Friday, July 31, 2009


Okay so the last update was that she got knocked up from all the sexcapades! You know my friends and I saw her and she was HUGE prego! Well just so happens that mom stopped in at my place on the way to El Campo.....

She saw the chick and was like "oh wow when are you due?" The girl goes, "what....oh the first of August." That's right people she is due like in DAYS!!! So I totally called this right, well then you will never believe what I saw.

I arrived home today to find this on their car!!!!

in case you can't read says Mr. & Mrs. Mac

that's right folks...JUST MARRIED!

Who needs marriage then babies...I mean they have done it I guess in their own way. Mostly I just keep laughing at it all... Sadness, but not is that they move out this week. The newly married and mom and dad to be have found a place of their own. Looks like I soon will have new upstairs neighbors. Hopefully they will be a little less active above!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

El Campo Party Time!

Every summer Mommy and Daddy (Abby and Brian) head out for a week! Thus leaving me to spoil these two sweet faces like CRAZY! Okay honestly I don't spoil them too much, I mean I just give them what they want for a week. This week was met with many things. You see Little Bear always makes a list of things she would like to do when I am here.

Her list as follows:
  • eat sno cones every day
  • got to McDonald's
  • have a picnic at the park
  • go swimming every day
  • go to the library
  • go to the museum
  • hit Sonic for happy hour
  • play babies
  • play outside

Okay for a 5 year old she has many things to do, right? Well I can honestly say as an AMAZING Auntie I think I met almost all of the request. The first day we did the picnic at the park. Little Bear really wanted to go have a picnic and then play on the play ground. So I put Little B down for an early nap that way it wouldn't be TOO hot when we went.

While B napped Little Bear and I put together our lunches. She picked out everything from the sandwich to the drinks. It was so cute watching her make things just so. B woke up around noon (super happy) and we headed out for our picnic.

Here's Little Bear eating...she wanted to sit at the table not he blanket!
See when Auntie is in town you get to have juice boxes too....normally B can't drink these but it was a "special" occasion!! He was in heaven!

They loved going down the slides

Little Bear is a monkey bar pro! She can go across so fast!

Such a great Big Sister!
After our picnic we needed to cool off...what better way than having sno cones! I mean really!! After sno cones we spent most of the day just hanging out and playing....then that night we got to talk to mommy and daddy via skype for the first time! What a great first day of vacation with Auntie!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

These faces...

This is normally the face you would see the day SANTA comes....However, these are also the faces that will ARRIVE today! Why? Today is the day we pick up these crazies from the airport. These faces below cause the faces made up top!
Of cours we have our sign ready to go to pick up Mommy and Daddy! Little Bear and I spent a good nap time making it. Then of course we added a hand for Little Monkey who can't really "write"! I have gotten my computer back (yeah) so soon we will have our post up about our crazy week together. I love my week with the kids we have such a blast. I am sure mommy and daddy had fun to; but ours was probably a little bit better on a kid scale. At 2:30 we will have the HAPPIEST FACES in the WORLD!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life without my computer just not the same. I mean I can blog from any computer but I can't put pics on from any old place. Therefore life is not right. Here I am in the Big E C with a little man napping and the princess watching WAY TO MUCH TV!!! (But no MOMMY or DADDY to say NO NO NO!!) Where I could have blogged about the farm and how wonderful the sweet corn was that I picked and brought home.

Also I could blog about how stinking cute Little Monkey and Little Bear are being here. I mean it is a constant laugh fest here at the house. Little Monkey is coming along so fast on his words...yesterday he said Thank you and Auntie for the 1st time...glad I was here for that since I have missed a lot of his first. We have been having a blast skypeing with Abby and Brian while they are in Mexico too. It is so funny because B has no idea how it works but runs to the computer and says MOMA DADDA. Really funny to watch.

