Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Greetings from Minnesota

Holly molly that I am just now getting a chance to catch up on all my blogs!  Wowzers...So after B's birthday Miss H and I headed home for ONE day!  Yes, ONE day it was enough time to unpack and repack our bags.  Thankfully I had begun packing our Thanksgiving bags prior to our trip to my sisters.  Mostly because at my sisters it was um in the 80's all week and then in Minnesota it would be in the 40 or below.  (the day we left it was a high of 17, brrr)

Headed to Nana and Grandpa Steve's
Needless to say we were up and at them early on Tuesday morning for our 6 am flight to Minnesota.  H did wonderful as normal on our flight...she slept like a champ.  We were super excited to get to see the Roberts clan. H was so thrilled.  She loves her grandparents, aunt, and uncle.  I loved watching her giggle and laugh with them.  We did our normal Thanksgiving fun while we were there.  Annual family pedicures, black friday shopping (in the freezing cold and snow), gingerbread house building, and of course the big feast with the friends.  Chris' parents have some friends who have joined us the past two years for Thanksgiving dinner.  They are super sweet and bring tons of entertainment to our meal as well as many memories to laugh at.  Needless to say there was not a moment without laughter and fun.
Miss H and Lily looking down to the basement...

just chilling with daddy



Ready to cheer on the Huskers!

Miss H had a few first while we were there!  Actually a huge one!  At my sister 's house Miss H took her first steps....just randomly while Little Bear and I were chatting in her room H took like 6 steps.  Of course Chris was not there and she didn't really do it again.  Thus on Thanksgiving day H put on a show for EVERYONE.  She took over 10 steps at a time.  She walked across the living room in front of everyone (except Chris who was down stairs...grrr).  She took a few steps but life in footed outfits is hard...thus we had to get her naked.  Here she is walking for the first time in front of them all.

Not only did H walk a long distance for the first time on Thanksgiving day, but it snowed!  She got to see her first true snow.  She really didn't understand it but we talked about it anyways.  I can't wait till she is bigger and can run and play in it.

Random pics in no order:

Celebrating Chris' bday a little late!

Aunt Riley you are crazy!

Miss H and Lily in the toy basket

What this cart wasn't made for babies to ride in??

Chatting with Aunt Riley

Snack time with Uncle Timmy

heading home...

the cute hat we got from the club because it is so cold there
As our week of fun came to an end we got to enjoy our last Thanksgiving tradition of gingerbread house building.  Every year we head to the club and have a build off.  The past two years Riley and I have teamed up agains Chris and his dad.  This year we had H on our team....she was TONS of help :-)  You can see our wonderful creations are just AMAZING, lol.  They bought different house kits this year and I can't say I liked them.  I missed our red icing and such but we did what we could with our kit.

The whole gang all together 

Our finished products!

We had a blast with the family and were sad to leave.  I know they were sad for us to leave too.  I can't wait till they come down for our next visit.  H loves them so much!  I know she was bummed to not have her Aunt chasing her around the room.  It was back to boring life with just mommy and daddy :-)

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