Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Miss H is 8 months old!

Harper you are EIGHT months old!  

This month you weigh around 15- 15.5 lbs (this is not a dr. month!)  You are now about 26 inches long! You are a growing girl and we couldn't be happier.   You still wear size 2 diapers.  Some of your 3-6 month clothes are too short, but you fit nicely in the 6-12 and 6-9 months.   Mommy has enjoyed your on track size, it makes shopping ahead so easy.

Monthly stats:

Nursing: You are nursing 4 times a day now.  You are still a very busy distracted eater.  You sometimes make your mommy crazy because of this.     

Eating Solids: You mean BUSINESS when it comes to your food.  You are such a great eater too.  You have only really disliked one thing...the nasty meat that comes in the baby food jar.  However, I have found that you don't mind the stuff mommy makes you.  

Sippy Cup: You really enjoy your sippy cup of water.  We have tried to put some milk in there, but not a fan really.  Water it is for now I guess. 

Smiling: You now know how to make silly faces and can go back and forth between you sweet smile and you cheesy one.  We love it and you are a ham. 

Talking: You love to hear your voice.  You still are really good at screaming with joy all the time.  However, this month you have begun the da da da's and putting more into your vocabulary.  

Sign language: You are becoming a pro at this.  We have been signing for about 2 months now and finally you have begun to sign back.  You recognize the signs for:  cat, milk, eat, more, dog, bird, ball, hot, apple.  You can sign back to us dog, ball, and more.  You randomly do milk too.

Awareness:  You always know what is going on around you.  You are still not 100% happy when mommy leaves you, some days are better than others.  But man do you love your daddy!!  You are very excited when daddy comes home...I think you have him wrapped around your finger already.

Observer:  My little observer!!  You love to sit and watch the people and things around us.  Most recently at restaurants and other busy places.  You are very funny because you will yell at the people around us and see if you can get their attention.   When you can't then you just move on to the next person...it's so funny to watch.

WINSTON and BOB: Man does Winston have a lot to learn...You love, love, love to chase him around the house these days.  He is getting a little smarter and will move to higher grounds when you head that way.  You love to pull on his tail, he not so much.  Bob Bob she is your roomie for sure.  She always comes to your bed when you are sad and crying.  She is probably the best guard kitty around!  You love to yell at her too. 

Sleep:Your sleep has not been as good this month which makes mommy very sad.  However, I know the reason you fuss is only because those pesky teeth are breaking through.  On a good night we are all happy, but we have had a rough few lately.  I hope we soon get back to our normal routine.

Your hands: You are a pro and nothing can stop you here.  You love balls these days and can pretty much palm them all.  You also love to roll and throw.  When the ball is rolled to you, you grab it right up.  You also are a great banger.  You love to bang your hands on anything that makes noise.  Plus we are working on saying bye bye by waving! 

Mouth: 2 1/2's of teeth...okay so you have 1/2 of both your bottom teeth.  You and I both wish they would hurry on in.  Then we might get good sleep agin...key words might.  But you look cute with your teeth.  I can't wait till they show up in pictures.  You love to put your fingers in your mouth and feel your teeth too.

Your legs:  DO NOT STOP MOVING.  You are pretty much on the go from the moment you wake up.  You have some very strong legs, but we have known that all along.  You love to stand and pull up on anything around.  You just realized you could crawl on things too....a shoe box on the floor.  The proud look once you were on top was priceless.  

TOES: You have finally realized what we have known all along...your toes are like extra fingers.  You can pretty much use them to pick things up.  If you drop a toy in your car seat you can push it back up with your long toes.  I love to watch you do this. 

Bath time: You will always love your bath time I think. No matter what kind of day you are having your bath can make you so happy.  Some days that makes mommy happy too.  You love to splash and play. Soon you may get to take a bath in the big tub too since we are moving. 

Giggles: I love your sweet giggles.  Not a day goes by that you are not giggling like crazy.  I also love it when you giggle on your own at something you did or saw.  

Sitting up: You are a pro at sitting up and love to do that instead of take naps.  Some days this makes mommy a little crazy! You also love to sit in the high chair and watch others at restaurants.     

Things you are almost doing:

WALKING!!! Yikes I am hoping this is something you slow down on and don't start anytime soon.  But I am sure you will be doing this by the end of next month.

You had a few FIRST this month! 

You visited a new state this month, Arizona.  
You took your first trip to The Four Seasons.
You meet your uncle Z.
You learned about ice.

You began Mother's Day Out.

Favorite toys this month are anything that moves or makes noise.

You love, love, love balls and love to sign ball.  You are loving your dino friend.

You love to see your cute little face and the things around you.  You even love that you can push this mirror all over the house.

Your BB gave you this great Leap Frog table.  This toy does all your favorites...let's you stand and plays music

Wow, I just realized there are very few months left in your first year calendar today.  Your daddy and I are amazed each day at how much you change.  Your determination is amazing and you rarely give up.  Please stop growing so fast!!  We love you all the way to the moon and back!

And for the monthly comparison....

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