Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mother's Day Out

Today was a HUGE day in our house as Miss H packed up and headed off to her first day of MDO.  She was so brave leaving mommy from 9:15-2:15.  I was worried things wouldn't go so well because she has begun having some separation anxiety.  However, at 11:45 her super sweet teacher sent me a text reassuring me things were going great.  It said she was warming up to them and taking her morning nap.  I am glad things went well.  Miss H needs to see new faces and meet some friends.  She will be heading there ever Tuesday for a while.  Hope next Tuesday goes just as good if not better.

Oh and for me....what did I do with my kid free time.  I went and worked out and took a new class I had wanted to try.  Then met a friend for a KID FREE lunch...she left hers too! Then it was time to see my sweet girl again.  I missed her terribly but know this will be great for us both.

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