Friday, January 02, 2015


Sweet Tiger gave us a little scare the day after Christmas!!  Okay so I probably could have done something sooner but I am not a normal pregnant person, lol.  I mean yes I have had a baby, however I never went into labor with my child!  When we had Miss H I was induced the day after my due date..for 2 days they did everything to make my labor go!  Needless to say I never dilated really so I never felt true contractions and such.  The only real reason Miss H was take out was because she did break my water early on day 2 of induction.  Now on to TIGER!!

Tiger has been a handful from the beginning!  From the fact that I lost 18 lbs in the first few weeks to needing meds to just eat a simple sandwich.  Well Tiger has now officially given me the true feelings of LABOR!  The day after Christmas is always fun for us girls in the family.  We all load up and head out to hit up the post Christmas sales.  As we were shopping I noticed some cramping in my stomach but nothing too bad.  I put it off to typical pregnancy issues, gas etc.  As the morning progressed the pain came and went.  Then come lunch time I was rushing around to get ready for a little high school get together and was feeling more pain.  Again I just figured I was hungry needed some lunch and all would be grand!  

After lunch and heading out to meet up with friends I really began to hurt.  Not only was my stomach cramping but my back too.  I was trying to ignore it and just keep on doing stuff but it was bad.  Chris finally looked at me and asked me what was wrong.  Keep in mind it was about 5 pm by this time! 

After explaining my issues to the family my sister suggest a nice tub and relaxing.  After enjoying a nice tub and trying to lay down I  still felt awful.  By this point I also wasn't really feeling Tiger move around much which always worries one.  However, around 7 pm I was now in the bathroom getting sick!  It was at this point I was forced by my mom and sister to call the dr number!  My sweet sister who has had 4 kids with some labor was like I think you are in labor!  I couldn't even believe it because no I don't do that!  I just have c-section babies!   After explaining my issues to the on call nurse she said we should head to the er!  UGH!!  

My sweet mom took me, I didn't want Miss H up around all the germs plus it was now like 10 pm so she was snoozing it up.  I also didn't want Chris up there because he himself was kind of fighting a cold and if H woke up she would for sure freak out if we were both gone.   Mom and I arrived to the er where the guy looked at me like I had some crazy disease or something!  He said you are pregnant  I said yes, he said are you in labor?  I said well I don't know but I am in pain! Quickly he rushed me up to L&D!!  It was kind of funny how they acted as if I was going to just drop a baby out right there.  

Once in L&D they got me all hooked up.  I explained my issues and no more than had I finish the gal said um yes we are going to get you a shot! I was impressed that within 5 minutes I was already getting meds….well that would be because my contractions were 1-2 minutes apart!  YIKES!!!  I said man is that why my back is killing me so dang bad! I was relieved once we got the monitors on Tiger to hear that heart going strong! After spending about 4 hours in L&D and getting 2 shots of terbutaline we were thankfully sent home.  Thanks to my sweet mom and sister for spending their night up there!  

Honestly family is the best for things like this.  Now its a matter of drinking tons of water, being less active (which is so hard for me), and relaxing to keep this Tiger in!  Nothing like a little Preterm Labor to get you going!!!  Tiger you are full of many surprises and we hope that no more are seen until your deliver day Feb. 26th!! 

Of course as we checked out of the hospital they handed me brochures and follow up info!  Ha ha ha if I had read that preterm labor one prior to this I would have totally been in the ER sooner, but I had no idea!  Lessons learned the hard way! Thank heavens I don't dilate because I think that is our saving grace as to why Tiger is staying put! 

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