Wednesday, February 25, 2009


You know when you do something, and you can remember doing every step of it...but then it seems you have not done it after all. Well....Mr. Winston the Great made me feel this way last night. As you can see from my prior post we did Fat Tuesday with friends. My "job" was to let the little guy out for his late afternoon potty break. Okay I do this right...things go smoothly; or SO I THINK!!!

Well about 6:00 Chris calls...."Emily did you put Winston back in his kennel?" Of course my response is "YES." Then he proceeds to inform me that Winston met him at the door...he was NOT IN HIS KENNEL! I immediately start to think back.....DID I? Okay I was on the phone (ummmm that could have interfered with my process) I took Winston to potty one last time. We came in, then I picked him up and put him in his kennel. I remember pushing the lock over on the gate. I am now explaining the steps to my friend, just to ensure I am NOT CRAZY! Needless to say, he was out and had taken full advantage of the freedom. He didn't chew anything up but he did live a little puddle!

Picture this AM at oh about 6! Chris and Winston do breakfast together around 5:30 am, then he normally puts him back in his kennel around 6. That will allow him time to shower (Chris not Winston). Well things didn't go as planned for Chris this morning as normal. Here I am sleeping.(5:56 am)...and I receive this text message that states "Houdini Winston Roberts is now down to about 30 seconds and the escape is made." Of course I think what is this crazy text about...then I realize HE DID IT AGAIN!!! I DID PUT HIM IN HIS KENNEL LAST NIGHT!

THE PROOF: I am still waiting for Chris to apologize for assuming I was incapable of putting the dog up correctly. However, I am over joyed that he escaped again and with Chris. Now I think to myself...what are we going to do? How is he doing it? Well Chris watched and he is some how pushing the lever up. THE PLAN: Today after school when I got home I set up in the kitchen. I took some video on my camera to see how the little Houdini did it. (Video to come...Chris' compute will not do videos) In fact he didn't get out while I was videoing him, but he popped the lock up. I think he would have gotten completely out but Chris walked in and kind of stopped the "moment." Well we learned today Winston may be too smart for his own good.

Here are pictures of the old kennel and latch. Then you will see the new kennel...with no latches but a clasp.
Winston at work....on the escape
the latch
the trap while we were gone today

notice how the foot holds the leaver down just so....

The new kennel...I talked Chris into the cute pink one. Also note that Winston is BEHIND the kennel not in it...he is not so sure about this change.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


What a fun night we had. You know the Contreras family, of course we had to enjoy Fat Tuesday together. Nothing to big, but just a little get together. The weather could not have been better. We all headed out to a local eatery and enjoyed the patio. It is always nice to spend an evening with your good friends. Hope everyone had a wonderful Fat Tuesday as well.

Even Winston got in on the beads....

Look how handsom....

Winston Roberts is! Yesterday was a HUGE day for him, it was his first trip to the groomers. We have AMAZING NEWS!!!! He made it to and from the groomer with out getting sick (about 15-20 minute ride). Chris was the one who took him and picked him up. Winston is so lucky to have such a great dad! Sadly I don't have amazing details to report since I didn't go. However, Ms. Jackie did an amazing job. This lady LOVES dogs, so she gives each puppy a free grooming. She really believes that grooming for the first time can be a little scary, so that is why she does it for free.

She loved Winston (per Chris keep in mind) and just thought he was so cute. She said he is a very smart puppy! Also she was amazed at how well he did when she placed him in the kennel. (Of course, he loves his kennel at home....I think that is the best thing we have done as parents). She really did enjoy having Winston which is great. I was a little worried he may nip at her and such, but nope. He has a great temperament per Ms. Jackie. Well looks like we have ourselves a groomer! Here is a BEFORE picture.... it is a little hard to tell from the pictures but he really does look better!

Winston before the hair cut, all fluffy.

Winston just as daddy dropped him off with Ms. Jackie. He looks a little nervous....

Here he comes all pretty!!!

LOOK HOW HANDSOME! He is so cute....I love that sweet face.

I think he liked the trip, but was happy to be home to his bone and toys.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Prayer Marathon.....mile 26!!

Louis Buzek has now been in the hospital for the past 26 plus days. I can't not believe that so many days have passed since the beginning of this event. Louis, the Buzek family, the doctors, and Greg have been so strong for the past days. I know that he has been in the hospital over 26 days, but if you will remember we began the Prayer Marathon a couple of days after he entered. It is now the 26th mile of our marathon...we are close to the end!

