Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Missing us???

Well sorry about that and I hope to be a better blogger from here on out.  Ugh I feel like its the last thing I get to in life….for many reasons! However if you haven't heard the BIGGEST news in our world I will catch you up.

First thing…

This leads me to the sucking at blogging part! Yes we are over joyed to be adding another little one to our world.  However this little one has been hard on me.  With H I had not one issue perfect pregnancy…well this kiddo, also referred to by H as Baby TIGER, has been one thing after another.  Here I am finally at week 16 and able to function again in life.  I am no longer needing 6 pills a day to make it through life!  Crazy how different each one can be!  I'm ready for the liking food and enjoying this part…hope its coming soon.  Will start catching up on life this week and hope to be a more regular blogger.  Poor Baby Tiger has not one post and I am already 21 weeks! Yikes I had a post per week for Miss H….that's the second kid for you! 

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