Thursday, February 20, 2014

Amazing weather fun!!

I sure hope all everyone has been out enjoying the amazing weather we have had here.  But for those of you up in the colder areas I don't want to brag too much :-)  I mean seriously on Monday I could have probably jumped in a pool because it was so hot.  Then again I don't think it was THAT hot I think we are just finally at a normal temperature that it feels hot! I mean it was just 70, lol

Needless to say Miss H and I have been busy enjoying the wonderful weather.  Tuesday we had our yoga and music class, but then after nap we went to the park with our friends across the street.  It is so fun to see these two girls growing up together! The first time we went to the park together they couldn't do too much..they were still pretty little.  This time was a whole new story.  They were up and down every slide there! Miss H loved it!! Of course I forgot to take a picture..grrr

Wednesday we took off for Miss H's favorite place the ZOO!!  Our neighbors Kacie and T went with us there too! I love having a stay at home mom neighbor friend…it is the best!  The girls loved the zoo. Of course Miss H acts like she owns the place and just runs free.  It was a bit overcast so the animals were out and playing around.  The only animals that were closed were the tigers and bears.  They were renovating their habitat.   Seriously these 2 girls were having a blast…I couldn't stop taking pictures of them.

T was not so sure about this Kangaroo…H you can tell loves it! 

After the zoo we did lunch like normal and then meet mommy's teacher friends for happy hour.  Miss H slept through most of happy hour in her stroller like a sweet little girl!  I love that my sweet baby will sleep in any location.  Honestly my next child will probably be a mess!!  Chris caught a cute moment with H last night…just sad the tv is so loud because it is hard to hear.  H was going through coupons and she found a pizza one.  Picked up her phone and asked the guys to bring her a pizzie.  Pretty stinking cute and funny because we never call for pizza…they don't deliver in the country ha.

Kay Guys, Kay guys, come and bring me this house this pizzie Kay guys…that is what she said! Love her!!

Today it was warm again but we have a 100mph wind out.  Okay so its only 20-25mph but out here in the country that is a lot of wind.  We did get out for a quick bit and braved the winds!!  Miss H and I went up to the local Presbitarian church and toured it.  I wanted to check it out so that she can find a good little school for next year!  I thought we should start the search now so we could get a spot for next year.  I really liked it and Miss H loved playing with all the kids in her soon to be classroom.  Plus they have a 1 day, 2 day, 3 day program.  Since I don't have a job and only have H she will just go 1 day.  Lots of the other programs are 2 day only…but I feel guilty taking my child to school 2 days a week when I have nothing to do.  I like the 1 day idea because I can clean the house and schedule appointments on that day and not feel so bad.

After our tour we did a few errands.  Of course Miss H talked me into playing….which means finding a chick-fila  or the mall.  Just so happens we needed to hit the mall anyways, lucky girl!

Hope you guys are out enjoying life and this great weather!  

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Obsession with smocking!

For those of you who truly know me you know I am not a girly girl!!  Thus my obsession with smocked outfits for Miss H is puzzling! Ha I know I just love them so dang much and can't stop buying them for her.  I don't know why I turn into such a girl girl when it comes to dressing her but I love how dang cute she looks.   Lately I have had many people asking where I get majority of my cute smocked outfits!  I guess I will tell you my secret, but only if you promise not to take all the 24 month and 2T out fits because I need them :-)

I don't buy locally in our shops here in the dfw area for 2 reason!  Not that I don't want to shop local but the PRICES are crazy!!  The clothes in those shops are out of control in price I mean the cheaper ones are 60 dollars.  Pretty sure Chris would kill me if I bought H and outfit for 60 dollars…he would flip.

We may own this soon since Miss H loves animals! 
Since the local shops are out of my price point I had to do some online searching!!  I have found the most adorable things online.  One of the places I love is Smockabilly Kids!!  Oh my heavens they have the cutest smocked and appliquéd outfits!  They don't just have girls stuff so boy moms you can keep on reading!!  Currently I am debating which Easter outfit I need for Miss H!  They have 2 adorable ones…making it so dang hard to pick.

Yes they have boy outfits too!!
Do I go with the adorable bunny and carrots or the bishop! Yikes!!

Oh and did I mention that they fit my budget! The price you pay for these adorable outfits is a steal…I feel so bad sometimes because I get the best deals! Our crab bubble below was 19.99 come on!!  Not only can you check out all the cute outfits on their website here, but they also hold actions on their Facebook page too!  You can find it at Smockabilly Kids has auctions every Wednesday night at 8:30 est.  I look forward to those nights…Chris thinks I am CRAZY!!  Dads just don't get it, do they?

Best part of their auctions is that you stand a chance…lol! I know you Facebook auction moms know what I am saying.  You know those other smocked fb pages where you got to bid, and then realize 300 other moms have bid before you, and they only had 3 outfits anyways.  Ah that makes me crazy!  I have actually stopped following many of those sites because it's a joke you stand no chance to win.  Oh and if you do win it takes FOREVER to get your outfit.  Every time I have bought from Smockabilly Kids we had the outfits with in 2 weeks! It's amazing you can actually plan to wear the outfit once you buy it!  Another pet peeve of mine with the other fb auction sites!  Don't even get me started on customer care either by those other places!  Smokabilly Kids is so sweet…they have the best service ever.  Remember my recent identity theft issues!  Well, the hubby accidentally canceled one of my orders with Smokabilly.  After I fussed at him I sent the Smokabilly ladies an email.  They are amazing they not only fixed the issues but offered me an outfit that was not even on sale yet!  We got a pre-auction outfit, whoo whoo!  I can't say enough about these ladies.  Please swing by and take a look at what they have to offer you little cuties! Tell them I sent ya :-) Happy Shopping

Okay so here are the most recent outfits that Miss H has received from Smockabilly Kids!!!  I adore these outfits so much! Oh and let me tell you my child has worn her sweet owl bishop like crazy an it still looks brand new!
We can't wait for our trip to Cape Cod this summer…perfect outfit for it! 

