Sunday, December 27, 2009

The party has begun

the wedding party that is! I have put my week off and family time to good use this week. Yes, besides doing all the super post Christmas shopping. How? Well of course with WEDDING STUFF!!!

Let's see what all can I check off the list:

  • Save the dates assembled and sealed

  • Addresses complied and ready to go

  • Purchasing stamps galore

  • Planing out the invitations

Last night my wonderful sister and brother-in-law threw in their talents. They helped me assemble and seal all the save the dates. It is kind of nice allowing them to help out...since I had to do all this stuff many moons ago with them! We had an okay time doing it. I think Abby and I may have a few less finger prints, lol but it was pretty easy. Brian did a super job putting things together. Now off to labeling and stamping them so they can be off! Fun, fun, fun!

Just a little reminder to all: If you have not looked over the travel info it is on the wedding site. Please visit rooms need to be reserved by Jan 19th!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The last one apart....

Well I can say that this is Chris and I's last Christmas apart. We thought since next year we will be married we should enjoy our final, family only Christmas. Next year we will be married and picking where to go? I can say I am very happy about sharing our Christmas' together...but a little worried about how to pick. I mean I don't want either family to feel left out. Nor do we want to miss out on the fun. I thus go to my blogger friends for HELP!! How? How do you pick? How have you made holidays flow so everyone gets to enjoy the season? (our family in Amarillo and his in Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Snow, Cookies, and Santa TOO!

Things have been busy here in Amarillo as normal. We normally spend the last few days doing a few of our favorite things.

  • Making Christmas Cookies
  • Taking E and B shopping for mommy and daddy's gifts
  • Wrapping up the final gifts
  • Setting up for good old Saint Nick

did I mention.....Winston LOVES the snow,

and the kids do too!

We were lucky enough to have arrived just prior to the big snow. We had about a day of shopping in semi nice weather...but then the million mile per hour wind and snow! Thanks to the wonderful "snowy" weather dad got off a little early. We spend Christmas Eve out shopping as a family and getting ready for the big guy in RED!

Little B decorating his first cookie!

what a wonderful job done by all

Little Bear with her cookies, milk, and note!

We all really enjoyed making Christmas Cookies....This was our first year to make cookies without my sweet grandma. Normally she is the one running the show, however we did it on our own at the house. Little Bear really enjoyed the whole cookie making process this year. She was a great decorator. Little B is still a little to small although he did try to help out as much as possible. Soon after cookies were finished Little Bear set them out for Santa. She also left him a very sweet note.

A small person trying to sneak a peak at the Santa goodies!!

The happiest girl around!!!

Of course one can imagine what the next morning was like.....PRESENTS, PRESENTS, PRESENTS EVERYWHERE!!! Little Bear got all she could have asked for from Santa. B got a super awesome tent and TRAINS TRAINS TRAINS! He loves trains these days. The rest of us enjoyed watching all the Santa chaos begin. We finished off a super Christmas day by visiting grandma and eating dinner with her. Then a quick trip through some very pretty Christmas lights. Oh what fun Christmas is for we must catch up on some sleep as we are off VERY early to get some good deals. Our second favorite shopping day!!! THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS!!! Hope your Christmas was just as wonderful as ours.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas AXA style

Last Friday Chris and Dylan hosted their 1st annual AXA Christmas party....or so that is what Chris has been calling it. We had a very lovely time. Jessica had the house all decked out with Christmas cheer. Dylan and Chris invited all of their "guys" who work for them. There were plenty of funny stories to go around. I am sure next year we will try to continue on this new tradition. Thanks Dylan and Jessica for hosting it this year!
(ps. Chris did all the picture taking...or there would be more of the cute decor)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Wigg-i-dee-wack!

Happy Birthday my sweet friend Wiggins! I know that growing old is no fun...I did hit that 29 marker a little sooner than she! However, just think of all the wonderful times we have had since OU! I am very lucky to have such an amazing friend. Without Wiggi I don't know where I would be, especially now with all the wedding planning and such. Wiggins I hope your birthday was as good as 29 can be! Thanks for being such an over the top friend. I can always count on you for crazy times, venting, or simply hanging out!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Where's your tacky Christmas sweater?

Our family picture!

or should I say Christmas outfit!!! My wonderful friends thought that this year we would celebrate all our December birthdays in style. Poor Alison, Hoobler, and Mike all have December birthdays that rarely get celebrated due to Christmas. Well let me tell you now...they will never forget this years birthday bash!

