Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!

My dear sweet sister...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are such an amazing mom, sister, and wife. You know those many days when you thought you would try to "get rid" of your little sister. Well I have forgotten those days. I have forgotten the days that you didn't like that your friends wanted to play with your baby sister. Oh and the dog that only liked you!! Okay long story short....Even though I thought a few times I would rather have had a brother, I couldn't imagine my life without you. You are the best sister a girl could have. Even if we were many years apart...5 exactly, we still seemed to find our way to being best friends. I love that you are here to help me, teach me, and show me the way. Without you I would be a bit lost...Thanks BIG SIS!

Happy "BOO"THDAY!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back to normal for a bit...

Well Winston and I can now resume a normal life style again. You see the past 5 days we have been ALONE! Well, really I have been a single mom. Chris was off "enjoying" life in NYC. He headed down last Saturday for business. Tonight he arrived back home! It is funny because I couldn't figure out who he was more excited to see. Me or Winston?

You know I am a bit worried...if he brushes me off for the dog after being gone 5 days, think how it will be with a kid. I got the nice "I missed you hug" as he enter baggage claim. Then of cores the follow up kiss. We enjoyed dinner together.

However, when we got home. He couldn't wait to be the FIRST one in the door to see Winston. He proceeded to roll around on the floor with him. He kept petting him. Then of course Winston followed him around as he cleaned out ever thing from the trip. This was the funniest thing I have seen for a while. I laugh, because on any given day Chris is ready to ship Winston off. Of course for various reasons, but then you see them rolling around like they haven't seen each other in years. All I can say is WHAT A MESS!! Then again when Little Bear and I see each other, my sister claims it is just as bad!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wedding Website!

I have been very busy working on wedding things! I believe I have majority of the addresses in and ready to go. However, there are always a few people who are not quick email responders. You know I wonder what wedding planning would be like with out the Internet! I can only imagine much harder...I mean I was only a senior in High School when Abby and Brian got married. Therefore, I don't really remember all the details. What I remember most is:
  • They had a YEAR to plan the event
  • I had to laying sod in the front yard
  • Stuffing tubes with candies and I think a book mark (?)
  • Wrapping up the bubbles so they looked cute
  • Her final Wedding Dress fitting
  • Oh...the church decided to remodel the week before the wedding! (that was a little drama)
  • Butterflies and goldfish for the reception

But really I think I was so busy with school ending, graduating, and tennis that I didn't pay close attention. Sorry Abby...I am now very sad I didn't pay better attention as I am now planning one of my own. Plus it is different but not since it is a destination wedding. All I know is now I am stuck calling her or mom like 100 times a day asking them, "What did you do for Abby's....."

Needless to say I am making great strides on the "TO DO LIST." The most recent item being our WEDDING WEBSITE!!! Okay so I thought long and hard before doing this. I thought what the heck I already have the blog and facebook going do I really need this too? (Plus I know how much Chris loves that I spend time on the computer!) So I tried to think if I should just create another blog to attach to my current one...or something of that sort. Then I thought that would be to hard and too much to keep up with. Plus when I wanted to blog about the wedding would I do it here...or there? How would I ever keep up, how would my followers keep up?

Instead I did it...I created "OUR" wedding website! This way I can still blog (get excited that you have 244 more days to read wedding blogs) about the wedding and such, but also have the wedding site for more direct straight forward info. You know like: when, where, how do we get there?, what will we do there? and so on! If you would like to head over and view the wedding website click HERE! I have also placed it on my side bar for easier access to all.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

How much can you do in a day?

Well let me tell you....I have not had this busy of a day in a while. I mean sure I am busy most days but Saturday was crazy. The G-Clan arrived back to my place on Friday night. Chris and I spent the evening enjoying their company.

Saturday morning started off VERY VERY early for me! Normally Saturday is my day to sleep in, unless I have an early tennis match. However, this Saturday I was up and ready to roll at 5:30 am. Why? Well Chris has left Winston, Bob, and I until Wed. evening. He is off having a blast in the BIG APPLE. Actually as I type he is living life up at the Yankees game (it was suppose to be on Sat, got postponed to tonight due to rain). He is really there for business, however has a super sweet friend who got them tickets to the game. So here I am the good girlfriend (I always forget to say fiance) taking him to the airport to catch a 7 am flight! GOOD BYE SLEEPING IN!

