeks

Size of the baby: Baby R is now the size of a honeydew.  He/She is 17-18 inches long and weighing in around 5.5 lbs.  She/he is gaining a .5 oz a day! WOW!!

Total Weight Gain/loss: Thus far 32 lbs as of our last visit! I was so excited because last week I only gained 1 lb! Whoo whoo let's hope this week is the same!

Maternity Clothes:  Just enjoying it while I can...and hoping that soon I'll be back to normal.  

Gender: SURPRISE!! We are not going to find out till Baby R arrives in January! 

Movement: Tons, with little room to move I am feeling it ALL.  Hiccups have been out of control this past week, poor baby! 

Sleep: Still sleeping like a champ between bathroom breaks.  Plus since it winter break I get to take NAPS! Oh how I love NAPS!  

What I miss: Being able to travel and visit family this Christmas.  Also enjoying a nice adult beverage with others at holiday parties.  Winston is beginning to realize this baby is about to arrive!  He has been very clingy and worried as we have finished decorating and moving furniture.  Poor sweet pup!

Cravings: Yogurt this week, but I settled with a double dip waffle cone, mmm

Symptoms: Swelling....Goodbye ankles and hello sausage fingers!  Poor fingers I hope one day they are normal again, I miss my wedding ring like CRAZY!

Best moment this week: Checking off ALL of our TO DO list for sweet Baby R!  I Love getting to hear my baby's sweet heart beat.  Also I am dilated to a 1, whoo whoo we are on the right track.  Tomorrow we will know more about how much longer until Baby R arrives. Plus Chris and I celebrated our first Christmas as just us. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Surprise Parties!

Last Thursday night my dear friend Alison's boyfriend, Chad, threw her a huge surprise birthday party!  Alison is joining the 3-0 club...and well having a birthday on Dec 23 doesn't leave much room for parties as Christmas takes over.  (again a reason we need Baby R to wait till January) Since she has not had a birthday party in a few years he thought a surprise one would be great!

Chad was so cute as he has been preparing for the past 2 months!  He even asked her brother and sister to come to town for it.  I of course helped out by posting pictures of Alison all over from her child hood.  Thanks to her sister who stole the pics for us!  All in all it was a wonderful party and she was more than surprised!  Here are some pics to show the shock...I think Marcus her son was even more surprised! HA

 the gang hiding from her

Alison very surprised 

She just realized her brother and sister where there... 
Marcus, Alison, and Chad-too cute! 
Alison with her brother and sister 

Baby R enjoying his/her first surprise party as well as Chris and I.

All the girls gathered up!  Love this group they are the best!

Happy Birthday Alison and Welcome to the big 3-0!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Whew I made it to Christmas break, there for a moment I wondered if I would.  I love that we get 2 full weeks off.  I also love that we got out the week before Christmas, unlike my poor mom who gets out this Thursday.  Can you imagine trying to finish your shopping with only 2 days before...NO, thank goodness we have this whole week.  So what's on the list for our Christmas break...a MILLION things! Ha, Ha, Ha,

To Do's

  • purchase final Baby R items
  • organize Baby R's room/ closet
  • hang the decor in Baby R's room
  • put together all of Baby R's items
  • finish Christmas letters and mail cards
  • finish grades for school
  • wrap all family gifts for Christmas
  • pack our hospital bag, yikes!
  • oh and REST, REST, REST!!! 
Okay so as of this past Saturday we have accomplished a ton! We can check off the list many of those items. (thanks to my friend Alison for helping out...she is the best)
  • we purchased the last 5 must have items on Saturday
  • put together Baby R's items

  • Cleaned up Baby R's room
I am so embarrassed to even post this...but this was after our last shower! 
Looking better...that is just the closet, and those doors are gone!  I'll post final ones this weekend! 
  • Oh and also, I have wrapped all of the gifts that need to go with my sister to my parents! 
That is well as far as we are for now.  I plan to finish our Christmas cards tonight to mail out by Friday! Abby and Co will be here for a quick drive through tomorrow so I will have to love on my Little Bear and Monkey they will be off to my mom's for Christmas.  Then Winston and I have big plans of hanging pictures and curtains in Baby R's room....we might even let Chris help some! :-)  Now I leave you with a picture of what Winston and my Dr. would like me to be doing everyday!  

Nothing but chilling, blogging, texting, tivo catching up, and well sitting! Winston is enjoying the warm sleeping spot if you can't tell! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Slowing down,

Sorry for the lack in blogging this past week...but my life is so crazy busy now!  I am suppose to be slowing down...per my doctor however that is just not possible! I mean come on really I have to plan for a sub to be in my classroom at any moment now.  We have a baby's room to finish! We have baby items to buy, build, install, and prepare! Oh and in case you didn't notice...its the HOLIDAYS!  HA HA HA, slow down really.

Thus my blog week recap from last weeks crazy adventures: (a little long, sorry)

First of all our last week of school we have "singing in the halls" every morning for the first 30-40 minutes!  Yes, even though you may have heard that FWISD did not allow "SANTA" or "Christmas" in their schools, we still do it.  Our school is very huge in traditions and well it would take an ARMY to bring all the traditions to a stop. Anyways, the first 2 days of singing in the halls are a little crazy as the kids are getting the hang of which song to sing when.  We sing on average 10-12 songs....we cover all religions even :-)  Here is a cute little piece of singing in the halls we were singing Jingle Bells....oh and did I mention all 450 plus students and parents crowd into the main hall!  It is a blast promise!
So after singing for 40 minutes then you are suppose to have class, HA HA HA.  Not only are you to have class but you also have to give test and such!  Needless to say the last few days of school last week were a challenge, but we made it through!  
Chris even joined us for singing in the halls! 
On to the other aspect of teaching!  I love my job and I love my kids, but man does it suck to have to plan for some person to step in and be you!  I hate missing one day of school, but weeks!  YIKES! I have been really stumbling on how to prepare my lesson plans for my sub while I am out with sweet Baby R!  I started and restarted lesson plans like 4 times.  However, I finally buckled down last Wednesday and just did it.  I don't know if they are amazing or not, but well I did my best with what I could.  I mean every morning I would wake up and realize I forgot to mention something or the procedure for this or that! Not only that but I have also begun winging my sweet babies!  

Yes, I have begun to show them that if I don't arrive back after Christmas break they will manage and ACT NICE while I am gone!  HA, HA, HA, easier said than done right.  Especially my sweet S in class, he was my biggest worry.  He like Winston can tell that the end is near and has been extra needy in class.  Last week I had to look at him and say:  "S you will be amazing and wonderful while I am gone because I don't want to hear other wise....then I will have to come back up here to have a chat" Of course in true S style he said back: "Well I don't want to have a chat, but I do want to see the baby."  I then had to inform him that the baby and I would come only if he promised to act nice...otherwise he only got me and my "chat" voice!  He smiled and agreed he could do it while I was gone!  Such a sweet boy! 

Why all the fuss on making sure SCHOOL is 100% ready to go....well last Wednesday Baby R and I had our weekly visit to the Dr.  Things are moving right along, actually moving along so much that my Dr. asked over my 2 week break that I well....DO NOTHING!  Her exact words were: Spend more time on my bottom than on my feet!  Really, thus the rush to make sure we are ready at school for my sub to jump in, just in case I don't make it back to school on Jan 2.  However, I had a small "chat" with Baby R and told him/her that coming before Jan 2 would not due!  Ha like the baby cares what I think.  Now I can blog about being on CHRISTMAS BREAK!! WHOO WHOO!