Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Santa came…

First of all Merry Christmas to all!!  

Well, we had a very excited 2 year old over here as SANTA arrived last night!  She couldn't figure out how he would get her motorcycle to the house but low and behold he did!  Her list had many checks on it, motorcycle, scooter, and baby stuff!! All things she managed to receive for Christmas this year.  Here are some fun pics of our Christmas day excitement.

 SANTA came…look at all the goodies for the kiddos! 

 Since we sleep on the other side of the house we had to sneak H past the loot…to the others! 

 Checking out all her goodies! 

 G got this awesome train from Santa…so H hitched a ride!  This is how they spent the rest of our trip.
 Dad and sweet baby M just watching it all as the screaming and joy went on! 
 She loves her ergo….and now she has her own! 

 Our sweet family all in our jammies..
Nursing her baby….my sweet sister got her this adorable hooter hider just like mine! 

My sweet niece didn't give an actually gift this year!  Instead she gave us all a family experience and man was it fun.  She bought supplies for us all to do a little family painting project.  I love how her sweet heart is.  The babies loved this like not other, but lets be honest everyone in the family did.  Not only was it fun but I think we will now make a new family tradition for Christmas day! 

She put snowflakes on the canvases before the event and everyone just painted away!  They turned out pretty good if you ask me! 
 everyone is getting the info on what to do! 

 let the painting begin, and yes being naked was a must in this project

 Here they are after drying and the tape was removed.

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