Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Road trip part 1

Loaded up and on our way!

Miss H and I have finally cleared the dust from all our road tripping we just did!  Now time to blog about it…  First stop was Norman, Ok!  Sweet baby girl HAD to see where mommy went to college and meet all my friends.  I can't believe it had been 4 years since I last visited Norman.  Boy oh boy has it changed….I mean they have real stores and real food!  The college kids these days have no idea, lol

I am so blessed to have found an amazing family when I was at OU that took me as there own, the Flax's.  I nannied for their 4 sweet babies all through college.  I loved every second of it.  They truly are the most amazing family ever.  Their sweet baby Jack (not so much a baby) was even on of our ring bears for our wedding. We love the Flax's to say the least!!!  Of course they put Miss H and I up during our road trip.  We fit in just like on of them…got to stay in the Pi Phi bunk room!!

When we first arrived I meet up with a dear friend whom I hadn't seen in ages.  We talk all the time but physically haven't met up…thankfully she just moved back to OKC area!!  Oh and was days away from giving birth to her second son.  I loved, loved, loved chatting in PERSON and letting her meet Miss H.  That evening we had big celebrations to attend.  Sweet baby Jack who was 4 months old when I began watching him graduated from 5th grade, tear! Where does time go?  That's not even the 1/2 of my reality checks I had while I was there.  I mean both Sissy and Wee (who were the babies 4 and 5 when I began with them) are driving and living up life as high schoolers.  AHH

 Miss H loved Tuffy the kitty and Idabell and Claireabell the pups..the pups were glad when we left!

Sissy and Miss H with Sweet Claireabell

The rest of our stay was all about visiting college friends and showing Miss H my college world.

 The 2 houses I lived in after my 2 years in the Pi Phi house!!

Of course I had to show her the Pi Phi house (as she says fifi house)  She loved seeing my old pic in there! I am so happy we got to share that memory after all she has no choice she will be a Pi Phi at OU!!

calling on the house phone…Men on second, lol

Sweetest angel around, seeing mommy's old room

 Visiting with sorority sisters and our new babies! 

Miss H's first eye check from Troy Daddy of course!!

Even saw my Uncle and cousins for dinner one night!  After our 4 days of invading the sweet Flaxs we had to head off to Amarillo…next stop BB and Papas!

 She slept the whole 4 hours from OKC to Amarillo!! One tired girl! 

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