Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy 87th Birthday


This weekend I was lucky enough to head on home to A-town.  Not only was I excited to see grandma, since it had been a while.  I was super jazzed that I also got to help celebrate her birthday with her. 

On Saturday, grandma was in a great mood.  She actually was speaking very clearly and a lot.  Lately she has gone down in health.  She is no longer talking as well, or wanting to.  Abby and mom put her on hospice about a week ago.  I know how hard that is as I helped with grandpa.  Another reason I really wanted to head down to see grandma.  We visited with her twice on Saturday, and for some time.  She was looking so great.  I think she even remembered who I was both times.  She did get excited when I talked about the wedding….she like my grandpa wanted me married badly. 

On Sunday mom and I did some shopping and bought her a few things.  You know since she has Alzheimer’s she really wont remember it (or even me), but you still want to make it a production.  (I mean come one we have birthday WEEK in our house) We bought her a new outfit that seemed comfy to hang around all day in.  Then we picked up a nice soft cheesecake that she could probably eat.  Headed up and had our selves a little party.  Okay so she was not in the “best” of moods, but she still enjoyed it I think.  Mom and I also hung us some wedding pictures.  I had a few made to place on her cute bulletin board mom put in her room.  All in all even in the “not so best mood” I think grandma really enjoyed her birthday.  I know mom and I enjoyed celebrating it with her.  Here are a few pics from my visit.

Mom and grandmaIMG_0138

Me and grandmaIMG_0136

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