Here we are running the last mile of the race....however this race is not over yet. We have helped Uncle Louie through great strides; but I feel as though there are still more hurdles to jump. I know that many of you all have joined me in this marathon of prayer and can see the end in sight. However I ask that you continue this race a little longer.

Look at what amazing things Louis has over come....
  • the flight to the ER
  • significant blood loss
  • 18 successful surgeries
  • blessed with an amazing health care team
  • daily wash outs
  • "micro surgeons" aka maggots

All of these things would have seemed impossible, but with everyone's love and support he was able to overcome the challenges. To everyone your prayers for Uncle Louie, Greg, Buzek family, and doctors have made such an amazing difference. Join me while I continue this marathon as long as it needs....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wow....I am amazed that Winston has been home with us for 6 weeks now! The time seems to go so fast. Sadly this weekend he had to go for his last round of shots and microchip. Since our last car ride over to Odyssey Pets (off Preston and 635) we have learned to be prepared!! If you will please remember back 2 weeks ago when we made this trip, it was not pleasant. Chris and I have taken everyone's (thank you to all) ideas into account. We began the trip with Winston sitting on Chris' lap (many have said he needs to see outside)....You see what we have learned is when he begins to drool he is about to get sick. Quickly we realize looking out the window is no better than him in his kennel. Therefore, back in the kennel he went... YES he got sick the whole way over. He was so excited to be out of the car once we got there. We showed up a little earlier than last time and they were still adopting out pets. Dana and the Rowlett Animal Adoption family were so busy. Therefore we just stuck around a bit while other sweet dogs got new parents and homes. Dana and Rowlett Animal Adoption adopt pets from Odyssey Pets about every Saturday around 12. It is so wonderful that Odyssey Pets allows them to do this.
Once things settled down a bit they were ready for our little guy. The sweet little girl (who gave him his last shot) took him and gave him his last PUPPY shot. Next he was passed on for the microchipping....I had to leave because I knew he would cry. Dana did a great job; and he is now ready for the REAL WORLD!!! Now it was that dreaded time...the CAR RIDE HOME! Poor Winston he really doesn't do well. He was sick the whole way home too. I hate that there is really nothing we can do for him. Everyone (the rescue people and trainer) says he may grow out of it. I sure hope so other wise we will never be able to leave our home!! That would be so tragic as we would like to see Abby and the kiddos some time soon!!! Once we were home, Chris and I cleaned up. Winston well he just chilled...he really wasn't himself for about 3 hours. Once he recovered from the car ride. He ate some dinner and played a bit later on.

LOOK who got a new package as well. He was so excited because he got another gift from the ROBERTS clan (Uncle Timmy, Aunt Riley, Grandma, and Grandpa). Look at this little guy loving his gifts. They sent him a dog that looks very similar to Winston, as well as, his same size. I love watching him drag it around the house. Tomorrow Winston goes for his FIRST HAIR CUT!!! I have left very important instructions with Chris to take lots of pictures. I feel like I may be missing an important moment in our little guys life, but have great TRUST in Chris. Be looking for a new dapper Winston soon!
Just checking to make sure it is his....
he loves to open gifts.
This is the dog they sent him...looks so similar to Winston!
Winston relaxing with daddy

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Tennis Family

If you would have asked me about 5 years ago if I would be playing tennis...the answer would have probably been NO! All through Jr High and High School I enjoyed playing tennis. Then I headed off to college and well just didn't have time. Around my last semester there I tried to jump back into it, but didn't find a good group. When I moved to Arlington and began watching Little Bear I found I needed to make friends. I mean don't get me wrong...I love my sister and Brian dearly, but I did need to find some friends. Being as I was "staying at home" watching Little Bear full time it was a bit hard to make friends. I mean for a while E and I joined Mommy Bootcamp. That was fun, but I needed something else. That is when I though I should get back into tennis (the best thing is once you play you really never lose it). I called up the local tennis center (Arlington Tennis Center), but they had already begun their leagues. That was sad news, but it is not like there is only one tennis facility. Then I called up North Richland Hills....they had some openings. I explained my tennis career so to speak and they placed me in the league that they felt met my skill level. Well I began playing with those ladies. Unfortunately the pro had not placed me in the correct league, as he placed me in a 2.5 level. (2.5 is a little better than a beginner) Therefore, the ladies disliked me because I had bombarded their nice little league and begun to win. They were actually very hateful. It was so bad that after the league was over, the pro told me the ladies did not want me to play with them anymore. Who does that...who kicks you out of a league.