After that I ran back home, got there around 7ish. Thought I would grab a quick cat nap till Abby, Brian, and the kids were ready to roll. Once they were up we were off! They brought Bailey dog to the house to hang with Winston...I am sure those two loved playing all day! We headed straight out for the "annual pumpkin patch" trip. Normally we do this on Friday night, but I begged Abby to do it Sat. morning. On Friday I had our Zoo field I knew I would be pooped! Pooped is an understatement!

BAD IDEA, going on Saturday...okay well honestly I think due to the high amount of rain we have had the pumpkin patch was extra crowded. I mean heck for the last 3 weeks we have had nothing but rain. Our good ol faithful pumpkin patch was not the same this year. It was half mud pit, half pumpkin patch. We did the best we could with the limited space and massive amounts of people. I hope that some where in there was a super picture. From the pumpkin patch we hit up lunch, then to the Rainbow place.

Don't even get me started on the Rainbow drama! That is for sure for another post. After the Rainbow place we had to head home for the "boys" (Bailey and Winston)! We let both boys out hung out for a moment then were off again. This time we were headed to SIX FLAGS! A certain Little Bear loves to go there...and B has become a major fan too! We really wanted to go on Sunday, but realized that the Cowboys game would impede on our fun. I mean who wants to be in that mess...not us! Instead we thought we would go before dark and see how much we could do.

We ended up getting to Six Flags around 6, and WOW! We season pass holders go all the time. I have not see this many people at Six Flags in forever. I mean we had to actually ride the tram from the parking lot, crazy. Once we were in the mob of people we headed to the kiddo area. Little Bear and Monkey had a blast. Little Bear loved playing the "Big Sister" role and taking him on all the rides. He got to ride pretty much everything. We ended up leaving Six Flags around 9....we had a little boy who was very tired. I know the rest of us were pretty tired too.

On the way home we stopped to get some food and drinks at Sonic. Come to find out the reason Six Flags was so out of control via the Sonic girl "It was GANG DAY". Apparently her mother works for Six Flags and she had the inside scoop. No wonder there were so many people and the whole Arlington Police Force! However, all in all we had a blast and never felt threatened. Guess they did their job then!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cleaning up for....

loads of reasons. The first reason being we have guest coming this weekend! Who you may wonder? Well some of our favorite ones, the little ones, the four legged type, and the big ones too. Yeap Abby, Brian, Little Bear, Little Monkey, and BAILEY DOG are all coming to town. I would like to say they are coming mainly to visit us. However, that is not the case this time. They are here for business...with a little fun on the side. Abby of course has a hair appt (she just can't let her guy go!), then Friday they have their family Christmas cards (ie. why Bailey got to tag along this time), and Saturday is the annual trip to the pumpkin patch. When I told Winston his Auntie, Uncle, and cousins were coming to town he was pumped. Well until this happened!!!


No one likes a stinky host, so we had to clean that boy up!

Not to worry his father was quick to save him!

I am very thankful I happen to live in the town that offers all the needs of the G-clan!! Just think if I didn't live in a place that could offer hair, photographers or pumpkin patches of choice I would never see these people. Also another reason to be thankful is their up coming trip has allowed for Chris, Winston, and I to clean up.

With our up coming JOINING OF LIVES. (that's right people if you haven't kept up WE ARE GETTING MARRIED)...we must too join homes. What better time to start cleaning up and making space!  The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning out the garage and moving boxes around.  Then of course we had to decorate the house for fall.  We (as in I) finally placed the pumpkins outside!  I thought since Halloween was about 2 weeks out it would be okay.  I mean between the threat of heat and pumpkin smashers I would like the pumpkins to last as long as possible.  Here is the sweet pup sitting so nicely! 

Doesn't it just look like he is loving life!  Well remarkably enough he actually really does like to wear the bumblebee out fit.  I think it was the sitting and looking at me after about 20 shots he was annoyed with.  But you have to have the perfect one, well that is what I kept telling him anyways.  Be on the look out for a bee to show up in your mailbox soon!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If at first you don't succeed...

then try, try again! Okay so let me lay it all out there. Chris sends me a text yesterday that says, "they have a test (good citizen dog) tomorrow lets take Winston." I of course think "oh man is he read?" Chris is so stinking cute. He got home early today and ran Winston through everything. He and Winston were pumped. We get out to the testing site and find there is a large group. I being the very nervous mom was so worried. I mean all I could think was, please don't bark at the other dogs. Chris was a great daddy, walking Winston around until it was his turn.