Alison is the one who made our party a theme "Tacky Christmas Sweaters" Therefore, for the past month we have all be scrounging around to find the "BEST of the BEST" for the party. For a few it was not that hard as they had many hidden deep in their closets. I however had to call in for help. Yes, I am going to thank my mom for never getting rid of our things! Thanks mom for keeping all of clothes! Mom was able to find some of my sister's rocking Christmas things from when she was about 10 or so. You know my sister is really tall so at that age she was about my size now. (wow I am really short...isn't that sad!) After mom brought me the "goods" I was so jazzed.

The Pooler's

Chris with the cute!

The Rowe's


The party began at the house. We had a great time, Abby and the kids were even there to see all the great looks. After a few adult beverages we headed out for our favorite karaoke bar. Well from there you can only imagine how the night went. We were a hit at the bar in our "Tacky Christmas Sweaters" We sang the night away and had a blast celebrating our dear friends birthdays.

Armenta and I

Alison and Chad

The Christmas Cuties singing it up....

Hoobler and I, we rocked the house!

oh and they loved my butt too!

Happy Birthday Hoobler!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Travel info is here....

I have posted the travel info for the WEDDING! Just go to the wedding website ( and click on travel arrangements. Yes, it is being posted only about 3 weeks later than I would have liked. However it is finally poor t.a. has been working hard to get it ready too! Now to continue addressing the save the dates! Honestly those couldn't have come at a better time. I mean address a Christmas card and then a save the date. We try to multitask over here people, I mean I do teach 6 year olds. MULTITASKING is my middle name, not so sure Chris loves it though.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Parties every where

Winston enjoying his Christmas tree!

This weekend I was very busy parting it up. I began my day off by joining my wonderful tennis ladies for some country fun. We had a blast! We met out in Weatherford at one of the ladies AMAZING houses. We had some great food, played a few games, and enjoyed the good times. Then I quickly hurried home to met up with Chris. Next stop the Contreras Christmas party! Here is Chris and I at the party.

I love hanging out with my work friends. We have such a blast. Everyone arrived and we began to mingle. The local high school band even made a stop and played some wonderful Christmas music for us. They did a wonderful job. We had an exciting exchange of "white elephant" the snuggie became the much wanted item. I walked away away with a lotion and soap set from Bath and Body, by far the best gift there! Needless to say this weekend was just the start to our party season. Next weekend is another busy one with Chris' work party. My sister and the kiddos and dog come to town. Then I have my school's tacky Christmas sweater party we are holding on behalf of all our December birthday people. I hope you all are enjoying the festive times as much as Chris, Winston, Bob and I are. Best of all....ONE WEEK OF SCHOOL LEFT!!!

My favorite girls...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Talk, talk, talk....

all Chris does is talk!

Okay lets go back a few years umm 2004. I was a much younger gal then, just graduated from OU and living 2 stop lights from Abby, Brian, and E. This time of my life was spent joyfully in the arms of a sweet little girl....Little Bear. I was the "nanny" to my niece while Abby and Brian worked hard. Therefore allowing me to be a part of their FIRST vacation away from their sweet new baby girl. Well one would normally love to help a person plan their vacation...but this planing was a beat down, much as my last 2 weeks with Chris has been. (keep reading you will see why)

Every night at dinner Abby and Brian would talk about the cruise they wanted to go on. Each night they had a new ship, new destination, or new WORRIES! I mean I totally understood they were nervous leaving E at such a young age, but come on. You see this "cruise vacation" planing went on for at least 2 1/2 months...talked about EVERY SINGLE day. Abby would come up with random reasons why she didn't like one ship; Brian with new "cheaper" prices. I finally was fed up with all the cruise talk, and put my foot down. I told Abby and Brian I was DONE!!! I didn't want to hear about their stupid cruise trip planing anymore.

As of last week I found my new "CRUISE" talk issue!!! This time is it not about trips but CARS!!!! Chris has begun to have the "new car itch". I of course told him I would really like to talk about it before he ran out and bought a new one (I will probably never say that again). Therefore I thought we could have a simple chat about which cars he liked, why he needed it, and so on. Little did I know! The first couple of days, he simple pointed out every car he liked. Then as car ads on tv were showing, he would long for that car or the features it had. Finally he had found a car he really like the Genesis. (I thrilled we had it narrowed down some).

From here he began to stalk out the best deal at each dealer. He had found 2 dealers in the area and began to price match between them both. Every night we had to discuss who was going to give him what discount for the car. Then we had to research on-line what colors and interior and such he liked best. We would test drive and analyze. Then he would flat out tell me what he wanted to do....but ask what I thought. If I did not see it like he did; I would get the full run down of his "logic" behind why. Finally on FRIDAY I had had it!!! I told Chris just to go out and get which ever car he wanted. I mean I will not be driving it, so it is about what he loves best.

