Sunday, July 31, 2011


My wonderful tennis friend invited me to join her at the Katy Perry concert this past Thursday night!   Man was it wonderful.  Okay I have to begin this by saying....ummmm well the only concerts I really go to are country!  Thus you can imagine my amazment at the sights that I saw!  You know your typical country concert is pretty laid back.  It's normally a bunch of guys and gals wearing their cowboy boots, hats, and such just enjoying life.  There maybe a little brawl from too much beer drinking....and maybe some two stepping but nothing "too" crazy!

Picture me getting out of the car to see: TONS of people with BLUE wigs on, huge TUTUs, more pink than one should ever see, and so much more!  Just before this I had told Debra I really enjoy people watching and was pretty excited about doing that tonight!  Little did I know it would be a FULL night of people watching.  Of course I don't have any "amazing" pictures because they wouldn't let me take my nice Nikon in...since it had a telescoping lens....BLAH!  So only crappy Iphone pics, sorry!

The night was great I can't complain about much, except the second singer that opened before her.  It was well...not my style of music!  Actually I don't think anyone in our section was enjoying it.  I did get so great people watching done in that time.  I am sorry ladies if this my offend you but, if you are over the age of oh 25 I don't think a tutu is what you should be wearing.  I don't care how much you LOVE the singer! Also I have a small problem with the amount of 10-15 year olds that were dressed like ummm hoochies for lack of a better word. (again sorry if I offend)  I think I saw more mini skirts on preteens that ever in my life....but right beside them were their mothers dressed in the same type of outfit!  So not okay!!  Then you have the grown adult women who were wearing CUPCAKES on their boobs!  Not actually eatable ones, but stuffed cupcakes!  Oh and the nice looking gay guy who made his own shirt about kissing a girl and hurting his boyfriends feelings.  He sat in front of us, and had many pictures taken by others.  A very EYE OPENING experience for me the country gal!

Now lets talk KATY!!!  She did an amazing job!  Again this is where I have to say I should really go to more non country concerts.  This was more like a show to me than a concert.  I again picture one song after another...and the singer singing around 8 songs and off you go!  She had a wonderful show! I still cant get over how different her concert was.  I loved it!  Debra and I enjoyed every moment of it..even the crazy people! If you like Katy and have never been you really MUST go!  Here are the few random pics I got!
Debra and I! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lost in....

MY CLASSROOM!!  Thus the lack of blogging this week, yikes!  Well, I have been pretty good for my goal this week.  My goal was to hit my classroom up for about 2-4 hours a day.  You know just taking some small steps here.  I'm not ready just yet for it to be my new home.  However, I thought if I started slow this week then the next two weeks could be pretty easy to work into.

There are 3 problems I have arrived at this year while working in my room.  1) I just can't move all the stuff I want.  I am sadly at the mercy of my wonderful custodians.  I need 2 selves and a filing cabinet moved before my furniture rearranging can begin!  2) I'm not as skinny as I normally am....ha ha I know this may be a shock.  However, when I am working away I'll try to fit between a table and some stuff and realize I CAN'T!  It's really weird not being able to do the things one is use to.  I guess I took squeezing through small spaces for granite, Ha!  3) I really have enjoyed my NAPS this summer.  I don't know how I am going to adjust to a full day of school.  Right now I go up in the morning, leave around lunch.  Eat something then take a nice 2 hour nap.  YIKES!!  Wonder if my second graders would mind me adding in a nap time.  I am sure some of those little bodies could use a nap too...

My goal next work longer and try to SkIp oUt on the NAP!  (that is the saddest thing I have ever typed I think) Hope you guys are gearing up for back to school just like me....Slow and steady!   Oh and just for a laugh I leave you with this really BAD quality Iphone pic that Chris took of me on Tuesday night (of course after my 105 degree tennis match...yikes).  He is so funny, he seems to always buy something for the baby!  He picked this up at the Rangers game on Tuesday night.
The shirt says, "My first Rangers TEE"

Friday, July 22, 2011

Watch me change!

I am stealing this idea from another blogger (she is amazing go check her out Kelly).  I think it will be fun to see how things change as I begin to grow.  Plus it is nice to have a count down, right?