They call Chris' name, he and Winston are up. He does amazing through the first part, then Number 9: stay and come when called. Winston did great...I mean he stayed, and stayed, and stayed. Then finally came when Chris called him (what felt like years was probably only 3-6 minutes) he came. Well the reality of it is folks, if you miss one you don't pass. Poor CHRIS, he was really heart broken. The whole way home he kept replaying it in his head. I felt so bad, I mean easy for me. I just stood behind the wall and watched. Well to be fair to Winston all the other dogs were at least 2 or more years old. He was the "baby" of the group. Plus he was an OUTSIDER. The location where we tested holds their own training. Therefore we were the newbies of the group. I am very proud of both boys...Chris did a great job keeping Winston focused. We will retest in a month or so and I hope PASS with flying colors.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wedding To Do:

...let me see what is next on the list of wedding to do's?

Okay so I think my day might be a bit better if instead of starting with the REALLY LONG list of to dos....I should look at the things I have DONE! At least this way I will feel a bit more accomplished.

Here they are people, check these things OFF:

  • act as the OVER JOYFUL BRIDE! ( I do this one very very well)
  • found the perfect romantic location to be married at
  • found the perfect date (June 26, 2010)
  • found an amazing travel agent to provide help with travel (that way I am not going crazy)
  • found the perfect photographer, Jonathan, to ensure our wedding bliss be captured
  • picked out the wedding ceremony we would like
  • spoke to the minister about pre-marriage counseling and officiating our ceremony
  • found the perfect save the dates to send out (currently in the process of getting them)
  • informed the wedding parties of our plans
  • bought my bridesmaids gifts
  • took our engagement pictures, which are amazing
  • made our guest list
  • currently gathering addresses (if you have not emailed me yours please do so, NOW)
  • set up a check off system to keep things organized on who does what when and how
  • have ideas billions of ideas for center pieces, welcome bags, and party gifts
  • read probably every forum on destination weddings out there
  • have an idea of the invitations I would like to send out
  • finally picked the colors (or at least I think)
  • think I know which flowers I want and how I want them to look (think only because I have to confirm with the wedding coordinator at the resort)
  • have emailed poor Miguelena (the resort w.c.) at least a dozen times thus far to answer may many questions
  • already bought the bubbles for our farewell as Mr. and Mrs. Roberts
  • picked out my cake (again to conf. with resort)
Okay so that is the list of things I have done or have in the works. I bet there are some things I forgot to mention...but who's counting, RIGHT! Let me see I guess the MAJOR things I have left to do are pretty major.


  • pick out the PERFECT wedding dress (yes I want a real dress not a short/tight destination wedding one)
  • pick out the bridesmaids dresses
  • confirm the grooms men's clothing
  • pick a honeymoon spot (not my to do but Chris')
Really I think if I only did the MUST DOS then the wedding would be just fine. However, you know I wont stop at fine. I like every other bride in the world want it to be AMAZING, SPECTACULAR, and MEMORABLE. Not only for Chris and I but for all who plan to join us.

Here is what I am asking for help on:

  • center piece ideas (something that can travel in a suitcase with us)
  • cute little random things I should know but don't because I am a first time bride
  • any amazing places to find a wonderful dress in my area (preferably not to pricey as well)
  • well...heck just ANY ideas you think would fit in to our destination wedding

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I heart Jonathan Golden Photography!!

(my ring...isn't this a beautiful picture!)

As you know Chris and I took off to Houston on last Friday.  Our goal was to have a fun little engagement photo shoot with Chris' good friend Jonathan.  I have been super jazzed to have him do our pictures since I got engaged.  I just knew he would capture "US" well.  We arrived there late on Friday just sitting around chit chatting!  Jonathan was trying to figure out my "style" or "wants" for the shoot!  I told him we were pretty easy going...but I think he was worried!

You have got to head over to see the pictures he took.  Jonathan did such a wonderful job with us.  Plus he put up with us...I think that is enough to make any one crazy.  Seriously the pictures are breath taking, I just can't believe it.

I will show you a few of my favorites. But you have to visit his blog to see the rest!

Please go to his blog. Also if you want leave comments on his page!  He is amazing!  

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I love the many ways

technology has allowed us to keep up with others. You know back in the "olden" days when it was someones birthday you would receive well wishes from the people close to you. By close to you I mean that live near by. Sure yeah you occasionally have that ONE amazing friend who REMEMBERS every one's birthday and sends the card. Got to love that super great friend, its the friend we all want to be right?