Mad about the mean "old" ladies not letting me play with them I moved on. I was able to join in a Tuesday night league at ATC (Arlington Tennis Center). Thankfully it was a higher level league and the ladies were so sweet. From here is where my tennis team came about. I was playing one night and asked by a lady to come hit on a Saturday with her. I thought nothing of it, but come to find out it was an interview. That's right and was like they were test driving me for the team. Did I hit well enough? Would I fit in with the other ladies? and so on. This is where I met Claire....She invited me to join their USTA league team. I of course joined with out a doubt in my mind that it would be wonderful.

Luckily I found one of the most amazing teams ever. I love my team so much that some of the teams we play against think Claire is my Mom! (that is for another blog) I am so thankful to have found these wonderful women. These ladies are not just teammates but family. I would have never thought to this day I would still be playing tennis at least 3 or more times a week. Our captain, Claire, is tennis crazed you we practice on Monday and Thursday nights, and then play our matches on Saturdays (sometimes she will even con us into more tennis in a week). Therefore, since our season is beginning again here in a week we have been very busy. Tonight one of my team mates grabbed my camera while we were at practice. Thanks Carrie you got some great shots! (sorry the flash wasn't better) Here are just a few....

Okay I know the horrible

Alisa and Debra rock'n the court

Our leader......CLAIRE

Well okay here is another detail about Thursday night tennis. After practice we all head over to BJ's for dinner and drinks. The conversations are always interesting and it is just a great way to relax. I think it is a great start to our weekend. I really lucked out 4 years ago when I was searching for a great tennis team. These ladies are amazing, I couldn't imagine playing with anyone else. Hopefully this year we will take 1st in Ladies 4.o!!!

Debra, Judy, and Claire

Carrie, Alisa, and I
Okay the ladies paying attention this time!

Carrie and I with no drinks!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Improving my prayers....and Louis Buzek

Sunday's sermon was about praying how Jesus prayed for you. This was another great one, mostly because I often wonder, am I praying the best that I can. I mean, there is no correct way to pray as long as you do it. Prayer is a time for you to be with him and speak to him. However, looking into this the way Teddy (the pastor) did on Sunday opened my eyes a little. Teddy said it himself....often we pray for little things: a good day, to do well on a test, help your friend in their time of need....stuff like this. That is not wrong but it is not to the extent that Jesus prayed for us. (John 17:6-26)

Teddy spoke about ways we can begin to pray like Jesus did (keep in mind I am only highlighting the points that spoke to me...he had 4). His opening line was: If you want to pray for your family and other believers like Jesus would, pray for them.....
  • To be protected from the ravages of the culture and the evil one.

Okay, look at it in simple terms; that we need to keep ourselves from turning to the culture to look for the answers. I love the example he used here...It was that when you go to Barns and Noble and look to the magazine racks. People will go here (to the magazines) to see what is new, trendy, and what "everyone" is doing. This is not the way to live...following the coolest fad or learning about things in this months magazine is not the way. Instead we should follow his word.

  • To have true joy that only comes from a committed relationship with Jesus.

It is hard to have true joy if you are in and out all the time. I know I am guilty of this, the fact that when we truly need him...we seek him out. However, if things are good we don't seek him as much as we should. This point brought me back to the week before you know the #6. Don't stop praying until you can face the matter with faith and trust in God's sovereignty. After breaking down these verses in John I realized that it is possible to be "better" (for lack of another word) at praying.

I think it is wonderful that we have been studying this over the past month. As I have been praying for many people...Uncle Louie and Greg mostly. I am able to strengthen my prayers for those in need. Prayers are amazing, I mean look at what Louis Buzek has over come. It has now been 22 days since he entered the hospital. The prayers from so many friends, family, and anonymous followers have helped in more ways than we will ever know. I know Uncle Louie is very strong, has amazing doctors, but I do believe without the prayers of everyone he would not be doing as well as he is. Tonight Louise had a new type of surgery, it was not his normal "wash out". The doctors have taken him off the pacemaker. This is both a wonderful step but nervous one too. The pacemaker was there to help if his heart stopped again like it had at least 3 times prior. However, it could cause infections...The doctors felt since it has not been used (that is a wonderful thing) it could be removed to lessen the risk of infection. While in surgery the doctors placed maggots. I know many of you are wondering why maggots. It is my understanding that this maggots can help eat the dead tissue, but not the healthy tissue. I look at it like they can reach places the doctors can't or wouldn't because the risk is too high. These wonderful (yet weird) little maggots are going to do an amazing job cleaning him up. If you would like more info on this procedure you can go to Louis' blog here.

