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Miss H is 6 months old!!

Harper you are SIX months old!  

This month you weigh 14 pounds and 8 ounces.  You are now about 26 inches long! You are a growing girl and we couldn't be happier.   The doctors call you Long and Lean...and mommy loves that!  No worries about you being too chunky over here.  You wear size 2 diapers and can still fit in your   3-6 month and/or 6 month clothes. I love that you are on track for clothes it makes shopping so easy for mommy!

Here are a few things you are really loving this month:

Nursing: You are still nursing every 4 to 5 hours.  You are a very efficient eater as your doctor get the job done with no messing around.  Although you have kind of become a distracted eater and that can make mommy a little crazy!  

Eating Solids: You are just beginning solids this month.  Mommy is sad you are big enough to eat food now!!  You have done pretty good thus far but we have only had cereal at this point.  You will start veggies very soon.  You eat cereal for breakfast and dinner.  You never spit it out, but you don't act overly excited either. 

Sippy Cup: Yes, this too is a new step.  You have just begin using a sippy.  Actually mommy bought you 3 different kinds to see what you like, so we are still in the trial period.  However, with the Avent one you have managed to drink pretty good (it may be the winner).

Smiling: You still love to smile at people, but now you act a little shy.  When you see someone new you tend to give them a once over then let out a cute little smile.  I love your smile.  You light up every day when daddy gets home from work, it is the cutest smile around.

Talking: AHHH the screaming phase has left and my sweet talking baby is back.  You have really become a talker in the past few days.  The funny thing is you are now using different voices and sounds.  You are learning what sounds you can make it is so cute.  You squeal so much when you get excited.  You also have been saying maa-maa much more...not that you know I am maa-maa but still it rocks. 

Awareness:  Well it has hit....the separation anxiety!  You now are not so eager to go to that new person...and tend to cry for a bit.  However, you warm up to people pretty quickly.  You also have begun to really want things.  If you have something and we take it from you, you really tell us about it. You love to sit and analyze things...then you will try them.  You are very inquisitive!   

WINSTON and BOB: You are so in love with your pets it is the sweetest thing yet.  I can't wait till you can chase them around and really play with them.  You love to talk to them and watch them roam the house. 

Sleep: You are still taking a feeing at night...yes I am that mom! However this week we have begun working away from that.  Since you have begun cereal it will probably help out.  You take 2-3 naps a day.  You really do a good job though if for some reason you miss one.  I love that you will sleep anywhere it makes life so much easier for our on the go-ness.  You did especially good while we vacationed for a week and half!

Your hands:  You really can do amazing things we those hands.  You can now officially take your paci in and out of your mouth.  You can pretty much handle all your toys at this point.  You have just begin loving banging toys to hear the noise they make.  Oh and you especially love to PULL HAIR!  Mommy is trying to break you of this....but you can somehow manage to find hair no matter where you are.  Beware if you are shopping close to us...ha ha ha.  Funny note is my mom said I was the exact same way, I use to just grab people's hair! 

please note the hair pulling here!

Mouth: no teeth yet, thank heavens!  However the drool factor in our house is OUT OF CONTROL.  You can drool so much it is unreal.  Everything you touch is headed straight for your mouth. You are an animal these days...trying to get your mouth on everything.  I know this is all due to the fact that teeth are coming soon.  Oh and did I mention your cute tongue.  You love to stick it out and play with it still.    

she even had to attack the chair with her mouth... 

Your legs:  Your legs never stop...only when you sleep! Your legs are so strong.  You have pretty much loved standing since 2 months but now we can just hold your hands and you stand up.  You also do this cute little hula move...where you move your hips back and forth.  Your newest thing is to sit up and scoot forward using your legs to bounce your way there.  You are also trying to do the crawling motion.  Mommy is not looking forward to that, YIKES!   

This is an example of the butt scoot...she started here
and ended there!

TOES: You love your toes about as much as kicking.  You still love to suck on those toes!!  It really is the cutest thing ever.  You also use those things just like fingers. Your Queen Tia jokes that you could hang by them and be just fine, but I do think it is true. 

Bath time: Not only do you splash, but you have learned about toys.  You love to take baths and play with your tubby toys.  Actually you now CRY when it is time to get out!  I love that you enjoy this time every night, it makes bed time so easy.  

Rolling over: You are a pro.  You can now pretty much roll anyway you want for what ever you want. You still don't love rolling from tummy to back, but can do it if you really want to.  You especially do this in bed at night.

Giggles: You have really become the little giggler.  You are so funny that you laugh at your self.  You also have noticed when daddy and I laugh and will laugh too.  I love hearing your sweet giggle.

Both of these pics are in mid giggle, love it!

Sitting up: You officially can sit on your own.  Yes, you are a big girl now.  You love to sit up and play.  Actually you will sit and play for quite some time.  I love that I can let you sit up and walk away without worrying about you falling over.  Now don't get me wrong...sometime you get over excited and bounce forward too far!  We have many head bumps to come I am sure!! HA Also your new love for sitting up and moving has caused our monthly photo shoots to be very challenging!     

Below are pictures of the constant moving that makes this session of pics so much harder! HA I'm sure it is funny to see her wiggling around and making mommy crazy while trying to capture the moment!

Things you are almost doing:

You are on the right track to crawling.  You can get your little legs in position but have not figured out just how to move it.  Mommy is thankful for that. I am sure in no time you will though.  

You had a few FIRST this month! 

You went on your first Roberts Rock family vacation.
You visited 3 new STATES this month.  Massachuetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.
You met your cousins in Maine.
Your first swim in a lake.

You took a 3 hour 45 minute flight, twice.
You ate solids and used a sippy cup.
You attended your fist wedding.
You had your first SICK BABY visit to the doctor, you had a little virus.
Your first time to sit in a shopping cart.

Your favorite toys are:

Sophie, I am pretty sure she will be your number one toy till your silly teeth are in!

Olivia: You still really love her.  You love to chew on that silly little moon.  She is always in the diaper bag when we are on the go.
Saucer: (aka office as mommy calls it!) You love to work in your office and have really gotten good at it. Actually you have pretty much mastered all the toys on the top of it.  Also you love to rock that thing back and're a little mover!

This is an old pic, but shows her "office" nicely

Books: you are really enjoying looking, touching, and eating your books.  I am happy to let you explore reading even if it with your mouth.  

Larry the Octopus and Mr. Crabby: (yes we use names for her toys.  She likes them all but especially those two): You love love love these guys.  They are part of your bath tub friends.  You actually love them so much they got to enjoy swimming in the lake too! You could hold and chew on these two for hours. 

Wow, Harper you are 1/2 a year old.  I just don't understand how the time goes so quickly.  You amaze me each day with all the new discoveries you make.  You are the most determined little person I know.  I am so thankful that I get to spend every day watching you explore the world around you.  I love to see you conquer new task.  Daddy and I are so blessed to have such a kind loving little girl like you.  We love you all the way to the moon and back!

And for the monthly comparison....

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