I love this owl dress

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Heart Day!

For those of you who know me or have followed me you know that I DISLIKE this day for many reasons.  However, now that I have Miss H I have to enjoy some parts of it.  I believe that men should love you everyday and not just on this day.  Thus my hubby gets off easy on this day by not giving me a gift! LOL however, I expect things throughout the year so maybe he isn't getting off easy?  Regardless we now celebrate this day for Miss H.

My sweet friend Gracie (who I try to talk into doing pics professionally but wont) took these adorable pictures of Miss H in her Valentine outfit. I love them and she does such a great job catching my sweet girl's expressions.  I also love that we managed to make those lights become hearts! Gracie you are the best ever!!

This week we also worked hard on Daddy's Valentine's gift.  She loved every second of it.  Since she was doing such a great job we also made some for her grandparents too.  Thank you pintrest for your endless ideas and crafts.  I went with 2 rather easy ones.  We used an old toilet paper roll and bent it together to create a "heart" stamp.  She stamped hearts all over.  She even used it like a paint brush at one point (sorry to who ever got that picture!!)

Then to add a little extra touch I covered her sweet little hand in paint.  Then placed a paper heart in her palm. Once we pushed her hand down and raised up she had a hand print with a heart in the middle.  She loved that too! Thankfully I did that last for all the pictures because then she did a little finger painting! HA well if your already covered in paint why not!!

We really don't have big plans just hanging out and enjoying the day.  We probably wont go to dinner or anything either! I know this is as far as I can take my love for heart day…to a craft!  Hope you all have a wonderful day and that you get all the things you were hoping for!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fishy love…for our friends

Miss H is not in school so we don't really have a class to give out Valentine cards too.  However we do have yoga and music class.  Both have about 7 kiddos in them which makes it perfect for Miss H to pass out a little goodies!

Miss H and I were chatting about her choices for goodies and she picked gold fish crackers.  Of course a 2 year old would pick that.  But I was happy with her choice…way better than fruit snacks, aka candy if you ask H.  Again after searching good old pintrest we found a cute idea!  Here are Miss H's Valentine treat for her friends.  She loved passing them out today to her friends!  

Yes, its the teacher in me that loves to make these little goodies for her to share.  I am sure she will hate it when she is older so I have to take advantage now ;-)  What cute goodies did you make for your little ones to share? 

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Rodeo Time!!

This weekend we were very busy!! We really didn't have any plans being as it was FREEZING cold all week.  Miss H and I had discussed going to the zoo on Saturday since it was finally going to be above freezing and a normal temp.  However, then Thursday I ran across some Rodeo tickets for Saturday so bam we had plans!

Miss H loves the stock show we have gone 2 times since it has been in town.  Saturday was the final day for the stock show and the rodeo.  Making our rodeo tickets even better because they put on a wonderful show.  Miss H was really excited to go to the stock show again.  She wasn't very sure about the rodeo part since she has never gone.  Both Chris and I explained the fun events and she acted excited…well let me tell you! I wish I could have videoed her the whole time!  She was really excited.  Poor thing only got about a 20 min nap prior so she was a little sleepy…but many she still loved it! She loved the barrel racing, the clowns, the kids catching cows…and on and on!  I am so happy we took her and can't wait to go again next year.  Seeing the pure joy on her face was worth every second of our day!  These are the days I love most as a mommy.

Just a little preview of the opening.. I love that she was point to all the horse!

After the rodeo we hit up the pony rides.  She loves her horsey at home (the one she rides around he house) But this was a whole other level of horse.  She was the first in line and got to pick hers…she picked this sweet horse named Pokey!  She was very serious at first and then loosened up.  She enjoyed riding on him and was shocked at how fast a horsey walks.  She said mommy no run walk please…I explained that this is how a horse walks.  Then she said oh fast walk!  It was cute.  She would say yea haw and pet the horse.  Pretty sure she would have stayed all day!

looks like we were saying yeee haaww here

Of course the second we made it back to the car H was fast asleep. Which was good and bad being as it was 5 pm! But the girl partied hard I tell ya.  Chris and I then hit up a new restaurant in downtown, The Little Red Wasp.  It was a very nice meal as Miss H slept in her stroller the whole time.  We actually got to just sit and enjoy some adult talk and such (forgot to take a pic of us).  Plus the food was amazing.  I recommend this to any local friends.  Heck we got a little date night without the babysitter fee! BONUS for all!!

Friday, February 07, 2014

Sprinkles for the baby!

One of our sweet friends is expecting her second baby!  Normally you would not host a shower for baby number two, but she is having a boy.  She already has a sweet 17 month old little girl B who we love playing with.  Of course we wanted to show baby BOY some love too!

Alison, Lara, Donna, and I all hosted a small "SPRINKLE" shower for her this past Saturday at the house.  I love any reason to use my cricut now that I have one!  We thought elephants would be fun and easy as decor.  Plus since it is just a sprinkle you don't have to go all out!  Low key and fun was our idea.  I am so thankful to have great gals to help host this with me.  Julie loved every bit of it and she got some wonderful boy things.  Here are the many pics I took from it!