Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mail issues…

to say the least.  Okay I need to set the scene! We have a house where the mailbox is attached to our wall by the front door.  We don’t have a mailperson that drives up and and drops off our mail!  Instead “he” walks the route everyday.  (yes I am talking about MAIL--you know that you place a stamp on!)

Okay so picture you typical HOT STIFLING HOT 100 plus degree summer days.  If you have a mailperson that walks the route then you can imagine how they may feel.  Suddenly our mail started arriving, um…..WET!!  Yes you heard me correctly WET WET WET (like you dropped it in a puddle).  Therefore after a few weeks I had to make a call.  I found out some rather troubling news.  The mailman claims that the reason our mail is wet is well, SWEAT!  That is correct he is sweating on our mail the hole route.  He claims, since we are the last house on the 3 blocks…our mail sits on his arm from start to finish.  Thus no matter what he has tried he can’t keep it dry! (REALLLY!!)


EXIBIT A: DSC_0029-1

(don’t judge me b.c I love trashy magazines…)DSC_0031-1

yes this is the magazine we received just last week  DSC_0034-1

REALLY!!! I don’t think Chris has even opened it yet…we are still letting these DRY OUT! HaDSC_0028-1

Completely disgusted by this news, Chris and I no longer can touch our mail the same. We now set all mail to the side, spread it out, and let it DRY OUT. 

FAST FORWARD…..Now September, not 100 plus days and still our mail is arriving SOAKING WET??  I mean when we receive a bill, the envelope to return our payment in is already sealed due to his SWEAT! (I only wish I could make this stuff up)

This week though we had a small break through….we have a SUBSTITUE mailperson.  You will be pleased to know that all week our mail has arrived DRY DRY DRY!  Funny how this “sub” mailperson is able to not sweat on the mail.  Chris went ahead and made a phone call today.  He told them that he finds it interesting that our “sub” can bring us dry mail and yet our “regular” mailperson can not. 

I know I am asking a ridicules question here but really there is no way to keep our mail dry, or in your BAG, until you get to our house!! REALLY!! 

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