Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Well, sweet Tiger you are still up to your tricks again!  Tiger's most recent tricks are causing me more contractions ON the meds that should stop them.  These being said I kind of had a small melt down moment about this sweet baby coming.  Thankfully I have an amazing family and sister who talked me off the ledge.

All the fun began on Saturday when I was feeling contractions even after taking my morning medicine. Sad thing is I can only take this medicine every 6 hours so I have to wait it out until I can re dose.  Of course I was trying to ignore the issue at hand and just rest.  Thankfully it was the weekend and Miss H had her sweet daddy to play with.  I spent the morning in bed just hanging out drinking my water and such.  Come the afternoon I finally could redoes myself and did quickly!  That helped for about 3 hours then the contractions began again.  Of course they were not "unbearable" as the past 2 pre labor times!  

Of course after chatting with my sister I placed a call to the after hour doctor…we had a small discussion and came to the normal conclusion more than 6 "unbearable" contractions in an hour go in to the hospital.  Thankfully they stopped at about 4, or so I counted anyways.

Needless to say after all the fun my sweet sister offered to take Miss H for the week so that I could truly be on bed rest hoping to keep the contractions down.  I of course hate to send Miss H away because I will miss her and don't want her to feel ditched before the baby.  Also I feel bad for my sister who has 4 kiddos on her own (11,7,2, and 5 months) in a small living space (they are renting as they build).  But I do want sweet Tiger to cook as long as possible since I am only 36 weeks.  37 weeks is so much better than 36 and that is the main goal healthy baby!!

Therefore Sunday Chris and I loaded Miss H up and met my sister at our 1/2 way spot.  H was so excited about going to play with her cousins she couldn't stand it.  She pretty much gave Chris and I a hug and kiss then kicked us out of the door :-)  I am so thankful she is excited and that my sweet sister is willing to add to her crazy life.  This week Tiger and I have just been laying in bed everyday!
road tripping like a pro

oh the happiness

Tia will be a favorite always for this kind of fun

face timing this morning, showing off her nails

just having a blast! 
Let me tell ya laying in bed isn't that easy all day everyday!  I have caught up on most of my shows and now am catching up on blog life…ha  So until Friday my goal is keeping tiger in while Miss H is out enjoying her Tigercation at Queen Tia's house! Here's to 2 more days of hoping Tiger stays in and feeling much better about his/her arrival after that.  Plus my sweet mom is coming to help out for the next week :-) love my family

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