Pregnancy Highlights:
(sorry no belly pic this week...but from now on I'll try to remember)

How Far Along: 15 Weeks

Size of the baby: currently it is the size of a navel orange!  
About 4 inches long and 2 ounces

Total Weight Gain/loss:  2 pounds since the beginning
(whew since we just got back from that cruise) 

Maternity Clothes: Thus far NO, however my regular stock is getting smaller

Gender: SURPRISE!! We are not going to find out till Baby R arrives in January! 

Movement: Nothing yet...but should be coming soon

Sleep: Well other than the crazy dreams waking me up, I am doing good.

What I miss: SONIC DR. PEPPER, instead I settle with a Sonic water extra
Caesar Salad...mmmm if only I could have a small bite

Cravings: Hand me a BLT any time of day please!  I love them!!

Symptoms: I still need some naps here and there, but really I am doing good! 
That may also be just because it is summer and I can be pretty lazy all day, ha.

Best moment this week: Thursday....I had a check up.
My mom got to join me at the Dr. that was fun!
We got to hear the heart beat, 153 and going strong.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It has been a pretty low key week, thank goodness!  Not to much going on over here, but I do have a few things I am love, love, loving!!!

LoVe: Tomorrow I go to the doctor for a check up.  I am excited to hear Baby R's heart beat...yet not to excited to see how much weight I have gained. (I blame the all you can eat cruise, ha)

LoVe: Baby R's gifts that were at our door the other day!  My sister is so stinking cute!  She has already made Baby R a super cute shirt.
I am called Auntie...and she is going to be Tia
LoVe: The gift that she also sent to Winston!  He has enjoyed showing it off in style.

LoVe: Of course as always I am loving my husband. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cruising away

Here are the rest of the pictures that blogger was so nice to NOT let me post yesterday! Enjoy! 

 Bingo, the whole family enjoyed bingo every night! 

 Our cute little elephant that was left on our bed! 
A sweet little family pic! 

 Dinner with the family
I love this one!  
oh my milkshake that was specially made! ha 

The girls acting silly!  

waiting on the crew to enjoy Nassau! 

Pool and Beach time! 

 Chris with his little sister and nieces! 
being silly!  
the girls ready for the beach 

 well only if Chris could have smiled a little better...geezz
 that's better!
The crew on the way back to the ship 
Chris and I after a morning on the was great! 

Well, this ends our trip with a little view of the Miami beach...sorry about the baby bump!
Not my favorite pic, but what can you do?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family Fun in the Sun!

Well as you know we just returned from a wonderful week of Roberts' family fun!  Steve, Chris' father,  wanted the whole family to enjoy a vacation together this summer.  The choice was a cruise to the Bahamas....and it was WONDERFUL!

To make a long story short...we ATE too much, enjoy all the SUN in the world, had plenty of wonderful FAMILY time, and so much more.  I loved that we were all together for a whole week having fun.  The cruise was pretty much a FIRST for everyone on the trip.  Yes, when I was 7 I went on one...but that is way to long ago to even remember how it all worked.  Chris went in college at some point, but everyone else were first timers.  I think this cruise was perfect.  It was a large enough ship we found more than enough to do.  The ports were nice enough that you could enjoy them or stick on the boat.  The service on the ship was amazing too.  All in all we left there SAD to go but HAPPY it was such a great time.  Here are a few....okay you know me....a BILLION pictures to show all our fun!

Of course we started the trip by telling his parents about their soon to be GRAND BABY!

Steve and I waiting to get on the ship
Our party of 11 heading on to the ship! 
Steve the FATHER OF ALL THINGS with his 4 THINGS! 
OUR first "family" pic on Baby R's first vacation! HA
Everyone exploring the ship and the views of Miami.
Chris with his mom, dad, and littlest sister! 
Riley with her shrimp cocktail...she ate one at most meals! 
On the balcony of the room ready to take off! 
Good bye Miami! 
Steve-o and I....just to prove I was on the trip,
since I am the picture taker! HA
Oh man...Chris busted me with my favorite meal of all!  BLT!
I ate a BLT every day...what Baby R loves them! 
The first day at breakfast! 
Okay apparently BLOGGER HATES me right now! It will not let me add any more wonderful pictures.  Or maybe that is a sign! HA regardless I am going to post the rest of the pics on their own to follow this one!