It is 22 days into this marathon that Louis has been facing. I have stayed very true to my prayer marathon. I know that many of you are running this race with me, praying each day for Uncle Louie and Greg. Thank you for all your prayers, each day you ask for his love and protection is another day of blessings.
"You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it" John 14:14

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What my Valentine weekend was.....

it began with happy hour as normal. We all headed to our same spot for Friday night. Not everyone came, because it was Valentine weekend, but those of who were there had a great time. My friend Carrie (my doubles partner) even showed up for the good times. Here are some pics.

Chris and his co workers

Carrie and I
My Contreras friends

From there the weekend moved right into tennis. Carrie and I played doubles in the annual Jack Frost tournament. The funny thing about this tournament is the laugh that it is called Jack Frost. However, no matter how nice the weekend prior or after is the weekend it falls on is always FREEZING....Well 2 years ago I think it was the coldest we have played in. This year it seemed to stay true....I believe it was about 38 yesterday when we walked on court. Then today it was a tad warmer at 45, but nothing like last weekends high 60's almost 70's. Well Carrie and I play a blah first match, moved into consolation. We lost today in the semi-finals, however play a very nice match. All in all we had semi good weather (for this tournament) and some great tennis. Next step, we begin our spring season matches. I love my 4.0 ladies tennis team we have such a great time. Here are some pics....of Carrie and I, as well as another fellow team mate.

Anita taken the volley

serving the ball...

some great action shots (notice I was brave and took the pants off...still cold)

After the loss!!!

Yes, I am sure you are wondering where the Valentine part was in this weekend. Well after yesterday's match Chris and I enjoyed a normal Saturday. We went to Target (my most favorite place ever) checked out the sale area and grabbed a few things. The best part is we went to the NEW target that has the NEW CARTS!!! I know who would have guessed I would purposely go to a REGULAR TARGET, but if we don't need food I normal ask that we go there. The carts are so nice and they ride smooth....and it is a little less busy than the Super Target. We then rented a movie from Redbox (love the Redbox), grabbed some dinner, and went home to our baby. It was just like any Saturday, nothing special. Oh except Chris broke my Valentine rules and he and Winston gave me a card. Still it broke my non Valentine rule! He is such a mess.

My sweet Boys....Happy heart day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Poor mistreated.....

Kitty and turtle, that would be Bob and Tucker. You see today as I was at school showing off my sweet nephew B another teacher wanted to see their dog. B loves Bailey dog so much that Bailey is one of the couple of words he knows. I then began the scrolling....scrolling....scrolling on Abby's blog to find a picture of Bailey. It was all the way to July I think of 2008 that I finally found a picture. Then the picture was not even really of Bailey but really B, he just happen to be in the background. Therefore after school I called Abby to ask her how she could mistreat my sweet nephew dog like that. How could she never put his picture up on the blog, I mean he was her "first" child. Then she BUSTED ME!!!

"Emily, where are the pictures of Bob and Tucker?" I mean after all you have had them longer than Winston. Oh and they are actually YOUR animals, not a shared one. MY HEART STOPPED!!! She was right, this whole time I have been mistreating them. What a horrible parent I am! How could I not tell of my sweet babies...and only talk about "that DOG" the one I SHARE!. To BOB and TUCKER.....MOMMY REALLY LOVES YOU!

Below I have added pictures of both my sweet babies. Okay for those who don't know Bob, she is the best cat ever. (Yes you read that right SHE) When I was working at JPS oh gosh 5 years ago, the schedule coordinator had this sweet cat. She and her daughter were moving to a new place that would not allow animals. I remember that she had asked me at least 4 times if I wanted a cat...I said NO, I am allergic...blah blah blah. You know all the excuses you use! Then it was about a day later and I asked her if she had found a home, she had not. She informed me that she was going to take her to the pound. I was heart broken, I think I even has talked it over with Abby and Brian. That is when I said I want her. I really knew nothing about her at the time, but I couldn't have asked for a better cat. She is perfect for me. When I picked her up that is when I learned why SHE was name BOB. She is a minx....that means she was born with no tail (a cute little stub). So her daughter called her bob because she kinda looked like a bob cat with a bobbed tail. Bob was only about a year or so old when I got is great because she and E are always the same age! For E this was the only cat she ever knew of...she loved her and Bob always did great with E. It was funny the one time E saw a "real" cat (you know one with a tail) I think they were at a friends....she came running to Abby and said "Mommy mommy the cat has a tail like Bailey not like Bob!" That was when we had to explain to her that Bob was a special cat. Bob is wonderful. She keeps to her self yet loves to be close. For a person, such as my self, who is allergic her non cuddling is fine with me. Here she is:

Okay I know people think I am crazy, not only do I have a cat but a turtle! Well Tucker is special too. You see my mother has turtles at home (this is a whole other blog) and Tucker is one of the 1st babies. When Dad first found him it was late summer, I was worried that he wouldn't know how to eat like the adult turtles or hibernate. Mom told me I could take him home if I wanted. I loaded him up in a shoe box and we drove back to Fort Worth. I guess I have had Tucker for 4 years now, he started out about the size of a quarter. He is much larger than his brother who is still in Amarillo with mom. I think that is because he doesn't hibernate and lives inside. For people who have never been around turtles, come on over. You have to see his personality...yes I said personality. I know it seems weird but he has one. He gets made just like cats and dogs do. He turns his water bowl over and will carry around his cage when he want more. He is a riot..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The things we love.....

about WINSTON! I know I have not really put up a WINSTON post in some time, so here is the latest (maybe a little long, sorry). Winston has really come into his own little personality lately. He is now a happy 10 week old puppy with tons of energy. Winston is really a wonderful puppy, I don't think we could be happier with our little man. The best thing that I love is the potty training.....well I think for the most part he is doing AMAZING! The past week he has only had one accident (I am knocking on wood). Winston loves his schedule (as does his father). We found out the hard way last night that if he is off schedule it messes everything up. He loves to play. He is pretty good at fetching a ball, 3 out of 5 times he brings it back to you. He dislike plastic bottles. I have attached a is a bit dark but you can see (or hear) how he hates them. If we place a plastic water bottle on the floor he goes crazy barking and circling it. It is the funniest thing ever. The other thing that makes me laugh is his night time snack. Okay so we heard that ice makes their puppy teeth feel better, so Chris gives him a night time snack. He puts some crushed ice in his water bowl. Winston picks out one by one a piece and runs around trying to eat it. They slip out of his mouth which drives him crazy, then he goes in for another. Yeah we end up with little water puddles around but it is at least 15 minutes of no biting.

BITING....grrr to this, but no worries we have a solution I HOPE! Today was a very big day for Mr. Winston, we signed up for PUPPY SCHOOL! That's right he will begin classes on February 25th, I am so excited. The down fall, he is still car sick. The trainer that we will be seeing for his puppy school suggested we take small trips in the car. She said it may help him get use to the car "feeling" and be less likely to get sick. Chris and I have taken this suggestion and tried it out. Chris the BRAVE father....and one who doesn't FOLLOW rules, took Winston last week to PetSmart for a car ride. He lets Winston sit in his lap while driving (which I am totally against, I think he needs to be in his kennel or bag for safety). Did Winston get sick? NO!!! Chris claims this is because he could see out the window...I think it was pure luck. I who have taken Winston the past 2 nights to PetSmart got to endure the car sick dog he is. Last night he made it there fine, then on the way home not so good. Today we made it there with no problems.....then we made it home. As I opened the door to the car and was telling Winston good job, he looked at me and puked. I think we may need a miracle here people. Next SATURDAY we have the horrid drive 635 and Preston for his last shot and microchip!! YIKES! Okay as you can see I could go on and on and on about our little guy. We love him so much and he is growing so fast! Any tips please send them on, we love to try new ideas!

Look at his sweet face
Winston's favorite spot

The smartest girl I know....

Sweet LITTLE BEAR is the smartest girl I know. Okay so maybe since she is my niece I think this more than others but really she is. As most know Little Bear attends a preschool in her home town...this is her 2nd year there and next year she will go on to Kindergarten. Therefore her teachers have begun pushing sight words and reading. Well if there is on thing E loves to do it is read. She has loved to read from birth. I believe that this is because she had an AMAZING AUNTIE reading with her pretty much daily (Okay her mom likes to read too). I think it was at about 1 1/2 when she could pretty much read Goodnight Moon on her own. Now when I say on her own, I mean she like most kids who are learning to read memorize their favorite books. She knew this book inside and out; and even added a few lines of her own. Good night bears sitting in their chairs, with no table (she always added the with no table).

Okay so I shall get to the point here, right! E's teachers sent home about 56 sight words (sight words are words you just have to know...they can't be sounded out like the, should, cinch etc). They had broken them up into list that were to be memorized. Well the teachers wanted the kids to try and learn the sight words by the end of the year....E has done it she had learned all 56 words already! Yes that is right, she is BRILLIANT. Since she completed the list she is now on to BOOKS!!! Rock on LITTLE BEAR! (for the complete story by Abby click here....she has better details) I couldn't pass up a moment to brag on the smartest little 5 year old I know!