Soon oh soon I will have a computer again, and then you can have better blogs. You see durning the mess of driving to Kansas, Oklahoma City, Fort Worth it got left in mom and dad's car. Mom will be joining me and the kids on Saturday for some EC fun. We are going to have a "special" breakfast as Little Bear has requested. Now to the common people this may not seems special but....we are going to get up early and GO TO MCDONALD'S to eat inside pancakes and such. She can't stop talking about it. I will post pics once we do it. Enjoy the "cool" weather we are here I mean it is only 98 today! ROCK ON!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rocking Out 220 Style

220 Girls!

I know I have said this a million times before but I should say it one more time at least. I LOVE MY SCHOOL!! Okay so I love all the wonderful people I work with whether it be at work or out just chilling. Last night all my sweet friends had planned a 220 Crawl.... Okay you may not know what that is; basically we hit up a few bars around our school.

The place we began at was OUI...a few of our friends had been there "years ago" so we wanted to check it out. This bar is right on the Bluebonnet Circle. You know it is Sunday night after all but us teachers...NO WORK on Monday!!! We rolled in and there were a few locals, but I guess our group was a little rowdy so soon it was just us. The bar tender was a sweet older lady who seemed to just hang out. We had a blast just catching up on the summer fun. The guys were sitting at the bar enjoying beer and the Rangers game. It wasn't long before our night got INTERESTING....

The bar tender Kathy....just fell, hit her head HARD, and began seizing...Lucky for us we had MR. FIREFIGHTER POOLER!!! He was quick to the scene, okay just ran behind the bar. In the craziness of it all we tried to get 911 there. Amazingly enough this bar is not on their map or lucky for us there was a cop who had pulled a guy over right out front. Chad took care of that...he had her call in the problem and soon we had firefighters.

STATION 21!!! (These are the really hot firefighters that come to our school on career day...mmmmm All the teachers manage to walk by them. Lucky for me I teach little ones and we go to them anyways, upper grades don't.) Quickly they had Miss Kathy awake and talking. As they were taking her out on the back board we all realized one PROBLEM...Who was going to take over the bar? Kathy yelled out a number and I called up a new bar tender. All that commotion was enough for us and the 1 other patron....We had to wait for the new bar tender to arrive so we could tab out...then we were off to POOP DECK!!

Armenta and Wilson

Julie and I

The boys just before the craziness

Poop Deck is a great little bar just around the corner from our school. It is stuck between a gas station and some wanna be restaurant thing. By the looks of the outside you may not want to go in...but they are so AMAZING! The real reason we went was Sunday is Karaoke night!! WATCH OUT HERE WE COME!!! I guess we rolled in around 10ish, and joined the "locals". We had such a blast at the Poop Deck. The people were outstanding....the bar tenders amazing...and well the entertainment (that was us) ROCKING!!! We ended up rocking the night away there at the Poop Deck. All I know is that we can freaking sing people....okay well you may want ear plugs but we thought it was American Idol worthy!
Apparently the karaoke was to end at 1, but since we were having such a great time they kept it going. We ended up leaving the joint at about 1:30ish....Then Julie, Kyle, and I began our battle of "the drive-thru's". Don't go to Bueno...they shut down at 1:45 even though the sign says 2! No Taco Bell either....they shut the lights off as we pulled in at 1:50. THANK YOU WENDY'S who really does stay open til 2; as advertised!!! Hamburgers not as good as cheap Mexican food but it worked.
M.J. you rock my world baby...

I am pretty sure we sang this better than Brittney...Hit Me Baby One More Time!

and with better moves too.

Alison and Chad doing it right. He laughed most of the way through.

oh how sweet

He was just amazing...

Alison, Julie, and I are ready to pick our next song!

Julie showing Mike how it's done...

That's right back at it again.
You should just be thankful they are pictures and not a video!

Slap that...get on the floor, slap that....
Getting down on the dance floor too!

Sweet Kyle and Julie

Teaching Alison to 2step
THANK YOU Polly for helping take the amazing pictures!

News from up above...

Okay so the past week or two has not been to normal we shall say....I have been in and out from my apartment so much too. The other day prior to heading to Amarillo I noticed the crazy sexy mania's people car had some interesting receipts in it. I then began to think to my self...yes JUMP JUMP JUMP to conclusions.

These two up above are straight out of college so in their early 20's we will say. Oh and they went to Abilene Christan (I think that adds to why the have crazy sex). Well the receipts I saw in their car are not ones that just 20 year olds have. They were from BABIES R US!! Okay so I immediately think OMG all that sex now a baby! Then as I am telling my friend she says, well maybe a friend is having a baby. Okay I would totally go with that but it was like 6 different receipts. No one buys 6 gifts for a friend....RIGHT? However, I still had no proof of anything.

