Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Watch me change, week 20

Pregnancy Highlights:
Okay not my "cutest" outfit...ha I was running out the door to tennis today!
But I knew if we didn't take the pic it wouldn't get done, the week gets so buys. 
Of course our sweet boy had to have his picture taken too.
What will we do when I have to take the baby and his picture, oh heavens! 
How Far Along: 20 Weeks
We are half way there, whew whew!

Size of the baby: Well this week the "measurement" system changes a bit!  It is currently the length of a banana, and the size of a cantaloupe. 

Total Weight Gain/loss: Like normal...I don't weigh between doctor visits because well we don't have a scale.  Plus it would probably only depress me.  Past weigh in was 8lbs. 

Maternity Clothes:  Yep, and I took full advantage of the tax free weekend last weekend! Just a few new outfits for the school year.

Gender: SURPRISE!! We are not going to find out till Baby R arrives in January! 

Movement: Well let me tell you what...he/she must be playing his/her own tennis match in there!  This week he/she has been moving around like crazy.  That may also be because now I can "officially" feel it all.  Although my sister asked if I felt hiccups yet, not yet!  

Sleep: Since I started working this week my sleep has been AMAZING!  I am so pooped by the end of the day...on Wednesday I went to bed at like 7 and slept all night.

What I miss: This week I really have only missed one thing...NOT pregnancy related, but I still miss it!  A NORMAL LUNCH!!!  Having only 30 quick minutes for lunch for a pregnant person is crazy.  Especially since that is my "larger" meal for the day! 

Cravings: This week I can't say they are "healthy" ones, but I have been craving sweets.  This is so NOT LIKE ME!  I am not really a sweets person, but this week I can't get enough.  I am loving strawberry sour punch straws!  Tonight I had some good old chocolate pudding! HA, I do try to fight them off...but the cravings always seem to win.  

Symptoms: Thursday night Baby R decided to do acrobatic moves all night! So we were up A LOT.  If that's the worst I will take it.  It made for a long Friday at school but we managed. I feel so blessed to have no pregnancy issues other than a little sleep loss. 

Best moment this week: Really being able to feel the baby moving around.  All thought I am sure I will not be so thrilled later on about all this!  It makes me feel so happy!  Chris was quizzing me on how it felt today, kind of a hard thing to explain to a guy.  

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to work...

Amy, myself, and Emily before the kids arrived! 
Well, I have officially just had my first week back to work with kiddos!  It is going to be a fun year I can already tell.  I have some pretty lively kids to say the least.  Actually I have to do a little bragging....I think this was my BEST first week of school in my now 6 years of teaching.  I know it's hard to believe, but something about this class seems great.  I don't feel like we had to spend as much time on procedures, procedures, procedures!  I am sure this next week will be the "true" colors of the kids.  There is ALWAYS a honeymoon period on the first week....

I already have some funny moments that got jotted down, but this one was my favorite.  I shared it via facebook...so sorry if you're seeing it agin.  I have a rule about lunch....they must sit boy girl at lunch for the first 2 six weeks...this way they learn the rules and such.  If they get a bee (good report) then at the end of the first two six weeks they can sit as they wish.  I know I am a mean teacher, but I hate for them to act horrible when I am not around.  This is my way of kind of regulating from a distance.  Okay on with the story.  Since they have to sit this way I walk them in to their table and wait for a moment before heading to lunch my self.  I have this one sweet boy D. who is new this year.  He just moved in from Colorado, poor kid had to experience our hottest summer yet.  Every day his mom sends a fruit cup for lunch....every day he ask me to help him open it! (P.S. fruit cups are a pain in the butt) Here is our Thursday conversation:

D: Mrs. Roberts can you open my fruit for me?
Me: D. are you going to eat a fruit cut every day?
D: I don't know my mom makes my lunch.
Me: Well I was wondering where on my body you see the words, "Fruit cup opener?" (I am always pretty sarcastic with my kids...it makes life a little more fun)
D: Oh, well I guess it washed off of you in the shower this morning.
Me: (trying not to laugh out loud) Oh I guess I should stop showering then....

Keep in mind this is just one of our moments this week...I can not wait to see what other funny things can be said this year.  I really have a witty class and it is going to be a blast!  Here are some pics from room before school started.
Our classroom door
a view of the room from the front
the front of the room

our birthday zone and genre posters
the reading center...carpet rules...and examples of good work
I had to add my favorite thing in the room!  My SHARPIES....these are just the ones on my table.  I have another set for flip charts and such up by our board! HA
And the MESS after the first day of school!  Ha, once they bring all the supplies and such it gets crazy! 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Watch me grow, 19 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

Since Chris isn't here to take a pic I thought I would put up Baby R's latest pictures up! 
Our sweet baby!
Of course he/she had to put their foot right out there! I think it is his/her favorite thing to do...as lately I have been feeling it! 

