Saturday, September 08, 2012

Labor Day Traditions

On the plane ready to go!
As you know from my past post...our Labor Day tradition is to head down to the Four Seasons in Scottsdale, Az.  Well, this year was a first in our tradition....adding a baby!  The guys weekend has officially been changed I think.  I know that grandpa Steve and Z both enjoyed having Miss H there.  Of course her daddy did too.  Honestly, we had the best time.

The guys got to enjoy some much needed golf time.  Plus they also played on a few new courses.  It's funny because everyday they loved that course more than the one from the day before.  Z was really loving life because he was kicking everyones butt at first. So you may wonder what Miss H and I did the whole time....

We enjoyed a little R&R and some major POOL time!  Pre-Miss H I would wake up head down to the pool and then when the guys got home around 1 hang with them at the pool.  Now with Miss H I don't get to enjoy as much pool time. Since Texas time and Arizona time are so different (2 hours) Miss H didn't make the switch...she was on Texas time the whole trip.  There were pros and cons to she slept through all our "fancy" dinners so I didn't have to worry about bothering others.  Con she was up at 6 am AZ time (8 tx).  Thus it allowed for many early morning walks and enjoyment.  We took many walks in the morning and watched as the sun came up.  Plus after her morning nap is was the perfect time to hit the pool.  She like LOVED the pool.  Basically we had a blast hanging pool side each day.

In fun other news Miss H had a few FIRST on our trip!

  • new state
  • tooth
  • ice
  • smoothie
  • Uncle Z and Grandpa time

She has gotten her FIRST TEETH!!!  Yes, on Friday when we arrived she was fussy (which is not like her).  Chris blamed it on traveling and I really wasn't sure.  Later that afternoon I found the reason....bottom right tooth poking up.  You could only feel it really.  By the time we arrived home on Tuesday night the bottom left was poking up too.  They are still just poking up, you really have to look but they are there.  Thus we have had many a sleepless nights around her.

Since it is so HOT there, we had to find some way to cool off.  Thank heavens I took her cooling teether because it was useful.  However, she also learned that ICE was pretty cool.  She didn't eat the ice don't worry.  She did play with it like crazy.  While we were taking a break from the pool she sat and played with a cup of ice.  I think she wondered why it would get smaller and disappear, ha.

Another fun treat was the smoothie.  I always enjoy some beverages at the pool and they make the best smoothies.  When I ordered my first one H just sat there and asked to have some (signing more...) Thankfully her mommy was thinking ahead and ordered the non yogurt one so she could enjoy it.  Strawberry raspberry smoothy heaven for Miss H!  Of course we had to have one everyday!!

Uncle Z and Miss H

Uncle Z and Grandpa got to enjoy an hour of babysitting, or should I say I got to enjoy an hour of baby free relaxation.  While we are they we all normally get a massage.  This year we had to do a little coordinating but it worked out perfect.  Steve and Z went first, I put H down for her afternoon nap then they took over.  I think she slept for at least 30 minutes of their hour...and was playing when we got home.  We are so thankful Z and Steve love our sweet baby enough to watch her.

All in all this years trip was the best ever.  Of course it always goes WAY to FAST for us.  But I am really looking forward to next year already :-)  Yep, boys you are going to have a hard time kicking us out.  We are hear for good!!!  Here are a few of the PICTURES from the trip!!

Enjoying a little time playing around!

Miss H always gets hooked up...look at her goodies!

The view from our room! 

Pool time!

Hanging with daddy and grandpa

Where she loved to be the whole trip

trying out the little bench

Dinner at the restaurant where Chris and I went after he pooped the question!
The flash woke Miss H up, whoops

being silly

The area where Chris asked me to marry him

Chris and Z

The boys!!

Miss H and I, look I did go on the trip!

Acting silly

Miss H looking right at the spot where Chris got down on one knee.

Happy to be in AZ! 

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