Therefore on Friday my amazing friends wanted to cheer me up some, so we all took off for the pool. After the pool we headed to my apartment to shower. Just as we were walking out to the car the "sex people" pulled into the spot next to mine. (we have assigned parking) We loaded up the car and kind of waited around. They were not getting as I pulled away I asked the girls to check out my theory. WOW! WOW! WOW! She is major PREGO! The girls think she looked at least 4-5 months along. I now know why I have not been hearing all the moaning, thumping, and more from up stairs. I was really hoping they were buying gifts for friends....but nope! I also heard from the front office that they are moving out here at then end of summer. Yes, because I don't think the room mate wants to live with a baby too!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

His life in review...

Well since I could hardly speak at grandpa's funeral on Tuesday without crying...I thought I would just add the link to the amazing obituary mom and Abby wrote. Many of the details in it were ones I spoke of at the funeral....however I did add a few of my most amazing memories of grandpa too. If you would like to view it you may by clicking here.

**sorry the blogging has been a bit slow, I do not have my computer it makes blogging harder. Plus kinda not been in the mood to.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A day for celebration....

Norman Jacob Hand, Jr.

July 10th for the past 10 years has been a day for celebration in our family. This was the day that my sister wed the man of her dreams! It was a beautiful evening with love, laughter, friends, and close family. Well this year July 10th has brought our family another reason for celebration.....a celebration of life.

On July 10, as a I sat next to my grandpa, he took in his last breath at 9:18 pm, he released it at 9:20 and by 9:22 pm he was in God's hands. The 3 days leading up to this moment were very challenging for my self as well as my mom, grandma, and sister. We were comforted by the face that grandpa was able on July 10th to be at peace. The whole evening we discussed how 10 years ago we were at an amazing wedding. We told grandpa that he was dancing the night away with the love of his life. They spent that night dancing and enjoying all that Abby's wedding had to offer our family. Now 10 years later we were able to enjoy wonderful memories and a peaceful good bye to a man who loved us unconditionally.

Mom and grandma holding grandpa's hand in his final moments....

Grandma and Grandpa spent their high school days in Bently, KS. The where also married in this wonderful town at a very young age. Grandpa had also been handed down the family farm...which is there too. Therefore, many years ago grandma and grandpa chose Bently as their final resting place. From Amarillo to Bently, Ks we all traveled to make the final arrangments for sweet grandpa.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Waiting is the hardest part...

These are my most recent pics of sweet grandpa...

For those of you who know, both my grandparents have moved into a wonderful nursing home in Amarillo. About 2 weeks ago when I came down for my high school reunion, Jerald the hospices nurse, informed mom he was glad we would be here. That made us all wonder why he felt this way....well come to find out he had noticed a change in grandpa and felt we needed to see him. Our visit with grandpa then was pretty normal. It consisted of grandpa and grandma both quizzing Chris if we were going to get married. (I love that they pressure is fun) Then he and Chris talked finances and we enjoyed the chat.

However, now things have changed and not for the best. Mom called on Tuesday claiming that grandpa had a fever and was not well. At this point any time there is a change we all begin to worry. Mom didn't want any of us to worry so she stayed with grandpa over night. On Wednesday I was just heading out for spin class when Abby called. She had spoken to mom, who was very upset, and we both thought it was time to head home. We both know that we needed to be here both for grandpa and mom.

Therefore I packed and the dog! Yes sweet Winston had to come to Amarillo due to Chris being out of town for work. Winston and I arrived at about 7 and headed straight to grandpa's place. (thankfully dogs are allowed) Luckily we arrived at a point when grandpa had woken up from a 2 day sleep. He couldn't really see me or Winston but he hear us. At one point Winston was barking to "protect us"...and he said oh there is the dog. However, that was a short lived moment...only about 30 minutes and then back to his restless sleep.