The sky above opened up on Saturday morning and let out a huge "HALLELUJAH!" Chris did it he bought the car he was dreaming of for many nights now!!! He is now a proud owner of a Black Genesis 2009, and loving every minute of it too. The best part is now I just get to hear how much he loves the thing!!!

oh and Winston loves it too...

sorry it was a little sunny..

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Welcome to Littlel Bear's Confectionery

The place was miraculously changed into an confectionery over night. Okay well it was very late in the night, since mom and I arrived much latter than expected. Abby had been very busy all week long getting ready for the big 6 year old party!! Let me tell you what the place was amazing. I know I said this what 2 weeks ago on Little B's Farm party...but man on man was it wonderful, even the snow couldn't slow her party ways down.

gum drops and candies hanging down

goodies boxes for the road

"the candy bar"

Little Bear had a gingerbread making party. When the children entered they were surrounded by candy galore. It was a first the little "makers" were a little shy. However, once they saw all the possibilities those plain gingerbread houses were transformed. Everyone had a blast! I mean who wouldn't have a blast eating candy and playing with it. It was a child's dream. Little Bear enjoyed every second of her BIG day! I just can't believe she is 6 already.

I have included some of the pictures but I am sure Abby will have many more on her site!

a quick pic....

a side view of the houses before

the set up...3 cups of candies and icing ready to go

Little Bear hard at work

oh now she is at the candy bar shopping around

can't you tell she is having a blast...look at that face

my masterpiece too

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Little Bear

Little Bear is my most precious little niece ever. I can hardly believe that she is already turning 6! I also can not believe we are not at Disney this year to celebrate it. I could honestly go on and on and on about you and how much I love you. However for the sake of all the readers I will simply tell you my top 6 reasons.

  1. You are the sweetest little girl I know.
  2. You are the best when it comes to fixing hair. I love what a great job you do.
  3. You and I have been like "two peas in a pod" since the day your mommy and daddy let me stay with you! We have our special bond!
  4. You are the most creative child I know. Who else is the best "Diaper Girl"?
  5. You love your sweet baby brother like crazy. You make sure everyone is nice to him and loves on him too.
  6. Oh and one to grown on.....You are the best little "Owner" to Winston ever.  He is so happy you love him like he is your very own!

I love you Little Bear! Happy Birthday....and look you even got snow the day before your birthday!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas...a little early

Our Christmas tree

You know there a few things that still amaze me about Mr. Roberts! Honestly, the man is pretty interesting but I am amazed at his lack of surprise! I still to this day can not believe he was able to fly on an airplane with me, then spend a couple of days with me, and not bust the proposal! I mean he can not stand to keep a secret. The second he gets a gift for someone he is ready to pass it out...even if it is not time. Thus leading me to my post tonight.

We both spent Thanksgiving with our own families this year. I am sure that is how Christmas will be too. You know it is our last "single" holiday season...why not spend it with the family then worry about how it will all occur next year. Needless to say that also allowed us to do our Christmas shopping for one another. Chris arrived back home here to Fort Worth on Monday night. He was so excited because he had my gift all ready to go. He put it in the closet...I had his in my car. I said don't look in the car and I wont look in the closet (oh and I am too short too!). We both were cool with that and went on. I continued to decorate the house for Christmas. You know it is much more fun to decorate a house rather than an apartment.

On Tuesday Chris decided that he could wait no longer...I HAD TO OPEN MY CHRISTMAS GIFT! I mean he was a crazy man...kept talking about it. I said what it is only Dec 1st...that is against the rules in my family. I mean we don't even get to open a gift on Christmas Eve. After my many reasons why we should wait I could see I would not win. Therefore leading me to open my gift on DECEMBER 1st!!!

I was so EXCITED!!! This gift was amazing and just what I would want if I could have anything! He is such a great fiance...I mean he really does know me well. He gave me the Nikon D3000 plus and extra lens! Can you believe it? I am all set, I now have my every day camera (the one Abby gave me...I love it!!!) and now my fancy camera for "special" events and needs. Of course I am the happiest person in the world, only to find out the real reason this silly man wanted me to open this present. He would like to take it on Saturday to the Nebraska vs Texas game. Oh and he wanted me to have it for Christmas so I could use it.

PS: Chris liked his gifts too...but they probably were not as cool! :-)

Here are a few pictures from the new fancy camera: (the top pics are from the everyday camera)

What a sweet face!

Merry Christmas

The sweetest guy around