Gone are those days...and welcome to the world of CONNECTION! I have never felt more connected to ALL of my people than I do today. It all began this morning when I woke up to and email....from my sister! Actually it was her blog alerting me that she had made a new post. Little did I know that it was a post all about me!!! She had my niece think up 29 (ahh) reasons why she loves me! It was cute. (click here to read it)

Next up were about 5 or so text messages from my dearest friends. Personally I think that the new birthday card is a text from your friends. After the texts, came the emails....emails that my FACEBOOK is blowing up! My sister refers to it as myface...a combo of both myspace and facebook. Man how they have changed the world. I mean I got greetings all the way from current close friends, to college buddies, high school friends, and far away family members. I think it is so AMAZING that we have come this far in life. I mean really think of how it has changed your life anywhere from the simple Hi randomly from an old friend; to having everyone wish you birthday, or even send up some prayers for your current needs.

Therefore THANK YOU to all for the wonderful birthday wishes. You each made my day (which was crazy at school today) 100 times better than it could have been.

THANK YOU: Blogger, facebook, text messaging, and all other communication forms....BIRTHDAY WISHES ARE OVERFLOWING!!!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

One step closer

to being a Good Citizen Dog!!! Rock on, Winston! Today we had our last training (I am actually very sad about this) for the advance class. HE GRADUATED from ADVANCE CLASS!!!We have now taken all 3 levels offered at Petsmart. Winston's latest class was designed to help him pass the Service dog test. Not too many people sign up for the advance class. I guess it is because the puppy and intermediate cover the main training needs. Therefore, we were the only people in our class. It was amazing...I mean what a great private lesson we had. Angela our trainer really is the best ever.

Today was the day!!! GRADUATION! You know I was really nervous about that since it had to be done WITHOUT treats. When we go to take the actual good citizen dog test you can not use treats. He did pretty stinking good. He had to be able to:
  • sitting politely for petting
  • appearance and grooming
  • out for a walk
  • walking through a crowd
  • sit and come on command
  • sit and stay in place
  • reaction to another dog
  • reaction to distractions
  • supervised separation
  • say hello
Okay so you think they seem pretty easy, but they are not. (you can read all the details for each one if wish here) He does really well with most of it, but the reaction to another dog. Sadly he loves to play with other dogs and wants too. Chris is going to call and set up our BIG TEST time! In the meantime I am going to walking him around the dog park on leash trying to work this "excitement" out of him. I sure hope he can do it...we would have such fun visiting people! GREAT JOB WINSTON!!!

I love this one...he was so cute!

Here he is with all 3 diplomas! What a super dog he is!!

Saturday, October 03, 2009


Aunt Whitney and Hunter.

You guys are the best!!! Thanks so much for helping Chris and I out, but mostly Winston. (They watched him while we were in Houston) He was so happy to have you pick him up. I am sure he couldn't get home with you soon enough. He loves spending time with you guys. After you left he sat at the door just waiting...I think he thought you were coming back in again!

Thanks for your help really! We couldn't have done it with out you. WE LOVE YOU!!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Quick Trip...

This weekend Chris and I will be making a quick trip down to Houston. NO we actually are not going to see my sister and the kids this time (boo). Instead we are getting our engagement pictures done!! For some reason people think it is odd that we are going all the way to Houston. Well we have a super reason and it is called, Jonathan! If you recall back to my post from Chad's wedding, Jonathan took some amazing pictures. He is a wonderful photographer. He has kindly offered to take our engagement pictures. I am so very excited.

Jonathan was so sweet calling me on Tuesday to try and figure out what all I want from our session. I of cores told him EVERYTHING!! No really I was very nice and said well your the photographer. Then I was like well you know some nice pictures, some non-gay posed pictures, and some fun ones too. I don't think that is too much to ask...however, my sister says I am a little high maintenance! It needs to rock, since you only get to do this once too!! Okay so in order to not be HM, I have kind of been stalking Jonathan's page. I have gone through and looked over all his amazing pictures. I don't think I am seems that all the sessions cover these things. Jonathan I am sorry now if I am HM...but I am sure you will make Chris and I look AMAZING and IN LOVE! Oh wait we kind of already have that IN LOVE part covered. Yeah that we are getting our pictures done!!!