Here we are now basically playing a waiting game...when the time will come no one really knows. Jerald claims it could be 2 days or 2 weeks we are just unsure right now. What we do know is that his time is coming to a close soon. Right now our days are spent just sitting with grandma and grandpa. We are enjoying their company and the memories. Grandma was so sweet today....she went into grandpa's room and told him that she loved him and he just needed to go on. You know for my sweet grandma, who has Alzheimer's, it was a very together moment for her to allow him to move on. Sitting her we just wish that grandpa would relax and let the moment take him. I think we have all prepared ourselves for is just hard to see grandpa struggling and not being at peace. We shall wait....

***you can read my sisters thoughts on this all at her blog click here***

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


This past week I have been able to actually enjoy my summer break. (at home that is) I spent 2 days out shopping with one of my good friends Hoover and her sweet new baby girl! The next day was spent laying out at the pool with Wiggs and A. Smith! Yes it was only until June 30....BUT finally I got to lay out at the pool all day.

The rest of the week was just chill'n at home with Winston and Bob. Winston is getting so big and we have had some great bonding time. Normally he loves Chris more than me....NOT ANY MORE! Chris came home yesterday afternoon from Minnesota. Winston was excited to see him; it wasn't until later that Chris realized he has been kick out of the favorite spot. As Winston follows me all around the house, wants to walk with me, and lay sweetly in my lap. Sorry honey that's just the way the cookie crumbles. I am sure once summer is over he will Love Chris again more than I. Chris pointed out to him today that you know summer will be over soon!

No worries though Chris is taking full advantage of me being at home with the pets and hardly anything major to do. Here is the list he asked me to do today! (I am afraid there will be more to come over the next few weeks)

  • Target for some food and other stuff (That is great because it is My Favorite place to go)

  • fill up a new 5 gallon water for the house

  • Petsmart for Winston (bones and nail clipping)

  • oh and the dreaded Chris was teaching me how to wash his new shirts!

Well as I was checking things off my list....I realized that Target already has the "SCHOOL SUPPLIES" set up and ready to go! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! That made me go back to Chris' horrifying statement from this morning! My summer is almost over AAAAHHHHHHH!! How can this be I still have so much to do:

  • A week with my favorite Little Bear and Little Monkey

  • Girls Trip

  • Cleaning out my closets

Well I finished Chris' list today in oh about an hour or so....kind of got side tracked at Target! I guess next week I shall tackle the closets before heading out to the Big EC!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July to All!

*Winston with his 4th of July toy!

Winston, Bob, and I would just like to wish everyone a Happy and safe 4th of July. We will be spending the day trying to beat the HEAT! Chris is going to enjoy his 4th in the cooler weather of good old Minnesota. Speaking honestly we here in the 100 plus degrees are a bit jealous. I remember last year on the fourth up there in MN, I work jeans and a SWEATSHIRT! No matter where you are or what your doing....ENJOY it! Most of all be safe and try to stay cool!

*I would have taken a pic of Bob and Winston together...but they are still working on the whole FRIENDS THING! As of now you just get Winston, with hopes of a friendship one day!!!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Doing what's best hurts!

For some time now I have been thinking about my sweet turtle Tucker! I mean he is such a great turtle and I love him so....but I also can tell he is getting a bit big for his home! I have had tucker for 5 years now. Mom has turtles at home and he was one of the FIRST babies. Therefore, I thought I would take him back to Fort Worth with me so we knew he would live. You see when the babies are born they don't realize mom will feed rarly do they live!

Well sinc I have had my sweet Tucker he has grown, grown, grown. He started out the size of a quarter and living in a small fish tank. As time has gone he is now the size of a ceral bowl and in his 2nd tank. However, since he lives mostly in sand his nails are getting a bit long. I have tried various rocks and such but he burries them. Therefore I came to the conclusion that he probably needs a better home.

I looked around at the next size up tank! YIKES it is huge....and thought about what I could put in it to help tame his nail growth. But would this really be a better place for him? Mom has been dead set on me releasing him in Abby's town. That way he would live in a hot climate and not freeze during winter. Sine I have had him inside his whole life he really doesn't know how to hyberante and such. He would never make it in AMARILLO! Therefore, I needed to do some research. The pet shop we adoptided Winston at had many reptials and turtles. I did some calling around. They recommended a place who may be interested!

