Thursday, January 29, 2015

New hobby for Miss H!!

Miss H and I have done music together classes for 2 years now and she loves it! She loves going to music, seeing her friends, singing and dancing the whole shebang.  However, this semester our sweet friends schedule didn't really meet up with ours.  When I told H that her 2 favorite friends wouldn't be in class she was a little sad.  That is when we began discussing new activities and hobbies to do.  I listed off a whole bunch of new idea such as soccer, t-ball, gymnastics, and more.  She was pretty intrigued to hear more.

I told her I would do some research and then we could may try something new this semester instead of music.  After much research and discussion Miss H chose gymnastics as her new thing.  I found a gym close by that had hours that would work once Tiger arrived too.  The gym even has a trail class you can do prior to committing.  So we loaded up and went for our trial class!!  

H had the best time at gymnastics.  She loved getting to jump on the big long trampoline.  They even have a fun castle that you can jump out of into a foam pit.  She tried it once and that was about all she wanted of that!!  Needless to say she was hooked after one class and we now have been to 2 classes!  I love watching her try new things.  She is pretty funny though because if she isn't sure about the safety of the event she sits back and waits her turn, my little observer girl!  

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