Wednesday, March 26, 2014

AXA Awards

Chris' company holds an award banquet every year.  They also like to rotate the location through out Texas for all the branches.  This year his banquet was in Houston…the second best location for us.  Of course here in the DFW would have been most ideal, but Houston is great for us too.  Why??  My sister!!! She lives about an hour outside of Houston and didn't mind taking on an extra little one for the weekend.

Miss H was super excited about going to Queen Tia's and Uncle B's.  She loves them so much and it makes my heart happy.  I know when she is playing with her 3 cousins (soon to be 4) she doesn't miss Chris or I one bit!  Of course I wanted to spend time with my sister and crew Miss H and I took off on Wednesday night to see them.  This way I got to spend Thursday and Friday with everyone.  Plus it helps Miss H to get settled in…oh and we too Winston!! Yikes  I don't mind the drive to my sisters with just H, but when you add the dog it is a mess.  He doesn't do cars at all, as in I have to drug him!  Then every time we stop he has to get out blah blah blah…making our drive a little longer than need be.

Come Saturday Miss H could have cared less that I left her!!  She was playing too hard with baby G (he is 7 months younger, its great having a cousin so close in age).  Those two were causing havoc on the world around them.  I took off and met up with Chris at our hotel.  Once we go to the hotel we just kicked back and enjoyed silence…ahh

We did a little walking around the galleria area!  It was nice to just walk, chat, and not have to stop and help Miss H every so often. It was like the good old days!  Minus our trip to Vegas when H was 13 months we haven't been away from her.  That trip was rough too because it was our first time away from her and she had just been so sick…I digress  Chris and I both even snuck in a little mid day nap without a baby to lay down or work around, pure bliss

That evening we got all dolled up and headed down to the banquet room.  Chris' company always does a great job with this event.  There is a cocktail hour with open bar and yummy appetizers which we enjoyed.  Then we go in find our table eat a nice meal.  Once the dinner is over the awards begin.  I love watching everyone get their awards…some you see every year and some are new!

This year has been a wonderful year for Chris.  I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of him.  He has worked countless hours for himself and our family.  He always sets remarkable goals…and manages to achieve them.  This year was no different he was award an amazing award.  Chris made Centurion which is such a task.  I was so proud to watch him walk up and accept his award!

After the banquet everyone headed out to the hotel bar.  We all just sat mingled and carried on.  Actually Chris and I were very impressed that we stayed up so late.  I think we both planned to head up to bed after the banquet…but then stayed out till 1:30….AHH Party animals!

I told Chris at the beginning of this I just wanted to sleep in if nothing else, and I did just that!  I got to sleep till 8:45 which was amazing.  I know that doesn't seem late to everyone but for me it was good enough.  That extra hour, hour and a half is like heave.  We then enjoy brunch with friends.  After our brunch I had to head back to see Miss H and Chris had another meeting there in Houston.

I am so thankful I have a great sister who took on my sweet baby plus her own three.  Miss H had a blast told me all about it.  Of course they spoiled her rotten, but no biggie I will repay the favor when we watch Baby G in April.  After all Aunties are the best at spoiling…or as Miss H would say Tia and Uncle B are fun!

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