Thursday, February 16, 2012

Miss H is one month old

Harper you are ONE month old today! 
I can not believe how fast this first month has gone.  It seems just like yesterday your dad and I were walking into the hospital to meet you for the first time! We love you so much.  

This week we went to the doctor for your ONE month check up.  You weigh 9 pounds even, what a great little eater you are.  You are now 22 1/2 inches long....and in the 95% in height! (you must have gotten that from your father!) Your head size and weight are just right on the mark at the 50% marker!  Way to go sweet girl.  

Next to Chris' sock monkey from when he was a baby...just for size comparison!
You have already changed so much.  You love to be talked just sit and listen while trying your best to talk back.  I know soon you will be "cooing" back at us.  You are a great little sleeper.  You take good naps during the day, as well as sleeping great at night.  We normally get about 4 hours of sleep at a time at night.  Mommy thanks you for that! You love all your "toys"....the mama roo, bouncy chair, and tummy time mat.  You will sit and try like crazy to grab those silly toys hanging down!  Such a determined little thing you are. 

You know the second your dad or I speak to you...and turn your sweet little head our way!  I love that you can recognize our voices from across the room.  You are a very good stretcher!  I know this from your time in my stomach as well.  You just love to stretch out!  You don't get bothered by loud noises, which is nice since your dog tends to be a barker some days.  

You are the sweetest baby around. You will let everyone just pass you around and love on you.  You hardly ever fuss unless you are hungry or in need of a new diaper.  You couldn't be a better baby we are so grateful.  I love how laid back you are about everything!

You're a great little traveler.  You sit in your car seat without much of a fuss.  Although we haven't gone out all too much, you have been great when we did.

Now for all your FIRST this month!  
Your first visit to daddy's office to meet everyone.
Your first visit to mommy's school to meet mommy's students and coworkers.
Your first babysitter while mommy and daddy got a massage.
Your first "walk" around the neighborhood with your puppy dog Winston.
Your first play date with friends.

Mommy and daddy couldn't love you more.  Each day you make our lives so complete.  We love hugging and kissing on you and can't get enough.  I can't wait to see what fun things you began to do next month.  


Kara said...

She's so cute! Can't believe she's a month old already!

Jen said...

She is so precious! This month went by so quickly! Looking forward to reading more about your adventures in mommyhood!