The start of summer I wanted to do what I could to help find Tucker a new home. I sent out about 5 or so emails to various places and just waited. It wasn't until the week we took off for Colorado that I heard from any one. I had emailed pet shops, animal sancuaries, and the zoo. Finally I heard back from the Plano Living Materials Center (who the pet store recommended). They have many different animals and are part of the Plano ISD. The wonderful man there said they would love to have Tucker! HAPPINESS HAPPINESS HAPPINESS!!! I was so excited to know I had found a good home for him. I mean I didn't want to worry I had not done what was best for him.

Therefore Tucker and I made the journey to Plano on Thursday, June 25. The center is only open during summer school hours so we had to be up early ready to battle traffic. Thankfully Chris was able to swing by between appointments and help me lift Tucker into the car. 8:30 am and we were ready to roll. I laughed because I think out of all the pets I have (Bob, Tucker, and Winston) Tucker is the best to travel with. We arrived to the center at about 10. I went in to find out what was needed from me so that I could "donate" Tucker.

Loaded up and ready to go...

The front of his new home! Looks nice.

The wonderful lady up front told me I just needed to fill out a donation form and then we would be on our way. I went to the was your typical form for donating. My name, address, reason for donation. The animals name, sex, age, and living enviornment......THEN THE HARD PART!!!!

The very last thing I had to sign on was the fact that I as pet/animal owner was giving up ALL RIGHTS to this pet/animal. I would not contact the center with reguards to how my pet/animal is doing. I will not send information reguarding about my pet/animal. I will not longer have any say our part in this pet/animals life.

As I read this I just thought to my self....WOW! I mean here I am just trying to do what is best for sweet Tucker and now have to terminate all rights to him. Then I started to think if I am feeling guilty signing this paper on my TURTLE, how does a woman give thier child away! I signed the paper and then we walked to my car. I backed it into the drive and together the woman and I loaded Tucker up on the flat bed.

The woman seemed happy to have Tucker and started checking him out. Then she began to tell me how it was a good thing I brought him because he had a malformed shell. I was a bit baffled by this, but what ever. She claims his bottom shell had out grown his top shell causeing him to always need captivity. That made me perfectly happy because after all that IS what I wanted too. I wanted to know he would be well taken care of and used in their educational program. Although he has a malformed shell, it has now allowed him safety for the rest of his life! I handed over all his equipment, light, tank, food, and such then was on my way!

My sweet Tucker as I say good bye!

In case you ever find an extra critter.....just follow the directions!

The long hour twenty five mintue ride was a bit different home. I mean I know I did what was best for him, but it is going to be wierd with out him. I also began to wonder if Bob would miss Tucker! I mean she does like to sit and watch him run around. I hope Tucker will enjoy his new home there at the center. They had many amazing animals and reptiles so I am postive he will fit in fine.

Fireside chats and good byes....

Later on that evening we met back up with the whole Mudroch clan down at the fire pit...Chris and Brian did a great job of keeping the kiddos entertained with a game of: pig, horse, or what ever animal they chose . With the kids out of the way, our fire could be made safely!

Shoot it B!

Little Bear just checking it out.

Brian and Chris keeping them busy...

Once our fire was ready so were the s'mores! All the kiddos enjoyed making their s'mores. So love them burned (as I do), others wanted them just roasted to a golden brown. We had a blast making the s'mores and talking with everyone. Dad proved to be an amazing marshmallow roaster, who knew? He and Uncle Joe were quickly called to by all the adults to make their s'mores for them!
Dad making a s'more

The whole gang enjoying the fire!

Mom and Little Bear post s'more eating

Chris and I

What love for daddy!

Brooks loved to play with our cousin Sami!

Sadly as most trips come to and end so did our fun with the Mudroch's. That night we had to say our farewells. We loved getting to see everyone. All the kiddos have grown up so much. Once the good byes were said we took off for the house. Chris, Brian, and I did some major packing as we had to be at the airport very early the next day. The whole trip was amazing, even with our little house mix up! Estes Park is such a wonderful little town. I would love to go back and spend more time there sometime. Let's just hope we don't have to wait as long next time to get the Mudroch clan back together. Farewell Estes Park and Mudroch's it has been a blast!!!

So long for now....