Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Road trip part 2

We arrived in good old A town around 10 pm, normally that is no issue but since she slept the WHOLE way it was a bit of an issue!! Even though the crazy awful pouring rain I hit in Groom, Tx! She was up and ready to party once we arrived.  Thankfully Papa and BB made us some dinner.  Miss H played for about an hour and was ready for bed again! Whew this mommy thought she would be up all night :-)
BB showing H how to cut! She loves to cut her food

Friday was our "off" day of driving!  We spent the day hanging out with BB and Papa.  We finally got to see all their house demo in person, normally we just get iPhone pics.  We love it all!  My sweet parents are remodeling my grand parents house.  One day (this has been going on for 2 years) they will live in it, can't wait.  I love my grand parents house especially since they built it!!  I can't wait for all the renovations to be finished it will look amazing!  Oh and did I mention we loved on the turtles!! Mom has turtles, she has for gosh 8 years or more now…we love them! She has 4 boys and 1 girl and almost every year they have a baby.  We found a baby while we were there.  The sad news is the babies don't know to eat the food we give them so not many have made it, or they have escaped in some way.

We took a little break from remodeling and took Miss H to the Discovery Center.  She love it and enjoyed just checking out all the exhibits.  She was a little sad that they didn't have babies like our museum does, but got over it!

Helping clean up outside after the rain

Saturday we began our 2nd leg of the car riding…off to Colorado!  My dad's parents were moving to a new retirement home and his sister, my aunt asked for some help.  We left around 7 am and rolled into CO around 3.  Just in time to start unboxing and setting up George and Mary Alice's new home.  Miss H was happy to be out of the car playing too.  This is her only set of living great grand parents so I enjoy letting her make some memories every time we can.

reading magazines to pass the time driving

That night we all crashed at my Aunt Alice's house!!  Charlean and Matthew were also staying there so it was pretty fun.  We got to chat and enjoy some family time with the family we don't see as often.  Sunday was spent doing some touching up and cleaning up for George and Mary Alice.  We got things pretty squared away..enough that they can manage to find every thing.  Miss H played babies with her great grand parents that was pretty sweet to watch.

Great grandpa George trying to figure out Baby Claire

Loving life

Papa is the best baby doll carrier ever!

Monday we took off pretty early again to head home, well Amarillo that is!  Miss H and I spent the rest of the week in Amarillo.  My best friend from 5th grade lives there so I try to sneak in as much friend time as possible.  Plus our kiddos love each other.  We also got to have a mommy dinner and movie date!! Whoo whoo!!  We also spent a lot of time helping with the house.  They got plumbing, skylights, and more while we were there.
Back on the road to Amarillo

She drew an airplane…pretty good if you ask me

backstage at Chick-fila

moms night out

so excited because Papa brought her donuts from the best place ever

enjoying the big fan at lowes

first time in high heels

splash pad with our favorite boys

Headed home to see daddy!!

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