How Far Along: 19 Weeks

Size of the baby: 9 oz and has a 2 inch head! The size of a mango!!

Total Weight Gain/loss:  Well we went to the doctor this past Thursday.  I have officially gained 9 total pounds! Yikes, it seems like a lot but I have to throw this out there...my girls up top have probably gained majority of that weight...(maybe tmi??)

Maternity Clothes: Booo....it's official that I have stepped into maternity clothes.  Mostly I have had to move into them because school is back in.  I can no longer wear my comfy summer gear.  

Gender: SURPRISE!! We are not going to find out till Baby R arrives in January! 

Movement: Still feeling the random movements here and there.  Mostly I know when it is sitting on one side...

Sleep:I have been sleeping wonderfully these past few days! I'm loving it, but I am sure it is because of all the hours I am putting in at work now.

What I miss: This week I seem to have been fine, but next week will stink since we are back to school and only 30 min for lunch.

Cravings: Nothing really.

Symptoms: Feeling the baby sit on one side is crazy.  Also my upper back is killing lately due to my massive sister I have acquired these days.  

Best moment this week: Last Thursday we got to see Baby R again! It was our big anatomy check!  You know making sure all the fingers, toes, and organs were there and working!  We are so blessed to know that Baby R is growing wonderfully.  Our wonderful sono lady said he/she looks just beautiful!  Such a relief to know all is well!  I wish we could see Baby R more often, ha.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Little State

Last weekend my wonderful women's 4.0 tennis team took a road trip. We all loaded up and headed down to Corpus Christi on Thursday.  We got there in time to enjoy dinner and play some games.  Girls trips are always so much fun!  Friday through Sunday were spent on the courts.  Each day we averaged about 2 matches a day.  We had some pretty amazing matches....and then those hard ones that were lost in tie breakers!  Needless to say there was tons of tennis, amazing dinners, and more laughs that one can handle! We even managed to squeeze in a trip to the beach!  Here is our weekend in photos.  Probably more than one would like to view, but you know me...I love taking pictures!  Oh and you will note that there are few of me....again because I'm the photographer! Ha ha

 Headed down...

 Kim's 50th Birthday.....she is so thrilled!
 The whole gang at dinner!

The "original" Whataburger!  
 Debra's sweet husband and family joined us! 
Game time... 

The team ready to play! Love these ladies!! 
The rest of Debra's family... 
Just relaxing between the matches! 
Mary and Susan...the cutest sisters 
Claire our fearless captain! 
The view from our hotel!  
 Debra and I (and baby R) trying to take a cute pic in the crazy wind!

 Debra and Claire talking about the next move! 
Great overhead Debra 
Jan loving life can't you tell...ha ha ha 
Laura one of our fearless singles girls! 
Mary our other fearless singles girl 
 Kim and Anita really playing hard! ha ha
Okay now they are down to business 
 Susan serving it up

Now some beach time.... 
Baby R and I enjoying the water....I look huge here, but really it's the wind! HA HA 
Did I mention they really enjoyed the designated driver...aka me!  
Boo our time is over and now we are headed home! 

Friday, August 19, 2011


Okay this is a quick note to tell you all I have not run away!  Ha instead I have been stinking busy.  Here is a look at my past week.
Thursday-Sunday I was in Corpus Christi for the Little State Tennis tournament!
Monday- the REAL world hit....WORK, We the teachers are back in action!!!
I began work Monday leaving no time to even unpack my suitcase from the weekend.  Believe me my husband would like to see that get done.  Working late every night then to bed only to be up early again.  Thursday was meet the teacher...another late night.  Tonight I worked and now am leaving you this little note.
Tomorrow...Tennis again it is Combo playoffs this weekend.  Oh and I have to fit in those last minute school things before Monday!  Yikes....so buys does not even sum up my week!

More details from all of this to come very, very, very soon!  Off to bed, early morning again tomorrow.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More goodies....

Wow! All I can say is that this baby is already SpOlIeD!!  This past week Baby R received 3 boxes from his/her grandma and grandpa Roberts.  Can you imagine coming home to this at your door?

Chris was the first one home that day....of course he was dying to open them.  I told him he had to wait so I could take pictures.  HA, that's me....the crazy picture lady!  Needless to say we were very excited to see all the fun items that his parents sent the baby.  Chris may have been a bit more excited than I (the non NEBRASKA LOVER).  I do love this cute tank top however.  

I guess because I am a good wife I will allow our child to support Chris' two schools that he loves.   OH GEEZZEE we have got to get some SOONER LOVE in this house ASAP for poor Baby R!