Sunday, December 09, 2012

Hello Matey!

One can only understand that when there is a long pause in our blogging we must be TRAVELING. We have been crazy busy this past month and spent very little time at home.  Our lives get really crazing from November through December and now January (thanks to Miss H's birthday).

Where have we been?  In the deep sea of course since we were at B's Pirate party!  My sweet nephew turned 5 and had another amazing birthday party thanks to my sister's creative powers.  She really goes all out with their birthdays, I don't know how each year gets better and better.  (see last years train golf party here) The pirate party was a huge hit.  He and all his friends loved every second of it.  Really you can just see all the fun.

 The birthday boy with his wonderful cake! 
 Making pirate cookies with blood, eye balls, and more! 
Then it was off to the cannon ball fight...against the parents!  I couldn't figure out who enjoyed it more the dads or the kids.  All in all it was the best cannon ball fight I have ever been a part of! 
 Oh and of course Miss H had to get into the part! Ha...

 Loving on cousin Little Bear
 being silly with her turkey bow on
 someone found the doggy door...uhg
 cousins with matching turkey shirts...

 the treasure map....hope the pirates can find the goodies
 her new way to sit...on one knee
The pirate ship my mom spent 2 days building for the pirate party

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