Saturday, December 15, 2012

The big red suit....

a family pic before Santa arrived
that scares most little people at this age!  Well, no different here in this house.  Miss H is not the biggest fan of Santa Claus.  I have been doing "drive byes" every chance we get.  Basically each time we are at the mall we stop and chat with him.  The last time she actually went up to him before starting to cry.  Thus I thought our Christmas Party at Chris' work would go better than it did. 

Chris' work host a party for all the children.  They are so sweet to do this and it was tons of fun.  H loved seeing all the other kids at daddy's work.  Then towards the end Santa and Mrs. Claus come give out presents to all the kids.  They also take pictures with them and talk.  Santa and Mrs. Claus were over the top nice. I just loved them.  They could see we were not going to be the easiest lap sitter around....and well it didn't go without tears but wasn't as bad as it could have been.  

As he walked in..she began to worry!
 I love this can see the progression of happiness to sadness.  She is so funny!

 However, she was all SMILES while she opened her gift from Santa.  

Good night North Pole...what a fun book for Santa to bring
 Of course we had to get Miss H and Miss B together for some pictures.  Miss B is my good friends baby whos husband now works for Chris.  We are so happy to have good friends like them and let our girls grow up together.  

So we tried a new attack with Santa this time.  However, Miss B was tired of sitting in the chair.  This is the true tell of how life with babies goes.  One is happy the other is sad, ha ha.  But it took Miss H a moment before she realized who was behind her! 

hummm what is the white fluffy thing?
Oh no that man is there again....AHH
 Then we had to get just a few pictures without the man of the hour.  However at the very end of the party Santa showed H his jingle bells.  Now that was something she was excited about because she loves music!  He was close to winning her over, close that is. 

Julie and I with our sweet girls

always the happiest when getting to run free!

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